Mel’s Journey To Gurlhood Part 1

  By Melissa Seymour

Copyright 2020.

Distributed by Seymour Publishing Group.

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I have dedicated this part to every Transgender/Transsexual who has lost their lives prematurely, either at the hands of others, or themselves because the stress got too much.



Chapter 1.1: The Start

Chapter 1.2: First Weekend

Chapter 1.3: First Week

Chapter 1.4: Second Week

Chapter 1.5: Major Dramas

Chapter 1.6: Back to Being a Boy for Mel’s father

Chapter 1.7: Skye’s Birthday

Chapter 1.8: The Big Date and Assault

Chapter 1.9: Recovery and Tragedy

Chapter 1.10: Australia in the 1950’s-1970’s



This story is fiction, I was inspired to write it during my association with another TransGurl who has no idea about it, to my current knowledge. 2 (Unique) Gurls tells the story of our association.

I have written this from my point of view, and it is how I wish my life had been, especially had I had the balls (yes, pun intended) to stand up to my father when I was 9 years young.

This story is about a pre-teen boy’s journey to gurlhood and the groovy friends she meets along the way, but also the nasty people too, and there are several violent acts.

Until Mel turns 18 there will be no intimate relations, I elude to some, but no detail.

This story starts in 1974 Suburban Australia, it was not a safe place then for those who were perceived as “Different.” I know because I was bullied, tormented, and humiliated because others perceived me to be “Different.”

You are invited to read my true story “Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence, but again, I have not included everything because it was either still too raw for me or upsetting to include. I have revealed many things that I have never told anyone before, either because I forgot about them, or I didn’t want anyone to know. Those who know me, or think they do, will get a shock, and realise why I am the way I am, or have been.

In this novel M J t G 1, I allow you, dear reader, to use your imagination, by stopping sections as they get “interesting”. I also end each part on a Cliff-Hanger, to encourage you to buy the next part.

Chapter 1.10 has facts about what it was like living in Australia in the 1970’s, in some ways it was better, others not.

Please be advised that as this is a continuing series, each chapter will start with the part number followed by the chapter number and title, i.e., 1.1 The Start.

I hope you enjoy reading this, I have included my email address at the end for you to contact me, my advice would be to do so, as you will be included on my database, with your permission, and be the amongst the first to know when my next instalment is due out, and to be kept updated about various other things too.

I apologise if I am too detailed with scenes as I like to give my readers something to picture whilst reading, it also alleviates any misconceptions about future scenes too.

Whilst writing, I have imagined each scene from when I was that age, and every character is based on people from then too, but please be advised that I have not used real names, they are just people from my past who most I have no idea where they are today.

This is written with how I talk, and Australian talk, spelling, and references from the 1950’s to 1970’s.

I mention a couple of tragic events, but only minor, due to respect for those who experienced them unless I have been given permission to do so. The only real name used is mine, and a close friend who has given me permission to use it, however, any resemblance towards anybody else is purely coincidental.

There is a Taboo subject that even today is still frowned upon, I touch on in most parts, I have experienced this in my real life.

To Claire Baire’s totally awesome siblings who have recently reconnected with me, Thank You for allowing me back into your lives, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all. JH & GH.

Thank You to TMcD for suggesting the new title. 

Please be advised that our main person’s male name is Melvin, and female is Melissa or Mel for short. I hope any confusions have been alleviated..

Now Let’s Begin:

Melvin was born a boy in May 1965 to two genuinely nice parents. Melvin does not remember much of his first few years. Melvin also have a sister, who is 3 years older, her name is Skye. Their parents were told they were having another girl, which is why he was called Melvin, they did have Melissa chosen.

A little about their parents and sister.

Father’s name: John, Born in Australia, 35 at the time, has two brothers and a sister, works as a Security Guard, on rotating shifts, which means sometimes slept during the day or until mid-morning, told Melvin when he first met his Mother, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

John is a beer drinker, and smoker, something he got from being in the Army some years before he met Melvin’s Mum, loves his Police Television Shows, keeps the lawns mown and does a lot of the gardening, he also keeps their vehicle exceptionally clean, both inside and out.

John’s Father was from a Danish background, Mother was born in the United States, however her family moved to Australia when she was incredibly young, Melvin doesn’t know anything about either family, those records got destroyed some years before Melvin was born. John is 5’ 10” (156 cm) tall, gorgeous brown hair, green eyes, mid tan complexion, very masculine, a comfort to be around, they all felt safe.

Melvin’s Mothers’ name is Doris, born in Australia, 32, has two sisters and one brother, closer to her sister-in-law than her sisters, they all had children. Melvin’s parents met on a blind date. Doris was working as a Nurse, she had moved from her hometown to take up a position, her roommate was dating a friend of Mel’s father’s and they decided to set them both up together.

Melvin’s Mum’s familia were typical country folk, her parents raised her on their farm, until her father was fatally injured in a farm accident. Melvin’s grandmother then sold the farm and moved the entire familia back into town where they settled in. Melvin’s Uncle was the oldest and got married to his high school sweetheart when she turned 21, followed by her sisters, then Melvin’s parents in 1961.

Melvin’s Mum told him later that when she first met him, she didn’t like him, she thought he was very arrogant, rude, selfish, and self-centred, but Melvin’s father did pursue her, and she eventually fell in love with him, they married 6 months later. She was 5’0” (153 cm) tall, had jet black hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, she was a groovy cook, and in Melvin’s words “The best mum.” He loves her groovy Yorkshire Puddings.

Skye is 12, nearly 13, 5’0” (153) tall but still growing, brown hair like their father, loves Make-Up, latest Fashion, latest Music, being very girly, loves her romantic novels and her friends, she also really loves her brother, he found out how much sometime later.

Melvin is 9 at the time, 4’8” (147 cm) tall, just a kid and looks up to his parents and Skye, loves playing with his toys, has vehicles and soldiers, the last few months has started to gravitate towards Skye’s dolls, but doesn’t know why yet.

The only friends he has are Skye, and their two next door neighbours, Angie, and Dani. You will meet them very soon.

I would like to thank the following people:

Claire Baire (Not Her Real Name), for being my first and so far, only, True Love, and I want this on the Record to say that I Truly Regret Not Following My Heart and trying to contact you, I wish that I could go back and find you. I hope you can Forgive Me. I stupidly listened to others.

I detail my relationship with Claire Baire, well as much as I am prepared to reveal, in ‘Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence.

My best friends of over 30 years, A and K, Thank You for being there for me during my good and bad times, I know that I didn’t always say it, but I really did and still do appreciate you so much, Again Thank You. I Will Always Love You Both.

Thank You to the Totally Scrumptious and Awesome K S (CKM), you have been such a support over the past few months, without you, I don’t know where I would be. Please Rest In Peace, Miss You So Much.

To the Amazing T H, You have been such an awesome support and shoulder to lean on, Thank You.

To the awesome A K in Tassie, You were one of the first to Support me, Thank You

Thank You to the following: LA, AR, NK, LMS, MS, RK snr, AJA, SA, MI, LV, RV.

Finally, and Least of All, Thank You to “Chris, (JTL)” I will always be incredibly grateful to you.

Please be advised that I have changed many names and locations, the only real names are mine and a friend who has allowed me to use it. Any Similarities to those living or deceased, or real locations unless stated, are purely coincidental. I use some real locations, only because at the time, I liked those areas and felt appropriate in mentioning them.

                                                Chapter 1.1:

                                                 The Start.

This story starts in August 1974, Suburban Australia. It is late Winter; at the time Melvin is 9 years old. Melvin’s family has just finished eating Tea when their parents asked Skye and Melvin to stay at the table as they need to tell them something. Melvin’s sister and mother cleared the dishes away. They came back a few minutes later, Mel’s father advises: “We have something to tell you both.” Doris continues: “We are going to build another room on the back of the house, that one of you will use,” Melvin asked, “Why?”

They both Explained, “It’s because Skye is now going into puberty and needs her own room,” Melvin Exclaims: “But we both have fun sharing.” Their parents go on: “A girl needs her privacy.” Melvin Screams: “No I don’t want to,” runs crying into their room, “I wish I was a girl.” Melvin slammed the door as he ran in and jumped onto his bed crying.

Several minutes later, Skye comes in, grabbing some tissues to wipe away his tears. Skye Enquires: “Did you mean what you said?” Melvin Stutters: “What do you mean?” Skye Reassuring: “You wished you were a girl,” Melvin Remarks: “Yes, if it means sharing with you.” Skye Suggesting: “Ok, I have an idea but stay here for a minute, please get undressed.” Skye goes into their bathroom, runs a bath.

Melvin gets undressed and waits for her to come back, after a few minutes she does. Skye Asks: “Ok can you come with me, please?” They walk into the bathroom. Skye Recommends, “Ok can you get into the bath and lie down as far as your chin? I will be back soon.” Melvin lays in the bath, it smells really nice, very feminine, several minutes later, Skye comes back in naked and gets into the bath behind him. Skye Reveals, “I’m going to clean you all over, and then you will clean me.”

Melvin feels groovy as Skye is cleaning him with the washcloth, after a while they swap places. Skye Warns Melvin, “Ok now you clean me, but please be careful of my chest as its very sensitive,” Melvin Enquires, “Oh ok why’s that? “ Skye Whispered, “Because my body is changing, you will learn more when the time is right. “

Melvin washes her all over, once finished, get out, dry off. Skye washes Melvin’s face, applying moisturizer to it. Skye does hers. Melvin queries, “What’s that for?” Skye Comments, “It’s how us girls look nice and smooth, I will teach you how to be a girl in no time.” Skye rubs baby powder on his body, tells him to do the same with her, hang up their towels and walk to their bedroom.

When they got in there, Melvin saw that there was a nightie and panties laid out. Melvin questions, “What’s going on?” Skye responds, “Well, you said, you wished you were a girl, this is the start. I am your big sister and I will help you.” Skye helps him put the panties on, then dresses, saying “Please wait here.” Melvin does. He looks in their full-length mirror, can’t believe how feminine he looks. Melvin realises how nice and soft the panties are as is the nightgown, he decided to think of a more suitable name, and without thinking, thinks of Melissa, from heron in, Melvin will now be called Melissa or Mel, unless otherwise noted.

Skye goes into the lounge room to talk to their parents. Mel couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, the girl looking back at her looked familiar, but strange though, she started crying as she realised the girl in the mirror was her and knew that she was a girl. Skye comes back in and asks, “What’s wrong?”

Melissa just hugged her, proclaiming, “Thank You, I am so happy as I know I am a girl now.” Skye Smiling, Commanding, “Ok let’s go,” Melissa choked, “Where?” Skye Cheers, “To say goodnight to mum and dad.” Melissa worried, “I can’t not like this.” Skye Revealing, “Its ok I’ve told them I have a surprise for them.” Melissa Retorts, “Ok, by the way, I’ve decided on Melissa or Mel, ok?” Skye Replying, “Groovy lives think the same, that’s the name I was going to suggest.”

They go into the lounge room, Skye Commands “Ok.” Their parents had their eyes covered, when they uncovered their eyes they were both amazed, their mum was smiling, but Mel’s father had tears in his eyes, Skye went over to him, comforting, “Its ok dad, we are just seeing what we can do about us sharing, but if you don’t like it, she can remain a boy.” Mel was with her mum, who gives Mel a huge, big kiss and cuddle. Mel’s mum comments, “You look groovy.” Skye Teases, “What are we going to do?” Their parents Respond, “Well it’s up to Mel,” Mel Giggling, “Can I be a girl at night and on weekends, and decide soon? “

Their parents Concede, “Ok, but can we think about it please? For now, you can stay as you are, we will talk about it in the morning.” Both girls Reply, “Ok groovy.” Skye Asks, “Can we go to our room now as I want to get to know my new sister?” They confirm, “Yes, Goodnight girls,” Mel started crying, Skye puzzled, “What’s up?” Mel chuckling, “I got called a girl.” Skye Laughing, “Of course because you are dressed like one, and you are a girl as well.”

Mel Admitting, “Yes true, but it felt groovy.” Skye Affirming, “Well let’s hope you hear that for the rest of your life.” Mel Agreeing, “Yes me too.” When they get to their room, Skye Asks, “How do you feel?” Mel Reveals, “I feel so happy, I hope mum and daddy let me dress like this when I’m at home.” Skye Confesses, “Yes me too, but let’s hope it will be full time soon,” Mel Concurring, “Yes, I would love that.”

Skye then drops the bombshell on Mel announcing, “I have known about your cross dressing for a while now.” Mel Squeaking, “How did you know, as I only wore your worn and soiled clothes?” Skye Retorts, “I set you up by checking my clothes after you had worn them, and I could smell you on them.” Mel Stressing, “Ok, so you have set this up.” Skye Affirming, “Yes, but I didn’t think mum and dad would want to build the extra room so fast though, I took advantage of you saying you wished you were a girl.” Mel Quizzed,  “Ok, so what do we do now?” Skye Coaching, “I will train you to be a girl.” Mel Blubbering, “Ok groovy.” Skye Requesting, “Do you want to sleep together tonight please?” Mel Nodded. Skye climbs into Mel’s bed after chatting for a while, hug and kiss the other’s forehead, Saying, “Goodnight, sis.”

                                                 Chapter 1.2:

                                                 First Weekend.

The next morning, their mum comes into their room, Stating, “Come on girls, its 7am, time to wake up, that’s sweet you both slept together.” Their mum starts crying. Both Girls ask, “What’s wrong?” She Sobs, “Nothing, I’m simply happy I’ve now got the two girls I wanted, now go have your showers, us girls are going out shopping today,” Mel blurts out, “Me too.” Their mum Adds, “Yes, as we are going to buy you new clothes.” Mel starts crying, both their mum and Skye Enquire, “What’s wrong?” Mel Babbles, “Nothing, I’m just so happy I’m a girl, but what about daddy?”

Their Mum Declares, “He’s not happy but will see what happens, Ok you two get in the shower, I’ll go cook breakfast.” Mel & Skye agree, “Ok mum, love you.” Their mum smiles, “Yes, I love my two daughters.”

Skye and Mel get undressed, go into the bathroom. Skye starts the shower running, Mel Moans, “Why are we having a shower, we had a bath last night?” Skye Advises, “Girls are cleaner than boys, we must have a shower to wash our hair and cleanse our bodies and faces, my sister needs to look perfectly groovy her first time going out.” Mel Sighs, “Ok, groovy.”

They get into the shower, and wash each other all over, including their faces. Once done, get out, wrapping their towels around themselves, Skye scrubs Mel’s face with her facial scrub and washes it away. Skye Requests, “Ok watch me.” Mel does.

Skye squeezes a small amount of moisturizer into Mel’s left palm, then requests, “Ok rub them both together, but watch me.” Mel does, and rubs the moisturizer into her face, it smelt nice. Skye Gushed, “Ok let’s go get dressed.” They went into their bedroom. Skye Puzzled, “Ok what are us girls going to wear?” She had a look outside, then Reported, “Ok, it looks fine for a dress.”

Skye went to the wardrobe to find suitable dresses. Skye Guessed, “Ok how do these look?” She held up two dresses that looked groovy. Skye took her sister’s hand and walked to their wardrobe mirror and held up both dresses to themselves. Skye Commented, “Ok these look good, now for our underwear.” Mel Exclaimed, “Can’t we just wear anything?” Skye Chuckles, “No, girls match their underwear with their outerwear, you will learn, Ok these will do.”

Skye holds up two pairs of pink panties with white hearts on them and asks Mel to put them on, she put hers on as well, she hands Mel a training bra. Skye Confirms, “That looks ok.” Skye puts hers on and helps Mel put hers on. Skye Beckoned “Ok let’s look in the mirror.” Mel Amazed, “Wow, I look like a girl.” Skye Shrilled, “Hey silly, You are a girl, You, are my sister, ok now let’s finish getting dressed.”

Mel put her dress on as did Skye, then gave her sister a pair of sandals to wear. Skye Puzzling, “None of my heels fit you, but hopefully we will get some today.” Skye suggested that Mel start writing a diary about her transition, as it may be good in years to come to read and reflect. Mel Agreeing, “Yes groovy idea.” Skye Proposed, “We will have a look today.” Skye grabbed her bag grabbing Mel, then they skipped to the dining room for breakfast.

Once there, their parents were astounded at how groovy Mel looked. They all ate breakfast in silence. When they were finished, Skye and Mel cleared the dishes and told their mum that they will wash them to allow to finish getting ready, both their parents Astoundingly, “This is groovy, Mel the boy never offered to do the dishes, but Mel the girl, is now doing the dishes.” Skye and Mel winked at each other, then did the dishes. They went and finished getting ready, went back into the dining room to wait for their parents.

A short time later, their parents came back into the kitchen, Skye and Mel Exclaimed,  “Wow, mum you look groovy.” Their Mum Beamed, “Thanks, ok, let’s get going.” Mel’s father comes over to give them all a hug, Mel noticed he had a tear in his eye.

Mel Asks, “What’s wrong?” He Muttered, “I’m upset that I’ve lost my son, but you as my daughter has never looked so happy.” Mel Cried, “Daddy I love you; we can still do some of the father/son things you had planned, I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy being a girl, Skye has opened up something inside me and I just need to find myself.” Mel’s Father Declared “Wow, you are so wise, ok, let’s see what happens, you girls go have fun.”

The three ladies Agreed, “Ok, you have a groovy day as well.” Mel’s father Announced, “We are going out to Tea tonight, hope you all find some nice clothes to wear.” Mel & Skye’s mum Responded, “I’m sure we will.”

The three of them walked to the vehicles, then Skye showed Mel how girls get in and out of a vehicle. Skye Described, “Knees together, even though our dresses are below the knee, we don’t let boys see our restricted areas.”

When they got into the vehicle, they asked their mum where they were going. Their Mum Advised, “We are going to the new shopping mall that just opened.” Skye and Mel both squealed in delight, Skye started laughing.

Mel asked, “What’s funny?” Skye Laughed, “You squeal like a girl, I think somebody is going to stay a girl.” Mel Smirked, “Oh, I didn’t realise.” Skye Responded, “That’s a groovy start.” The drive took about 45 minutes, on the way their mum said, “I want you two girls to stay with me all day, if one needs to go to the ladies, the other goes, and if possible, use the same stall.”

Mel Argued “I can’t use the ladies.” Skye & their mum Remarked, “Ok, you try using the stinky boys the way you are dressed.” Mel Lamented, “Oh ok.” Skye Advised, “Girls use girl’s lavatories and boys use their stinky boy ones, yucky.” Mel Agreed, “Ok.”

Mel asked, “How do you know they were yucky.” Skye Moaned, “Because all boys are yucky.”

Mel agreed, she didn’t know at the time just how yucky Skye found boys to be, as she had been keeping an excessively big secret from her. More Later.

They arrived at the mall and their mum quickly found a parking spot. She Decided. “Ok girls, this is a test day for Mel, but if at any time, you don’t feel comfortable and want to leave, let me know. Mel, you will be trying on girl’s clothes today, each time Skye will go into the change room with you, ok.” Mel agreed, “Thanks Mum.”

They all got of the vehicle and walked into the mall, were astounded at huge it is, their mum asks, “Ok Mel it’s your day, where do you want to go?” Mel Responds, “Can we just walk around and browse please.” Her mum Affirmed, “Ok groovy idea.” Skye Spoke, “If I find something suitable for you to try on, no arguments you will be.” Mel Declared, “Groovy.” Their mum Reveals, “Wow look over there it looks someone has an admirer.” Mel & Skye Remarked, “Who?” Their mum Joked, “Mel, he’s too young for you Skye.”

Mel Gasped, “Wow, yes he’s nice.” Suddenly she felt some downstairs stirring, whispered in Skye’s ear about it, who nodded.  Skye told their mum that she needed to use the lavatory. Skye’s mum agreed, “Ok, Mel can you go with her?” Mel Replied, “Yes mum.”

When they got to the bathroom, there was a line up, Mel whispered, “What’s this?” Skye Explained, “Get used to it, happens nearly every time.” A couple of minutes later two girls came in and stood behind them. Skye said, “Hello.” Both girls replied, “Hello.”

Skye elbowed Mel who Cackled, “Hello:” And looked at Skye like what, started chatting to them. The girls revealed, “We are sisters and came to have a look, our names are Sam and Tori.” Skye Burst Out, “Nice to meet you both, same here, we are Skye, and this is my sister Melissa, or Mel for short.” Sam Muttered, “Please excuse my ignorance, but are you a girl or a boy?”

Skye Retorted,” Today she’s a girl as she is not sure what she wants.” Sam Praised, “Ok groovy.” Mel suddenly realised that she was bulging. Sam Observing, “May I accompany Mel, please?” Skye Explained, “Not this time, only because it’s Mel’s first time.” Sam and Tori agreed. After a few minutes, Skye and Mel got to a stall, and did their business.

Once they were finished, they went to wash and dry their hands. Sam Quipped, “How long have you been dressing up for?” Mel Spilled, “Since last night.” Sam Cried, “Wow groovy.”

When they got outside, their mum was there and asked, “What took so long?” Skye Apologising , “We met these two girls, this is Sam and Tori,” S and M’s mum Replied, “Ok nice to meet you both, I’m Doris, Skye and Mel’s mum.” Skye asked, “Can they join us for the morning?” S & M’s Mum Declared, “Yes that’s fine, oh by the way Mel, that boy gave me his name and number, he really likes you.” Mel Smirked , “Ok thanks, but I’m not sure.”

Sam Marvelled, “What’s he like?” Mel Divulged, “He is cute for a boy, but I’m not sure if I like boys or girls yet.” Sam Proclaimed, “Yes, we are both 9, so we have time.” Sam grabbed Mel’s hand and held it tight like they were boyfriend and girlfriend, or in their case Girlfriend’s, it felt rather nice. Sam Bragged, “It’s only, so we don’t lose each other,” Mel nodded and felt something strange, but it took a while to know what.

They looked around the shops, it was a lot of fun, both Skye and Sam helped Mel pick out lots of cute outfits, she felt weird going into the change rooms with either Skye or Sam, but after a while it became fun, a couple of times even Tori went in with her.

Tori told Mel that even though the dress was strapless she was trying on, she Explained, “I’m keeping my bra on.” Mel Gawked, “Ok.” Tori took her current dress off, whilst Mel just stood there looking. Tori Questioning, “What’s up?”

Mel Crying, “Sorry nothing but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen breasts.” Tori Comforting, “Oh ok, don’t worry, if you stay a girl you will in time.” Mel Revealed, “Yes, between you and me, I’m really thinking about staying a girl, as I’m having lots of fun.” Tori Stated, “Yes I can see that, and between you and me, but I think Sam likes you.”

Mel Startled, “Ok I felt something earlier, but I’m not sure what it was.” Tori Remarked, “Maybe you like her as well, hey give it a go and see what happens.” Mel Vowed, “Ok, let’s see, I would like us all to remain friends.” Tori Commented, “Yes definitely we will be.” Tori and Mel both tried their clothes on, and decided they were ok, they got changed back into their own clothes. Tori then gave Mel a passionate kiss on the lips, when it was over,

Mel Enquired, “What was that for?” Tori Confided, “That’s a taste of what’s to come, Sam is a groovy kisser, and if my intuition is right, I feel you both will be kissing each other very soon.” Mel asked, “How do you know?” Tori Confessed, “We were both talking one night in bed and were curious, so we kissed each other,” Mel Exclaimed, “Ok.”

They grabbed the clothes and left the change rooms, when they got outside, Skye grabbed Mel and asked why did they take so long. Mel Jibed, “I’ll tell you later, but I think I have made a new friend.” Sam Acknowledged, “We both have.” They gave their mum the clothes and she bought them, then they left.

Sam slid up to Mel to hold her hand again, which Mel felt was groovy. They spent the rest of the morning looking at and trying on clothes, shoes, underwear, make up, and getting their nails done, Mel felt weird but groovy, after a few hours’ until their mum Advised, “Ok come on girls the shops close shortly, and we need to get home to get ready for Tea.” The girls Complained, “Ok.”

Skye and Mel said goodbye to Sam and Tori. Sam gave Mel a quick kiss, exchanged phone numbers and parted. Mel felt groovy but sad as she wasn’t sure what was going on but knew that she wanted to see Sam again. Skye, Mel, and their Mum walked back to their vehicle, put all their shopping in the vehicle and drove home.

Mel’s Mum Asked, “How did you like your first day as a girl?  Mel Excited, “I loved it, can I stay this way please?” Mel’s mum Emphasised, “Let’s just take it one day at a time, but you can be a girl at home, we will go to our Doctor on Monday and see what she says.”

Mel Overjoyed, “Mum our Doctor is a man.” M & S Mum Instructed, “Yes but as of Monday, we will see the lady Doctor and your father will continue to see our old man one.” Skye and Mel Giggled, “Groovy.” Skye Continued, “It looks like you and Sam hit it off,” Mel Blushed, “Yes, but what was with her holding my hand?”

Skye Implied, “Well maybe she likes you, it’s how a girl shows affection.” Mel Clarified, “But if I’m going to live as a girl, that doesn’t make sense.” Skye Advised, “Look you are both young, who knows what will happen.” Mel Noted, “Ok yes that’s groovy, she does make me feel good though.”

They soon arrived home, both girls helped their mum bring in all the shopping, then sorted everything out, Skye and Mel took their bags into their room. Their mum Asked, “Can you girls give me the dress you are both wearing tonight so I can give them both a quick iron?”

They Replied, “Yes” and went to find them. They helped their mum prepare lunch, then sat down to eat. They cleared the table and did the dishes, relaxed for the next few hours. At 4pm their mum Requested, “Can you both go and have your showers please?”

They Nodded. Skye and Mel went to their room and removed their clothes, they went into the bathroom to have their showers. Whilst washing each other, Skye asked Mel how she felt about Sam?

Mel Replied, “She’s nice, but every time she held my hand, I felt weird.” Skye Boasted, “Yes, I can see that.” Mel Startled, “How?” Skye Remarked, “Look down.” Mel does and noticed that she had swelled.

Mel Gasped, “What does it mean?” Skye Advised, “It’s not your fault, it’s what boys experience when they like a girl.” Mel Sobbed, “But I’m a girl, how can I be like that?” Skye Agreed “Its ok, I don’t think Sam cares what sex you are, she likes you as a person.”

N.B. Sam could be described as Pansexual, however, that terminology was either not prevalent or non-existent in 1970’s Australia.

Mel Retorted, “She can’t as we are so young.” Skye Announced, “When you were in the change room with Tori, Sam admitted she likes you.” Mel Smiled, “Oh ok.”

When they were finished, they dried off, performed their cleansing and moisturizing, wrapped their towels around themselves and went to their bedroom to find suitable underwear, they had a look at our purchases from today.

Skye Approving, “Here found it.” Skye showed Mel a bra and panty set she had purchased secretly during day, it was pink, then revealed, “Here, this is yours, and this is mine.” Skye bought the same set in her size, they put deodorant and perfume on and got dressed, once they had their underwear on she opened the door slightly and asked their mum if their dresses were ready?

