I believe Marriage is for life, thus, once a couple Marries, MUST forsake all others and remain committed to each other.

Of course, sometimes there are reasons:

Domestic Violence

Criminal Activity

I’ve never been married, but have seen some end way too early.

I knew a couple, aged 19 & 22, who married, yes they loved each other.

However, despite a child being born,


Felt constrained and left.

This was selfish, insecure, irrational, immature of him.

We found out later he was gay.

They should have waited until she turned 25.

Another couple who met in Secondary School, they were each others first relationship.

Upon leaving school, they married.

Had their roller coaster ride, parented 2 children.

However, after 20 years, they both drifted apart, as each wanted to explore.

This marriage has since ended, with the blame game going on.

My advice to everyone, even though you may be in love with your partner, I suggest this:

Take a 3 month break from each other, no contact at all.

If you both still feel the same way, great,


Wait until the youngest has turned 25 before making that life long commitment.

I’m not trying to be mean, just advising from my years of seeing relationships end because they never thought things through.

Marriage should be an




I also suggest having a written, signed agreement to protect both parties, if anything goes wrong, but also to set out each others boundaries too.

I no longer enter any association without formal written agreements.

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