Multiple Baskets.

How many of you amazing winners have multiple baskets for your eggs?

Have you thought about your childrens future?

If they love Candles,,why not buy a Club Membership to give them a hand up?


I’ll explain: Many people rely on a single income and don’t think, or want to think, about when that may end.

People who have multiple baskets, usually have a buffer, in case 1 breaks the eggs.

I believe that every amazing human is a winner, if each had a



Schools teach us to look for




Which we are then told the wages are enough.

No, everyone is worth much more than we are


Into believing what we are told.

The past couple of years should be a lesson to every human.

However, please accept this advice:

Always do your research and insist on video chatting with others.

Never pay cash, always pay electronically, that way you have proof of payment/s if the person doesn’t deliver.

Also, insist on the business numbers.

Here in Australia, we have ABN’s: Australian Business Number.

Mine is 61902818410. I’m a Sole Trader.

If you click above link, you can check my status.

My goal is to help others financially succeed. That is my happiness.

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