Their Mum Replied, “Yes, I’ll bring them in, in a minute.” Mel Asked: “Skye can I wear nylons out tonight?” Skye Declared, “Yes if I can find some that will go with the outfit and fit you.” Mel Stammered, “Ok groovy.” Skye rummages through her hosiery drawer, Declaring “Ok found these.” Skye holds up a nude and black pair. Mel Pondered, “Well it depends on the dress and shoes.” Skye Elated, “Groovy, you are becoming a girl.”

There was a knock at the door, and Skye opened it, it was their mum with their dresses, she went in and said, “Wow, Mel you look groovy, you look like a girl can you both sit beside me, I have something to tell you.”

They Asked, “What’s wrong?” She Confided, “Nothing, I’ve lost a son, but gained a really beautiful daughter.” Skye Continued, “Yes, but at least Mel is happy now.” Their Mum Explains, “Yes, agreed, ok I’ve got a secret, please don’t tell your father yet.” Both girls Excitedly, “Goodie we love secrets.”

Skye started laughing, Mel asked “Why?” Skye Admitted, “You said goodie, it’s a word us girls use.” Their mum and Mel started laughing. Their mum Exclaimed, “Ok, I think I’m pregnant again.” Both girls Joyfully, “Oh that’s groovy, do you want a girl or boy? Their Mum Stated, “Well if Mel stays a girl, a boy, for your father.”

Mel Agreed, “Ok that’s groovy, because I love being a girl and hope I can stay this way forever.” Their mum and Skye Exclaimed, “That’s groovy, we do as well.” Their mum Continued, “Come on we had all better get ready.” Each Agreed, “Ok see you shortly, thanks for ironing our dresses.”

Skye and Mel went back to finish getting dressed, they decided to wear nude nylons as the dress was pink, and their heels were nude, Mel agreed, even she was starting to know fashion. Skye Advised, “Ok, sit on your bed and watch me.” Mel did as she told. Several minutes later they both had their nylons on, they put their heels on, Mel’s were only 2” and felt groovy.

Mel wobbled a bit, but Skye Laughing, “All girls do at times, so don’t worry.” Skye grabbed Mel’s dress and handed it to her, she grabbed hers and they both stepped into them and helped zip each other’s dresses up, she found some jewellery that she had secretly bought, and put it on Mel.

Skye went to the wardrobe and ruffled around for a few seconds. Skye Ahhhd, “That’s where you are.” She turned around and handed Mel a gift bag. Skye Congratulating, “Here, I got this for you today, I hope you like it.”

Mel took it from her, and had a look, it was a shoulder bag that she got her. Mel grabbed her and gave her a tight hug, saying, “Thank You Sis, I love you so much. Skye Smiling, “That’s ok, it’s my pleasure.”

Mel Asked, “But what can I put in it?” Skye Motioned, “Here.” She showed Mel a lipstick, Then Advised “Here I got this for you as well.” Mel said, “Thank You, you are the best sister ever.” Skye Requested, “Come on mum and dad are waiting, but can you wait here until I call you?” Mel Gayly, “Ok, anything for you sis.” Skye left the bedroom, and a few seconds later, Skye called her out, she walked, or should I say she wobbled, out to the kitchen, their parents laughed. Mel Puzzled, “What’s up?”

They Gloated, “You wobbling in those heels.” Skye started laughing and so did Mel. After a minute or so, Mel’s Father Commanded, “Come on let’s go.” They Responded, “Ok groovy.” Their mum, Skye and Mel walked out to the vehicle while Mel’s father locked up the house. Mel’s father was a Security Officer at the time, and he took security very seriously.

When he came out, they were all in the vehicle waiting. He Comments, “That looks nice, all my favourite girls in vehicle waiting.” He got in and started the vehicle, then drove off. Skye asked their father, “Where are we going?” He Proclaimed, “It’s a surprise, even your mother doesn’t know where we are going.”

The ride there was groovy, Skye and Mel chatted, just like any other sisters would, she told Mel that even though they were in the vehicle, to keep their legs together. Skye Advised, “Its good training, as when you go out you will close them automatically without even thinking.” Mel Replied, “Ok thanks.”

Suddenly the vehicle stopped, Mel’s father Revealing, “Ok ladies, we are here.” They all looked out of the window, and saw it was a very posh restaurant that their mum had been trying to get Mel’s father to take them to for a long time, they all got out of the vehicle, and gave their Husband/Mel’s father a really big hug. After a few seconds, Mel’s father Requesting, “Come on we better go inside or we will miss our reservation.” Their parents Advising, “You two girls go ahead, and we will follow.”

Skye needed to use the lavatory and asked their father if he could find out where they were. A couple of minutes later they were at the front of the line, Mel’s father Asks, “Where are the lavatories, please? The Head Waiter Pointing, “Just down the side there.”

Mel’s father Replied, “Ok thanks, ok girls you know where to go.” Both girls Nodding, “Thanks,” and they went to the lavatories. They found a stall big enough for them both.

Skye asked Mel to wait in the cubicle until she returned, which she did. Skye returned a few minutes later and Asked, “Ok, please lower your panties to your knees?” Mel does as ordered then she grabbed what looked like a shopping list from her bag and turned it over to remove something, then she placed it firmly in Mel’s panties Instructing, “Ok, you can lift them in place.”

Mel lifted her panties in place, but it felt strange. Mel Asked, “What did you do?” Skye Mentioning, “Well, what I placed in there is called a menstrual pad, it’s what born females use every month to collect fluid that our bodies release.”

Mel Questioning, “Like pee.” Skye Sharing, “No, when you are old enough, I will explain everything to you, but in the next few months and years, my emotions will be all over the place, and this is a reason why, I placed the pad in there to stop any noticeable swelling.”

Mel Breathing, “Oh, ok, thanks.” Skye Groaning, “Ok, let’s straighten you up and flush the toilet, then go wash and dry our hands, then join our parents for tea.” Mel Nodding, “Yes.”

Once they had done that, they went to join their parents at the table. Their mum Asked, “What took so long?” Skye Whispered, “Women’s troubles.” Both their parents laughed, as did Skye, but Mel was confused. Skye Stressing, “Hey, it’s ok, don’t worry, in time you will learn.” They placed their orders and talked, Mel’s father Questioning, “How are you enjoying your new life?”

Mel Gushing, “Groovy but confusing.” He Remarked, “How.” Mel Puzzling, “I enjoyed spending the day as a girl, but I met a girl who is really nice, but I’m confused.” Mel’s father Advised, “Maybe you will change your mind and come back.” Mel Guessing, “I’m not sure, I will see how everything goes, especially on Monday at the Doctors.” Mel’s Father Gulping, “Yes true.”

Mel got a shock with this next part. Her father Declared, “Even though I have lost my son for now, I will support you whatever you decide, as long as you are happy, I am happy.” Mel got up and gave him an excessively big hug, something as a boy he wouldn’t have done, but as a girl he did, they both started to cry. Skye and their Mum Asked, “What’s up?”

Mel Declared, “I’m just so happy to have such a loving and supportive family” Both Skye and their mum joined in and they had the best family hug in such a long time.

A few minutes later their meals arrived, and they all ate in silence, after they were finished, Skye leaned over. Asking, “How are you now?” Mel Gushing, “I’m fine.” Skye States, “We are going to the lavatory before we leave, so I can check your pad.” Mel Reassuring, “Its ok, it’s nice and dry.” Skye Smiling, “That’s how they are designed, but still need to be checked regularly.” Mel Muttering, “Oh ok.” A few minutes later, Skye whispered, “Mum, Dad, Mel and I are going to the ladies.” Their parents smiled and nodded.

Skye and Mel got up, walking to the bathroom. Once they entered, they found the same stall as earlier was empty, went in and Skye told Mel to remove her nylons and panties, she had a look at the pad, Confirming, “There has been some leakage, but it’s not too bad, it can wait until we get home.”

Skye Asked, “Do you need to pee?” Mel Grunting, “Yes.” Skye Nodding, “Ok, I do as well.” When Mel was finished, they swapped places. Mel pulled her panties and nylons back up, when Skye was finished, she did the same, they both checked everything was fine and went to wash their hands.

They went back to their table where their parents were just finishing their coffees, who advised they are leaving in a few minutes. Skye Asks, “Can we go outside and wait for them?” They Nod, “That’s ok.” Both girls walk outside to enjoy the night air, just as they got outside, Skye saw a school friend of hers with her family. They both Jeer, “Hi.” Skye’s friend, Lisa, Asks, “Who is this girl?”

Skye Requesting, “Can we talk quietly?” Skye grabbed Mel and told Lisa. Lisa Remarked, “Groovy, if there’s anything I can do please ask.” Skye Smirking, “Well I was thinking of giving Mel some lessons tomorrow if you want to come and help.” Lisa Giggling, “Yes I would love to.” Skye Confirming, “Ok, can you be at our place around 9am?” Lisa Smirking, “Yes sure.” Skye Cheering, “Ok groovy see you then.”

Mel gave Lisa a hug and they went into the restaurant. Skye and Mel’s parents came out a few seconds later. Their mum asked, “Was that Lisa?” Skye Replying, “Yes, and she is coming over tomorrow to help me with my sister.” Skye’s mum Stating, “Ok.” Mel’s father demanding, “Come on ladies, let’s go home.”

When they were in the vehicle, Skye and Mel’s mum Asked, “Did you enjoy your first day as a girl?” Mel Stressing, “Yes, very much so, I hope I can stay a girl forever.” Their parents Teasing, “It’s too early yet, let’s take it one day at a time. Skye Agreeing: “Yes, agreed.”

Mel Happily, “Groovy.” Skye Reassuring, “I will always be there for you, it’s what big sisters do for their little sisters.” Mel Affectionately, “Groovy, I really appreciate it, and I hope one day I can repay the favour.”

Shortly after they arrived back home, once their mum had their back-door open, both Skye and Mel went into their bedroom and got undressed to have their bath, Skye showed Mel how to wrap the pad and discard it. When they were finished, they went into the lounge room and gave their parents a hug and said goodnight to them both, they went into their room and took their dressing gowns off.

Skye Asking, “Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight?” Mel nodding, then got comfortable. Both chatted for a while. Skye Questioning, “What do you think about Sam?” Mel Confused, “I like her, but I’m confused, if I’m going to live as a girl, shouldn’t I date boys?”

Skye Reiterating, “It’s up to you who you want to date.” Suddenly Mel felt some swelling, and told Skye, who Laughing, “Wow, looks like you are interested.” Mel Emotional, “Yes, but what if I enjoy being a girl and she wants to date a boy?” Skye Comforting, “Let’s just see what happens, take it easy for now. I’ve got a confession, between you and I, and it’s a secret, its many of what sisters have between each other.” Mel Wide-Eyed, “Groovy, I won’t tell anybody else, cross my heart, hope to die.”

 Skye Proudly, “Ok when you and Sam were in the changing rooms today, and Tori and I were in another, she kissed me, and I liked it.” Mel Gasping, “Wha…. but maybe we will all end up in relationships together.” Skye Assuring, “Maybe, but like you and Sam, it’s too early to tell.”

Mel Hinting, “Is that why both you and Tori had funny looks on your faces?” Skye Nervously, “Yes.” Mel Praising, “Nice.” They both Sisterly, “Goodnight, sweet dreams sis” and went to sleep.

Sunday morning, their mum came in, Demanding, “Come on girls’ time to get up, it’s almost 8am and your father and I are going out for the day to give you three some girl time.” They got up and went to have their shower, cleansed and moisturized, then went back into their room to decide what they were going to wear. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Skye Gleefully, “Oh no that’s Lisa early.” Mel Clucking, “Ok.” Mel puts her dressing gown, then goes to answer the door.

Mel Greeting, “Good morning.” Mel and Lisa hugged each other. Lisa Asked, “Were you two still asleep?” Mel Welcoming, “We are just choosing our clothes for today, come in and we can chat.” Lisa came in, then shown to their room. Skye had put a dressing gown on too, and went over to hug Lisa, who Exclaimed, “Hi Skye, so what are we going to do today?” Skye Purring, “Well, we were just getting dressed, so if you can excuse us for a short time, we will finish and then we can all have breakfast together.” Lisa Angrily, “Ok, but don’t forget that I have seen you both in your birthday suits before.”

Skye Confirming, “True, but Mel isn’t up to anybody seeing her like that just yet, hope you understand.” Lisa Understanding, “Ok, fair enough, I will wait out here for you both.” Skye and Mel go back into their room and found matching underwear to wear, but decided against anything else, only because they would be using various cosmetics and lotions, which may stain and/or ruin their outer clothes.

Once they had their underwear on, they put their dressing gowns and slippers on then went into the dining room to enjoy breakfast. When Lisa saw them, she Whined, “I thought you were both getting dressed?” Skye Apologising, “We did, but have decided against outer clothes today in case we ruin them, but we do have underwear on under our dressing gowns.”

Their mum had put their breakfast out for them, who Stated, “Ok girls, we are leaving now, your father is in the vehicle, now have a groovy day, but please just stay home until we get back, I have made a chicken salad for lunch for you all, and there is orange cordial too, Skye you know how to make more if you need, now come and give me a kiss and hug.” The girls all went to kiss her Commenting, “Thanks,” then she left.

They sat and ate their breakfast in silence, then once they had finished, took their plates and utensils to the sink to allow them to soak.

Lisa Requested, “What were we going to do today?” Skye Sheepishly, “Teach Mel how to be a girl, she already knows about cleansing and moisturizing and wiping after peeing, and last night she wore a pad as she was leaking, but we know what caused that.” Lisa Asking, “Oh what?”

Mel Jumpy, “It’s because we both met a girl yesterday, and mine is cute.” Lisa Curious, “Skye I thought you liked boys.” Skye Revealing, “Yes, but Tori well, kissed me and I liked it.” Suddenly Lisa started to laugh, and so did Skye. Mel asked, “What’s wrong?” They both Pointing, “Look down,” Mel did, and noticed that she was swelling again.

Mel got so embarrassed, she grabbed her robe and ran into the bathroom crying, both girls went in after her saying, “Its ok, it just shows you like Sam.” Mel Screaming, “Yes, and I love being a girl, but I can’t have both.” Skye and Lisa Questioning, “Why not? Hey look, let’s just have our girl day and see what the Doctor says tomorrow.” Lisa asked, “Why is she going to the doctor for?” Skye Advising, “So we can find out what is required for Mel.”

 Lisa Affirming, “Ok groovy, since you are both just wearing underwear, do you mind if I take my outer clothes off?” Skye Shrugging, “No, it’s fine, actually we can dispense with our dressing gowns, we put them on for modesty in front of our parents whilst we had breakfast, but as it’s just us girls now, Mel, dressing gowns off.” Mel Nodding, “Groovy.”

They all walked to their bedroom and hung their dressing gowns up, whilst Lisa removed her shorts and top, and she hung hers up, only to stop them getting crushed.

The day went along swimmingly, Mel was shown how to shave her legs, underarms, arms, and they helped each other with moisturising their backs, since that is the hardest part of skin care routine.

They had lunch too, and Skye had to make more cordial, and as their backyard was secluded, decided to go, and sunbathe just in their underwear for a couple of hours, just to put some brown in their still wintery very white skin.

Around 6 pm Mel and Skye’s parents arrived home. Mel’s father asking, “Lisa how are you getting home? Lisa Replied, “My parents asked me to call them when I was ready to leave.” Mel’s father Suggesting, “I can drive you home if you want?” Lisa Thankful, “Thanks, that would be groovy.” Skye Requesting, “May I come too, please?” Mel’s father Begrudgingly, “Yes, if you want?” They said their goodbyes. Mel’s father, Skye, and Lisa left.

Mel went and helped her mum cook Tea. Mel’s father and Skye came back around 35 minutes later, just as they were putting the food out.  They sat down to eat. Afterwards Mel’s father Asked, “Mel, how did you like the weekend, ready to abandon this idea and come back to the bright side?”

Mel Laughing, “I loved it, but sorry daddy, unless something very bad happens, I have enjoyed how close Skye and I have become this weekend, and for the first time in a long time, I feel happy.” Mel’s father Emotional, “Ok, so I’ve lost my son, but I’ve gained a second daughter and as long as you are happy that’s all that counts. I will love you unconditionally.” Mel’s mum Asserted, “Yes me too, but John, please don’t say anything like that again, all you will do is push Mel away.”

Mel’s father Exclaimed, “Wow, did I touch a nerve here somewhere?” Mel’s mum Ascertaining, “No, you asked a question which even I felt squishy about, we need to let Mel be herself for now and let her decide.”

Skye Reaffirming, “And I love my little sister, I will be here for you anytime.” Mel Marvelling, “Yes me too, I love you all and I thank you all for supporting me, and I will try to be a groovy daughter.” Mel started crying when she said that, as it was the first time, she referred to herself as a daughter.” Everyone Nodding, “Yes, and it won’t be the last time.” A few minutes later Skye Announcing, “Mel and I will do the dishes, you two can relax.” Mel looked at Skye, like what the, but Mel was now a girl and needed to follow big sis’s instructions, and both their parents Astonished, “That’s nice, both our daughters offering to do the dishes, something that would not have occurred a few days ago.” Skye and Mel laughed and went to the kitchen. When they were done, they went and kissed their parents, saying, “Goodnight.” Their Parents Replied, “Yes goodnight girls.”

They went into their bedroom and got undressed, Skye went and started the bath running. A few minutes later Mel went in and they both entered the bath together, they cleansed each other as usual, and relaxed for a long time, they were facing each other by now. Their legs were intertwined with each other. They both chatted about the events of the past two days, Mel was still confused about her feelings for Sam.

Mel felt having feelings for a girl and wanting to be a girl were a sin, her wanting to be a girl was already a sin. Skye Sternly, “It’s not your fault how you are, you deserve to be happy, whether you are a boy or a girl, yes it’s a sin to be a different sex, but you make a much better girl than you did as a boy.”

Mel Agreeing, “Yes and I feel much better as well, but I’m still not sure if I should have these feelings towards Sam I have, and the way I stirred yesterday, shouldn’t have happened.” Skye Agreeing, “True, I’ll tell you something, and it happened to me yesterday, you leaking is the male way for what happens to us girls.” Mel asked, “How?” Skye then told her what happened.

Mel Exclaimed, “What?” Skye Continuing, “Yes, you think you are a sinner, we both are, I have suspected for a while I like girls.” Mel asked, “How?” Skye said, “Well none of the boys at school appeal to me, and when I’m in the changing rooms at school with the other girls, I can’t stop looking at them, that boy yesterday who liked you, I didn’t feel anything at all.”

Mel Amazed, “Ok, I just had a thought, do you think I should ring that boy, and go on a date with him? At least I can sort of know what’s going on, even though seeing him, I stirred yesterday?” Skye Mocking, “Yes, groovy idea, but don’t ring until tomorrow night.” Mel Thanking, “Ok, what are you going to do about you and Tori?”

Skye Privately, “Nothing, but it’s between you and I for now, I’m certain mum and dad would not like it if I suddenly said I liked girls.” Mel Celebrating, “Yes of course, but who knows in time we both may grow to like boys.” Skye Chuckling, “Maybe, but if my feelings for girls stay this strong, I think the boy would have to be a super cute and rich one.” Mel Laughing, “If he has a brother, I’ll date him too.” They both laughed.

They finally decided they had relaxed enough and got out and dried each other off, applying their moisturizer to their faces and necks, then went into their bedroom to put their nighties on. They sat on their beds and talked about the weekend, Skye Quizzing, “Ok, I know I’ve been nasty about this, but do you think you could go back to living as a boy?”

Mel Unsure, “Right now, no, but who knows in coming weeks, or months and also depends on what the doctor says tomorrow.” Skye Serious, “Yes true.” Mel Angrily, “Maybe in a few days, I might put my old boy clothes back on for a day and see.” Skye Agreeing, “Oh yes it will be groovy, but I don’t want my brother back, I’m having way too much fun with my new sister.” Mel Nodding, “Yes me too, I’m loving being your younger sister, I might even go back to living as a boy if things between Sam and I get serious and we both want a normal relationship.”

Skye Hissing, “Yes true, but judging by yesterday, I’m doubtful, as you are both young and it will be a long time before you both really know.” Mel Nodding, “Yes true.”

A short time later their mum came in, Stating, “Goodnight girls, you both should have an early night as it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow.” Both Agreeing, “Ok yes mum.” They got into bed together, gave each other a hug and a kiss and went to sleep.

                                                Chapter 1.3:                                                                                                                   First Week/ Meeting Someone Unique.

The next day their mum came in at 7am to wake them both up. She Hushed, “Good morning girls, time to get up.” They both Sleepily, “Good morning mum, ok thanks.” Then said “Good morning” to each other, got out of bed, took their nighties off, and went to have their shower, they did their normal cleansing and moisturizing, went into their bedroom. Skye Announcing, “You can choose your own clothes today.” Mel Happily, “Groovy.”

Mel looked in her pantie draw to find a pair of panties, she found a pair of plain white ones, then went and got a white camisole out of the wardrobe and found a nice floral sundress to wear, which they bought on Saturday, she looked for a pair of shoes to wear and found a pair of strappy sandals, with flowers on them.

They went to shower, then performed the usual routine, afterwards walked to their bedroom to get dressed. Once dressed, Skye Gleefully, “Wow you look groovy, you are a girl, everything you chose is perfect.

Mel Thankful, “Thanks.” Grabbed their bags, checked themselves in the mirror, and went out to have breakfast. Their parents Smiling, “Wow Mel you look amazing.” Skye Mentioning, “Mel picked everything out herself.” They Exclaimed, “Wow.”  

When they were finished breakfast, they told their mum to go get ready as they will do the dishes. Their mum Appreciating, “Ok, thanks.” Each did their own thing. Both girls then went and brushed their teeth, they made sure they looked like queens, and went back into the lounge room to wait for their mum.

She came out a few minutes later. She Advised, “Hang on I’m going to ring both schools to let them know you are not coming in today.” Just as their mum was making the first phone call, the back door opened, it was the neighbours, Angie and Dani. Angie was 12 like Skye and Dani was 9, turning 10 a few months later, they had been away with their mother all weekend. They said, “Hi.” Skye, Mel and their parents Replied, “Hi.” They Asked, “Who’s this and where’s Mel?”

Skye Shrugging, “Don’t you recognise her?” Both Looking, “Vaguely.” Skye Smirking, “Its Mel.” Both Asking, “What’s going on?” Skye Explaining, “Here come to our room and we will explain.” They went in and explained everything. After both Screaming, “Groovy, we will help out.”

Skye Continuing, “Groovy, Lisa came over yesterday, and we met a couple of girls on Saturday when we went shopping. Both exclaiming, “Groovy, maybe we should have a girls’ weekend.” Both girls smiling, “Groovy idea.” Their mum came in then sternly, “Come on girls we had better get going.”

Angie asked, “What’s going on?” Mel excitedly, “Mum is taking me to the doctor to see what we need to do.” They both responding, “Oh ok, we are going to go to school.” Their mum asking, “Dani, if anybody asks, Mel is sick today, and not up for any visitors.” Dani smirking, “Ok yes, I will.”

Background about Laura, Angie, and Dani:

Laura was 36, she met her husband Dave when they were in high school, they fell in love almost immediately, she did well in school, after she left, she started working in a Ladies Wear store, which she loved, Dave proposed on Valentine’s Day 1958, she accepted immediately, they Married the same day in 1959, she continued working right up until the 6th month of her pregnancy with Angie.

Laura was 5’9” tall, natural blonde hair, olive complexion, Blue eyes, yes typical Australian, she was an exceptionally good cook, keen gardener, and avid book reader.

Angie was 12 almost 13, at the time she was 4’9”, had brown hair, green eyes, olive complexion, she loved fashion, make-up, romantic movies, spending time with family and friends. Angie’s full name was Angelina Maureen.

Dani was 9 almost 10, she was 4’4’ at the time, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned complexion, she loved her family, followed Angie a lot, she didn’t really have many interests. Dani’s full name was Daniella Estella.

N.B. Both Angie and Dani were born on the same day, but three years apart, Angie, February 2nd, 1962, and Dani February 2nd, 1965.

A little background about Laura’s husband and Angie and Dani’s father, Dave. He fell very much in love with Laura the moment he met her, their first day at High School, he told his Best Friend very quickly, “I’m going to Marry her one day”, he was a very loving, caring man who loved his family, he was a non-smoker and occasional drinker, loved his sports.

Dave was 33 at the time of his death, 6’1”, brown hair, green eyes, tanned complexion, a little muscular, all his girls loved his giant family hugs.

He was a Fuel Tanker driver and was driving on a rural highway about 3 years beforehand when a vehicle overtook him, but misjudged his distance getting in front, as he cut in front, he clipped the front of Dave’s truck, they both lost control and ended up down an embankment, both vehicles erupted in flames and all occupants were killed instantly, the incident was witnessed by a patrolling Police Vehicle, however there was nothing they could do except watch the fireball, and assist with controlling the traffic. Laura received his Life Insurance and a payout from the vehicle drivers’ insurance company.

Laura was even to this day, very devastated, and concentrated on raising her daughters. She had paid their mortgage off and all their debts. Investing the rest, to live off the interest every month. Laura also worked in a ladies’ wear shop when they needed extra help. Laura Remarked, “It’s my purpose in life, and I’m not interested in dating again as Dave was and always will be my soul mate and would feel like I was cheating on him.”

Back to Mel’s Story:

Skye and Mel went and got into the vehicle and waited for their mum to lock the house and get into the vehicle, Skye Enquiring, “Are you nervous about going to see the Doctor?  Mel Nervously, “Yes and no.” Skye Smiling, “That’s natural, but you will be fine.” Mel Scared , “What if someone recognises me?” Skye Reassuring, “Don’t worry, if they do and they say anything, I’ll protect you and it’s their problem, I’m going to do my best to keep my sister.” Mel Sighing, “Groovy, I so love being your sister.” Their mum got into the vehicle, Questioning, “Are you both ready?”

Mel Excitedly, “Yes, I’ve got my protector.” Their mum Protective, “Ok, let’s go,” Both girls squealed with delight. Their mum Cursing, “Oh groovy two squealing girls, but I love it.” The drive to the Doctor’s was short. Their mum parked the vehicle in the car park. They got out and walked to the Doctors’ office just as the receptionist was opening up, who Remarked, “Hi ladies, and who’s this new girl?”

Their mum Quietly, “Its Melvin.” The receptionist had a puzzled look on her face, but Agreeing, “Ok groovy, you are first in.” Their mum explained the situation to her. The Response, “Oh ok, the Doctor will be here shortly please take a seat.” They Collectively, “Thank you.”

A short time later the female Doctor walked in and the receptionist whispered in her ear, she looked over and smiled and waved them in.  When they got into the office, they all sat down. The Doctor Asked, “Ok how can I help?”

Mel’s mum Explaining, “Mel is thinking of living her life as a girl from now on, she has spent the whole weekend as a girl and loved it, we need to know what we need to do, you are the first stop.”

