Get To Know Each Other Game.

Many of my friends rarely interact so, I’ve put together this little ice breaker.
Please delete my responses, then add yours.
Sharing is Most Welcome, along with tagging me too:

Name: Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen.

Pronouns: She/Her.

Birth City: Sydney, Australia.

Current City: Melbourne, Australia.

Favourite Hot Drink: Coffee.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Making Candles, Watching DVD’s, Long Walks, Shopping, Being A Pain.

Favourite Walk: St. Kilda to Port Melbourne.

Favourite Shop: Officeworks.

Favourite Charities: Sickle Cell Disease, Cancer, Transgender Support, Kids Ambulance, Animal Welfare.

Favourite Season: Winter.

Married or Single: Single.

First Love: Claire Baire (52nd Anniversary approaching).

Colour: Pink.

Favourite Candle Combination: Scents–Fresh Coffee, Sex On The Beach. Colours– Green, Orange.

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