COVID Positive

RAT may include mine.

I recently tested positive to COVID.

Despite being triple vaccinated, wearing a face mask when I leave home & sanitising my hands regularly, I still caught it.

As a self employed person: I’m a Contract House Cleaner, I’ve now lost 2 weeks work.

Thankfully, I’m receiving Job Search Benefits.

My point of writing this, is to ask everyone to think of everyone else’s health & safety.

I thought I only had a minor cold, but a friend who works in health, encouraged me to do a RAT, which came up positive.

At the time of writing this, I feel awful.

Mild headache.

Chest pain, mainly when I cough.

Unable to drink coffee: Anyone who knows me, knows the only time I don’t drink coffee is when I’m very sick.

I don’t have an appetite today.

My advice to everyone:

Get tested regularly, no matter what

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