The Doctor Disclosing, “Ok, I’m not experienced here, and will need to gather some information, I’m doubtful Mel can go on hormones or hormone blockers yet due to her young age, but what I can do for now is refer her to a Psychiatrist, I’ll call one I know now.” She dialled her phone and spoke to someone. Smiling, “Ok I’ll ask.”

The Doctor asked their mum, “Can you go see her today?” Mel’s mum Agreeing, “Yes ok,” the Doctor Enquiring, “Ok, what time please?” Mel’s mum Asks, “What is the cost please?”

The Doctor, passed on that question, after a few minutes the Doctor hung up and Reveals, “Ok your appointment is at 1pm, but she is a long way from here.” Mel’s mum looked at the address, “Yes, it is but we will be there.” The Doctor Informing, “What I’m going to do is give Mel a certificate to stay home from school for the rest of this year, her schoolwork can possibly be sent home every day.”

Mel’s mum Fretting, “Ok, now for me.” The Doctor Advising, “Yes, your news, I have the blood tests back and yes you are, sorry do the girls know?” Their mum Responding, “The girls know.” The Doctor Smirking, “Yes, congratulations you are indeed pregnant.” Their mum asked, “How far?” The Doctor Checking, “8 weeks.” Their mum Grinning, “Yes, I thought so.” The Doctor asked if she had told Mel’s father yet? Their Mum Shyly, “No, only Skye and Mel.” The Doctor Asking, “Ok when are you going to tell him?” Their mum Announcing, “Tonight over Tea.” The Doctor Agreeing, “Ok, Great Idea.”

She finished writing out Mel’s certificate, then said, “I’ll call you once I hear back from the Psychiatrist, and if Mel wants to dress as a girl, I will let her.” Skye Snarling, “She doesn’t have a choice as I’m loving having my sister.” Mel pipped in, “I doubt I want to be a boy again; I love being a girl.” The Doctor also wrote a certificate covering Skye for the day.

The Doctor Farewelling, “Ok ladies, have a great day and I’ll see you all soon.” They all Waving, “Thanks, yes we will.” They went and saw the receptionist, but as they did, Mel saw a girl from Skye’s school who looked at Mel funny, but she ignored her.

Mel’s mum paid the bill and they left. Mel’s mum asked, “Would you girls like a drink? They both Panting, “Yes.” They found a café to sit at and ordered their drinks. When they were finished, they went to the vehicle and their mum Stating, “I am going to drop you both home and I’m going to your school to let your Head Mistresses know what’s happening.” They both said, “Ok.”

Once they got home, mum brought the street directory in and the address of the Psychiatrist as well, she asked, “Can you find out how to get there?”  The girls Shrugging, “Yes.” Their mum Smiling, “Ok I’ll be back shortly,” and left a few minutes later.

Angie and Dani’s mum Laura came and in. Laura Happily, “Hi.” Both girls Responding, “Hi.” Laura Exclaiming, “Wow Mel you do look like a girl.”

Mel Proclaiming, “I am a girl.” Laura Replies, “Angie and Dani told me what’s going on, so how did it go at the Doctor?” Skye Bossing, “Ok.” Mel Cheerfully, “I have a certificate to stay away from school until next year, is it possible that Dani brings my homework home each day?”

Laura Confirming, “Yes of course, she is happy that you are a girl, means you both have more in common.” Mel Agreeing, “Yes.” Laura Asks, “Where did your mum go? “

Skye Chirping In, “To our schools to talk to our Head Mistresses.” Laura Concurring, “Oh ok.” Skye Questioning, “We are going to see the Psychiatrist after, we must go here.” Laura Puzzled, “Wow that’s a long way away, but here let’s write it for your mum.” Skye Remarking, “Ok groovy.”

They got that finished just before their mum came home. When she walked in, she Grinned, “Hi Laura, I assume these two big mouths have filled you in.” Laura Nodding, “No my two did, but I think it’s great, and you all have our total support.”

Mel Asking, “How did go at the school?” Her mum Revealing, “Ok, the Head Mistress is coming here tomorrow so she can have a talk to us.” Mel Panicking, “No, she can’t see me like this.” Mel’s Mum Reiterating, “She needs to but can’t allow you back in school as she has the certificate from the Doctor.”

Mel Begging, “Did you see about Dani bringing home my homework each day?” Mel’s mum Replied, “Yes I did, and she is happy to do it for you, now, do you know where we are going?” They Nodded, “Yes Laura wrote up the directions.” Their mum Continued, “Ok thanks, ok we better get going if we are going to be on time.”

Laura Mentioning, “I wish I could go, but maybe next time.” They all agreed. They gave Laura a hug and went and got into the vehicle. Skye sat in the front seat, so she could direct her mum, Mel sat in the back and just enjoyed all the views.

Mel was not sure exactly how long it took to get there and find a parking spot, but once they did, their mum Explained, “We have plenty of time for lunch.” Skye and Mel Excited, “Ok.” Their mum Asked, “Where do you want to eat?” Skye Shrugging, “Somewhere healthy, us girls must watch our figures,” Mel agreed and so did their mum. They found a nice little café and the prices were reasonable as well, for the area. Skye ordered her and Mel a chicken salada each and orange juice as well, their mum ordered a chicken salada as well and a coffee.

While they waited, they looked around and saw all the people going about their business, their mum Asked, “Mel how do you feel? Mel Nervously, “Groovy, relaxed.” Her mum Smiling, “That’s great.”

Skye leaned over and gave Mel a big hug and Whispered, “You know I’m proud of you so much.” Mel asked, “Why?” Skye Smirking, “Because you have embraced your feminine side so well and so quick.” Mel Sighing, “Thanks, but you did have a lot to do with this.” Skye Confirming, “Yes that’s true.”

Their mum Asked, “What are two girls talking about?” Skye Remarking, “Just about how neato my sister is.” Both Girls Agreeing, “We think each other is groovy.” Their mum Agreeing, “Yes, I agree.” A few minutes later their lunches arrived, and they all ate in silence.

When they were done, their mum Whispered, “I need to pee, what about you two?” They Nodded. Their mum paid the bill and asked where the nearest ladies are? The cashier directed them to the nearest ladies. All 3 Affirming, “Thank You” then walked to the ladies. Upon arrival, there was a line, but it wasn’t very long. After a few minutes a cubicle came available, Skye had a look and Motioning, “Come on its big enough for both of us.” Both girls went and peed, fixed their clothes. As they came out, their mum came out of another cubicle, they washed their hands and headed to the psychiatrists’ rooms.

They arrived a few minutes before the appointment, the receptionist handed their mum a form to fill in, and asked them to take a seat, which they did, and their mum filled in the form and took it back to the desk. Skye was holding Mel’s hand very tightly. Mel Crying, “Hey, that hurts, why so tight?” Skye whispered in her ear, “I’m nervous for you.”

Mel Enquiring, “Oh that’s sweet, but don’t worry it will all be fine.” Mel gave her a hug, and Blurting Out, “I Love You big sis.” Skye Responding, “Yes, I Love You Too Melissa.” Mel started crying, their mum and Skye asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel Replied, “That’s the first time someone has called me by my full name.” They Sternly, “Yes, that’s true, how does it feel?”

Mel Grinning, “I Love it, I’m so happy,” the receptionist even laughed, and asked how long has Mel been a girl?” Mel’s mum, “Quipped since Friday.” The Receptionist Replied, “Well she looks like a very natural girl.”

Skye Big Mouthing, “Yes, I have been training her, and I will always be there for her, I’m her big sister and big sisters look after their special little sisters.” They all laughed.

Several minutes later the Psychiatrist called Mel’s name, their mum Demanding, “Come on girls lets go.” The Psychiatrist Advised, “My name is Julia, I like to keep things informal with my patients.” Mel’s mum Agreeing, “I’m Doris, this is Skye, my eldest and your new patient Melissa, or Mel for short.” Julia , “Ok, nice to meet you ladies, she said I only have two seats.” Mel’s mum said, “Its ok Mel can sit on Skye’s lap,” Both girls said, “Yes that’s fine.”

Julia asked, “Mel how long have you felt like you are a girl?” Mel said, “I have for a while, I’ve been wearing Skye’s dirty clothes for a while, but she told me Friday night that she has known for a while, but I realised on Friday night.”

Mel then explained about the events of the weekend. Mel’s mum said, “I didn’t know,” Skye said, “I kept her secret, I wasn’t ready for her to come out yet, but when you and dad said you wanted to build the extra room, and Mel said he wished he was a girl, I took my chance with him.” Julia said, “Ok, Skye how long have you been training Mel?” Skye said, “For the last few months, we have been having pillow fights and gossiping every night.”  Julia said “Ok, yes it does sound like it.”

Julia said, “Oh ok that’s an interesting weekend you have had, so how do you feel about being a girl, what are the positive sides so far?” Mel said, “The clothes are softer, girls are cleaner, I feel closer to Skye and mum and all our female friends, even lining up to use the bathroom doesn’t worry me,”  Julia said, “Ok, are there any negative ones so far, I said, “Yes, I met a girl on the weekend and I’m really confused, that’s the only thing right now.” Julia said, “Ok, if you had to go back to be a boy, do you think it would be good for you?”

I said, “I’m not sure, I love being a girl, but I also really like this girl,” she said, “Ok, my advice is if it’s ok with your parents, to allow you to stay a girl full time for now, I would like to see you as a boy soon though, so I can compare.”

Mum and Skye both said, “Yes, that’s fine, our doctor has given Mel a certificate for the rest of the year.” Julia said, “Yes, she has told me, and I look forward to hearing back about it.”

Julia said, “Mel, if I had two pills here right now, one Blue, the other Pink, the Blue one keeps you as a boy and the Pink one turns you into a complete girl, which one would you like?” Mel said, “Well, its difficult right now, especially as I have only been living as a girl for a few days, but right now the Pink one, if it could be a temporary test.”

Julia said, “Ok, that’s a fair answer, now, Skye how do feel about having Mel as your sister?” Skye said, “I love it.” Julia said, “Ok, Skye, were you surprised when Mel said she wished she was a girl?” Skye said, “No, as I have been training her for a while by having little chats at night and pillow fights, things like that.” Julia said, “Oh ok. Doris, what about you?”

Mel’s mum said, “When I was pregnant with Mel, I was told I was having a girl, and it felt like I was having a boy, but we got everything ready for a girl and its why we never bothered to build another room, their father and I intended letting them both share, we were ok until recently when I realised that Skye will be starting puberty very soon, and I didn’t think it was wise them both sharing.”

Julia said, “Yes of course, us girls need our privacy from our brothers and other boys, Skye, how do you feel about sharing with Mel, even though you know she will never go through what you will be.” Skye said, “It will be fine, I know there will be times I’ll get upset, but I’m sure it will all be groovy.” Julia asked, “Mel how do you feel about it?”

Mel said, “Well I don’t really know what happens, hopefully Skye will train me in what I need to know.” Julia said, “Ok, well we will be having regular sessions, some with your parents and some just you and I, I’m sure it will all be fine, I have spoken with your doctor and I agree that Mel should stay home for now, and be able to express herself.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I spoke to her Head Mistress this morning and she is coming to our place tomorrow morning to have a chat.”

Julia said, “Ok that’s groovy.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, and we have arranged for our next-door neighbour Dani to bring Mel’s homework home every day as well.” Julia said, “Ok that’s groovy as well.” Mel’s mum asked, “So what’s going to happen now.”

Julia said, “Well my recommendation is that Mel stays living as she pleases, I do suggest she dress as a boy every few days.” Mel said, “But I don’t want to be a boy anymore.” Julia said, “Yes but we need to know, you are still very young, and you may still change your mind though.” Mel said, “Oh ok.”

Julia said, “I want to see you again in 2 weeks’ time, preferably just you and your father if that’s possible, but also, I want you to write an essay about how you feel if you were born a girl, and where you will end up, but also one about your life as a boy, this includes any possible relationships you may have, Skye can help you, but not too much.”

Mel said, “Ok I will, I am a little confused right now, because we met a couple of girls on Saturday, and I think the younger girl might like me.” Julia said, “Ok, does she know you are a Transsexual?” Mel said, “Yes,” she said, “How do you feel?” Mel said, “Well we held hands several times on Saturday and each time I had a male reaction.” Julia said, “Ok, that’s a natural reaction, especially for a boy, how do you feel about her?”

Mel said, “I really like her, but aren’t boys supposed to like girls and girls like boys,” she said, “Yes but the world is changing and if you feel you are happiest living as a girl and you want relationships with girls, that’s ok, I’m sure your family will be ok with it.”

Skye said, “I am, and I think I like girls as well, as this girl’s sister seems interested in me as well.” Julia said, “Wow, that’s groovy, let’s see what happens, its early days with everything.” They all said, “Yes that’s true.” Julia said, “Ok I think that’s it for today, it was nice to meet you all.”

They all said, “Yes same here.” They shook her hand and said, “Goodbye.” They went to the desk and Mel’s mum paid and made the next appointment, said, “Goodbye” to the receptionist, she said, “Goodbye” and they left.

N.B., In these days, the 1970’s, when someone had to see a Medical Professional and/or have any tests done, they had to be paid for then and there, unlike today, where we have our antiquated system, whereby most Australians receive free or very reduce cost, treatment.

They walked back to the vehicle. Mel had a really big smile on her face, Skye, and their mum both noticed, they both asked, “Why are you smiling so much?” Mel said, “Because I am so happy, but I don’t want to be a boy anymore.”

They both said, “But you heard what Julia said, you need to, to make sure that being a girl is right for you.” Mel said yes, “Maybe it will make me realise.” Mel’s mum said, “I’m thinking of you and your father having a Father/Son day once a week, that way you will both see, and who knows it might bring your girly side out more.” Skye said, “Yes that’s true.”

When they got to the vehicle, Mel’s mum said, “Ok girls please get in and settle down, it’s a long drive home.” They said, “Ok groovy.” A few minutes after, they left and headed home. Skye whispered in Mel’s ear, “If you really want to be a girl, you can.” Mel said, “Yes, but how do I get out of being a boy.”

She said, “Its ok, we will work it out when we get home.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Mel’s mum asked, “What are you two whispering about?” They said, “Just sister stuff,” she smiled and continued driving. They both looked outside and watched the world go by, but Mel still felt sad that sometimes she was going to be a boy. Skye noticed and squeezed her hand tightly, she said, “Don’t worry.” Mel leaned over and gave her a big hug; we both cried a little bit.

They arrived home after what seemed like an eternity, Laura, Angie, and Dani came out to greet them as they got out of the vehicle. When they got inside, their mum said, “Ok can you both get changed, I need help preparing Tea.”

They said, “Yes mum.” Mel’s mum said, “Skye can you see if you can give me your old Primary School uniforms as I want to see if Mel can fit into any of them, I do want to wash one tonight, so Mel can wear it tomorrow when her Head Mistress comes here?”

Skye said, “Ok, I’ll get her to try them on and make sure they fit, I’ll see if I still any old shoes here as well.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok groovy idea.” All the girls went into their room to talk about what happened, they left Mel’s mum and Laura in the kitchen talking. Angie and Dani asked, “How did it go? But also said, “Why are you only getting home now, thought you were only going to the Dr?” Skye said, “Yes but she wanted Mel to see a Psychiatrist as well.” They said, “Ok.”

Skye and Mel got changed and she rummaged through her old clothes and suddenly said, “Ah here found you all,” she gave Mel her old dress to put on. Skye also found an old pair of shoes she had kept and gave Mel a pair of white socks to put on as well, everything fitted perfectly.

The girls went into the kitchen to show Mel’s mum, she said, “Wow, they all fit perfectly, turn around, ok groovy, can you take them all off and I’ll wash it, Skye can you bring the others to me?”

Skye said, “Sure,” by this time Mel had taken the dress off and was standing there just in my panties, mum said, “Go find an old dress to wear and come back here to help please.”

Mel said “Ok,” Skye said, “Come on I’ve got a dress you can wear.” They went and she looked in their wardrobe, Skye said, “Here you can wear this, it may be a bit big, but you will grow into it, and we are only at home for now anyway.”

Mel said, “Yes, so this is mine.” Skye said, “Yes, after Tea we will go through my clothes and see which ones fit you or you can grow into.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Skye said, “Come on we better go help mum prepare and cook Tea.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” The girls went and helped mum prepare and cook Tea.

Angie and Dani said, “We will check our clothes too, and those that don’t fit, or we don’t like anymore, we will see which ones suit you Mel, ok?” Mel said, “Thanks.” Laura then said, “Come on girls, we better go and have our tea, we will see you all tomorrow.” Angie and Dani said, “Ok mum, yes, see you all tomorrow, sweet dreams, all.”

Their father got home from work around an hour later just as they were putting Tea out, then they sat to eat. After Tea while they were all relaxing, Mel’s father asked, “How did it go at the Drs?” Mel said, “Groovy, we had to go and see a Psychiatrist.” He said, “What you are not crazy, why did you have to go see one for?” Mel’s mum said, “Because our doctor is not experienced in this and thought she would be the best person to advise us.” Mel’s father said, “No I don’t like it, but if it’s necessary so what did they all say?”

Mel told her father what was said, he said, “Ok so I still get a part time son, ok I can live with that, but how do you feel Mel?” Mel said, “Well I’m not happy, but for you I will do it, I still don’t know which way I’m going to go yet, but so far I am enjoying being a girl,” he said, “Ok.” A brief time later, Skye said, “Come on sis let’s do the dishes.”

Mel said, “Ok,” Skye and Mel did as instructed then once finished, Skye said, “We are going to have our bath and I’m going to sort my clothes out for Mel.” Their parents said, “Ok, but can you both please come say goodnight before you both go to bed.” They said, “Yes, we will.”

Skye started the bath running, while Mel was getting undressed, she walked back in a couple of minutes later and undressed herself. They had their bath, which included their cleansing routines, got out and dried themselves off. They went into their room.

Skye said, “Ok let’s see what will fit you, she rummaged through our wardrobe,” she found several items of clothing. Mel tried them all on, a couple were too small, so she couldn’t wear them outside, although they weren’t that small, so she suggested Mel just wear them around the house. Mel said, “Ok,” she hung them all back up and placed them to the side of the wardrobe.

Mel put her nightie and dressing down on. Skye said, “Come on let’s go say goodnight to mum and dad then come back for a sister talk.” Mel said, “Ok groovy idea.” They went and said, “Goodnight” to them and gave them both a big hug, went back into their room.

Skye sat on Mel’s bed and said, “How are you going to handle the days as a boy again?” Mel said, “I don’t know, but it will be weird, especially if I must use the boys’ bathrooms.” Skye asked, “Why?” Mel said, “Well I’m not sure if I could stand to pee.” Skye said, “Well maybe the best way to fix that is a couple of days before it’s going to happen, you try standing as much as you can.”

Skye continued, “I think what you should do from now on is each morning when you pee, stand up and pee, that way your body will be confused.” Mel said, “Ok, I will, but do I still need to wipe though?” Skye said, “When you use the men’s, I would if you use a stall, but if you use the urinal, no, if it’s quiet and you feel cleaner ok, honestly no one is going to care where you pee,” Mel said, “Yes that’s true”.

Skye said, “Ok it’s getting late, us girls need our beauty sleep, I Love You Sis.” Mel said, “I Love You too.”  Then they both said, “Goodnight, sweet dreams,” and went to sleep.

The next morning, their mum woke them up at 7am, she said, “Morning girls, time to get up.” They said, “Morning mum,” got up and while Mel was peeing, Skye started the shower. Mel stood, but found it was difficult, Skye said, “Ok that shows that your body is already starting to adjust to you being a girl, maybe you are better off sitting down.”

Mel sat down and almost immediately started peeing, then once finished wiped and got undressed while Skye peed. They had their shower, did their cleansing routines, when finished, got out and dried themselves off. When they got back to their room, their mum had hung Mel’s school dress up next to the wardrobe. Skye and Mel got themselves dressed and went into the dining room for breakfast.

Mum said, “Wow you both look really groovy, and after breakfast I am getting a photo of you both together.” Skye and Mel said, “Groovy.” Skye asked, “How do you feel?” Mel said, “Groovy, I finally feel like a girl now.” They had breakfast. Skye went and finished getting for school, whilst Mel and her mum did the dishes. When they were done, Mel went and brushed her teeth, finished getting ready for when her Head Mistress was dropping by.

Mel said, “Skye I’m jealous.” Skye said, “Hey, you will get to go to school as a girl soon enough,” Mel said, “Yes,” then there was a knock at the door, it was Angie and Dani, they said, “Morning” and hugged each other, both Angie and Dani said, “You look groovy.”

Mel said, “Thanks, wish I was going to school with you today.” Dani said, “Hey, let’s hope you will next year, so don’t worry, we are going to turn you into the girl you really are soon, just enjoy the next few months staying home, I will bring your school work home every day for you.”

Mel said, “Groovy thanks, hope we will study together.” Dani said, “Yes of course, you are now a sister, and sisters look out for each other.” Mel’s mum knocked on the door and said, “Can I get these photos taken please?”

Angie and Dani asked, “Can we be in them please?” Mel’s mum said, “If it’s ok with Skye and Mel.” They said, “Yes, we are sisters,” they all laughed and went out to the front yard to get the photos taken, Laura saw them being taken and came out, she said, “I can take a couple, Doris has to be in the photos as well.” Skye and Mel said, “Yes, groovy idea,” Skye said, “I have an idea, how about one with the four of us girls, then one with mum and Mel, Mel me, mum and me, one with Angie and Dani, then mum and Laura swap places.” They said, “Ok that sounds groovy.”

The photos were taken, and Mel’s mum, Skye, Angie, and Dani got into the vehicle, so mum could drive them to their respective schools, Laura said, “Can I come inside so we can chat?” Mel said, “Yes, of course.”

Laura and Mel went inside, she made a coffee, and poured Mel an Orange Juice, they sat down to talk, she said, “Ok I want to know how you really feel about being a girl?”

Mel said, “I love it, I really feel like I finally belong, Skye, Angie, Dani, Lisa, mum and you have been really groovy, as have the two doctors and daddy too. I don’t know if I will stay living as a girl, time will tell.” Laura said, “Ok, that’s groovy, yes that’s true, you have our support as much as you need.”

Mel said, “Thanks, yes Angie and Dani said the same this morning, they said sisters support each other.” Laura said, “Yes, they told me this morning they were going to say that.”

Mel started crying. Laura said, “Hey there’s no need for that.” Mel said, “I’m just so happy.” Laura came over and hugged Mel and said, “Its ok, let it all out.” She held Mel tight, and patted her back. After a while, Mel composed herself and they continued talking. Laura said, “Well that’s a good sign that you are a girl.” Mel said, “How?”

Laura said, “Well girls cry and let their emotions out, guys don’t.” Mel said, “Ok, please don’t tell mum, I don’t want her worrying, I will tell her when the time is right.” Laura said, “Sure, is your mum ok?” Mel said, “Yes as far as I know. “

Laura said, “She has seemed distant at times lately.” Mel said, “Maybe when her and daddy were trying to work out when they were going to talk to Skye and me about the room changes.” Laura said, “Yes possibly, but I think it’s something else, after all, we all know you each very well.”

She finished her coffee and said, “Will you be ok here until your mum gets back?” Mel said, “Yes, I’m going to brush my teeth again.” Laura said, “Ok groovy, I might come back in after your Head Mistress has gone.” Mel said, “Ok.” They hugged each other, and she left.

Mel went and re brushed my teeth, she also sprayed on some more perfume, went back into the dining room to wait for her mum to arrive back home, she arrived back a few minutes later, she asked Mel if she was ok. Mel said, “Yes, why?” Her mum said, “Oh your eyes look a bit red.”

Mel said, “No I’m fine just got teary eyed when you all left.” Her mum said, “Ok, hope you are ok, don’t worry you will go back to school next year, hopefully as Melissa, not Melvin.” Mel said, “Yes, I can’t wait.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I know, but you need to be patient and follow the instructions from the Doctors.” Mel said, “Yes, I will be.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok we had better get ourselves ready for Mrs. Jackson, your school Head Mistress.” Mel said, “Ok.” Her mum made another pot of coffee, her and Mel’s father were big, filtered coffee drinkers. Mel went and set the table for us, whilst mum also got a cake out of the fridge that she had made the night before hand, it was a strawberry cheesecake, which had recently become Mel’s favourite dessert.

A short time later the doorbell rang, mum asked Mel to answer it, Mel said, “Ok.” When she did it was Mrs. Jackson, she said, “Hi Melissa, how are you?” Mel said, “Hi Mrs. Jackson, I’m fine, how are you?” She said, “I’m fine, you look groovy.” Mel said, “Thanks,” and invited her in, she said, “Thank you.” Mel’s mum said, “Hi, Mrs Jackson.” Mrs. Jackson said, “Hi Doris.” Mel’s mum said, “I’ve got morning tea almost ready.” Mrs Jackson said, “Ok Thanks, can Mel and I chat please?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes that’s fine.”

Mrs. Jackson (Mrs J) and Mel sat at the table and she commented on her wearing a school dress. Mel said, “Thanks, it was mum’s idea.” Mrs J said, “Well its good, do you plan on wearing it each day here studying?” Mel said, “If mum lets me.” Mrs J said, “Ok groovy, so how do you feel about being a girl?” Mel said, “I love it, I hope to stay this way and get back to school next year.” Mrs J said, “Yes, your mother has filled me in, on what’s going on,” Mel said, “Ok.”

She asked Mel how she was going to go when she must spend days being a boy. Mel said, “I don’t know, but I will do it as it will allow me the chance to really know which sex, I am most comfortable being.” Mrs J said, “Wow you sound like a very wise young person.” Mel said, “Thank You.”

Mel’s mum came over with the morning tea, three plates with a slice of cake on each and two coffees, an Orange Juice for Mel. They said, “Thanks.” They all ate and drank in silence.

After they were done, they talked. Mrs. Jackson handed Mel’s mum a bag. Mrs J said, “That is all of yesterday’s schoolwork for Mel, I will ensure Dani is given each day’s work to bring home.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok thanks.”

Mel asked, “What is being said about why I am not at school?” Mrs J said, “I have told everyone that you have some things to deal with and you won’t be returning for now.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok that’s groovy.” Mel said, “Thanks.” Mrs. J said, “Until you fully decide what sex you want to be, you can’t return to school, but seeing you right now, I feel that you will come back as your female self, by the way what is your full female name?” Mel said, “Mum and Skye suggested Melissa, hopefully if I can change it, it will be Melissa Doris Pinewich.” Mrs J said, “Ok that suits you.” Mel said, “Thanks.” Mel’s mum said, “We are helping Mel out as much as we can with everything.” Mrs. J said, “Ok that’s groovy, I can see Mel has settled in as a girl, and I will make sure that if you do return as Melissa you will have all the support you need, but I need to make enquiries with Head Office as you are the first Transsexual I have come across.”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes same as our Doctor and Mel’s Psychiatrist, this is all very strange to us as well, but even though we have lost our son, we have gained a really beautiful daughter”.

