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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

CW: This may upset may many people, and I Sincerely Apologise in advance.

Many people feel DV is physical violence, where 1 partner will get stuck into the other for whatever reason.

However, DV is




Financial Control,


From my experience, most offenders are males who feel they own their female partner, and they must do what they say.

This is a Toxic environment and leads to the breakdown of the relationship.

Sometimes, 1 partner might drink too much alcohol and will start imagining things, then become physically violent towards their partner.

Excess Alcohol Consumption is No Excuse For Violence.

I have seen this happen.

Back in 2001, I met a woman, who I became friends with, however, she had the bad habit of drinking too much alcohol .

When she would get drunk, she would be hurtful.

1 night she really got stuck into me verbally saying many things which had me believing I wasn’t good enough.

She threw me out of the house 1 night, refusing to give me my shoes.

I then had to walk home in my socks.

During this walk, the Police saw me and questioned me, but did not believe me.

However, they let me continue walking, which upset me, as it was only around a 20 minute drive to my home.

My “Friend” tried calling me for several days, leaving “Affectionate” messages, which angered me more, because she knew I had no intimate interest in her.

She would even abuse me for never Marrying and becoming a parent.

Honestly, at the time, I didn’t know why either, thought females found me repulsive.

N.B. I had many questions answered when “Chris” spread vicious lies about me online. Please see my previous posts, “23rd Birthday” and “Assumptions.”

This friend also had a Boyfriend who had many girlfriends and he expected them to stay home as they never knew when he would turn up, so he could have his way with them.

1 day, this friend’s mother needed directions and I offered to escort her to the location and back.

As we got back later than expected, it was decided for safety, I should stay over.

However, at 7am, the boyfriend turned up, and made assumptions about me.

He assaulted me, however, once the Police arrived, the tables were turned and he lied, saying I assaulted him.

He was saying this, whilst I was in the bedroom being checked over by Ambulance Officers, who wanted to take me to Hospital.

The boyfriend was yelling abuse at me.

However, the Police determined, I was to blame, because I stayed over for safety, and roughly dragged me to their patrol car, then driven to the local shops and placed on a bus.

I was told to never return to this area.

I found out something later, which may or may not be true, therefore will not reveal here.

In my opinion:

Domestic Violence is UnAcceptable Behaviour and anyone who Mistreats their partner and/or Offspring, should be Severely Punished.

I do not believe in being violent towards anyone.

My Policy:

“If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, or Do For Someone,


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