Crazy Share Offer.

100,000 amazing Candle Loving winners needed to invest.

Share cost is now a low $1 AUD each, minimum 20 shares. These are known as Blocks.

If you live in Australia, obtaining an ABN is easy & free.

Every winner who buys blocks, however by end of June 2023, don’t feel this is worth it, will receive their initial funds refunded.

Please check out this recent You Tube video I made about benefits of having an ABN.

Each buyer is eligible to receive Melissa’s 11 Transgender & Lesbian Themed eBooks, which you keep no matter what & each shareholder is 1st to view future completed novels.

Added Bonus:

Every winner who buys 5 or more blocks, will receive a Free 2023 Calendar, Coffee Mug & Keyring for Christmas 2022.

Payments MUST BE ELECTRONIC to Melissa’s Wise Multi Currency Account.

If interested in this offer, please email us at

Please be advised, this should be a Long Term Vision for you all.

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