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I was told about this website many years ago and have enjoyed the benefits.

I think of them as an eWholesaler who acts as an eDistributor for amazing Indie Authors, like me.

I only have mine on Smashwords as I don’t want to rip off my customers.

eBooks or electronic Books are fantastic.

They save trees, and your back, as you can carry as many titles on a device as storage will hold.

eBooks are usually cheaper and on Smashwords, the Author determines the price, from $0.99 USD.

Smashwords will also have sales throughout the year.

Authors sometimes place their titles on sale.

A great incentive too:

Smashwords have an affiliate program, where you receive a portion of the authors royalties, when someone buys a copy, using your unique link.

All you need is a Pay Pal account, Smashwords only need your linked email to pay your royalties, usually end of following month.

i.e. royalties accrued in January, will be paid late February.

This is my Affiliate Link

In my opinion, if Smashwords did not exist, many Indie Authors may never have their works published.

Anybody can write a book and self publish.

I offer a Formatting service. $25 for first Title, $50 AUD subsequent, with a turnaround of under 7 days, this is depending on how busy I am. Exact time will be quoted at time of request.

There are several formats for customers. Below is the link to my Biography and the formats too.

epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html

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