Mrs. J said, “Yes, how does Mel’s father feel?” Mel’s mum said, “He’s not really happy, but accepts her, he is happy that he gets his son back every so often, and they will have a father/son weekend away once per month, this has been suggested by Mel’s Psychiatrist as it will allow her/him to decide which sex she/he prefers. I will accept Mel as a boy or girl, as long as I have a happy child.”

Mrs. J said, “Well seeing Mel here now, she does look incredibly happy, I have heard from Melvin’s teachers that he has been a little aloof in the past few months, and none of them could put their fingers on what was wrong. I haven’t told any of them yet, I don’t feel anyone needs to know until a decision is fully made.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok that’s groovy, can you let everyone know that we would prefer to not have any visitors until things have settled down, I want to limit who knows about Mel for now, she needs time to work herself out?” Mrs. J said, “Yes, agreed, I will mention it in this week’s newsletter, and I’ll let all of Mel’s teachers know as well.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok thanks, much appreciated.”

A few minutes later, Mrs. J said, “I had better get going, Thank You for the morning tea, and the chance to see Melissa in person, and I’m happy to see her in her school dress, is that an old one of Skye’s?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, it fits perfectly.”

Mel said, “Yes it does.” Mel’s mum and Mrs. J walked out to her vehicle while Mel cleaned up. Mel’s mum arrived back a short time later and said, “Thanks for clearing up.”

Mel said, “My pleasure.” Laura came in and asked, “What happened?” Mel’s mum sat down and told her what happened. Laura said, “Ok groovy.” Mel sat down and started doing my schoolwork.

Mel felt happy, but sad as she was by herself. Laura noticed that she was about to cry. Laura asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “I wish I was at school with Dani.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, we know, but we have to be sure that you really want to be a girl.” Mel said, “Yes, I know.”

Laura said, “I’ve got an idea, what if you went to stay with my sister for a while?” Mel’s mum said, “That sounds groovy.” Laura said, “I’ll send Dani as well, and I’ll go pick up their schoolwork end of each week.” Mel said, “Oh that sounds groovy, do you think Dani would be in it?” Laura said, “Yes, of course, she is so excited that you are a girl.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I think it would be good, especially if anybody comes around. Laura, do you want to use our phone to call your sister?”

Laura said, “Yes Thanks,” she rang her sister, then passed the phone to Mel’s mum so they could chat, Mel’s mum said, “Ok, groovy, I’ll talk to Mel’s father and Skye and see how they feel, as I know Skye will be sad.” A few minutes later, Mel’s mum handed the phone back to Laura, they talked for another few minutes and she hung up.

Laura said, “Ok, Loz, my sister would like Mel to come up some time this week, so they can both meet and chat, so if it’s ok with you both, you and I are going up tomorrow, Mel, how does that sound?” Mel said, “If it’s ok with mum, it’s ok with me.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, of course.”

Laura said, “Ok, we will leave here at 8am tomorrow, Doris can you drop the girls at school, and if we are not back, pick them up again?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, of course, as long as you all enjoy the day and get back safely.” Mel asked, “Can I tell the others about tomorrow?” Laura said, “Not yet, wait until we get back, as there is something you don’t know about Loz.” Mel asked, “What’s that?” Laura said, “Well, she was born a boy too, but she has had her sex change operation, and is living with her girlfriend, Wendy and their two daughters too.”

Mel said, “Wow, but how do have they children?” Laura said, “You are too young for now, when you get older, you will be told.” Mel’s mum looked at Laura, then asked Mel to go to her room until she is called back.

Mel said, “Ok.” Mel went to her room to do her schoolwork but was curious though. After a while, she was called back into the dining room.

Laura said, “Loz said that if she likes you, maybe you and Dani could go and stay with them for a while.” Mel said, “Groovy, that would be neato.”

Mel’s mum asked, “Are you sure about this?” Mel said, “Yes it will be fun,” Laura said, “You will be happy as its near where Sam lives.” Mel said, “Oh ok, Skye will be happy as I know she wants to see Tori again,” both mum and Laura said, “Ok, yes, she would.” Mel said, “If its ok with your sister, maybe both Skye and Angie could come up on weekends so we could have girl’s weekends.” They both said, “Yes that sounds groovy.” Mel continued her schoolwork and let them both talk.

As usual it was a long talk, but she was able to get her schoolwork done. Mel’s mum said, “Ok that’s groovy, I’ll take it with me when I go pick up the girls.” Laura said, “Maybe you staying home is groovy, especially if you can get through it this quick.”

Mel said, “Yes, agreed, but I do miss being with everyone at school.” They said, “Yes, we know, but you will be back next year, hopefully as Melissa, let’s see what happens in the next few months.” Mel said, “Yes.” Laura said, “I better going and get ready to go pick the girls up.” Mel’s mum said, “Are you sure?” Laura said, “Yes, you dropped them off, it’s only fair I pick them up, can you give me Mel’s schoolwork please, so I can drop it off.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok groovy thanks.”

Laura grabbed the work and said, “Goodbye” to them. Mel’s mum asked to help her with the housework, she asked her to change into some old clothes. Mel did, when she came out, she asked her to clean the bathrooms, which she did, after she was finished mum came and inspected the work, she said, “Wow, I think I love having a second daughter.” Mel said, “Thanks, and I love being a daughter.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok we need to have a mother/daughter chat.” Mel said, “Ok.” They went into the lounge room and sat down. She said, “Ok, I want to know the truth about you feel about being a girl.” Mel said, “I love it, it’s much more fun than being a boy.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok, now please don’t get angry, but I want you to go back to boy mode for the rest of today please.” Mel asked “Why” Mel’s mum said, “Because I just want to see if it suits you.”  Mel said, “Ok, but I’m sure I won’t feel comfortable.”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I know, but it wouldn’t hurt to see, and don’t forget to go male all the way.” Mel asked, What do you mean?” Mel’s mum said, “I want you to wear your boy’s underwear as well.” Mel said, “Ok.” Mel went into her bedroom and rummaged through the draws to find some boy clothes, after a minute or so she found them.

Mel took her dress and panties off, and put the boy underpants on, then the shirt and trousers, funny though her penis automatically tucked itself under her body, it felt strange to her.

Mel walked into the dining room, and said, “Mum how do I look?” She said, “Wow you do look different, but honestly, I think I prefer you as Melissa.” Mel said, “Good, can I get changed please?” She said, “No, I want you staying this way for the rest of the day.”

Mel said, “Ok, but I’m not happy, I feel really strange.” She said, “That’s good, its proving that you have already started training yourself to be a girl.” They spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and cooking Tea. Mel did try standing up to pee, it took a while, but it did happen.

Around 4pm Skye, Angie and Dani arrived home, they all saw Mel and laughed, I said, “What’s wrong?” They all said, “You look weird.” Mel said, “I feel weird, but mum wants me like me for the rest of the day.”

They all said, “Oh ok.” Skye said, “It’s groovy you feel weird, it’s only been a few days, but already you don’t like wearing boys’ clothes.” Mel said, “Agreed, I hate them, mum even had me wear my male underpants and I can’t tuck either.”

Skye said, “Ok, so how did you go peeing?” Mel said, “I had trouble standing, but did, I can’t wait until I’m back as a girl again.” Skye said, “You will when mum says its ok.” Mel said, “Yes.”

They went into their bedroom to do their homework, a short time later, their mum called them into the kitchen, as their father had just arrived home, when he saw Mel, he started crying. Mel’s mum said, “What’s wrong?” Mel’s father said, “I’ve got my boy back.” Mel went over to hug him. Mel’s father said, “No men don’t hug.”

Mel said, “Sorry daddy but I’m a girl and girls hug, but I will be your boy when you want me too.” He said, “Ok, but not long.” Mel said, “Yes, I know, but until I go on hormones and my body starts changing, I will be your boy, we can have our weekends away and father/son days.”

Mel’s father said, “Yes that’s true.” Mel hugged him even tighter and said, “I Love You Daddy.” He said, “Yes me-too Melissa,” then they both had a big cry. Mel’s mum said, “Ok girls can we talk to you all?” Angie and Dani said, “Us too.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes as this affects you both as well,” they said, “Ok.”

Mel’s mum said, “How would you girls feel about having a girls’ weekend this weekend?” They all said, “Yes.” Mel said, “Can Sam and Tori come?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I was going to suggest that.” Mel asked, “Where are we going to hold it?”

Mel’s father said, “Well your mum and I are going away for the weekend, from Friday afternoon, until Monday afternoon.” The girls said, “Groovy, it will be fun, who’s going to look after us?” Mel’s mum said, “Laura, she will check in a couple times each day to make sure everything’s fine.”

Skye said, “Can I call Tori, please?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes.” Skye called Tori to see if her and Sam could come for the weekend. Mel knew Tori was on the phone as Skye’s whole face lit up, after a couple of minutes, she looked at Mel who nodded, and mouthed, “Groovy, can I chat to Sam please?” Skye asked Tori if Sam was there, Skye waved me over and said, “Tori, hang on he’s here.”

Mel took the phone from Skye and said, “Hi.” Tori said, “Hi, why did Skye say he?” Mel said, “Because mum has made me dress as a boy this afternoon.” She said, “Oh ok, how do you feel?” Mel said, “Awful, can’t wait until I can be a girl again.”

Tori said, “Yes I don’t blame you, anyway here’s your girlfriend.” Mel said, “Friend,” she said, “Yeah right, ok see you Friday, take care.” Mel said, “Yes same here.” Sam came on and said, “Hey girlfriend how’s my favourite girl today?”

Mel said, “Well if I was a girl, I would be happy.” Sam said, “What do you mean?” Mel said, “Mum had me dress as a boy and I feel so weird, but daddy is happy though.” Sam said, “Yes, I can imagine, don’t worry you will be a girl all weekend, I’m sure we will all have lots of fun.” Mel said, “Yes can’t wait.” Sam said, “Neither can I or Tori.” They chatted for a little, then passed the phone back to Skye. They planned everything.

When she got off the phone. Skye said, “Ok their parents are going to drive them down as they want to meet us all first.” They all said, “Yes that’s a groovy idea.” Mel said, “Dani you are going to love Sam,” she said, “I think I will as well.”

Skye asked Mel, Angie, and Dani to come into their room. They said, “Ok.” When they got in there Skye said, “Mel do you mind if Angie and Dani stay over, it will be a groovy weekend.” Mel said, “Yes, I was going to ask you that later.” Skye said, “Ok Angie and Dani do you both want to?” They both said, “Yes, we can help Mel out, it’s going to be lots of fun.” They said, “Yes.” They all gave each a huge big hug.

A few minutes later Mel’s mum called them out for Tea. They said, “Coming.” They both said, “Goodbye” to Angie and Dani, then they went home. Skye and Mel went to set the table for Tea, placed their plates on their placemats, when they were done, they all sat down to eat after they said grace.

When they were finished, their mum got dessert, then afterwards, her and their father had a coffee each, whilst Skye and Mel cleared the table and did the dishes. When they were done, they said, “Mum and dad we are going to have our bath.” Their parents said, “Ok, enjoy.” They said, “We always do.”

They went to the bathroom to get the bath running, then got undressed and lowered themselves into have a nice, long soak. When they were finished, dried themselves off and put their nighties on.

They went into the lounge room and said, “Goodnight” to their parents. They said, “Goodnight girl’s Sweet dreams,” They hugged them and went into their room.

This part was told to Mel by her mother many years ago, she has forgotten some parts, but the main parts are included, after Skye and Mel had gone to their room. Their father started crying. Their mum said, “What’s up John? He said, “I can’t believe that this time last week I had a son and a daughter, but now I have 2 beautiful daughters, and even though I have sort of lost my son, I have never seen him so happy, I’m crying because as much as I wanted him and I to do father/son things together, I’m happy that she is so happy now.” Mel’s mum went and gave him a kiss and a hug and said, “I know it’s hard but remember last week when he was upset about not  getting to share with Skye anymore, but also, I’m pregnant, and I really think it’s a boy, so you will have all that with him.”

Mel’s father said, “Yes true, but what if you have a girl, don’t forget we thought we were having a girl with Mel.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I know, but I did have a feeling it was a boy, even though everybody else thought it was a girl.”

Mel’s father said, “Ok, you never said.” Mel’s mum said, “I know, but I wanted to keep it secret just in case anybody said anything, or I was wrong, come on let’s have an early night.” They went and washed up their coffee cups and went to bed. Skye and Mel were oblivious to the above conversation with them both, I will detail more in a later part.

Skye and Mel went to their room and sat on her bed to talk. Mel said, “Hey what if our family doesn’t accept me as a girl.” Skye said, “Well that’s why you are living as a girl full time, so when we tell them you will know for sure that it’s what you are and want.” Mel said, “Ok.”

Skye said, “But until we tell them, I think our parents are going to want you dressing as a boy every time we see them.” Mel said, “Oh no, yuck.” Skye said, “Yes, I know, but anytime we see them I will stay close to you.” Mel said, “Ok thanks, I Love You so much Skye, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Skye said, “Yes, I Love You too, Sis, you mean the world to me and I will always be here for you.” They both gave each other a big hug and cried as well as they were both so happy.

Mel said, “I hope mum has a boy, so your father is happy again.” Skye said, “Yes me too, I don’t want to lose my new sister.” Mel said, “I will always be your sister, even if I do go back to be a boy, we can still have dress up days.” Skye said, “Ok thanks.” They had a pillow fight, which lasted a while, but got them both tired, got into bed, said sweet dreams sis, and went to sleep.

The next morning, their mum woke them up at 7am like usual, she said, “Good morning girls, hope you both slept well.” Both girls said, “Good morning mum, yes, hope you and dad did too.” She said, “Yes, we did,” she had a smile on her face, “Can you both have your shower and I’ll get breakfast ready.” They said, “Yes,” she left, and they went to have their shower. Once they were dressed, they went to the dining room for breakfast.

They ate in silence, when they were finished, Skye and Mel put the dishes in the sink, and went back to their room to finish getting ready. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, Mel opened it, it was Laura, she said, “Good Morning, are you ready to leave?” Mel said, “Yes.” Skye and Mel hugged each other.

Laura and Mel went into the dining room, both Angie and Dani were there as well. They all said, “Good Morning,” they both said, “Have a groovy day.” Mel’s mum said, “Don’t worry about hurrying back, I will pick the girls up if you don’t make it back in time.” Laura said, “Ok thanks.” Laura and Mel said our goodbyes and left.

The drive took a while, they talked along the way, she said, “I spoke to Loz this morning, she is so looking forward to meeting you.” Mel said, “Groovy, me too.”

Mel said, “I know Angie and Skye are very close, as are Dani and I too.” Laura said, “I thought you two liked Tori and Sam.” Mel said, “Yes, but we are all young, and just want to see where things go, we have all said that maybe when we become adults, we might find boys and get married to them.” Laura said, “Ok, yes true.” Suddenly she stopped the vehicle, and said, “I’m getting us morning tea, come on let’s go.”

Mel said ok.” They went into a café, then Laura went over and hugged another lady, she said, “Mel this is my beautiful sister Loz, Loz this is my neighbour Melissa.” They both said, “Hi, nice to meet you” and gave each other a hug.

They all sat down and talked, they were careful as Loz said, “I’m not known very well in this area, this is why I chose meeting here.” Mel said, “Ok, yes, I’d rather talk in private as well.” Laura asked, “Mel, what would you like?” Mel said, “May I have an Orange Juice and a slice of chocolate cake please?” She said, “Ok, Loz your usual?” Loz said, “Yes.” Laura went and placed the order.

Loz and Mel chatted very quietly, she said, “You look really groovy, it’s hard to believe.” Mel said, “Yes same here.” Loz said, “Were you excited about coming to stay with us soon?” Mel said, “Yes, can’t wait.” She said, “Does Dani know yet?”

Mel said, “No, I’m leaving that to Laura.” Loz said, “Ok groovy, so how do like your new life so far?” Mel said, “It’s groovy, I hope I don’t go back.” Loz said, “I don’t think you will either, may I ask you about your friend?” Loz said, “We will talk about that back at my place please.” Mel said, “Yes of course, I’m sorry.” Loz said, “Its ok.”

Laura arrived back a few later and asked, “How are things going?” Loz and Mel said, “Groovy, we are getting along just fine.” Laura said, “Groovy.” A few minutes their order arrived, Loz said, “Ok a toast to new beginnings and new friendships.” They clinked glasses and cups. They ate in silence.

Once they were finished, Laura suggested they get some lunch and head to Loz’s place, Loz said, “Groovy idea.” Laura found a Quiche Lorraine in the café cabinet, she asked for that and a family garden salad takeaway please. A couple of minutes later they were walking back to the vehicle. Laura said, “Loz will sit in the front with me, can you sit in the back please Mel.” Mel said, “Yes, that’s fine, I was going too.” We all got in and we drove to Loz’s place, Mel could smell the fresh clean air, loved it.

A short time later, they arrived. Mel got out and looked around, it was a tree-lined street, with bush behind the house. Mel thought wow I am going to enjoy staying here. Loz said, “You haven’t seen anything yet, wait until you see inside.” Mel said, “Ok.” Loz unlocked the door, and said, “Welcome, but can you take your shoes off please?” They said, “Ok groovy,” it was a relief as the heels were really hurting.

Loz said, “Laura can you show Mel around, Please, I have to attend to something.” Laura said, “Yes, of course,” then they walked around, the lounge room was sunken, and very luxurious, she showed Mel the spare bedroom, she said, “That’s where you and Dani will stay, have a look at the bathroom.” Mel did, it was groovy, the bathtub was big enough for two, she said, “I bet you will both enjoy it,” Mel said, “Yes.”

They continued the tour, once they reached the back patio, Laura said, “Have a look at this,” she pulled a cover off, it was a massive hot tub. Mel said, “Wow.” Laura said, “You all will enjoy it a lot.” Just then Loz came back outside to say that lunch was ready.

They went inside and sat at the dining table to eat. After they had finished, Loz said, “Ok Mel, I know you are dying to ask me some questions.” Mel said, “Yes, I am. Laura has told me a bit about you but not everything.” Loz said, “Ok, I’m an open book, what would you like to know?” Mel said, “Everything, like when you first realised you were a girl, right up until now.” Loz said, “Ok here goes.”

N.B., To read what Loz said, please go check out “Loz’s (Transsexual) Life.”

Laura said, “It’s getting late, I think we better get going.” Loz said, “Yes, the girls will be home soon.” Mel said, “Ok, yes, its best if they don’t meet me yet.” Loz and Laura agreed. They all walked out to the vehicle, Loz and Mel hugged and kissed, she said, “If you ever need to chat please call me.” Mel said, “Ok thanks.”

Loz said, “We still would like you and Dani to come up in the next couple weeks.” Laura said, “Yes I’m going to chat to their Head Mistress tomorrow, maybe from next weekend they could.” Loz said, “Groovy.” Laura started the vehicle and they left.

The drive was relaxing and enjoyable. Laura said, “What do you think of Loz?” Mel said, “Wow, she is so amazing, she is so lucky that she has Wendy and the girls, do the girls know about her yet?”

Laura said, “No, but one reason why she wants you to come stay is to tell at least Michelle, she is your age, she can understand better, and if you are there it will make it easier for her as well.” Mel said, “Yes it will as I can explain it to Michelle from my point of view as to how Loz feels.” Laura said, “Yes.”

Mel said, “Laura can I tell the others about today?” Laura said, “For now no, we will tell them when the time is right.” Mel said, “You know they are going to ask me tonight.” Laura said, “Yes, but just say they will find out soon enough.” Mel said, “Ok.” The rest of the drive was in silence, Mel enjoyed the views outside.

Once they arrived home, Mel’s mum came out and asked Mel, “How did it go?” Mel said, “Groovy, Loz is so amazing.” They went inside, Skye, Angie and Dani saw Mel, and all said, “Hi,” they went over and gave her a hug and a kiss, they said, “Where have you been?” Mel said, “Out with Laura.” Mel’s mum said, “Don’t worry girls, you will find out soon enough.”

Skye and Mel went to have their bath and relax, of course Skye kept prying to find out where Mel had been today, but she was stubborn and used her finger to zip her lips and kept them close. This angered Skye as she had previously said that sisters never have secrets from each other, but she realised that Mel was not going to budge, and thankfully gave up.

Once they finished our bath, they did their usual cleansing routine, then went to put their night clothes on and go have tea. Their father had arrived home by then, he asked, “How was your day?” Skye and Mel both answered, “Ok.” Skye continued, “But someone went somewhere and won’t tell me where.” Mel’s mum said, “Because your sister has been asked not to say anything yet, as I’ve already said, you will all find out in due course.”

Once tea was finished, Skye and Mel cleared the table, whilst their parents went into the lounge room to watch television. When they were finished, they went to join them, tonight was a special night as there was a documentary that they all wanted to watch, it was about a Transsexual, which was highly informative, even for Mel as she learned so much.

Once that finished, they all sat there stunned but Mel could see that her father could now understand better how she felt, even though she knew he never would fully understand, and quite frankly, unless you are going through it, you never will know.

N.B., Even though I’m a Transsexual, I can’t explain how I feel to anybody not experiencing this traumatic event. Believe me if I could be “Normal” I would be.

Skye and Mel decided to call it a night, said, “Goodnight” to their parents, kissed and hugged them then went to their room. When they got in there, Skye said, “Wow, now I know a bit more about how you feel, despite me being the one who well forced you to be a girl, but I think you just needed that little encouragement.” Mel said, “agreed, honestly, it’s hard to explain exactly how I feel, all I can say is that I don’t feel like a boy, as I hate standing up to pee, and I hate having this useless muscle, wish I could just get a knife and cut it off right now.” Skye started laughing at that comment, but said, “Yes, I know how you feel, come on let’s go to sleep, here climb into my bed.” Mel said, “Ok,” and climbed in then we both fell asleep.

They got woken up the following morning as usual by their mum. Skye and Mel got up and went to do their usual morning routine. When they came out, Skye said, “You can choose our underwear for the day.” Mel said, “Groovy.” Mel looked in their underwear draws, chose red panties and bra for Skye.

Mel chose white panties and training bra for herself. Mel said, “Skye, can you stuff my bra today, please?” Skye said, “No, but we will on the weekend, we will even stuff Sam and Dani’s as well.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” They both got themselves dressed and went to have breakfast.

Mel’s mum was just portioning the food as they came out. Mel and Skye set the table, then they sat down to eat. Their father/husband was still asleep as he was on a later shift today, so they were all quiet. After they were finished, Skye and Mel went back into their room to brush their teeth, and Skye put her Make Up on, after she was done, she put some Mascara on Mel and a little bit of red lipstick, they both looked in the mirror.

Skye said, “Yes that’s fine, let’s go to school sis.” Mel said, “Groovy.” Mel had a tear. Skye said, “I know you want to, but we will be in school just different ways.” Mel said, “Yes, at least I’m wearing a school dress and shoes.” Skye said, “Yes exactly,” they gave each other a sisterly hug and went out to see their mum.

When they went out, Angie, Dani and Laura were waiting in the dining room. They all said, “Good morning” and gave each other hugs, Angie and Dani said, “That’s the way we prefer Mel.”

Mel said, “Yes me too, but it’s the Doctor and Psychiatrists idea that I dress as a boy sometime.” They said, “Yes, let’s hope you decide that being a girl is what you want as it’s more fun.” Mel said, “Yes I’m sure I will decide, so far I am enjoying being a girl.” They all said, “Groovy” and came over to have a group girl hug.

Mel’s mum said, “Stay like that as I want to take a photo.” They did, and she did, Laura said, “Come on girls we better get going.” They said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Have a groovy day, see you all this afternoon.” Mel’s mum gave Laura her work from the previous 2 days, she said, “Thanks” and they left.

Mel said, “Mum can I start on the essay that Julia has asked me to do?” She said, “Yes groovy idea, you have completed your schoolwork.” Mel said, “Groovy, thanks.”

Mel sat down at the table and started writing. Around 2 hours later her mum said, “Come on let me have a look, I’ve got biscuits and an Orange Juice for you.” Mel said, “Thanks,” then she ate and drank whilst her mum was reading. When she was finished, she said, “That’s fine so far. Mel said, “Thanks.”

Mel’s father came out to have his morning coffee and late breakfast, both mum and Mel said, “Good Morning,” he said, “Good Morning ladies.” Mel’s mum went to cook Mel’s father’s breakfast while her father and her talked, he said, “Mel how do you truly feel?”

Mel said, “Well I’m enjoying being a girl, it’s harder work, but enjoyable, I do miss being a boy for you, and if you want, we can have a father/son weekend soon.” Mel’s father said, “Yes we will, like next weekend I will take Friday and Monday off, where would you want to go?”

Mel said, “Well could we go camping and fishing, that’s a typical male thing to do.” He said, “Yes, it is, and its warming up so I’ll start looking for places for us to go to.” Mel said, “Groovy.” Mel’s mum brought his breakfast over. Mel had finished my morning tea by then.

When Mel was done, her mum said, “Can you go and find something old to wear so you can help me with the housework.” Mel said, “Ok.” Mel went into the bedroom and found a pair of jeans and a top to wear, she felt funny wearing jeans and a top, but at least she was still wearing girl clothes.

Mel took her and Skye’s laundry basket to the laundry, her mum said, “Thanks, I was going to ask you to bring them here.” She showed Mel how to do the laundry, separating the whites from the colours, and showed her how much powder to use, Mel did as she was shown.

Mel turned the machine on, her father had gone to get ready for work, when he came out, Mel’s mum handed him his lunch, they all said, “Goodbye, have a groovy shift.”

Mel and her mum washed the dishes, and went to make the beds, clean the bathrooms, vacuumed, and mopped the floors. By the time, they were finished it was mid-afternoon, they went and took the first load of washing out of the machine and placed it in the basket. Mel’s mum had her do the next load, she said, “That’s good.” Once the load was on, they went and hung the first load on the line, it was a nice windy afternoon, so it took no time at all to dry.

Mel and her mum sat down and had a light lunch. When they were finished, went, and took the second load out of the machine, placed it in the basket then took it outside to hang it on the line.

As they were heading inside, Laura was locking her house up, she saw them and said, “how are things going?” Mel’s mum said, “Groovy, I showed Mel how to separate laundry and hang it up, we made the beds, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the floors and mopped.” Laura said, “That’s groovy, we have a really groovy girl here.”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, honestly, I hope I don’t lose her, I like Mel the girl over Mel the boy as he never did any of this.” Laura said, “Yes, and even the girls love her, I better go pick them up, see you both soon.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I’ll put the coffee on now.” Laura said, “Groovy.”

Mel and her mum went inside, Mel’s mum started the coffee going, whilst Mel set the table for us all to have afternoon tea, Mel’s mum got the milk and pan ready to heat the milk for our hot cocoas, 5 minutes before Laura, Angie, Dani and Skye were due home, Mel’s  mum started heating the milk, they were a couple of minutes late getting home, but everything was ready for them.

