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Saturday June 4th, 2022 Update: Each Transgender Team Member will receive 6 weeks Surgery Leave, after 12 months continuous service.

Shares are $5 AUD each.

Do you have a forward financial plan?

MCC is and always WILL be an




No matter where you reside, you can benefit from a Business Partnership.

Yes, there is a cost to Buy-In $5 AUD, but within 5 years of being established, we hope to refund that cost.

If any other LGBTIQA businesses interested, we would love to collaborate.

Please contact us.

Support Small Business.

Further Information:
Please send us an email:


We will respond within 48 hours.

For your safety and security, and to keep costs low, we only offer electronic payments, via Australian Bank Account. Wise and PayPal-Rest of The World.
All prices quoted are Australian Dollar (AUD)

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