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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I’ve found many people will make assumptions and lie about others, instead of asking questions.

Honestly, it sucks, because if more people asked questions, the better the world would be.

Many people will assume based on a person’s looks, job, residence, assets or lack thereof, without seeking clarity.

I’ve been the victim of others making assumptions about me and then telling others who spread lies.

Growing up, I was taught to give everyone a chance, if they fail me, then remove them from my life, which I have done many times.

Too many people also make assumptions about Transgenders.

It’s not easy being Transgender, it takes so much to admit to ourselves we are “Different,” then much longer to admit to others, well that’s what it was like for me.

Just because someone transitions from male to female or vice versa, does not mean a Trans Person wants to date a person of their assigned Birth Gender, nor do all seek a sexual relationship with everyone they meet or come into contact with.

I, myself, identify as Asexual, please check out my previous “Asexual” Blog.

When I befriend someone, it’s usually because I find we can learn from each other.

Case In Point:

January 2015, I posted on a SM site seeking a Gender Surgeon in Melbourne, Australia. A gurl commented, and she asked permission to message me, which I gave her.

We started messaging each other, then she asked if she could friend me, again, granted. I checked her profile and baulked, because she was 15 almost 16 at the time. I was 49 going on 50. I mentioned this to her, about my apprehensions, because others will make assumptions about me. She told me, she only wanted to be friends with me, nothing further, which I accepted. She also told me many secrets, which I’ve never breached her trust.

FYI: I felt she could help me out as I had never known a teen TransGurl from Australia before, and I only wanted a friendship with her. NOTHING MORE.

After a few weeks, I started thinking about her as more than a friend, which angered me, because she was a minor. I admitted to her, I was “In Love” with her, but needed time to rid myself of these feelings, she refused to let me take a break.

FYI: I realised she had reached the pinnacle of my “Friendship Tiers.”

Unfortunately, several weeks later, I was blocked. At the time, I had no idea why.

Around 2 weeks prior, she was overseas and posted about her 2 favourite singers. Her “3 BFF’s” all bagged them out, but I supported her choices.

I feel these “Friends” colluded together to get rid of me. I feel they thought the best way was to tell the worst lie possible.

I have now been told, she spread these vicious lies about me online.

FYI: I have Written, Legal proof they are lies.

I want to explain to her, but she has blocked me on all socials.

This is not the first time someone has made assumptions about me.

October 2011:

I’d been working?????? with a former colleague, who verbally abused me in front of Customers. I walked away to breath and count.

This person made an assumption, I was going to commit suicide and called our on duty supervisor, who then removed me from duties.

I had to undergo counselling several times per week, because of this.

The good thing was, I was on full pay until I was cleared to return.

It was found, my main issue was grieving over my father’s death 13 months prior.

However, the person who made the original assumption, refused to accept that decision and gained lots of support to have me removed from the site.

FYI: The person was very lazy and would spend more time drinking coffee than working, I feel she told these lies to get rid of me, because I believed in working and doing what I was paid (By The Tax Payer, to do.

I was sent to another location, which was great as it was only 2 of us and we worked well together. I miss working with that person.

When I was transferred to another location, I heard the person who made the assumptions had told lies to a staff member who passed these lies on. Despite my Great Work Ethic, no one at this new site trusted me enough to work with me.

The biggest assumers are parents, because they are selfish.

When a baby is born, and the gender is revealed, the parents will automatically start planning their future, based on the gender.

Usually saying:

“In Their Best Interests”

However, they never consider the child’s feelings, which sometimes could differ to what their parents want.

Honestly, if more parents stopped being so over protective of their Offspring, and let them explore themselves, the offspring may become a better person.

Growing Up I did as I was told too, based on my Gender. I never felt happy doing

“Male Activities.”

Because so many people feel they want to make assumptions about me, I now keep quiet.

One of my Favourite Quotes is:

In my personal opinion:

Those who make assumptions, are Negative, Jealous, Narrow-Minded, Insecure, Liars.

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