I am 1 of the people who originally thought this virus did not exist.

However, now believe it does.

Several people I know, have tested positive and as such, had to self isolate.

Yesterday, Friday January 21st, 2022, I received my booster shot.

The side affects so far, are:

Feeling Faint, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Pain At Injection Site.

Things have been made worse by a reinjured eye, which is watery and causing focus issues.

A normally 60 minute walk home, took almost 2 hours, especially as part is very dangerous.

I highly recommend getting all doses.

Also: When you leave home, whether in a vehicle, walking, Public Transport, Please wear a Face Mask. Wash & Sanitise your hands regularly.

This is the best defence against this virus.

Also, please abide by social distancing too.

The photo is the numbers in Victoria until late last night.

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