When they came in, they all said, “Hi” and hugged, sat down to eat and find out what’s going on at school, Dani said, “Its fine, some of them are missing you Mel, and want to come see you, but I said that you can’t until allowed by the doctors, I told everyone that I haven’t seen you for nearly a week.”

Mel said, “Thanks, I hate you have to lie,” she said, “Me too, I really wish you were at school with me.” Mel said, “Yes me too, but I will next year, and I’m hoping as Melissa,” she said, “Let’s hope.”

Mel’s mum asked Skye and Angie how their day was, they said, “Fine,” and proceeded to tell Skye’s mum what happened.

Dani and Mel went into Mel’s room to do their homework, that took them around 2 hours to do. Afterwards they went into the kitchen where Skye and Angie were doing theirs.

Mel asked mum, “Can I go over to Dani’s for a while?” She said, “Yes, but when Angie goes home, you come back here,” Mel said, “Yes.”

Dani and Mel went to her place and said, “Hi” to her mum, went into her room, she said, “I’m going to go through my clothes and see what you like and fits.” Mel said, “Groovy.” Dani said, “Ok its best if you are just in your panties.” Mel said, “Yes groovy idea.” Mel took her jeans and top off while Dani searched her wardrobe, she tossed a few clothes onto her bed, when she was finished, she had Mel try on everything.

Those that fit were put on her bed, those that didn’t got put on the floor, it was groovy as they were both the same size, they both decided that it would save money when they found outfits, they both liked.

Mel said, “Yes that will be groovy, what is your underwear size?” Dani said, “6.” Mel said, “Me too, maybe we could swap bras and camis,” but not panties or bikini bottoms. Dani said, “Yes, we can.”

They folded the clothes and placed them in bags and took them back to Mel’s place. Mel showed them to her mum, she said, “Wow that’s a lot.” Mel said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum said, “Are they all clean?” Mel said, “Yes, but I have tried them on.” She said, “Ok,” then went smelt a couple. Mel’s mum said, “Ok, can you both go hang them up please?” They said, “Yes.”

They went into the bedroom to hang up all the clothes. Dani helped Mel sort them in sizing, a few minutes later, Skye and Angie came in, Angie said, “Is mum ok with giving your clothes away?” Dani said, “I didn’t ask, but Mel and I can swap and share.”

Angie said, “Ok groovy, maybe Skye and I should do the same thing.” They said, “Yes, you are both the same size, and if you both find clothes you both like, you can save money by only buying one not two,” they said, “Yes, groovy.”

A few minutes later, Skye and Mel’s mum came in and said, “It’s nearly time for Tea, can you both set the table.” Angie and Dani said, “Yes it must be close for ours as well.” They gave each other a hug and said, “Have a groovy night, sweet dreams, see you in the morning.”

They said, “Yes same here,” they both left, and we went to set the table for Tea. When it was ready, they sat down to eat, when they were finished, Skye and Mel cleared the table, Skye said, “Mum why don’t you have a bath, while we do the dishes, we will have ours after you have finished.” Their mum said, “Ok, thank you girls.” Mel’s mum went and ran her bath; whilst they did the dishes.

They waited around 30 minutes to run their bath, just to allow the water to re heat, when it was hot again, Skye ran the bath, she put the bath salts and perfumes in as well. When it was half full, they got undressed and got in, washed each other’s bodies, and scrubbed, cleansed, and moisturized their faces, got out and dried ourselves off, Skye pulled the plug and they went into their room to put their nighties on.

When they were finished, went into the lounge room where their mum was sitting with their hot cocoas, sat, and watched television for a while, when the show was finished, went, and put their mugs in the sink, went back and said, “Good night, sweet dreams mum.” Both girls gave her a hug, she said, “Yes goodnight, sweet dreams girls, see you both in the morning.”

When they got to their room, Mel said, “Skye can we talk?” Skye said, “Yes of course. What’s up?” Mel said, “Well your father and I had a talk this morning and I think he is not happy.” Skye said, “Yes, I know, what did you both talk about?” Mel said, “He would love us to have a father/son weekend soon, maybe go camping and fishing, he was happy at that.” Skye said, “Yes, he would be, and that’s nice of you to do that.”

Mel said, “Yes me too, I don’t want to be a boy again, but if it’s going to see what I truly am, I will do it.” Skye said, “Yes true.”

Mel said, “Would I have to wear boy’s underwear as well?”  Skye said, “Yes, I think it would be best, that way you will truly know, and you will have to stand up to pee.”

Mel said, “I hope I can.” Skye said, “My advice is every morning when you wake up stand as it should help, and in the days leading up to you and your father going away, when you are home, you should stand.” Mel said, “Even when I’m wearing a dress,” she said, “Yes.” Mel said, “Ok, I’ll start from tomorrow morning.”

Skye said, “It’s early but yes let’s see what happens.” They had their usual pillow fight after a while they both started getting tired. Skye said, “Ok I think we should go to bed.” Mel said, “Agreed.” They both hugged and said, “Goodnight Sweet dreams,” and went to bed.

The next morning their mum woke them at 7am, she said, “Good Morning girls, time to get up, hope you both slept groovy.” They said, “Yes.” Their mum said, “Why are you both sleeping in your own beds, did you two have a fight?” They said, “No we were both just tired and neither thought of sleeping with the other.”

She said, “Ok, groovy, can you both have your shower, I’ll get breakfast ready?” They said, “Yes,” then Mel went to pee, even though she needed to go, it still took a while before she did, when she was finished, she wiped, took off her nightie and joined Skye in the shower, washed each other, cleansed their faces, when they were finished, got out to moisturize and dry off, went into their room to get ready, went to have breakfast.

Their mum was just portioning the food up as they arrived in the dining room. Skye and Mel set the table, sat down, and ate in silence. After they we done, Skye and Mel put our dishes in the sink and went to finish getting ready, whilst their mum went to have her shower.

They came out of their room just as the girls from next door came in, they all said, “Good Morning,” and gave each other a hug, Skye and Mel’s mum came out a few minutes later and said, “Good Morning, how are we all today?” They said, “Fine.”

Angie and Dani said, “Are you both excited about the weekend?” Skye and Mel said, “Yes, it’s going to be lots of fun.” I said, “I’m going to learn so much, can Lisa come as well?” Skye and Angie said, “No, it would be uneven.” Mel said, “Ok.”

Laura said, “Ok ready girls, it’s time to go.” They said, “Yes,” Mel’s mum handed Laura Mel’s homework from the previous day, gave each other a hug. Mel’s mum said, “Why don’t I drive them this morning, I can call in and have a chat to Mrs. Jackson to let her know how things are going.” Laura said, “Ok groovy idea, may I stay and talk to Mel? Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I bet you want a coffee,” she said, “You know me so well.” Laura handed mum her vehicle keys and the four of them left.

Laura made a coffee and poured Mel an orange juice, sat at the table to talk. Mel asked, “What’s wrong?” Laura said, “Nothing, I just want to talk to you, I was going to suggest your mum pick up the girls but now is fine, how are you going, especially after having to be a boy a couple of days ago.” Mel said, “I’m happiest as a girl, but don’t want to be a boy even for a minute.”

She said, “Yes, I know, but the Doctors need to make sure it’s the right to do.” Mel said, “Yes, I know. Skye has me standing to pee first thing in the morning so I can when daddy and I have our father/son time, I don’t want to stand at the urinal though, as I can’t wipe myself.” Laura said, “You don’t have to, and even males need to have good hygiene especially their penises, wish more would take care of them.”

Mel said, “Yes, agreed.” They finished their drinks. Mel said, “Do you want to see how Dani and I hung up her clothes yesterday?” She said, “Yes, I’d love to.” They went into her room and she opened the wardrobe and showed her. Laura said, “Wow this really looks a girls’ room.” Mel said, “Yes that’s true.”

Mel asked her to sit on her bed as she wanted to confide in her as well. Laura said, “Ok, what’s up?” Mel said, “Well I talked to Skye about this last night, but I’m worried about what our family will say when they find out I’m going to be a girl.”

Laura said, “Well if they don’t accept you for you, they don’t really love you, yes it’s the 1970’s and there’s not much information around, but you look much happier now, than I’ve ever seen you.” Mel said, “Thanks, I really love you all so much.” Laura said, “Yes, we do as well, and we are not going anywhere, you have us in your life for a very long time.” Mel said, “Groovy.”

Laura said, “Ok I’ve got something else to tell you.” Mel said, “Yes,” she said, “It’s a secret and if you tell anybody, I’ll never tell you another secret again.” Mel said, “Promise, cross my heart, hope to die.” She said, “Groovy, I think Dani may have a crush on you.” Mel said, “Yes I know, she has for a long time,” she said, “You know.” Mel said, “Yes and I like her as well, we have grown up next to each, so it’s natural that we find an attraction towards each other.”

Laura asked, “Why have you never made a move or told her how you feel.” Mel said, “Well I’ve never been sure, but in the last few days, I’ve realised I really like her, but it’s hard as girls are supposed to like boys aren’t, they?” Laura said, “Ok, first up just because you identify as a girl, does not mean you have to date boys, you can date anybody your heart desires.”

Just then Mel’s father came out of the bedroom, he saw Laura and Mel in the bedroom and said, “Good morning, Laura what are you doing here?” Laura said, “I’m chatting to Mel,” he said, “Ok, where’s Doris?” She said, “She drove the girls to school and she’s going to talk to Mrs. Jackson”, he said, “Oh ok.

Mel asked if he was ready for breakfast? he said, “I’m going to have a shower first.” Mel said, “Ok, if its ok with Laura could we cook your breakfast, I’m a girl and need to learn.” Mel’s father said, “Yes, if it’s ok with you Laura?” Laura said, “Yes.” Mel’s father said, “Ok I’ll be back shortly.” Laura and Mel started getting all the food ready.

Mel’s mum came home a few minutes later and asked, “What are you doing?” Mel said, “I’m cooking daddy’s breakfast with Laura’s help,” she said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Well girls need to know how to cook.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes that’s true, are you both fine here?” Laura and Mel said, “Yes.”  Mel’s mum said, “Ok I’m going to talk to your father.” L & M said, “Ok groovy.”

Mel’s mum told her this later, so Mel is not exactly sure how accurate it is, being her mother, she believes her. Mel’s mum “When I got into our bedroom, I went into the bathroom, your father was shaving, he said, “Morning hon, how are you?” I said, “I’m fine, but we have a problem,” he said, “What’s up?” I said, “Well I spoke to Mrs. Jackson and she said a lot of the kids at school who want to come see Mel; they think he is really sick and may die.”

Mel’s father said, “Oh no, what are we going to do?” Mel’s mum said, “I don’t know, honestly, I want to tell them all, but Mel isn’t sure yet.” Mel’s father said, “Well I think she does want to remain a girl.”

Mel’s mum said, “How do you know?” Mel’s father said, “Well yesterday morning she got sad when I insisted, she be a boy when we go camping soon.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, I think that’s a great idea, keeping her home, is in her best interests for now, I just don’t know how we are going to tell the school and the other parents, we haven’t even told our families yet.” Mel’s father said, “Yes I know.” They both had a hug and Mel’s mum said, “Ok I’ll let you finish getting ready, I’m going to make sure your breakfast isn’t being ruined.” Mel’s father said, “Ok thanks.”

Mel’s mum left the bedroom, Mel could see that she had been crying, Laura asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel’s mum said, “Well Mrs. Jackson told me that a lot of the kids want to come see Mel as they think he is dying.” Laura said, “Oh no.” Mel asked, “Why do they think that did someone say something?”

Mel’s mum said, “No, the only two people who know the truth are Dani and Mrs. Jackson, but maybe we were seen at the Doctors office.” Mel said, “But I was dressed as a girl.” Mel then said, “Oh no, Skye did see a girl she knows from her school there, her brother goes to my school, maybe she has started something.” Mel’s mum said, “Do you know who it was?” Mel said, “No, but Skye may remember.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok groovy, I’ll ask her this afternoon.”

A few minutes later, Mel’s father came out and asked where his breakfast was? Mel’s mum said, “Here it is,” he sat down to eat, mum and Mel had made his lunch. When Mel’s father was finished, he brought his plates and cutlery to the kitchen and Mel washed everything up.

Mel’s mum handed him his lunch and walked him out to his vehicle, whilst Mel finished the dishes and went into her room to get changed and re brush her teeth. Mel checked herself out to make sure she looked ok. Mel went back into the dining room, just as her mum was coming back inside. She said, “Are you ready to leave?” Mel said, “Yes,” she said, “Ok give me a couple of minutes,” she went and got herself ready, came out and said, “Ok let’s go,” Mel said, “Groovy.”

Mel and her mum got into the vehicle to go the Doctors, she asked, “Are sure about this.” Mel said, “Yes,” she said, “Ok groovy, let’s see what the Doctor says. Mel’s mum asked Mel, “How sure are you that you are really a girl?” Mel said, “Well I feel much better as a girl and I really want to stay living as a girl, and I really want to go back to school as a girl.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I know, I’m sure the Doctor will prefer that too, if Julia has agreed.”  Mel said, “Yes, I could possible deal with that, can we talk to her and see if we can work something out.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, yes, come on let’s go.”

They got into the vehicle and drove in silence, when they arrived, Mel’s mum locked the vehicle, they walked to the Doctors’ Surgery. When they got there, they walked in and the receptionist from Monday was there, who said, “Hi.” Mel and her mum said, “Hi.” The receptionist asked, “How are things going?” Mel’s mum said, “Fine, can we see the female doctor please?” She said, “Yes, she is just with another patient, please take a seat.” They said, “Thanks.”

Mel was incredibly nervous as she didn’t know who might know them, and then spread nasty rumours.

A few minutes later the doctor came out with her patient, they said, “Goodbye,” asked the receptionist who her next patient was, she said, “Mel and Doris.”  The Doctor said, “Ok, hi ladies how are you both today?” Mel and her mum said, “Fine,” Mel’s mum asked, “How are you?” She said, “Fine.” They went into her room and sat down.

The Doctor asked, “How can I help today?” Mel’s mum said, “Well we went and saw the psychiatrist you referred us too.” She said, “Yes, I know, she rang me straight after and we spoke for a while, she is happy at how Mel has embraced the female lifestyle so quick.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok groovy, we are here as Mel really loves being a girl and wants to go to school as a girl.” The Doctor said, “Yes I can imagine, but Mel it’s been less than a week, you need to give it time.” Mel said, “Yes I know but I just want to be normal.” Mel’s mum cut in and said, “We have heard that some of the kids at school have been asking and some even think Mel is dying.” The Doctor said, “Well I can write a Certificate for the school saying that Melvin has some personal things and needs time to sort himself out, only close friends and family should be in contact, he is not in any fit state to have any other visitors.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok groovy.” Mel asked, “When can I go to school as a girl?” The Doctor said, “Not until next year, as my other certificate covers you for the rest of this school year, but you need to be sure that you are not only a girl but that you want to live as a girl and enjoy all the advantages and disadvantages of being a girl, in my opinion, I think you should change schools, and go where you are not known by anybody.”

Mel said, “No, we can’t do that, I thought we had to go to the closest school to where we live.” The Doctor said, “Yes, I think you all should move completely to a new area.” Mel’s mum said, “We can’t just uproot and move elsewhere, just because Mel might cop some negativity when she returns to school.”

The Doctor asked, “When are you seeing the Psychiatrist again?” Mel’s mum said, “Monday week, but its Mel and her father going to see her.” The Doctor said, “Ok yes, she told me, I just wanted to make sure.” She wrote out the certificate and handed it to Mel’s mum. The Doctor said, “Ok I want to see Mel again after she has seen her Psychiatrist.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok yes, we will come in a couple of days later.” She asked, “Mel, are you and your father still going to have father/son time?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, that’s in a couple of weeks’ time, Mel’s father is trying to get 4 days off so they can go camping and fishing.” The Doctor asked, “How do you feel?” Mel said, “I’m not happy, but it will be to make Mel’s father happy, but I need to make sure I am really a girl which I’m sure I really am.”

The Doctor said, “Ok, it’s a little sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness.” Mel and her mum said, “Yes.” Mel mentioned about her inability to pee standing up. The Doctor said, “Well that’s a good sign as your body is already adjusting to you being a girl, why do you stand to pee, girls sit?” Mel said, “Skye suggested it so that when daddy and I have our father/son time, that I would be ok.”

The Doctor said, “It doesn’t matter if you stand or sit down, it’s up to you.” Mel said, “Yes true, but what if other males look at me strange going into the stalls?” She said, “Well it’s not them, it’s you, and it’s got nothing to do with them.” Mel said, “Ok, I will still stand when I really need to go, just in case I decide to go back to be a boy again.”

The Doctor said, “Ok groovy idea, here’s your certificate.” They walked out to the reception area, the Doctor said, “Goodbye.” Mel and her mum said, “Goodbye.” Mel’s mum paid the bill and they left. Mel’s mum said, “Ok we are going to go shopping and go home.” Mel said, “Ok, when are you going to see Mrs. Jackson?” Mel’s mum said, “Tomorrow morning, I will take the girls to school and go see her.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.”

They went and did the shopping, then once finished, headed home, A few minutes later they arrived home.

Mel’s mum said, “Ok Skye, Angie and Dani will be home shortly, so let’s get their afternoon snack ready.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Mel’s mum said, “I’m going to talk to Skye about that girl, so please give us privacy in your room.” Mel said, “Yes, I will.”

A few minutes later Laura, Angie, Dani, and Skye arrived home. They all said, “Hi” and gave each other a hug. Mel’s mum said, “Skye, can I talk to you privately in your room?” Skye said, “Ok, what have I done?” Mel’s mum said, “Nothing, I just need to chat to you in private.” They went into their room.

Angie, Dani, and Mel sat down to enjoy their afternoon snack. Mel said, “Dani how was school?” “Dani said, “Ok, but there are still questions about you.”  Mel said, “I’m sorry, but mum and I went to the Doctors earlier, she has given mum a certificate for Mrs. Jackson to tell everyone that Melvin has some personal things to get through.” Dani said, “Ok that’s groovy, let’s hope they stop asking,” Mel said, “Yes me too.”

Skye told Mel this part, it’s the conversation her and their mum had in their bedroom. When they got in there, Skye asked, “What’s wrong?” Their mum said, “On Monday when we went to the Doctors’, you saw one of the girls’ you go to school with.” Skye said, “Yes I remember.” Their mum said, “Does she have any siblings that go to the same school as Mel and Dani?”

Skye said, “Yes.” Their mum said, “Ok are they gossipers?” Skye said, “Yes if they can ridicule someone.” Their mum said, “Ok, Mel and I think it’s them that have said that Melvin is dying.” Skye said, “That’s awful, so what’s going to happen?” Their mum said, “We went to the Doctor earlier and she has given me a certificate for Mrs. Jackson to let the school know that he is going through some personal things.” Skye said, “Ok that’s groovy, let’s hope they stop.”

Their mum said, “Yes, do you know his name, as I’m going to ask Mrs. Jackson to have a talk with him about the lies, he has been spreading.” Skye said, “I think it’s Justin Graeman, his sisters name is Justine.” Their m um said, “Ok groovy thanks.”

They hugged each other, went back into the dining room. Skye sat down and had her afternoon snack, Angie, Dani, and Mel had already finished and were already doing their schoolwork, Skye started hers while she was eating and drinking. Mel’s mum and Laura were talking at the kitchen while Mel’s mum was preparing Tea, Mel’s mum mentioned Justin and Justine, Laura said, “Yes, I know her, she is a nasty piece of work, Mel is lucky that they haven’t mentioned seeing Mel on Monday dressed as a girl.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes.”

Mel’s mum said, “Laura would you and the girls be interested in joining us for Tea?” Laura said, “Yes, I’ll just ask the girls.” Laura went into the dining room and asked Angie and Dani if they wanted to stay for Tea, they both said, “Yes.”  The girls all screamed at being so excited.

Mel’s mum asked Skye and Mel to set the table for Tea. Skye and Mel cleared away their homework, and put it in our room, then went to set the table, Angie and Dani helped. Mel’s mum and Laura brought the food to the table, they sat down and said Grace. They all ate in silence, afterwards, Laura asked Angie and Dani to do the dishes, they said, “Ok we will,” while they were doing the dishes, Skye and Mel’s mum asked Skye if she could reveal what they talked about earlier? Skye said, “Yes.”

Their mum said, “Ok groovy,” she talked about what happened earlier, their mum also included what the doctor had suggested too, which caused some commotion. Their mum said, “Ok what we are going to do?” Skye said, “Well I think you should give Mrs. Jackson the Certificate and tell her their names.”

They all agreed, as the rumours need to be stopped. Their mum said, “Ok, but also what are we going to do about moving schools, should we all just uproot our lives and move elsewhere?”

Laura said, “Well, I think we should do that, I’ve wanted to move closer to Loz for a while, maybe this is the time to do it.” 

Angie and Dani finished the dishes and joined the others in the dining room, then sat down. Angie said, “Well I think moving might be good for us, go on sis, spill.” Dani said, “Well, I’ve been ribbed because of dad’s death, some of the other kids have ridiculed me because I don’t have a father anymore, which makes me sad, because it’s not my fault, but they make me feel as though it is.”

Laura said, “I never knew that, why didn’t you tell me?” Dani said, “Well, because I didn’t think you would understand.” Laura said, “Hey, yes, I would, ok, Dani, you and I are going to our doctor tomorrow, so you can tell her, and hopefully you will get a certificate too.” Dani said, “Ok thanks mum, and I’m sorry.” Laura said, “It’s fine, but please in the future can you just be open and honest with me, ok?” Dani said, “Yes, mum.”

Laura said, “It’s getting late, we had better be going home.” They all said, “Goodnight, Sweet dreams,” and they all left, Skye went and started the bath running. Mel went and got undressed, Skye joined her in their bedroom, and got undressed as well, they both went into the bathroom and waited for the bath to fill, once it filled enough they got in and washed each other, relaxed a little before they got out, dried off, hung their towels up, went into their bedroom and put their nighties on.

After that they went to say goodnight to their mum, she was still relaxing in her bath, they walked in and said, “Goodnight” to her, she said, “Goodnight, sweet dreams girls.” They gave her a hug and went back to their room. They stayed up for a while chatting, then each said, “Goodnight, sweet dreams sis,” and went to sleep.

The following morning, their mum came in at 7am as usual, said, “Good Morning Girls.” They said, “Good Morning Mum.” Their mum said, “Please go have your shower and get ready, whilst I get breakfast ready.” They said, “Ok mum, thanks.”

They both got up and went to have their shower. When they were finished, went into their room to get dressed. Skye said, “Mel are you still excited about the weekend?” Mel said, “Yes, of course, can’t wait.” Skye said, “Neither can I, it’s going to be a groovy weekend.”

When they were finished, they went into the dining room to set the table and have breakfast, their father was sitting there as well. Both girls said, “Good Morning,” they sat down, said Grace then ate. After they were finished, their father said, “How has your week been?” The girls said, “Groovy.” He said, “Groovy.” The girls asked if he was looking forward to the weekend. He said, “Yes why not, I’ll be spending it with the hottest girl ever.” Both girls said, “Aww, that’s so sweet.” Their mum asked them to do the dishes. They said, “Ok.” Their parents went to finish packing.

When Skye and Mel were finished doing the dishes, they went and brushed their teeth and checked themselves in the mirror. When they were both happy, Skye grabbed her school bag, and they went into the dining room where their parents were waiting, just as Laura, Angie and Dani walked in.  Everyone said, “Good Morning” and gave each other a hug.

Laura asked Mel’s father if he was looking forward to the weekend.  He said, “Yes.” Laura said, “Groovy, don’t worry about the girls, I will check in every so often, is there anything I can do to help getting things ready?” He said, “No its fine, Mel has asked if they can all just sleep on the floor in the lounge room.” Laura said, “That’s groovy.”

Laura and her girls walked to the lounge room with the air mattresses, blankets, and sheets, and said, “I was going to take the girls to the doctors today, but will Monday, that way the doctor will have to give them a certificate for today and Friday.” The girls said, “Ok groovy.”

Laura said, “I have organised the surprise next Tuesday.” Mel said, “Ok groovy, I can’t wait.” Mel’s father asked what it was, Laura and Mel said, “It’s a secret between us.” He said, “Ok sounds like fun.” Laura said, “Yes it will be.”

Mel’s father said, “Why do you have such a big smile?” Mel said, “Because I’m seeing Sam later, can’t wait.” He said, “Yes, I can imagine, but I don’t understand, you want to be a girl, yet you like another girl, how does that work?”

Mel’s father had both Mel and Laura sit down to talk to Mel, when they sat down, Mel’s father said, “Ok can you please explain to me, why you want to be a girl, yet you like a girl, don’t you know that boys date girls and girls date boys, not boys date boys and girls date girls?”

Mel said, “Well I like her a lot, but I don’t know if it’s just as friends or more.” Laura said, “Yes, you are both young and who knows what will happen, honestly Dani has always had a crush on you as a boy.” Mel said, “Yes I like her a lot as well, but again we are all very young, and we have a lot of time left in our lives.”

Laura said, “Well, when I married their father, I thought we would be together until we grew old but look what happened.” Mel said, “Yes, I remember that Dani was really heartbroken, I was there for her.” Laura said, “Yes I know, that’s when her crush on you started.” Mel said, “Yes I know.”

Mel’s father said, “What would you do if Dani or Sam wanted to sleep in your bed with you?” Mel said, “Well they can together, but Skye, me, Angie and Tori are going to sleep on the floor in the lounge room, but they can both sleep in my bed together if they want, I will be sleeping on the lounge room the next few nights,” they both said, “Groovy. “

Laura said, “Everything smells and looks delicious.” Mel’s mum said, “Thanks.” A minute later the phone rang, mum answered it and after a few seconds, said, “Yes she’s here, she said Mel it’s for you.” Mel looked puzzled, but took the receiver and apprehensively said, “Hi,” the caller said, “Hi,” it was Sam letting them know that they were leaving home now.

Mel said, “Groovy, can’t wait to see you, I miss you so much.” Sam said, “Yes me too, see you in about an hour.” Mel said, “Groovy, safe travelling,” she said, “We will, see you soon.” They said, “Goodbye,” and hung up.

Laura said, “Looks like someone is very happy.” Mel’s parents said, “Yes,” even Mel said, “Yes, but I’m not sure about anything yet, this weekend will be lots of fun, I’m not even going to date until I fully decide, and even if I do stay a girl and do have surgery, I’m not even thinking of anything romantic with anybody.” They said, “Wow, you sound very wise.” Mel said, “Yes I do, don’t I, maybe being a girl has made me wiser,” they all laughed.

Mel’s parents went and loaded the vehicle, while Mel got her clothes out and ready for the weekend, she also got their towels ready as well and laid everything on her bed. Mel got Skye’s clothes ready as well, they all decided to have a girl’s day shopping Saturday. Mel’s parents said, “That’s groovy.” Mel’s mum said, “I’ll ask Laura if she can drive the girls’ to the same mall as last weekend. Mel said, “Can’t we just catch the train there?”

