Please be advised, these are subject to Government Legislation but is what I hope to achieve.

Shareholders will be first offered positions.

When someone applies to work with us, we will only require the following:


Clear Recent Police Check. However, if an applicant has offences, they may still be considered for a position:

Photographic Identification:

Tax File Number:

Bank Details:


Emergency Contact:

Full Time:

Work 40 Hours per week, but paid 38.

1 Paid day off per month. These can accrue, maximum of 5, so a T/M can take a full paid extra week off.

4 Weeks Annual Leave.

12 Days Personal Leave.

Part Time Leave will be pro rata

Part Time 16  Hours per week.

Hourly Rate: $25 whether Full or Part Time.

Each T/M will receive their Birthday off, Paid at flat rate + 1% for each year living on this planet. i.e: $200 flat and a 25 y/o, so an extra 25%.

Once a T/M stays for 12 months continuous, they will receive 12 months Health Insurance, paid by us through our corporate rate with our chosen provider. TBD.

A Pay rise may occur, each year commencing January 1st, either CPI or $5 per hour, whichever is greater.

T/M’s will receive their roster 3 weeks in advance and will be for the following calendar month. Swaps can occur, if each party completes a swap form and there is no negative impact on the business at the time.

T/M’s will be trained in all facets of the Business:

Candle Making, Warehousing, Preparations, Office/Administration, Cleaning (Including Lavatories), Cooking/Food Preparation, Packing, Transport & any other jobs which may crop up.

Each T/M who remains for 6 months will share 10% of the Annual After Tax Profits, which will be paid early November each year, hopefully commencing November 2023.

T/M’s on candle making duty will receive $1 per candle they make, from start to finish.

This extra payment can either be paid each Pay Period, or set aside and paid with their annual bonus in November.

T/M’s can opt to access the payments as needed if they opt for the money to be held in our Trust account.

All T/M’s will be required to be on 3 Months Probation and in that time, will be moved around to try each position.

We will not require references, except in exceptional circumstances.

Even if a T/M looks like not being suitable for any position, instead of us terminating them, we will look at alternatives.

Terminations will only occur when there is no other alternative, or if a T/M has committed a severe offence.

There will be full details in the welcome packs.

This is a draft of this document, which will be updated as needed.

For those interested, My Current ABN Status is:

Individual/Sole Trader, but will be changed to Mel’s Customised Candles and with an ACN too, once MCC established.

Current ABN: 61902818410

Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen.

Business Address: L016/332 Leakes Road, TRUGANINA, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, 3029.

You can check the current status by clicking the below link:

Weekends and Public Holidays will not be worked, unless we are very busy.

Currently on Pre-Sale, and is my True Story.

Every winner who buys all 11, then messages me, will receive shares in MCC and be eligible for the special offer in my Smashwords bio.

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