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Did You Know?

Everyday Winners can become ABN holders.

My advice is start as an Individual/Sole Trader.

Many people don’t realise the benefits of having an ABN.

Please check out the below link as it may explain more and the latest information.

Anyway, let’s talk about Start Up Businesses.

Many people have great ideas, however, unable to obtain loans, due to no business history, or past financial issues.

Everyday Winners can be supportive of a StartUp/s as many StartUps will appreciate the help, but also allow the Investors to help shape and guide the business.

Each Share costs $5 AUD for MCC.

Please remember, the initial buy in cost, may be Tax Deductible if You have an ABN.

I believe every single winner worldwide can become financially free if you all looked for opportunities.

Believe me, there are many out there.

However, I would conduct research first, check the businesses ABN Status, the Founder and ensure the Founder/CEO is willing to chat with potential Investors or whatever name the business wishes to call them: Shareholders, Business Partners, Investors.

As usual, for Honesty and Transparency Reasons, my ABN details are:


Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen

Individual/Sole Trader.

You can check the current status at the link above.

For added safety and security, I do not accept Cash, ALL Payments must be made to our Bank Account (CBA).

I also provide a Written, Signed Agreement to each Shareholder/Business Partner.

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