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I’m writing this blog today, because in recent months, have experienced Rude, Inconsiderate people.

From those who are supposed to be friends to complete strangers:

I’ve been either ignored or treated like a 10th class citizen.

Recently I was waiting for a tram.

When it arrived, several teen girls barged their way on, abusing others who were trying to alight.

These girls found 1 double seat each and loudly spoke to each other.

Karma hit when they went to alight.

They abused boarding passengers for not waiting.

I smiled.

My point is:

Always treat others how you want to be treated.

Friday, January 7th, 2022. Melbourne had a severe Thunderstorm, which I got caught in, waiting for my train to my local station.

I have a 45-60 minute walk home in the outdoors.

It was raining the entire time.

Certain people, who may have assumed I would be walking back, did not contact me asking if I needed transport.

Thankfully, I arrived back safely.

As I said at the begining:

Courtesy Costs:


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