Happy 61st Anniversary.

April 13th, 1961, My Parents were Married in a quiet ceremony surrounded by 2 witnesses.

They remained married until my mothers death, Tuesday, July 30th, 1991.

However, in my opinion, they are still married.

Their Honeymoon was travelling around NSW, Australia in their Mini and sleeping in it too.

I was hatched just over 4 years later. I almost died a week later.

My blister was hatched early 1968.

My parents were happy, to my knowledge, although, the day before my mother died, she told me some things.

To this day, I have not revealed, nor will.

Old novel cover.

This is the last photo taken with us together at my 21st in 1986.

Yes, that is my ugle mug in the middle.

Please be advised the above title is no longer available to buy.

I highly recommend always being nice to your parents,


Be honest too.

If you are going through something, tell them.

I regret NOT telling my father, I was a


At age 9, in 1974.

Wishing everyone a great short week and Easter.

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