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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

This blog is about me and my driving career, and to educate others.

The day I turned 15 and 9 months, which in NSW, Australia, then was the youngest a person could obtain their Learners permit.

My father took me to the Roads Office for me to get my Learner Permit.

Despite my apprehensions, was forced to get it.

Honestly, I would have preferred getting it when I turned 18, as I did not feel I was mature enough at 15/9.

It took several attempts before I finally got my Provisional Licence. In those days, there was only 1 type of P plate, not 2 like today.

My parents bought my first car for me, without my knowledge. I must admit, it was good having the freedom, but was still controlled.

Dad would make me designated driver anytime we went anywhere, so he could grog on.

I eventually bought a 1/2 tonne Ford Panel Van and became a Courier Driver, which I loved, but even in the 80’s was cutthroat.

I lasted there for only a few months, until the parcel company where dad was working, offered him a permanent run.

He decided to buy a truck and asked if I wanted to take over payments of his 1 Tonne Liteace Van. I agreed.

I was given the back up run for several city runs, which was great, and met some great people.

After a while, I got bored and decided to go back to courier work.

I was happy, as I met my Best Friend there, I won’t go into details or breach their privacy.

I loved working there, but typical Gemini, I got bored again and asked if I could return to the parcel company, which was granted.

I should mention, as a courier, I would receive speeding fines, and ended up losing my licence. I appealed to the Transport Minister (As Far As I Know) and was able to go back onto my P’s, but not displaying them. I stayed under the speed limit, and basically did all the right things.

My friend and I would go out heaps, usually Friday nights, I would pick her up from work, then we would go 10 Pin Bowling, sometime intoxicated and drugged. I would not recommend either.

1 day, I was messing around and drove onto the wrong side of the road, which scared my friend. Again, after that, I would ensure I was watching the road.

Late 1988, My Mum saw an ad in the paper for Bus Drivers, and suggested I apply.

Honestly, I never thought I had the brains to drive buses, but applied.

I passed the tests and was offered a position.

Training commenced in Randwick, Monday March 30th, 1989.

Lots of fun was had. I actually loved driving the buses, and different bus routes.

I was first assigned to the Northern Inner West area, then once Probation ended, sent to a Lower North Shore Depot.

It was ok there, but I missed my first depot and applied for a transfer back, which was granted.

The worst part of that year, was late December, which I have posted a blog about.

In mid-August 1990, I went on leave. My father had decided to sell up and leave Sydney. Mum and I wanted to buy a shop in the same town where her family was, but dad decided to buy in another, mainly because him and my mum’s mum did not get along.

I decided to resign from the buses and travelled to the shop to learn the ropes, prior to mum and dad arriving.

To know more, please read my true story:


After mum died, I moved to where mum’s family resided, to find work, but unable too.

After a few months, I moved back to Sydney and was able to obtain part time work driving children to and from school.

Unfortunately, 1 of the parents didn’t like me and told lies, which resulted in me being terminated. I was unable to defend myself.

Thankfully, in early 1993, I reapplied to drive buses, and was successful. This was in the Eastern Suburbs.

This depot was used during the filming of a Television Advertisement:

“We’re Moving Sydney”

Who remembers that slogan?

I used to say:

“We’re Moving Sydney” “to Melbourne.”

After a couple of years working there, I was asked if I wanted to be trained up to the latest buses, a tri axled bus, 14.5 metres in length, 45 Foot in the old measurements.

This was fun too, but way too many males with very 1 track minds, who made assumptions about me, which sux.

I applied to transfer to the Lower North Shore depot again, which was granted.

I only lasted there for a few months, before certain people started hearing things about me, which were untrue, but I was unable to do anything.

I went on stress leave, then resigned.

In early 1999, I started calling delivery companies, seeking at least part time work. I was offered a position over the phone, but start time was 4am, but there was a free bus I could catch and did.

At the beginning, it was great, and I felt like I had finally found a home, unfortunately, the manager who hired me, transferred elsewhere.

His replacement was murder, who felt, because he was awake and working at 4am, restaurants were too. This Manager would assign me to work on Saturday’s without asking me, and also demanded, I did the company banking every day.

When I spoke to the previous Manager, I informed him, I would be seeking reemployment as a bus driver, which he accepted.

Unfortunately, the replacement did not see it so well, and when he was contacted about providing a reference, not only did he give me a bad 1, he also sacked me.

I then decided to transition to female.

In late 2001, I applied to be a Blood Delivery Driver, and was successful.

This also included being the relief driver for the then mobile donor bus.

Unfortunately, others, yet again, made assumptions about me, because I was Transgender and I was terminated. FYI: I will never donate anything to this so called charity because of what I saw. I signed a confidentiality agreement which still applies today.

My Honest opinion:

Having a Drivers Licence Is

A Privilege,




I would suggest when driving, please keep your eyes on the road and the sides too and drive to the conditions.

Also, please turn your parking lights on, especially dawn, dusk and when there is inclement weather.

U might be able to see other vehicles, but don’t assume they can see you.

Friday, January 7th, 2022, I was walking home in the rain, a Major Storm had just cleared, therefore the roads were wet and dangerous. I saw many motorists speeding, some without headlights on and even some using Mobile (Cell) Phones.

I’ve seen many impatient motorists go through red lights, or speed up when the light turns amber.

We all deserve to be able to return home each night.

Every time I go out, I’m scared, because of all the arrogant, rude, impatient motorists out there.

When parking, please ensure you are being considerate to other motorists, bike riders & pedestrians.

I’ve lost count of the number of times, the way many motorists have parked their vehicles.

Please be aware of your surroundings and


Buses, Trams, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles & Taxis have a job to do too, please be courteous to them.








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