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I may upset some readers, please accept my apologies in advance.

The above link is very informative, even I learnt from it.

I have suffered from nightmares for most of my life.

Until late 2018, I didn’t know what most meant, however, when someone spread vicious lies about me online, the nightmares not only got worse, but I finally had answers.

When I was 6, I was molested by an older male relative.

This continued until I was 14.

“Mark’s Tragic Life” is my true story. I reveal the assailants real name at the end.

Back to my nightmares:

During lockdowns I have been affected.

Which is strange considering I’m a Shy Introvert.

My nightmares recommenced in August 2021.

This was after I watched a documentary on the Luna Park— Sydney tragedy in 1979.

Thank You Wikipedia.

In March 2021, I viewed this documentary which opened my eyes.

I was living in Sydney at the time, and had attended the park the weekend before hand to celebrate my 14th birthday.

I was surprised when the nightmares started, especially as it had been aired several months earlier.

These nightmares, then brought forward the molestation and vicious assault.

I would wake up during the night crying, shaking and sweating.

The weirdest nightmare I had, still shakes me, but it was about when someone entered the home I was living in.

The day before this entered, I had been abused by someone else and was still reeling from this.

Why I had this nightmare, I still don’t know.

Maybe I read more into the abuse or it affected more than I thought.

These nightmares have continued over the past few months.

My honest opinion:

Nightmares, whilst disturbing, could be messages from our subconscious saying all will be fine in time.

Now you may think, what is this person saying?

I know it sounds weird, but it is what I feel.

In the past when I’ve had nightmares, they have been talking to me, and I got clarity, which allowed me to finally be free.

I strongly believe both Dreams and Nightmares are messages to help us find clarity.

Sometimes it might take a few days, weeks or months to work it out ourselves, but we do work it.

I also feel our guardian angels are sometimes talking to us.

In closing, I wish to advise this:

If you are suffering from Nightmares, please seek help.

Now, seeking help does not mean you are weak, or vulnerable, it just means you need to deal with whatever is affecting you.

Our Mental Health is so important.

Please check out this recent You Tube Video I made.

If any of you need a shoulder, please contact me

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