Laura said, “It’s fine, I will drive you all there and pick you up again, I have a friend that lives close by, I’m going to see her for a while.” They said, “Ok groovy, thanks.”

A few minutes later a vehicle pulled up outside, Mel looked and saw it was Sam and Tori, she ran outside to give them both a hug, they all said, “Hi.” They introduced Mel to their parents, Mr., and Mrs. Avery. Mel said, “Hi, nice to meet you both,” they said, “Yes same here.”

Mel said, “My parents are inside.” Sam and Tori got their bags out of the vehicle and followed them in, when they got inside Mel introduced them to her parents. They all said “Hi,” they all sat down to have a coffee, while Mel showed Sam and Tori her room, they both liked it.

Mel said, “The best is in here.” Mel showed them the bathroom, they both said, “Wow, we can’t wait to enjoy a bath.” Mel said, “You will,” Sam said, “Can you and I have ours together tonight?” Mel said, “Well, I’m not sure, are you sure you can deal with my extra part?” Sam said, “Yes, I see you as a special girl.”

Mel said, “Ok, I’ll chat to Skye shortly.” They placed their bags on the floor and went back into dining room, the adults were getting on groovy. Mel asked if Sam and Tori wanted a drink, they said, “Yes,” mum said, “I’ve made Hot Chocolate for you all.” Mel said, “Thanks mum.” They went into the kitchen to pour them.

When they were done, they went back into dining room to see how everything was going, they all said, “Groovy.” Mr Avery was quiet though, he said, “I’m not really happy that my daughters are going to spend the weekend in close proximity to Mel.” Mel’s father said, “I know how you feel, but we can assure you that Mel is a girl, and all she wants is to be a girl, and be accepted as a girl, we have never seen her so happy before.”

Mr Avery said, “Well, the only reason I’m allowing this weekend is because we have met you all, and despite limited adult supervision, if anything, and I mean anything goes wrong, my daughters will never be allowed to have contact with any of you again, capiche.”

We all said. “Yes, Mr Avery.” Mel continued, “Mr Avery, I have no interest in anybody until after my sex change operation, no matter who they are, please accept this, I only want to be able to fit in, and being a girl has allowed that, I have never felt so happy and alive as I do now.”

Mr Avery said, “Ok, I don’t understand why you want to be a girl for, God made you a man, and you are defying his will.” Mel said, “Yes, agreed, but once the fire had been lit inside me, it showed me exactly what I had been missing, one day I will write a book to tell others about what’s it like to fight my inner demons.”

Skye said, “Mr Avery, if you are going to blame anyone, please blame me, as I’m the selfish one, wanting a sister, I started all of this.” Mel’s mum said, “Mr Avery, when I was pregnant with Mel, everyone thought I was having a girl, because of how he sat in my tummy, I felt I was having a boy, but I knew that something wasn’t quite right. Mel hasn’t decided on whether she will stay a girl or revert back yet, we are just allowing her the chance to experience it, and ultimately, it will be her decision, and we will support her no matter what, but in the meantime, we just want her to feel as normal as possible.”

Mr Avery said, “Well I’m still not happy, but as I said, if anything goes wrong this weekend, then all contact will be cut immediately.”

They said, “Yes, understood.” Laura said, “I’m next door and will be coming to check on the girls periodically, and if I feel all’s not right, I will end the weekend myself, because Angie and Dani are my girls, and speaking as an outsider, I have known Mel since the day he/she was born, and to be honest, I have never seen him/her this happy before, please give us all a chance before making assumptions or judging any of us, that’s all we ask, ok?”

Mr Avery said, “Ok, you know my feelings, and despite what my heart is telling me, I will allow the weekend, so girls, have fun, but stay safe, your mum and I are only a telephone call away.”

Mrs Avery said, “Ok hon, we better be going to avoid the afternoon rush hour.” Mr Avery said, “Agreed, come here girls and give us a hug, please?” Tori and Sam went and hugged their parents, but then their parents said, “We mean all you other girls, including Mel, come on.”

They went and joined in the tight group hug, which felt so nice. The Avery’s then said thanks to their parents and walked to their vehicle and drove away. They were all happy as now our girl time could begin.

Mel’s parents said, “Yes, we better be heading off too, as we have a long drive ahead.” Of course, her father wouldn’t reveal to her mum where they were going, but her mum didn’t care as she was going to spend the weekend with their father, they too got very tight hugs and left.

Laura said, “I will leave you girls to each other, I have the spare key and will call back later so we can all eat.” The girls said, “Ok groovy, Thanks, see you later.”

Sam said, “Skye is it possible for me and Mel to have a bath together?” Skye said, “Yes if its ok with everyone else?” They all said, “Yes we can all have our baths and be ready for later.”

Skye said, “Ok, so who will go after Mel and Sam?” Tori said, “Skye and me.” Angie said, “Well me and Dani last.” Dani said, “Mel and I will have baths together next week, Mel said, “Yes, we will.”

Skye went and started the bath running, they all went into the bedroom and unpacked Sam and Tori’s clothes, Skye grabbed hers and hung them up as well, she said, “Groovy choice sis, you are certainly a girl.” A few minutes later, the bath was ready, so Sam and Mel grabbed their nighties and dressing gowns and went into the bathroom to relax in our bath. They washed each other and cleansed our faces. I will not reveal everything as it is private.

Mel said, “Skye do you want me to pull the plug?” She said, “Hang on,” and came in and said, “Yes, the water has gone cold.” Mel pulled the plug, Sam and Mel dried themselves off and moisturized their faces and necks, put their nighties and dressing gowns on and went into the bedroom, Skye and Tori were just getting themselves ready to go have theirs.

Sam, Angie, Dani and Mel sat on the beds talking, they wanted to get to know each other more, which they did, turned out Sam and Dani apart from Mel, had a lot more in common, they were both born 2 days apart, both loved the same television show, similar taste in food, clothes. Mel was incredibly happy so much that she started crying, they said, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “I’m really happy, I love being a girl.”

They said, “Yes you look it.” Sam said, “Well I don’t know you really well, but it sounds like you have really settled in.” Angie and Dani said, “Yes, we have grown up together, and Mel as a boy was unhappy.”

Sam said, “Do you have any photos?” Mel said, “Yes, but they are all of me as a boy,” she said, “That’s fine.” Mel went into the wardrobe and found them. Mel said, “We can look after everyone has had their baths, that way both you and Tori can see them at the same time.” Sam said, “Ok groovy idea.”

In the meantime, Skye and Tori were relaxing in their bath together, chatting away, cleaning themselves and getting to know each other. They both relaxed for almost 90 minutes, just like Sam and Mel did, once they were finished, Skye pulled the plug and they dried themselves off, Skye refilled the bath again, once it was ready, her and Tori put their nighties on and came into our bedroom.

Mel has been told about other stuff, however, due to privacy reasons. Mel will not be revealing here, may be in later parts Mel might. Mel was not given any details about Angie and Dani’s bath; all Mel knows is they both washed themselves, relaxed and got out.

After they had all had their baths, Mel asked Skye if she could show her photos as Sam asked to see them. Skye said, “Yes groovy idea.” They all sat on the floor in the lounge room while Skye and Angie went to get our snacks. Mel opened the first album, and showed Sam and Tori, they both said, “You look really groovy, but as a girl, you are going to look much better, and last weekend was the start of it. “They all agreed. Mel said, “You already have thanked me.”

Skye said, “Ok how about we listen to music while we do our homework.” They put a record on, they all said, “Yes groovy.” Mel said, “Why don’t we all split up, the three, twelve-year old’s sit together, and the three, nine-year old’s sit together,” they all agreed.

Sam and Dani fought over who was going to sit beside Mel. Mel said, “Well I can sit in the middle and you two sit either side.” They agreed; They all did their homework.

When they were all finished, they went into the kitchen to see what was for Tea, just as they were looking, Laura came in, she said, “Are you all hungry?” They said, “Yes.” She said, “Why are you all in your nighties? They said, “We all had our baths earlier, and we have done our homework. “

Laura said, “That’s groovy, I’m proud of you all, ok if you all just relax, I’ll get Tea ready.” They said, “Thanks, if you need help, please ask.” She said, “Yes, I will.”  The girls went back into the lounge room makeshift bedroom, fun room, and sat back down, They discussed what was going to happen over the weekend.

This is how we planned it: Relax the rest of today and this evening, give each other facials.

Tomorrow was getting up at 7am to have their showers, leaving by 8am to go shopping. Staying there until 12pm, come back home, tomorrow night would be baths and Tea, showing Mel how to properly apply Make-Up, and show her how to shave her legs and underarms.

Sunday, we will just have a fun day, maybe Mel can do a fashion show, and we can take photos, which they all agreed too.

A short time later, Laura called them into set the table, Angie and Dani said, “We will do it.” The girl said, “Ok thanks.” Sam and Tori said, “We will do the dishes.” Skye and Mel said, “Ok thanks, we will cook breakfast tomorrow morning and do the dishes as well,” they all said, “Groovy.”

Laura called them and said, “Tea’s ready.” They went and sat down, said Grace and they ate in silence. After Tea, Sam and Tori did the dishes, the rest of them went to get everything ready for their facials, a short time later, Sam and Tori arrived in the lounge room, Skye showed Mel how to do a facial, she did one on Tori, afterwards, Mel gave Skye hers, the others helped Mel as she was going, but it was fine, the rest of the girls did each other.

After a while they all removed the creams and applied moisturizer to their faces, necks, and breast areas. Mel asked Skye, “Why do we applying moisturizer to our breasts?” She said, “It’s to keep them nice and soft as well, even though none of us really have any yet, it doesn’t hurt to apply now.” Mel said, “Ok groovy, Thanks.”

When we had all moisturized, Skye said, “Does anybody want anything to eat or drink?” Everyone said, “Yes Hot Chocolate and biscuits please.” Skye said, “Ok,” then her and Angie went to get them all organised.

Tori said, “Mel do you mind if we both talk privately, please?” Mel said, “Yes, we can go into our bedroom.” They told the others where they were going and went into bedroom to chat. When they got in there she said, “Ok what’s the deal was with Skye and Angie?” Mel said, “What do you mean?”

She said, “Well they seem very close.” Mel said, “Yes, it’s because they have grown up together, same as me and Dani, but I think she likes you, I wouldn’t worry, I think this weekend they will, like me, treat you and Sam like guests, which you both are.”

She said, “Oh ok, I just thought there was something going on with them both.” Mel said, “Yes it looks that way, but Angie knows her way around our kitchen, its why Skye asked her to help, whilst we are here, I want to ask if Sam has talked about me since last weekend?”

She said, “Yes, I know she likes you either way, we both hope to be in both your lives for many years.” Mel said, “Yes we do as well.”

They gave each other a hug and went out to see if their snacks were ready, Skye and Angie were just walking to the lounge room, they all sat down, Skye asked Mel what Tori and she chatted about. Mel said, “It’s nothing, don’t worry, I’ll tell you later.” Skye said, “Ok.” They all ate and drank in silence.

Afterwards, Tori said, “Who wants to dance?” They all said, “Yes, we do.” Tori found a record to put on, it was a famous crooner, who died a couple of years later.

N.B., I have always loved this crooner, as his songs put me in a better mood.

They all danced with each other for a couple of hours, all the girls said, you are a girl as you dance very well.” Mel said, “Thanks.”

Around 11pm they all decided to call it a night, Dani and Mel went and placed the dishes in the sink, they soaked them for the night, held hands and had a quick kiss before they got back to the lounge room/makeshift indoor campsite. Mel said, “Nice, but I think Sam likes me.” She said, “Yes, I know.”

When they got back in and sat down, Mel was sandwiched between Sam and Dani, they all gave each other a hug and said, “Goodnight, Sweet Dreams Girls.”  They all went to sleep.

Saturday morning, Skye woke up early and woke Mel, she said, “Quiet, they tippy toed into the kitchen to start breakfast, she said, “Ok spill what did you and Tori speak about last night?”

Mel told her, she said, “Wow she sounds possessive,” Mel said, “Yes, but isn’t it nice though.” Skye said, “Yes.” They finished getting breakfast ready with Mel setting the table.

Laura walked in around 7am and said, “Good morning girls, wow you are both almost finished.”  They said, “Yes, do you want to wake the rest?”

Laura said yes, “Good idea,” she went into the lounge room and woke the other girls, they all said, “Good Morning, what time is it?” Laura said, “Just gone 7am.” they all waited their turns to pee, went into the dining room, they all hugged each other and sat down to eat.

When they were done, the table was cleared while Tori and Dani had their shower, Angie, and Sam, last it was Skye and Mel, once they were all ready, they did the dishes and left. Laura drove them to the shopping mall. She said, “I will be back here at 12pm, but if you want to come home earlier, please call me and I will come straight back, Angie, I will be at Aunt Lucy’s.”

They all said, “Ok, we will.” Angie said, “Yes, mum, enjoy.” Laura said, “Have a groovy day girls, I’ll see you all later.” They all said, “You too, love you.” Laura left.

Skye said, “Ok what are we going to do?” Mel said, “Well why don’t we just walk around until we find something we want to look at or try on.” The other girls said, “Groovy idea, you certainly are a girl.” Mel said, “Yes, I am.”

We walked around for a few minutes, when both Dani and Mel saw a dress they both liked, and went to find their size, went and tried it on, it fit perfectly, they decided to buy it, put their own clothes back on, when they came out it was only Tori and Sam, Dani and Mel said, “Where are Skye and Angie?”

They said, “In there trying on clothes.” They said, “Ok groovy.” Sam said, “Why did you only take one dress in?” Mel said, “Well we have an agreement that if we both like something, we only try one on, and if it fits and we look good, we buy it, we share it, it’s the same with Skye and Angie.”

Sam said, “Ok groovy, I like that dress as well, could try it on?” Dani and Mel said, “Yes.” Sam grabbed Mel and they went into the change room, she took her dress off and put the other on, it fitted her perfectly as well.

Mel had her go out to show Tori and Dani, they both said, “It looks groovy.” They decided to buy it, Sam and Mel went back into the change room, she took the dress off, and gave Mel a kiss.

Mel said, “Wow.” Sam said, “Yes,” put her own clothes back on, then left the changing room. Skye and Angie had emerged from their changing room and were waiting for Sam and Mel to come out.

When they came out, they showed the clothes they had tried on. Mel said, “Wow, they look groovy,” Dani was happy as well as she knew in a couple of years, they would be wearing them. The girls went to the counter and paid for them and left.

They walked past another couple of shops and found a footwear shop, went in and found a pair of heels, Dani and Mel both liked them and decided to try them on, they both struggled in them but they fit, the other girls were laughing, once they both sat down they all found similar ones to try on, they all liked what they had and decided to buy them.

The girls left that shop, a few doors down was a Make-Up store, went in and Skye explained the situation a little to the sales girl, she sat Mel down on the stool and began to apply foundation, concealer, and the most suitable Make-Up for her, the girls all chipped into buy it all for her. Mel said, “Thank You Girls, My Really Groovy Friends.” Sam whispered, “Maybe more later,” Mel said, “Yes who knows.”

They paid, and said, “Thanks” to the sales girl, she grabbed Mel and Skye, she said, “Hey it’s nice what you are doing for her, if you want any more help, these are my numbers, my name is Karen.”

They introduced themselves. Mel whispered in Skye’s ear, “Why doesn’t she come over tonight, it would be fun.” Skye said, “Groovy, can you stay here and give me a minute?” Mel said, “Yes.”

Skye went and talked to the other girls, Karen said, “Please excuse my ignorance, but are you a boy or a girl?”  Mel said, “I was born a boy, but have recently started living as a girl for a trial period I love it, I hope I can stay a girl” Karen said, “Well you look more like a girl than a boy to me.” Mel said, “Thanks, I feel it.”

Skye came back and said, “Karen do you have any plans for tonight or tomorrow?” Karen said, “No, just going home to relax, why?” Skye said, “Well we are having our second night of girl fun, you are welcome to join us if you want.” Angie and Dani said, “Our mother is going to join us as well, so there will be 8 of us.”

Karen said, “Ok groovy, where do you live?” They told her. Karen said, “I live near there, I finish here at 12, I’ll be home by 12.30, I will have a shower, and be at your place around 3pm.” Skye said, “Ok groovy, see you then, here’s our address.”

The girls continued looking around and found some other things they liked, Sam, Dani and Mel had similar tastes in clothes and accessories, which made buying things much easier, and cheaper.

When it got to around 11.45, they started walking to where Laura dropped them off, she pulled up just as they got to the agreed spot.

They all said, “Hi” and got in, she asked, “How did the shopping go?” we said, “Groovy, we have a girl coming over tonight to help with Make-Up.” Laura said, “Without asking me first, oh ok, I hope she is not a nasty person.”

They said, “No, she sold us the Make-Up and she likes that Mel has chosen her life path already.” Laura said, “Ok groovy, what time will she be over?” They said, “Around 3pm, she is going home to have a shower and she will pack and come over, so it will be 8 of us tonight, and possibly tomorrow as well,” she said, “Ok let’s go home,” they said, “Groovy.”

When they got home, went inside, and dropped their shopping in the lounge room, Laura said, “Lunch is ready.” They all sat down to eat, afterwards, Angie and Dani said, “We will do the dishes,” which they did.

The rest of the girls went into the lounge room to inspect their purchases, they all had bought some real groovy things. Skye said, “Ok we will put the Make-Up away ready for later tonight.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.”

A little while later the doorbell rang, Mel went and answered it, it was Karen, they both said, “Hi” and hugged each other. Mel invited her in and introduced her to Laura, they said, “Hi,” and went into the lounge room, the other girls said, “Hi” and hugged Karen, Skye said, “You can put your bags down in our room.”

Mel said, “Here I’ll show you where it is,” when they got in there, she put her bag on Mel’s bed. Karen said, “Can we talk privately please?” Mel said, “Yes, I’ll just let the others know,” she said, “Ok.” Mel went to tell them all, they said, “Ok.”

Mel walked back to her room and closed the door. Karen said, “Ok, you don’t have to answer all these questions if you don’t want too, they are just for my own curiosity.” Mel said, “That’s fine, I’m an open, honest person, but would like Skye here too, as she knows more than I do.” Karen said, “Fair enough.”

N.B., I always like to ask questions from those experiencing things, as you get the correct, current answer. Education is the key to knowledge, with no excuse for stupidity.

Mel went and grabbed Skye and they headed back to their bedroom. Mel said, “Ok, Karen is curious about how I got started in crossdressing, but I need you here just in case.” Skye said, “Ok no worries.”

Mel said, “I started a few months back when I had the house to myself, I noticed Skye’s worn clothes in the laundry basket, I took them out and felt the panties, they felt so soft, I decided to take my clothes off, put the panties and her dress on, I looked in the mirror and started crying, I  realised I was a girl, but didn’t know how to bring it up with Skye or mum and daddy.”

Karen said, “Ok.” So how did you end up living as a girl.” Mel explained about what happened the previous week. Karen said, “Ok groovy.” Mel said, “I’ve got photos of me from when I was born, and we have planned to show them tonight, so if you want to go back and join the others, Skye and I can find them and bring them out to you all.” Karen said, “Ok groovy,” then she went to re-join the others.

Skye and Mel went and got them and walked back to the lounge room to show everyone. Tori said, “Well it’s obvious that you are a girl, because you look more feminine in the photos long before anything happened.”

Mel said, “Thanks.” Skye said, “I will tell you a secret, even when Mel was born, I could see she was a girl.” Mel said, “Wow, I never knew that thanks sis, so is that when you decided to change me?” Skye said, “Not then, it took me another few years.”

N.B., I am writing a standalone novel called “My Brother is Now My Sister.”

Angie said, “Wow, even I didn’t know that, but I’m so happy that Mel is now one of us.” Mel looked at Angie and said, “What do you mean, one of us?” Angie said, “I’m going to be brutally honest here, but as a boy, we didn’t feel that you fitted in with us, but as a girl, now you do, and if it’s ok with Skye, I want to tell another secret.” Skye said, “Yes, you can.” Angie said, “Skye and I concocted this plan, along with your cousin Rachel to turn you into a girl, a couple of years ago.”

Mel said, “Wow, I never knew, well, Thank You both, and Rach next time we see her, I appreciate it.” Skye and Angie said, “So you are not mad at us?” Mel said, “No, why would I be? You both made me realise who I truly am, and for that I will be eternally grateful, especially if I’m allowed to remain a girl, come here you two.” Skye and Angie came over and I gave them both the tightest hug ever.

When that was over, Mel said, “Ok, if it’s ok with Karen can we hear your story please?” Karen said, “Yes, of course.” This is what she said:

“I’ve recently turned 21, single, but not looking as my  previous relationship was very violent, as a result I  have a major distrust of men, love movies, especially romantic ones, favourite food is anything Italian, want to travel the world, love Make-Up, and helping others out, I still live with my parents, I moved back in after the break-up, I have a brother and a sister, who are both older and married, my sister is expecting her first child, my brother has only been married a year.

They all said, “Ok, that’s no good about your relationship, but you will find a decent man.” Karen said, “Thanks, but I’m staying single and going to have fun for a while, maybe even do things outside of the box.” They all laughed and said, “What do you mean?” Karen said, “Well nothing illegal, but this may sound weird, I’ve thought about being with another girl, but I’ve been too scared to.” They all said, “Ok, soon enough you will find someone,” she said, “Yes true.” They asked when her sister was due to give birth, she said, “December.” They all said, “Oh that’s nice, bet you can’t wait to be an Aunty,” she said, “No I can’t.”

Mel noticed that Laura had been quiet throughout all this. Mel looked over at her and noticed a strange look in her eyes but her face as well. Mel asked Laura if they could chat privately, she said, “Yes.” They went to Mel’s bedroom.

When they got in there, she asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “Nothing, you have been quiet for a while and you had a strange look in your eyes and on your face.” She said, “Did I?”

Mel said, “Yes,” she said, “Between you and I, I think I may like Karen.” Mel said, “What,” she said, “Yes, but what do I do about it?” Mel said, “Well tonight maybe you could ask her to come stay over with you, I’m sure the other girls won’t mind.”

Laura said, “Ok groovy,” She hugged Mel and said, “Are you sure you are only 9?” Mel said, “Yes, why?” She said, “You seem much more mature,” Mel said, “Thanks.” They went back into the lounge room. Skye asked Mel what was up. Mel said, “I’ll tell you later,” she, said, “Ok.”

Karen asked, “What we were going to do?” Skye said, “Maybe we can start doing Mel’s Make-Up,” Karen said, “Ok groovy, Mel have you cleansed and moisturized today?” Mel said, “Yes.” Karen said, “Ok let’s get started.” They moved into the bedroom, Mel sat at the vanity table, Karen said, “I will apply everything in steps to half of your face, then you will apply the rest.”

Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Karen began, when she was done, she had Mel repeat the other side, once she had finished, everyone looked in the mirror and said, “Wow you look groovy, it’s hard to tell which part was done by who.” Karen said, “Maybe you will be a Make-Up Artist when you grow up.” Mel said, “Yes may be,” she said, “Well I can help you out.” Mel said, “Ok groovy, Thanks.”

Laura in the meantime had been cooking Tea, just as we were finishing she called them in for Tea, they all sat down and ate, after they were finished, Laura asked Karen if she could help her do the dishes, she said, “Yes.”

The rest of the girls started planning their baths, they all swapped from last night and this mornings’ showers. They decided on Tori and Mel, Skye and Angie, Dani and Sam. Skye went and got the first bath started, Tori and Mel got their nighties ready, when the bath was ready they went into the bathroom, they both washed each other and relaxed, after a while, they got out, pulled the plug, and dried themselves off, put their nighties on and went into the bedroom. Skye went in and started the second bath going, she told Dani and Sam they can have it, they said, “Thanks.” When it was ready, Skye said, “Ok you can both go in now,” the rest of the girls just relaxed listening to music.

Laura said, “Me and Karen are going to our place to talk.” They all said, “Oh ok have a groovy night.” They all hugged and said, “Goodnight, we will let Dani and Sam know.”

Karen grabbed her bag and they left, Laura gave Mel a wink as they left, Skye asked, “Mel what’s going on?
Mel said, “Can we chat in the kitchen please?” Skye said, “Ok,” then they walked to the kitchen and Mel said, “Ok Laura told me that she likes Karen, but I don’t know if it’s because Karen is an adult and she is craving adult company.” Skye said, “True. who would want to be around what, six pre-teen screaming girls?” Mel said, “Yes, agreed, anyway we will have a groovy night together.” Skye said, “Yes, exactly.”

They went back into the bedroom and waited until Dani and Sam were finished, when they were done, Skye went and started the bath for her and Angie, they were in there for a long time, but they did need to relax. While they were in there, the rest of the girls went and got their Hot Cocoas and desserts ready. They kept them all warm until Skye and Angie were out, they finished their bath in around 60 minutes, when they came out, They told them their Hot Cocoas and desserts were ready. Everyone went into the lounge room to eat and drink, when they were done, Sam and Mel went and washed the dishes, then came back to join the others, Skye said, “I’ve got an idea, let’s all get to know each other by saying our name, age, who we know here and how we met, and what they have planned for the future. “Everyone said groovy.” She said, “Ok let’s start with our two visitors.”

Tori went first, she said, “I’m 12 almost 13, November 8th, I’m Sam’s sister, we met Skye and Mel last weekend at the same shopping mall were we were today, in the line for the ladies, I haven’t decided what I want to do yet, may be go into Beauty and may be even become a Hairdresser, I don’t know about relationships yet, but there is somebody I do like.”

Sam went next, she said, “I’m 9, turn 10, January 18, I’m Tori’s sister, and again I met Skye and Mel last Saturday, I haven’t decided what I want to do, but may be being a Make-Up Artist might be good, I’m too young to think about relationships, but I too like someone.”

Angie went next, she said, “I’m 12, turn 13 February 2nd, we have lived next door to Skye and Mel all our lives, we have grown up together, I want to go to University to become a Lawyer, I don’t have anybody special in my life, I’m not really interested until after I’ve Graduated as a Lawyer, but won’t say no if the right person comes along.”

Dani was next, she said, “I’m 9, turn 10 February 2nd, yes, it’s strange but we share our Birthday, I’m Angie’s sister, I have known both Skye and Mel all their lives, I’m so happy that Mel is a girl now. I don’t know what I want to do yet, just have fun for now, and decide later, I don’t want a relationship with anybody until I’m much older.”

Mel went next and said, “I’m 9, turn 10 May 28th, which makes me the youngest in our Girl Gang, I have known Angie and Dani all my life, Skye is my sister, we met Tori and Sam last Saturday, I’ve only just started living as a girl, it is a trial to see how it goes ,so far I’m loving it, if I go back to living as a boy, I may become a truck driver or something similar, but if I stay a girl I’m thinking of becoming a Make-Up Artist after what Karen said earlier, or maybe even a counsellor. I do have someone I like right now, but not sure where it will go, for now I just want to settle into being a girl.”

