Candle/s Of The Month Club

Update: Monthly members can opt out for any month. Payments must be made direct to our Business Account.

Reminders will be emailed 14 days prior to next payment due.

Months where you suspend your membership, will not incur commissions.

COTM Members will receive 10% commission, per member who renews each month/year.

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First Up: The below costs may be reduced, if enough initial funds raised for us to bulk buy everything required:

Wax Melter/s, Candle Holders, Wicks, Labels, Colours, Scents, Soy Wax Flakes, Warning Labels, Packaging.

As we are still in Start Up mode, those who believe in us, who pre-pay, will receive double candles as a Thank You for waiting.

We envisage sending out the first candles by late April 2022, but could be sooner if the funds raised quicker.

All Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.

Tier 1 Membership: $30 per candle per month,


Tier 2: $50 for 2 Candles


Tier 3: $100 for all 5 Choices. (Annual receive 5 MCC Signature Candles as a Free Bonus) 1st 1,000 only. 2 Free Signature Candles during your birth month.

Annual Subscribers will receive 14 months membership free + 2 Additional Candles during your Birth Month.

These are the first 5 choices:

Candle 1:

Scents: Sex On The Beach & Vanilla Caramel

Colours: Purple & Golden Honey.

Candle 2:

Scents: Vanilla, Patchouli & Sandalwood.

Colours: Yellow & Eucalyptus/Bayberry.

Candle 3:

Scents: Green Tea & Lemongrass

Colours: Blue & Black

Candle 4:

Scents: Fresh Coffee & Mint

Colours: Red & Burnt Orange.

Candle 5:

Scents: Cola & Lime

Colours: Green & Mustard.

As we are still in Start-Up mode, the initial Subscription can be paid off.

This will allow us to bulk buy all of the initial materials and equipment.

Added Free Bonus to those who opt for an Annual Tier 3:

Melissa’s eNovel Bundle:

If you know 4 other Candle Lovers, why not pool your resources and subscribe to a Tier 3 Subscription each month.

This way you each save $10 per candle, plus get to try the candles in your home, then swap with your friends.

Please check out the free samples post.

Please send us an email if you are interested:

Please ensure you put “COTM Club” in the subject Line.

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