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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I apologise if this blog upsets anyone, however, what is written below is my own personal opinion.

I do not believe death is the end of us, yes, for this earthly body, it is.

However, our bodies are inhabited by our souls, and when this body expires, the soul will leave the body in search of another to inhabit.

Someone recently said:

“When we see the bright light, it is us being reborn again as another baby.”

I Agree.

However, sometimes, this soul may have unfinished business and hangs around until that business is resolved.

I firmly believe in Guardian Angels guiding us.

Here’s a Personal Story:

In 1970, I met my 1st and only girlfriend, Claire Baire. Unfortunately, the relationship ended 9 years later, and she passed away in 1994, aged 29.

For the 2 years before she died, she was constantly on my mind, but I was lied to about her.

However, since her death, I have felt her presence many times.

Not long after, I ended up collapsing and was placed in an induced coma. I saw and spoke with Claire Baire. I wanted to stay with her, because my Love For Her, was, and still is, For ETERNITY.

Unfortunately, she advised, I was going to be needed.

Some of the things she told me were:

A small windfall was coming, it did.

My father was going to need me big time, it happened. FYI: I cared for him Full Time from January 2006, until December 2008, when I became a Train Cleaner. I was able to take days off when needed for him. He passed away September 27th, 2010.

This next one confused me for a long time: CB told me I was going to meet someone, albeit for a short time, but that person will have a long lasting affect on me. This person will disappear suddenly for quite a long time, but then suddenly re-enter my life. This person is “Chris” I have got a special blog scheduled for her soon. Whether we reconnect or not, well time will tell.

When I came out of my coma, I was super sad. Told my father who told me I was only dreaming.

My question is:

“Was I?”

1 night, I was driving along the Freeway, back to Sydney CBD, and I swear blind she was sitting in the passengers seat. We carried on a conversation all the way.  

It felt like old times with her, because I remember us chatting about most things.

Please bear in mind, when we met, were only 4 years old.

I should mention, we met exactly 29 years before “Chris” was born, and CB, died at the age of 29.

My favourite cousin, gave birth to her 1st child, a son, exactly 13 years before Chris was born, he was named the same name as Chris.

Where they resided, the radio station then was 2TM. Chris’s middle and surname begin with T M.

In my personal opinion, I feel everyone has had contact with almost every person we have in our lives, from past lives.

Honestly, this is the only logical reason why I’m unable to forget Chris.

Anyway, getting back to the reasons for this blog:

I honestly believe, when we die, many of our souls will float away in search of a new body, whilst some will remain behind to try and complete unfinished business, others, well I believe they are kept in a state of limbo for many years, especially if they were bad people in their previous life.

Many of you reading this will disagree with me and that’s fine, because we are all able to express our opinions.

As I said at the beginning, what I wrote is my opinion.

I did feel my mother’s presence, once around 3 months after she died, however, have not, that I’m aware, since.

I have never felt the presence of anyone else who has passed on, only Claire Baire.

I’m also a big believer in numbers.

Many of you reading this may call me delusional, nuts, weird, whatever, and maybe so, maybe I was in denial about CB’s death and my way of grieving was to think she was still alive or at least watching over me.

Christmas Day 2018, after I was told about Chris’s lies, I stood on the railway overpass near my then home, for over 2 hours.

I contemplated barbecuing myself. However, as I was about to jump, something stopped me.

There was no body nearby.

I honestly feel it was Claire Baire.

I would love to read comments and see what others feel.


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