Privacy & Boundaries

I always respect people’s P & B, as I would expect them to respect mine.

However, there are people out there, who feel its


To pass on private information to those who ask.

Here in Australia, its an offence to pass on information, without written, signed approval.

In 2015, I was friends????? with a Trans Gurl, “Chris.”

This person was unhappy, I gave them my private contact number, with instructions, that if she needed to talk, to turn her number off, so it would be a “Private Caller” but to message me 1st.

This person suddenly blocked me.

They kept my number for over 7 months, then passed it onto a relative, who subsequently passed it on to someone else who called me, via PC, and was abusive towards me.

I should have had all 3 arrested & charged, with breach of privacy.

I decided against it, because I’m a nice person.

Please always obtain written, signed & dated, permission before releasing information & each time you give your number out, advise the recipient.

I’m careful who I give my details to now, because I don’t know what will happen.

I can assure everyone, that your details are safe with me & the business. As I’m the only employee (Sole Trader), no one else has access, but once MCC is established, customers information will be securely stored.

Even when my team make candles, all they will see is an internal number.

Please read our Interim Privacy Statenent.

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