Bullying Sux.

This is an updated version of an earlier post: Saturday January 29th, 2022.

TW: Bullying, & Emotional Distress.

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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

Bullying is TOXIC and


Did You Know? When people exclude others, it is a form of Bullying.

I’ve been bullied all my life, even by relatives.

I’ve realised I’ve done the same thing to others.

I was bullied throughout my childhood, by family members and school associates.

I was even told “Do The World A Favour & Drop Dead.” This remark was from a cousin.

School was not pleasant for me, from the day I was transferred to a new school, I was bullied, threatened and assaulted more than once.

When I would tell a teacher, I was accused of lying and seeking attention.

Things got worse when my parents were told.

My Father would punish me because he felt I was lying too.

I accepted it because in those days, there was no system in place for anybody, if there was, I was not told.

I was assigned male at birth and felt different from a young age, things got worse when my blister was hatched, on my father’s side of his family, each of his siblings bore male children.

I was the only one to have a blister and I was blamed for that, why I don’t know, but was.

Most people saw me as an easy target, still do.

I was also struggling with my sexual identity, despite having a girlfriend, felt I was a gurl, but gurls don’t date girls, they date boys, and knew I was not interested in boys.

I was accused of being a faggot, homo, etc. in school, despite no evidence, my school associates and some teachers even accused me too.

I was assaulted by teachers too. I remember being hit in the head by a cricket ball.

My own father was a bully, although again, I did not realise it, as he controlled everything we did.

I was scared of him so much and went along with what he wanted. I have written a novel about him, which has allowed my subconscious to finally reveal a lot of forgotten memories, which have allowed me to release my emotions.

Speaking of emotions, as I was assigned male at birth, his perspective was all males do not show emotions as it is a sign of weakness.

I kept my emotions inside me, even when my favourite cousin was killed in a car accident, I did not cry, because it would be seen as weakness.

The day of his funeral I was sent to school, but wasn’t happy as I felt I should have been at the funeral.

Because I was not concentrating on my teachers, was punished.

When dad’s father died, he did not cry, nor did any other male in the family.

Again, sent to school the day of the funeral.

Given what I now know in life, I know I was bullied, but then it was just the way things were.

I’m a very shy person who is careful with what I tell people, because even in later life, I have been bullied by others, which is wrong.

I’ve been made to feel like I’m not worthy to be stealing Oxygen, and it hurts.

Everyone is a Human being, and as such, we are all equal, and as we are now seeing with this crisis, those normally shunned by the general population, are now being praised as heroes.

I’m writing my novels to not only reveal very personal information about myself.

My goal is to raise enough funds to buy some land and build some houses for those suffering Domestic Violence and also the LGBTIQA+ community who have trouble with Safe, Secure, Stable Accommodation.

Since becoming a LinkedIn member, I have started trusting again and meeting people, both in person pre COVID restrictions and via online meetings.

I’m grateful to everyone who has accepted me, for me, and allowed me to tell my story too. Thank You.

For those reading this who are suffering from bullying, please reach out to me, because U R Not Alone. Cheers, and Thanks All.

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