Skye went next, she said, “Mel and I have grown up next to Angie and Dani, and we met Tori and Sam last weekend, I’m 12, turn 13 September 8th, I’m not sure what I want to do yet either, may be something in beauty or even just retail, I will decide in a couple of years, I do have someone I like right now as well, but like Mel I don’t know where it will lead.”

After they were finished, Dani asked Mel who she was interested in. Mel said, “Don’t worry just someone special, she knows who she is.” She said, “It’s another girl, I’m curious to know.” Mel said, “I will tell you when I’m sure, right now we are both just having fun,” she said, “Ok.”

Skye said, “Come on it’s getting late, I think we should all go to bed.” Everyone said, “Yes, ok goodnight, sweet dreams.” They all found a spot and crawled in under the covers, within no time they were all asleep.

Mel woke up during the night with Dani’s arm over Mel chest, that she liked, but it was restricting. Mel tried getting back to sleep, but she was thinking about who she wanted more, Dani or Sam, it was a difficult decision, but she thought, “I’ve got time, I may end up with someone else when I grow up, right now I just wanted to have fun, both as a girl and in life.” Mel finally went back to sleep.

When she woke up, it was light outside, and could smell breakfast cooking, and noticed all the other girls were awake and not with her, she got up and went to the dining room to find them all just setting the table or cooking, they all said, “Good Morning sleepy head, did you sleep well?”

Mel said, “Sort of, had someone trying to really cuddle, or maybe smother, me.” They all said, “Who was that, like we don’t know.” Mel said, “It doesn’t matter, but it was nice.” Dani and Sam blamed each other, Mel said, “Hey its ok, I like you both but I’m not sure about how I truly feel about myself yet.”

Skye announced that breakfast was ready, she asked Angie to get her mother and Karen. Angie said, “Ok,” but as she was about to walk out the back door, they both walked in, and into the kitchen. Everyone said, “Good Morning, hope you both slept groovy, they said, “Yes.” Mel looked at Laura, she mouthed “Thanks.” Mel was happy. Everyone sat down to eat, they talked about what they were going to do today.

Mel said, “Well it’s cold and wet, why don’t we just stay indoors and play games.” They all agreed, after Dani, Sam and Mel did the dishes, Laura and Karen asked Mel if they could talk to her privately?

Mel said, “Yes.” They went into her bedroom, they both said, “Thank You.” Mel said, “Ok why,” they said, “We had an exceptionally good night.” Mel said, “ok that’s groovy, so you like each other.” They said, “Yes we do, and we had a relaxing night last night.” Mel said, “Groovy, Laura you deserve to have a new friend, after all, you only see mum, and us bratty kids all the time, hopefully Karen will keep you grounded.”

Laura said, “Thanks, yes, neither of us realised just how much we have in common until last night, despite our age difference, but Karen made me feel much younger, which was nice, even as a friend, I’m sure we have lots more in common, so thanks Mel.” Mel said, “My pleasure, it’s nice seeing you happy again, Laura.” Karen said, “Yes, Laura told me what happened last night, with Dave.” Mel said, “Yes, it was very sad, but I’m happy that you are both getting along.”

Laura said, “Yes, me too, we just wanted to say thank you to you.” Mel said, “Groovalicious.” They all hugged, then left the bedroom and headed back to the dining room, to join the others.

N.B., Please bear in mind, this is 1974 and even though the 1960’s were an awakening, it hadn’t reached Australia much yet so being “Different” was frowned upon very much, and not readily accepted.

Once they had all had their showers; Skye found their board games and they decided on the order in which they were going to play. The order was in arrival, so Skye, Tori, Angie, Sam, Dani, and the Bitch sorry Melissa, they all had a groovy time, until around 11.30 Laura asked if they wanted take away for lunch. They all said, “Yes, but don’t think we have much money.” Laura said, “Don’t worry I’m paying, so what does everybody want?”

They argued over what they wanted to have, Laura said, “Ok here’s an idea, show of hands. Everyone said, “Ok groovy.” Laura said, “Ok Hamburgers and Chips,” three hands went up, she said, “Pizzas and Garlic Bread,” five Hands went up, she said, “Ok pizza wins, now we need to decide on what type we want.” They decided on three family size and four Garlic Breads.

She asked if they wanted a soft drink (Soda). They all said, “Yes please?” Laura said, “Ok, I’ll decide when I order,” Everyone said, “Groovy.” She said, “Ok we will be back soon.” Laura and Karen left to go order and pick up the pizzas.

Skye grabbed Mel and said, “Come on bitch, let’s go to our room, I need to talk to you.” Mel said, “Ok.” When they got in there she said, “Ok spill what’s going on, it looks like Laura and Karen are very friendly.” Mel said, “How friendly?” She said, “You are too young to know what I think happened last night.” Mel said, “Laura and Karen told me that they talked, and Laura told her about Dave, that’s all.” Skye said, “Ok.”

Skye said. “Come on let’s set the table so it’s ready for when lunch gets here.” Mel said, “Yes.” They walked back to the lounge room and they asked if everything was ok.  The other said, “Yes.” They listened to music and relaxed until Laura and Karen arrived back with lunch. When they got back, everyone went into the dining room to eat, afterwards, Dani and Sam cleared the table and did the dishes.

The others went back to the lounge room and started the second game; Angie won that one. They started the third and final game after that, which Skye won. Skye, Angie, and Tori decided to cook Tea, the rest of the girls stayed in the lounge room, talking, and listening to music. An hour later Skye came in and said, “Tea’s ready, we prepared and cooked it, so you 9-year old’s clear the table and do the dishes.” The younger girls agreed, they went to the dining room and sat down to eat. When they were finished, they discussed what they were going to do rest of the night.

Karen said, “Well I need to get home as I have an early start tomorrow, thanks for a great time, Goodbye.” Everyone gave her a hug and said, “Thanks, hope you had fun.” Karen said, “Yes, I certainly did.” Laura said, “I will drive Karen home, now be good whilst we I’m gone, ok.” Karen and Laura went to Laura’s room to collect her belongings.

Laura arrived back around 40 minutes later, she asked, “Who else is yet to have their baths?” Dani said, “Me, Sam, Mel, Angie.” Laura said, “Ok groovy so a bit of a wait, I’ll have mine last, so who’s going next?” Angie said, “Me and Mel.” Laura said, “Ok groovy.

Skye and Tori came out and Skye said, “I’ve left the water running for the next bath.” Angie and Mel said, “Thanks,” then grabbed their nighties and went in, got undressed but Mel turned her back to Angie. Angie asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “Well this is the first time I’m seeing you naked.” She said, “No it’s not.” Mel said, “What do you mean?” She said, “Remember when we were children, we used to play naked outside in Summer.” Mel said, “Ok, but I haven’t seen you naked this age before.” She said, “Its ok we are both girls.” Mel said, “Well yes sort of.” Angie said, “Look, I know it’s hard for you, but you are a special girl, now come on, face me and we will watch each other undress.”

Mel did and they did, they sat in the bath and started washing each other, after they relaxed for a while, she said, “Ok how do you feel now?” Mel said, “Better.” Angie said, “I told you.” Mel said, “Yes, you did.” Once they were finished, they got out, pulled the plug, and started the water going again, dried themselves off, put their nighties on and went into the bedroom, Dani and Sam went in.

The rest of the girls just relaxed. Mel noticed Laura was a bit down. Mel said, “What’s wrong?” Laura, said, “It’s to do with what we talked about earlier.” Mel said, “What part?” Laura said, “With Karen, I know you are still very young, but last night was magical with her, and well, I like her, a lot.” Mel said, “Well it will be ok don’t worry.” She said, “Yes, I know.”

Dani and Sam relaxed in the bath for an exceptionally long time, when they came out, Laura went into have hers, she said, “Do you want to come in and talk while I bathe?” Mel said, “Are you sure,” she said, “Why not we are both girls.” Mel said, “Yes, well sort with me.” Laura said, “Sex isn’t what’s between your legs it’s how you feel and identify.” Mel said, “True, yes, I’ll come in and chat with you.”

When she was finished, she pulled the plug and got out to dry herself off, they walked arm in arm out to the lounge room, the look on everyone’s eyes was astounding, they all said, “What’s going on?” They said, “Nothing, don’t girls link arms sometimes.” They said, “Yes, but it looks more serious with you two.” Mel noticed both Dani and Skye looked angry, Mel let go of Laura and went over to talk to them both. Mel said, “What’s wrong?” They said, “Why did you walk out arm in arm?” Mel said, “Because Laura wanted to, Dani doesn’t your mother look happy?” Dani said, “Yes.”

Mel said, “Ok I agree, I’m trying to get her back into finding someone.” Dani said, “Well that’s what I’m trying to do, so you aren’t interested in mum.” Mel said, “No, she is way too old for me, besides, I’ve got you and Samantha, and even though I should choose between one, it’s not that easy, but we are all young, so let’s just have fun for a while.” Dani said, “Ok groovy, but what about the one you don’t choose?” Mel said, “We will help her find a new person.” Dani said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Who knows we may all drift apart and date boys.” Both said, “Boys are yucky, but who knows in time.” Both hugged and went back to everyone else.

Angie said, “This has a been groovy weekend, when and where is the next one?” Everyone said, “Yes same here.” Tori and Sam said, “Well, why don’t we have it at our place, we have a huge big hot tub, its big enough for all of us including Karen if she comes up.” Everyone said, “Ok, when are we going to do it?” They said, “We need to talk to our parents first.” Everyone said. “Groovy.”

Laura said, “If you want to in a couple of weeks and your parents can allow it, you can have it next door.” Tori and Sam said, “Ok groovy, we will talk to them tomorrow night.” Everyone said, “Groovy.”

Laura said, “Ok who wants Hot Cocoa?” Everyone said, “Yes please.” She went and made it all, whilst the girls chatted until she came back. Mel said, “Can I say something to everyone, please?” They said, “Yes of course go ahead,” Mel said, “Thanks.” Laura brought our Hot Cocoas and allowed us to take a mug each.

Mel said, “I just want to say Thank You to you all for not only this weekend, but also being so supportive, I Love You All So Much and I do appreciate you all.” They all said, “We Love You Too, and we will help you as much as you need.”

Suddenly everyone was in a huge big group hug, they even had a cry as well, the other girls started laughing. Mel asked, why are you laughing?” They said, “Because you cried with us, it shows you are a girl.” Mel said, “Yes, I did, maybe I am a girl.”

They all laughed. Laura said, “Ok it’s getting late, I think we should all go to sleep.” They all said, “Ok.” They all gave each other a hug and said, “Goodnight, Sweet Dreams.” Everyone went to sleep. Mel had Dani and Sam both snuggled up to her.

                                                Chapter 1.4:                                                                                                                            Second Week

The alarm went off at 8.30am, they all got up and either had our showers or cooked breakfast, after breakfast those who had their showers first did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and dining room. The rest of the girls cleaned the rest of the house, including vacuuming the whole house and mopping the tiled floors.

The laundry was done the previous night so that everyone was going home with clean clothes, and Skye and Mel’s own laundry done.

When they were finished, Laura said, “Ok let’s go and have lunch.” The girls said, “Groovy.” They hoped in her vehicle and we left and went to a new take away hamburger place.

When they arrived, Skye said, “I will order for us both.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” They all went inside and looked at the menu, it wasn’t much, but Skye found something they both liked so she ordered two of them, this brand is still around today, even though Melissa has since gone vegan some time ago.

When the orders were ready, they took the tray and went to sit down and eat, lucky it was a weekday, so it was quiet, they got ribbed by a couple of elderly ladies for not being in school. Laura said, “Excuse me, but these young ladies have permission from their schools for being absent today, now stop meddling in others’ lives and go back to bingo, you old bags. They all ate their food, when they were finished, they discarded their rubbish in the bin and placed the tray on the tray return.

They left the restaurant and went for a walk around the shops, after a while, decided to head back home, they went and got back in the vehicle and Laura drove home. When they got home, Skye and Mel’s had just arrived and were unloading, they all gave each other a hug and said, “Hi.”

They said, “How was the weekend?” They said, “Groovy, we had a lot of fun.” They said, “Ok groovy.” Mel’s father said, “Can you give me an hour to rest, I’ll drive Tori and Sam home?” They said, “That’s fine.” Mel said, “Does anybody mind if I came as well?”

Mel’s father said yes, “What about you Skye?” Skye said, “No, Angie and I have a couple of things to complete for school. Mel’s father said, “Ok.” Laura and Dani said, “We had better go and do some things at home, thanks for a groovy weekend girls.” Everyone said, “You are welcome, we all enjoyed it.”

Mel’s parents said, “Ok, Thanks for taking care of the girls.” Laura said, “No problem.” They grabbed their bags and went home; Skye went over with them. They all hugged and said, “See you next time girls,” referring to Tori and Sam Mum said, “Tori, do you want me to call your parents to let them know you are on your way home?” Tori said, “Yes, groovy idea.” Tori dialled the number.

Once the phone was answered, Tori hand the receiver to Mel’s mum for her to talk. Mel’s mum said, “It’s Mrs Pinewich, Skye and Mel’s mum, just letting you know that John, my husband is driving the girl’s home and Mel is going along for the ride.” After a few minutes, Mel’s mum hung up the phone and said, “Ok, they are there waiting for you both.” Tori and Sam said, “Ok thanks.”

Tori, Sam, and Mel went into Mel’s room to chat about the weekend and the future. Mel could see that there was something up with Tori but decided to wait and let her tell her when she was ready. After about an hour, Mel’s father knocked on her door, he said, “Ok when you girls are ready to leave, we can go.” Tori and Sam said, “unfortunately, yes, we are, but we had a groovy time, and look forward to hosting in the future, Thank You Mr and Mrs Pinewich.”

They went and hopped in, Mel sat in the back, in the middle, with Tori to her left and Sam her right, Mel’s father had their address. They said, “Goodbye” to Mel’s mum, and left.

Mel doesn’t know how long the journey took as the girls were talking so much and didn’t notice, Tori whispered in Mel’s ear that she liked Skye. Mel said, “Yes, I know, I think she likes you as well, but like me she has grown up with Angie, but I’m not sure if they have done anything.”

Sam put her leg next to Mel’s and started rubbing them together. Mel said, “What are you doing?” She said, “Well we won’t see each other for another couple of weeks.” Mel said, “Yes, I know, but we will talk on the phone.” She said, “Yes, but it’s not the same though.” Mel said, “Think of it this way, only talking on the phone we will miss each other.”

A few minutes later, Mel’s father said, “Ok we are here.” The girls got out of the vehicle and went to the front door. Tori used her key to get in, Mel asked, “May I use the bathroom, please?” Sam said, “Yes, I’ll show you, I need to go as well.” Mrs. Avery heard us and came out of the kitchen, she said, “Hi everyone, welcome home girls.” They all said, “Hi,” Sam said, “Mel and I need to use the bathroom,” she said, “Ok, I will have a chat with Mel’s father. “

Sam showed Mel to the bathroom, and they both went in. Skye said, “What are you doing,” she said, “Well we watched each other the first day we met.” Mel said, “Oh yeah, ok.” Mel finished and wiped, Sam sat down, when she was finished, she flushed, washed their hands, and left, she quickly showed her around the house, and their bedroom. Mel said, “Nice.”  said, “Thanks.”

A couple of minutes later Tori came in and said, “Mel, your father is ready to leave.” Mel said, “Ok thanks.” Then they walked to the kitchen area, then out to the vehicle. They all hugged each other, and Sam gave Mel a kiss as well.

Mel said, “Thanks Mrs. Avery for raising 2 gorgeous young ladies,” she said, “Our pleasure, and you are an exceptionally beautiful young lady as well.” Mel said, “Thanks.”

Mel and her father got into the vehicle and drove away, with Sam and Mel both waving at each other. Mel’s father said, “I’m happy you came with me as it gives us the chance to talk privately.” Mel said, “Yes, what do you want to talk about?”

He said, “Well about you wanting to be a girl.” Mel said, “Daddy, I am a girl, this weekend made me realise it, but I will still be your son when you want father/son time, I will do it for you as I love you, and always will.”

He said, “Ok groovy, let’s hope your mother has a boy.” Mel said, “Me too, as I don’t want to go back to living as a boy full time again.” He said, “Ok, I will love you either way, as long as you are happy, that’s all that counts to me.”

Mel said, “Thanks daddy, I Love You so much, and I do appreciate you supporting me, what did you and Mrs. Avery talk about?” He said, “Her concern about where things are going with Sam, as she doesn’t want to see her hurt, I agree for you both, but I told her that you are both very young and are still trying to find your feet in the world.”

Mel said, “I’m not going to hurt her, I did have a talk with her and Dani last night as they both like me, I said that we can all have fun for now, and see what happens, if two of us end up together, I will find a person for the one that missed out, we may all even find boys, which would be groovy.” Mel’s father said, “Ok that’s groovy, how did they both feel?” I said, “Ok, both slept with their arms on me all night.”

He said, “Oh that’s nice.” Mel said, “I thought it was sweet.” They continued their conversation; however, I will not reveal what was said, they both promised each other that they would never reveal it. Even today, Many Years later, neither of them has.

They arrived home around an hour after leaving Tori and Sam’s, when Mel got home, she asked if she could call Sam. Mel’s mum said, “Yes.” Mel went and rang her, it was just to let her know they got home safely, they talked for a while though, when Mel hung up, her parents said, “What do you both feel like tea?” Skye and Mel said, “Anything light and healthy.”

Mel said, “I could eat a salad.” Skye said, “Yes me too.” Mel’s mum said, “I want something even more substantial, like a steak and vegetables.” Skye said, “Could Laura, Angie and Dani join us?” They said, “Yes of course, we heard Laura bought take away a couple of times.” Skye and Mel said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok can one of you go next door and ask them all over?”

They said, “Ok.” They both went over. Laura was in their kitchen when they got there, she said, “Hi.” Skye and Mel said, “Hi,” she asked, “What’s wrong?” They said, “Nothing, your father is wondering if you all want to join us for Tea as a Thank You?” She said, “Yes, girls come to the kitchen.” They did, when they saw Skye and Mel, they all said, “Hi” and gave each other a hug and asked, “Why are you both here?”

Laura said, “We are invited to their place for Tea, as a Thank You for a groovy weekend.” They said, “Ok groovy, what do we wear?” Skye said, “I’m not sure, I think your father wants to go out, he wants mum to rest.” Laura said, “I’ll come back with you both and find out.” Angie and Dani said, “Ok, we will both have a shower to freshen up.” Skye said, “Yes, we are going to as well.”

Laura went over and talked to Skye and Mel’s parents. Their father said, “Yes, we are going out, total cost is on me.” Laura said, “Ok, do you want us to take our vehicle and we can meet you there.” Skye and Mel’s father said, “It’s ok, Dani and Mel can sit on Angie and Skye’s laps.” Laura said, “Ok.” Their father said, “We are leaving at 6pm.” Laura said, “Ok we will be here by 10 to 6.” Laura then went home to start getting ready.

Skye and Mel went to have their shower and started getting ready, they were ready by 5.30, the others arrived a few minutes later, the girls went and sat in Skye and Mel’s room and talked. Mel told them about part of the conversation she had with her father in the vehicle, they said, “Ok groovy.” Skye said, “What do you both think of Tori and Sam?” They both said, “They are groovy girls.”

Dani said, “I wish I had Mel to myself.” Mel said, “Yes, I know, but we are all young and we need to have fun before deciding on who we want in life.” Dani said, “Yes true and when we are here, we will be closer.” Mel said, “Yes, we will be.” A few minutes later, Laura knocked on the door and said, “Ok we are ready to leave, are you all?” They said, “Groovy, yes, we are. “

They got up and went outside, Laura got in the back, Skye and Angie sat down, Dani sat on Skye’s lap and Mel sat on Angie’s, as usual Skye and Mel’s parents sat in the front and their father drove. Skye leaned forward and asked, “Are you ok?”  Meaning last time, when they went out to Tea, Mel had some leakage. Mel said, “So far, I’m ok.” Skye said, “Ok groovy, I came prepared in case.” Mel said, “Thanks.”

When they arrived at the restaurant, their father said, “Hang on girls, this is a Thank You for Laura looking after you all this weekend and buying Tea last night, and lunch today, also I don’t feel your mother should be cooking tonight, especially as we had a groovy, relaxing weekend.” They all said, “Ok, so we can only have salads and water.” Their father said, “You can all have whatever you want, including dessert, but within reason.” Everyone said, “Ok groovy.” Everyone got out of the vehicle and walked into the restaurant; it was the same one as beforehand.

They waited at the front for the Head Waiter, when he came back, he asked, “How many in the party?” Skye and Mel’s father said, “7.” He said, “Ok, would you all follow me please?” He showed them to their table, and they sat down. Skye asked, “What do you want?” Mel said, “Whatever you want, something light if possible.” She said, “Ok, yes, I’m not that hungry either,” she ordered 2 salads and 2 Orange Juices, Angie and Dani ordered the same, Mel’s mum ordered a steak with vegetables, an Orange Juice. Laura ordered the same, with their father ordering steak with chips and salad, and a Beer, the waiter said, “Ok, I will bring your drink order in a few minutes.”

Mel’s mum asked Laura what happened to her? She said, “What do you mean?” Mel’s mum said, “Well you have seemed happier since we got home.”  Laura said, “Well this weekend was really groovy, but I will tell you more in private soon.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok.”

Skye and Mel’s father said, “Ok girls, did get any schoolwork done over the weekend.” They said, “Yes, Friday after everyone left.” Laura said, “Yes, I checked it.” Their father said, “Ok groovy, it means we can have a later night tonight.” Mel’s mum and Laura both said, “No, as the girls need their beauty sleep.” Their father said, “Ok.”

When their drinks arrived, their father said, “Before we take a sip, I have a toast to make, I just want to say how proud and happy I am of my family, even though we have major changes happening, but groovy ones, also a huge big Thank You to Laura for being an excellent carer on the weekend.” Mel’s mum leaned over and whispered in his ear, he said, “Are you sure?” She said, “Yes,” he said, “Ok, I also want to say that I am so happy that our family will be expanding very soon, Doris is pregnant.”

Laura, Angie, and Dani all said, “Oh wow, that’s groovy.” Skye and Mel said, “Yes, it is.” They said, “How long have you known?” They said, “Over a week, but mum made us promise not to say anything.” They said, “Ok, it must have been hard to keep the secret, especially you Mel.” Mel said, “Excuse me, what do you mean?” They said, “Remember Angie’s 10th Birthday party.” Mel said, “Yes, but don’t forget who I was, I’m different now.” They said, “Ok.”

N.B., A few years back Angie’s mum and Dani had planned a surprise party for her, everyone was sworn to secrecy, but Melissa was still Melvin, the boy then, and a real terror, so he decided to tell Angie about the party. Melvin was grounded for the week leading up to the party and the week after, and was not allowed to attend either, which made him upset because he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

A few minutes later their meals arrived, they all ate in silence, when they were finished, Mel’s father asked, “Do any of you want dessert?”  Everyone said, “Yes please.” He asked the waiter to bring the dessert menu over, he did. They all had a look and chose Ice Cream with Whipped cream and two caramel toppings, one strawberry, one chocolate, he said, “Ok and for the adults.” Laura said, “May I have a Banana Split?” Mel’s mum, asked for a Fruit Salad, nothing else, with Skye and Mel’s father ordering a Pavlova.

The waiter said, “Ok I will bring them back shortly, would any of you like any more drinks?” Everyone said, “Yes please.” He said, “Ok, I’ll bring them in a couple of minutes. “Laura said, “Ok Doris when are you due to give birth?” Mel’s mum said, “May 14th, funny but that is when somebody else was due.” She said, “Yes, I remember.” They both looked at Mel who said, “It wasn’t my fault.” Mel’s father said, “Yeah right, you just enjoyed it so much.”

Mel said, “Ok, maybe our new Brother will come two weeks early, that will make up for it, but please can we talk about something else.” Angie said, “Hang on, how do you know it’s a boy?” Mel’s mum said, “Well, I can feel it, same as I did with Mel.”

Laura said, “Yes I remember you telling me you had a suspicion and look what happened.” Dani said, “But it changed now didn’t it?” Almost everyone said, “Yes, and for the better, right now.” The waiter brought their drinks over, and said, “Your desserts are almost ready, I’ll bring them when they are all ready.

A few minutes later, he brought their desserts over, everyone said, “Thanks,” and ate them in silence. When they were done, everyone said, “Wow, so full.” They all just sat there for a while, after about 10 minutes, Mel’s father said, “Ok, I think we better pay the bill and go home,” Skye and Angie said, “We need to use the bathroom, what about you two?”

Dani and Mel said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, John please hand me your keys as I’m driving home.” He said, “Ok hon, he gave her a kiss.” The girls said, “Aww that’s sweet,” they broke the kiss and started laughing, then they all said, “What’s wrong?” They said, “Well you all said aww, even Mel.” Everyone said, “Yes, because it was so sweet, ok, we will be back shortly.”

Mel’s father paid the bill, him and Mel’s mum walked back to the vehicle, while Laura waited for the girls, when they came out, she said, “Ok, come on your parents are waiting in the vehicle.” They said, “Ok groovy,” and walked back to the vehicle. When they got there, they were both talking.

Laura asked, “What’s wrong?” They said, “Well we think maybe Mel is more of a girl than a boy now, and we are thinking of telling the family very soon, but after the school holidays though.” Laura said, “Ok groovy.”

Mel started crying, and everyone asked what was wrong. Mel said, “I am really happy to hear that, but daddy until I go on hormone blockers, and I start appearing more feminine, I will still be your son when you need me to be.” Mel’s father said, “Ok groovy, Thanks, same here, can you come and sit on my lap for our trip home?” Mel said, “Yes, of course, daddy.”

Mel’s mum started the vehicle and drove home, with the girls chatting all the way, like pre-teen girls do. When they got home, they gave each other a hug, Laura, Angie, and Dani went home, Skye, Mel and their parents went inside to their place, their mum said, “Ok do you girls want a bath or do you just want to go to bed.” They both said, “We are tired, so will just get changed and say goodnight and go to bed.”

Mel’s mum said, “Let’s save time, and we will say Goodnight now,” To which they said, “Ok, “Skye hugged and kissed  her mum, while Mel did the same with her father, we swapped, they both said, “Sweet Dreams,” they said, “Yes same to you both.”

They went into their room, took off their clothes and went into the bathroom to cleanse and moisturize their faces and necks. Afterwards, they went into the bedroom to put their nighties on, Skye said, “Do you want to sleep with me?” Mel said, “Ok,” they both got in. She asked Mel about Tori and Sam’s place, Mel said, “It’s groovy, their bedroom is really nice, the beds are big enough for us all to sleep in.” She said, “Including Angie and Dani.” Mel said, “Yes,” she said, “Ok, did you see the Hot Tub?” Mel said, “No, daddy wanted to leave really quickly.”

She said, “Ok, so, come on sister to sister, what did you both really talk about in the vehicle?” Mel said, “I told you.” She said, “No, you both talked about something else.” Mel said, “Sorry, but I promised daddy I wouldn’t, and he promised me he won’t reveal either.” She said, “Wow, you can keep a secret, ok I’ll let it go for now, but you haven’t heard the last of this.”

Mel said, “Ok, but you are wasting your time,” she said, “Maybe, come on it’s getting late, let’s go to sleep.” Mel said, “Ok, Goodnight sis, Sweet Dreams, I Love You.” She said, “Yes same here, and I will always be by your side.” They both went to sleep.

The next morning their mum woke them up at 7am, said, “Good Morning, that’s sweet you both slept in the same bed again, this is getting to be a habit.” They said, “Good Morning mum, how are you?” She said, “I’m fine.” They said, “Groovy.” They went and did their normal morning routines. When Skye and Mel were ready, they went into the dining room for breakfast.

Their father was there as well, they said, “Good Morning.” Skye asked, “What shift are you on this week?” He said, “Good Morning, my beautiful daughters.” They gave him a hug, he said, “I’m on afternoon shift, right through until the following Thursday, that weekend is our father/son weekend, and we will go to the psychiatrist on our way home on the Monday.”

Mel said, “Ok groovy Mel’s daddy, can I take a change of female clothes, so I can see her as a girl?” Mel’s mum said, “No, I think it’s best you go in as a boy, that way she can see the difference.” Mel said, “Ok.”

Laura arrived with Angie and Dani. They all said, “Good Morning” to each other, then Laura said, “Ok, I spoke with the girls about this last night, I have decided for Dani to go and see our Doctor to get a certificate to keep her home for the rest of the year.” Mel’s mum asked, “Why?”

Laura said, “Well, I heard last week that some of the other children have been saying bad things behind Dani’s back, despite them not being her fault, but children can be very cruel, so I feel that since Mel is staying home, it would be great to keep Dani home too, as this way they can do their schoolwork together.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, groovy idea, do you want us to come with you?” Laura said, “No, it will be fine, but thanks.”

Laura asked Mel and Dani into the bedroom, to which they said, “Yes,” and they went in. She said, “Ok, Mel knows about this, but Dani would you be interested in going to stay with your Aunty Loz and Aunty Wendy’s from tomorrow, Mel will be going as well.”

Dani said, “Yes groovy, but why is Mel going as well?” Laura said, “Loz wants Wendy and Mel to meet.” Dani said, “Ok, it will be groovy, you will meet my two cousins as well.” Mel said, “Yes, can’t wait, just hope they are ok with me.” Dani said, “Don’t worry, I’ll tell them they have to like you, or I’ll never come see them again.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Laura said, “But don’t say anything to anyone until I have your certificate Dani and I’ve spoken with Loz.” Dani and Mel both nodded, then they left the bedroom and Laura drove Skye and Angie to school, then went to see the Doctor.

Mel and her mum relaxed for a little while before they started the housework. Mel’s mum decided to strip each bed then air them for the day, this meant opening every window in the house, then lifted each mattress and base onto their sides, this also allowed more room to dust and vacuum each room too, of course we had to be quiet as Mel’s father had gone back to sleep for a few hours, but once he was awake, they got to and got the vacuuming done. Once Mel’s father had showered and dressed, she got to and started in the bathrooms.

Laura and Dani arrived back just after 11am. Dani said, “I got it, so we can do our schoolwork together every day.” Mel said, “Groovy.” Mel’s mum asked, “Can you wash up for lunch as we are going to have lunch with your father before he goes to work, Laura, would you and Dani like to stay for lunch?” Mel said, “Ok.” Laura said, “Yes, that would be groovy, Dani can you go wash up too and no funny business, ok?” Dani and Mel said, “No, we won’t.” Dani and Mel went to wash their hands, then went back to the dining room to have lunch. Once lunch was over, Dani and Mel did the dishes whilst Mel’s father went to finish getting ready and their mums sat in the lounge room to talk.

Once Dani and Mel had finished, they went to join their mums, but were told, “Go do your homework girls, ok.” They said, “Yes, mum.” They went and started doing their homework, of course we linked our legs together, why Mel doesn’t know, but they did. They got our homework done in just over 2 hours, which was good.

Once they had finished, their mums needed help to make the beds, which they helped with. Mel’s mum said, “Laura, what about if tomorrow we clean your place.” Laura said, “I was thinking that groovy idea.” Mel’s mum said, “I’ll drop the girls at school, and let you three start, if that’s ok.” Laura said, “That’s fine.”

Laura went to pick up Skye and Angie from school, whilst Dani and Mel helped mum start Tea. Due to their young ages, they only helped with non-heat or non-dangerous tasks, even though Mel’s mum was supervising, but you could never know.

N.B., In my Real Life, I take Safety Very Seriously, which has led to lots of criticism with me, but even though I’ve done stupid things, which I’m amazed that I’ve lived to be so old, so please everybody reading this, always stay safe, yes, you can take risks, but always still be careful.

Laura arrived home with Skye and Angie around 4pm with a surprise, Laura had bought dessert, an excessively big Pavlova, which looked delicious, and if she got it where Mel was thinking, it would be. Angie and Skye sat down to do their homework, Laura said, “Angie and Dani we are staying here for tea tonight, ok.” Both girls, well, all four of them, screamed in delight, which annoyed both their mums, but we didn’t care.

Dani and Mel decided to leave their sisters in peace and went across to her place to her room and play house, which was nice and enjoyable too, but instead of playing father and mother, Dani suggested they both be both mothers, yes, for 1974 that was weird, and to my knowledge it didn’t happen, but who is to say it didn’t. Hey, they were only nine years young, so they could imagine anything our young minds allowed us to do.

A short time later Laura arrived and said, “Girls, tea is almost ready, come on and wash up, ok.” Dani and Mel said, “Ok, on our way.” They put away Dani dolls and toys, then headed back to Mel’s place to wash up, then they all sat down to eat.

When they were finished, Mel’s mum asked Skye to do the dishes, Laura asked Angie, but it was futile as Angie had already gotten up to help. Mel’s mum said, “Now that’s helpful, she gets up just as you ask her to help.” Laura said, “Yes, I know, I love having daughters.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, me too.”

Mel said, “Mum, if it’s ok with Laura and Dani, can Dani and I have our bath together, please?” They said, “Yes if its ok with Dani.” Dani said, “Yes.” Angie said, “Can Skye stay at our place?” Mel’s mum and Laura said, “Yes.” Dani and Mel went and got her clothes, they straightened their room and bed, she said, “Yeah right like Skye will sleep in my bed.” Mel said, “Yes true, like you are going to sleep in Skye’s.” Dani just smiled at Mel.

Once they had her things together, they went back over to Mel’s place, placed her things on Mel’s bed, hung her school uniform up, then went and got into the bath. Laura had started it running while they were getting Dani’s things. They both washed each other, relaxed for a while, a short time later, there was a knock on the door, it was Skye and Angie. Mel said, “Come in,” they went in, funny though Mel covered herself up, she still doesn’t know why though.

Skye and Angie just wanted to say Good Night, as they were going next door to have their bath, the girls all said, “Good Night, see you both in the morning,” they both left. Dani and Mel continued relaxing in the bath, when the water started getting cold, they decided to get out, dried off, went into the bedroom to put their nighties and slippers on.

When they were finished, went into the dining room, Mel’s mum had their Hot Cocoas ready, they all sat and watched television for a while, once they had finished their drinks, Mel grabbed their cups and went and washed them up.

When Mel got back, she asked, “Can Dani and I go to bed now, please?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, but I know you two girls, you are going to talk for a while,” they said, “Us two, no we are going straight to sleep.” Laura said, “Yes, I’ll believe that when I see it, now kiss us both good night. They gave their mums a hug and a kiss, said, “Good Night,” went to the bedroom. They got on top of Mel’s bed and started chatting.

Dani said, “Are you excited about going to stay at Aunt Loz’s and Aunt Wendy’s?” Mel said, “Yes, it will be lots of fun, but I’m nervous about how your cousins and Aunt will react when they find out about me.” Dani said, “Look, like I already said, they will be fine with it, so don’t worry until you meet them.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks, I’m tired, Good Night, sweetness.” Dani said, “Ok, yes, me too, Nighty Night.”

The next morning, they both woke up to Skye and Dani shaking them. Angie and Skye said, “Good Morning, sleepy heads. Come on get ready for school, ok. Dani and Mel said, “Good Morning, thanks, give us 30 minutes.” Even though Dani nor Mel were going to school, to assist Mel in her new role, that of a gurl, Mel’s mum and Laura decided that they should wear their school uniforms whilst doing their schoolwork. Honestly, it made Mel feel like she was now home.

                                                Chapter 1.5:                                                                                                                            Major Dramas/ Time Away.

Once Dani and Mel had completed their normal morning routine, Dani asked, “Mel can we go to your room, please?” Mel said, “Ok.” When they got in there, Dani broke down crying, Mel said, “Yes, I know, let it out.” Mel doesn’t know why but she started to cry as well, maybe because she felt sympathy for Dani as she had to keep her secret, or whether it was because she felt relieved that the truth was finally coming out, they cried for what seemed like an hour, but once they were both finished, they felt a lot better. Mel said, “Wow, I can’t believe that I just cried like a girl.”

Dani said, “You are a girl, because girls cry and have sympathy for others, boys don’t, they only care about themselves.” Mel said, “Yes, that’s true.” They went and washed our faces went back into the dining room. Skye asked, “How are you both?” They said, “Ok.” Skye said, “We heard you both crying, but decided to leave you both alone.” They said, “Thanks.” Mel asked, “What’s going to happen with Justine?”

Skye said, “Don’t worry, Angie and I are not going to do or say anything to her, she doesn’t deserve it.” Mel said, “Ok.” Laura said, “Ok, I’ve spoken with Loz and it’s fine for you both to go up from tomorrow, if you both want.” Mel said, “Well it depends on mum and daddy.” Mel’s mum said, “It’s fine by us, but today after you have both finished your schoolwork, please get changed then come help us, ok.” They said, “Yes.”

Mel’s mum drove Skye and Angie to school, whilst Laura asked Dani and Mel to start on our homework, then she said, “Can you tell your mum, I’ve gone to start cleaning.” Mel said, “Yes, will do, if you need any help, please come get us.” Dani and Mel started their homework, and as Mel’s father was still sleeping, so they kept their noise down.

Mel’s mum arrived back just over 30 minutes later, Mel passed on the message to her, she said, “Ok, when you are both finished, please get changed, then come help us.” They said, “Yes, will do.” Mum headed next door, whilst Dani and Mel continued their homework.  Once they were finished, they went and got changed, then went next door to help their mums out, but they were almost finished.

Once they were finished, they went and had lunch at Mel’s home, but her father had already left for work. The afternoon was spent packing their clothes, and it was decided that Mel would sleep over at Dani’s tonight, but Laura did not want to leave until around 8am, because by the time they arrived at Loz’s, she should be back from dropping the girls at school. Laura went and picked up Angie and Skye and they returned just after 4pm and did their homework. Dani and Mel had gone back to her place, with her luggage and they played house again until they were called over for tea.

They all sat to eat, when they were finished, Mel’s mum said, “Ok, Mel and Dani, can you both do the dishes, please?” They said, “Yes, of course.” They cleared the table and did the dishes, although some of the pots and pans needed soaking, which is what they did. Skye and Angie went next door to pack some clothes for Angie, of course they were gone for an exceptionally long time. Once Dani and Mel had finished the dishes, they asked if they could go next to have their bath, then an early night.

Their mums agreed, and just as Dani and Mel were about to leave, in came the other two, both with very devilish grins on their faces. Mel just shook her head, then everyone said, “Goodnight” to each other, and a hug too, then Dani and Mel headed to her place.

Dani started the bath going, and whilst that was filling, they grabbed their towels and nighties, then went back to the bathroom, undressed, and lowered themselves into the bath. Dani said, “What will happen when you return to school?” Mel said, “I don’t know, it will depend on what Mrs. Jackson will do.” Dani said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Come on let’s enjoy our bath, we both need to relax.” Dani said, “I never said this, but Kathy and Monique asked if the rumour about you is true, they will support you, they asked what is going on, but I said that you are going through some stuff, and will tell them when the time comes.”

Mel said, “Oh that’s groovy, I do miss those two, you know what I just realised I spend more time with girls than boys, and don’t really have any male friends.” She said, “Yes that’s true, you have always been closer to girls than boys, I think someone is going to stay a girl.”

Mel said, “Yes. I so love being a girl, it’s better than being a boy.” Dani said, “Yes, and I love you more especially as we can swap clothes.” Mel said, “Yes.” They finished washing themselves, got out and dried off. They got dressed then went to her bedroom and got in under the covers to chat about the next few days at Loz’s and they chatted about other things too, and soon fell asleep.

The following morning, Laura came in wake them up around 7am, she said, “Just put your dressing gowns and slippers on please, as Mel your mum, Angie and Skye are coming over shortly.” Both girls said, “Ok.” Dani asked, “Please don’t say anything.” Mel said, “I won’t.” We put our dressing gowns and slippers on and went into the dining room. Mel’s mum, Laura, Angie, and Skye were sitting at the table, everyone said, “Good Morning,” sat down to have breakfast.

Mel’s mum said, “Do you think it’s wise asking Mrs. Jackson if Kathy and Monique should be told, but in private.” Laura said, “Well it’s up to Mel, but I do agree because they have all been friends for so long, but what about if they don’t support Mel.”

Mel nudged Dani, who whispered, “Ok tell them if you want.” Mel’s mum asked, “What are you two whispering about?” Mel said, “Well Dani has something to say.”

Dani said, “I need to be honest and say they I told them both on Monday, but after they both said they would support Mel if the rumours were true.” Everyone said, “How could you?” Mel said, “Hang on, I don’t blame Dani, she has had to lie to everyone, especially our two best friends, she told me last night, and I’m ok with it, I’ve wanted to have Dani tell them.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok as long as you are ok.” Mel said, “Yes, can you tell Mrs. Jackson, please?” Mel’s mum said, “Ok will do, and I’ll see what she says.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks.”

Mel’s mum said, “I have an idea, why don’t I suggest to Mrs. Jackson, to have their mothers come in tomorrow morning to have a chat.” Everyone said, “Yes, groovy idea.” Angie, Skye, and Mel’s mum said, “Ok, enjoy your break, we will see you both soon and behave.” Dani and Mel said, “Yes.” They all hugged and kissed each other, then they left. Dani and Mel went to have their shower and get dressed. Once ready, Laura placed their bags in the vehicle, Dani and Mel got into the back seat and she drove off.

The drive was nice, and soon enough they arrived. Dani bolted out of the vehicle straight into Loz’s waiting arms, who picked her up and gave her a tight hug and kiss. Mel got out and walked over and said, “Hello, Miss.” Loz said, “Hi Mel, it’s Loz, or Loz for short, ok?” Mel said, “Ok, thank you Loz.” Loz then gave me a hug and kiss too.

Loz invited them inside, of course Dani being Dani had already dragged Mel inside and up to her cousins’ room. Dani had been there many times and stayed over with Angie, so knew exactly where to go, and as she was familia, did not have to ask for an invite inside, just as it was back home.

N.B., I have based Angie, Dani, and Skye on people I grew up with, and as we were neighbours, never knocked and asked permission to enter, both fathers cut a gate in the dividing fence close to both back doors, to make it quicker and easier to see each other.

Dani said, “This is our bed whilst we are here, and in that corner is Michelle’s, she is our age, this one is Cassie’s she is a puny six-year-old brat, but I still love her, actually love them both.” Mel said, “Ok, groovy, but what if they don’t like me, especially when they find out about my deformity?” Dani said, “Look, if they have a problem with you, it’s their problem not yours, the worst that will happen is that we sleep in the lounge room, at least for tonight.” Mel said, “Ok, come on shouldn’t we join the others?” Dani said, “Yes, agreed.” They went and joined them.

Loz then said, “Laura, when is Angie coming up next?” Laura said, “This weekend, and Mel’s parents and her sister are coming up too, what we were thinking was having a familia picnic, especially as the weather is getting warmer. Loz said, “Thank you, yes, that would be fine, and I know the girls are dying to see Angie as it’s been so long, and after meeting Mel recently, I can see why she is such a sweetheart.” Laura then said, “Sorry, but I need to head home, now you girls behave, because if you don’t, you will be barred from coming back here, ok?” Dani and Mel said, “Yes, we will behave, Thanks.”

They walked Laura out to the vehicle, gave her tight hugs and kisses, said, “Goodbye” to her, then she left. The three of them walked back inside to relax. Loz said, “Ok, now neither Michelle or Cassie know about me, but having you here now and you all sharing a room, I assume Dani you have claimed your normal bed.” Dani just smiled and nodded. Loz continued, “Ok, so what I’m going to do is tell the girls tonight because Wendy and I feel now is the time.” Mel asked, “Who is Wendy?”

Loz said, “She is my girlfriend and their biological mother.” Mel said, “Ok, how are they your children then?” Loz said, “Well, I am, look when you get older, you will find out how that all works, it’s not my place to explain.” Dani said, “We know, that it’s when a father and mummy love each other, nine months later a baby is born.”

Loz said, “True, but sometimes like it is with me, there isn’t always of man of the house, all you both need to know for now is that both girls are a creation of the love expressed by Wendy and me, I’m getting very uncomfortable talking about this with you both, especially as you are both still children, now, let’s see what we are all going to have for tea, ok.” Dani and Mel said, “Ok, sorry for being so invasive, but it is all very new to us both, especially as we live in a very archaic area.”

Loz said, “It’s ok, but let’s get tea started.” They went and started preparing the food, although as it was Spring, but only just, it was still cool, so Loz had been slow cooking a stew all day. Dani and Mel helped bake some bread. Loz liked to add extra ingredients, in this case, herbs, garlic and paprika. I know that sounds weird, but the combination works and is delicious.

Around 3.30pm, Michelle and Cassie came bounding inside straight to Loz and gave her a hug and kiss. Loz said, “Yes, I love you both too, welcome home, but turn around and look who is here.” The girls turned around and when they saw Dani, their eyes lit up, and their mouths got almost as wide as a certain fun park entry, and both went over to tightly hug their cousin and plant kisses all over Dani.

After a minute or so, Loz said, “Hey girls, look they are both here for a while, let your cousin go, so I can introduce our other houseguest. Michelle said, “Sorry, it’s just been so long since we have seen you.” Dani said, “Yes, I know and I’m excited to see you both too, but as your mum said, we are here for a while, now let me introduce my neighbour and new best friend, Melissa.”

Michelle said, “Nice to meet you Melissa, welcome to the house.” Mel said, “Thanks, hey Dani what do you think, should I let her call me by my nickname?” Dani said, “What, Smelly?” Mel said, “Yes, after all it is an easy way to get to know someone and allowing them to call me by my nickname also helps relieve any tensions.” Loz said, “I’ve never heard anyone call you Smelly, it’s only been Mel so far.” Dani said, “Well, in secret Angie, Skye and I have called her Smelly for a long time, because of, whoops, sorry forgot.” Michelle said, “Because of what, come on spill.”

Dani looked at Mel who said, “Loz do you mind if I tell Michelle?” Loz said, “No that’s fine.” Mel said, “Ok, groovy, Michelle could you and Dani please go to your room as I need to tell you something?” Michelle said, “Yes, of course.” Then they went to her room and closed the door. Michelle said, “Ok, what’s going on, you are getting me worried.” Dani said, “Smelly, can I tell her?” Mel said, “Yes, of course.”

Dani said, “Ok Michelle, this is only between us for now, not even Cassie or mummy Wendy are allowed to know, yet.” Michelle said, “Groovy, a secret, I promise not to say anything.” Dani said, “Ok, Mel is not exactly like us, she well has a deformity that she really hates, but it’s not allowed to be revealed to anybody else, without Mel’s or my permission, ok?” Michelle said, “Ok, agreed.”

Mel said, “Ok, Michelle you and Dani are both exactly the same, but I was born a boy and have a boy part.” Michelle said, “What, I don’t understand.” Dani said, “Ok, do you remember when that boy, I think his name was Josh, showed his boy part?” Michelle said, “Yes, what you have one Smelly?” Mel said, “Yes, but in time, I hope to have an operation to have it removed.”

Michelle said, “Wow, I would never have guessed, you look and act so much so a like girl.” Mel said, “Yes, thanks, but as we said, please keep this secret for now, it’s a reason why we are up here, because there is a rumour going around at our school about me, and my parents fear that I might be hurt if I stay at home, so both Dani and I have been given an exemption to stay out of school until next year.” Michelle said, “Ok groovy, well, you have my support, especially as mummy Loz was born a boy too.”

Dani said, “What, how do you know about that?” Michelle said, “Well, I got out of bed one night and heard them both fighting and mummy Wendy said that she regretted Loz losing her penis.” Mel said, “Wow, so how long have you known?” Michelle said, “Almost a year, but I don’t care as they are still our parents and both love and care about us equally.”

Mel said, “True, it shouldn’t matter, but does to others because they feel it’s their right to interfere in others’ lives, when they have no rights too unless something dangerous is going on.” Dani said, “True, but what are we going to do now?”

Michelle said, “Cassie and I have homework to do, so let’s go out to the dining room to chat whilst we do that.” Dani said, “Groovy idea.” They all hugged and left the bedroom and went to join Loz and Cassie. Cassie said, “What’s so secret?” Michelle said, “Big sister stuff, now shut up and do your homework short stuff.” Dani and Mel helped Loz with tea, and the delicious smell of the bread was making their mouths salivate so much, that they couldn’t wait to taste it.

Cassie and Michelle continued doing their homework, whilst Dani and Mel continued helping Loz. Loz asked, “How did it go with Michelle?” Mel said, “Fine, she said she will support me as much as she can, which I’m happy about, but what about Wendy and Cassie, do you think they will support me?” Loz said, “Well if Wendy doesn’t, there is something wrong there, because she has supported me all these years, as for Cassie, I’m not sure, hopefully she will.” Mel said, “Ok, yes, me too.”

At 6.30, the back door opened and in came Wendy, Mel thought. Loz went to give her a hug and kiss and said, “Watch out, we have visitors.” Wendy saw Dani and dropped her bag then went to give Dani a hug and kiss then said, “Yes must be Melissa?” Mel said, “Yes, you must be Wendy.” She said, “Yes, nice to meet you finally.” Mel said, “Likewise.” Wendy said, “You look stunning, I didn’t expect you to look so groovy.” Mel said, “Thanks.”

Loz then said, “Ok now Wendy is home, let’s set the table and sit to eat tea.” Mel stood back to observe because she had no idea what to do, then once the table was set and Wendy had returned, they all sat to say Grace, then ate in silence. Once tea was over, everyone just sat to let their food digest for a little while, which was not easy as a certain person was playing footsies with Mel under the table. After a while, Loz said, “Ok, Wendy and I will clear the table and do the dishes, can you girls please go and have your baths.” Everyone said, “Ok.” Michelle said, “Can Smelly and I have ours first, please?” Dani said, “Yes, of course.” Michelle and Mel went to get their nightclothes and towels, then went to start the bath running.

Once the bath had filled to the right level, they both undressed, of course, Mel was shy and turned her back on Michelle, back she said, “Hey it’s fine, you don’t have to be shy around me, besides, you are a girl who was born different, ok.”

Mel said, “True, I just get shy around new people, hey ask Dani, I was with her and Angie.” Michelle said, “Ok, no worried, now turn around.” Mel turned around and she said, “You look just like me almost, except for your deformity, so don’t worry, now, let’s in and wash ourselves and each other.”

They got in and laid down to relax, and boy did it feel good. They washed themselves and each other, but once the water started getting cold, decided to get out. Michelle said, “Come on let’s get out,” which they did and grabbed their towels, dried off, wrapped the towels around themselves.

Michelle said, “Wow you are a natural, you wrapped the towel the female way and up around your chest.” Mel said, “Yes, guess it’s just automatic now.” When they got back into the room, they put their nighties, slippers, and dressing gowns on, and into the lounge room to enjoy their Hot Cocoas.

Wendy asked, “Are you both ready for your hot cocoas?” Both girls said, “Yes, thanks.” Wendy went and got them then came back and handed them their mugs. They said, “Thanks” to her, then sat down and watched television, after the show was finished, they all talked about what they are going to do over the next few days, Michelle asked, “Could we go to the Apple place, I’m sure Dani and Mel will love it there.” Loz and Wendy said, “Yes, we both love apples, ok groovy, we haven’t been there in a while.” Dani and Mel said, “That sounds like fun.”

Once they had finished their drinks, Michelle asked, “Can Dani, Mel and I go to bed now, please?” Loz and Wendy said, “Well if its ok, could Mel sleep with us as we want to chat to her?” Michelle and Dani said, “Ok, we haven’t seen each other in a while.” Michelle and Dani said, “Good night.” They all hugged and kissed, then went to bed. Wendy said, “I’ll wash these up if you both want to go our room, Loz.” Loz said, “Ok, see you soon, come on Smelly.”

When they got there, Mel sat on the bed and waited for Loz to finish changing and Wendy to come back, then when they did, they sat on the bed and chatted, they asked, “What do you want to do in the future, like have you thought about getting surgery or haven’t you thought that far in advance yet?”

Mel said, “Well it would be nice, but honestly I don’t know yet, I just need to get see what’s going to happen.” They said, “Ok groovy, you are still new to this, so you may still change your mind.” Mel said, “Agreed, but so far things are going groovy, I am worried that Cassie might reject me though.” Loz said, “Look, she won’t because we will ask her to give you a chance, but for now, we think it would best if you only had baths with Dani.”

Mel agreed, then said, “How are things going with Cindy.” They said, “We don’t see her very often now as she has a girlfriend and they spend a lot time together.” Mel said, “Ok groovy, do they live close by?” Loz said, “No, they moved interstate as it was easier.” Mel said, “Ok, that’s so sad they had to move.” Wendy said, “Its ok, they both own a restaurant there, and only employ Lesbian staff.” Mel said, “Ok. Loz, can I ask you something, Please?”

Loz said, “Yes of course.” Mel said, “Can I see you please, I’m just curious to see how it turned out.” Loz said, “That’s fine, what we will do is show you both of us, that way you will see the difference.” Mel said, “Ok,” they both took their pyjama pants off and showed her. Mel said, “Wow that looks groovy.”

Wendy said, “Have a look at me.” Mel said, “Wow I can’t tell the difference, you are both almost identical, I think I will have mine.” Loz said, “You will enjoy it so much, there are a few things you should do first, but I’ll tell you those in a few years’ time.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.”

They put their panama pants back on, and said, “Ok let’s get into bed and get some sleep,” Mel said, “Ok.” They all climbed in under the covers, with Mel in the middle, they all said, “Good Night,” fell asleep. Mel felt very safe that night, it was the first time in a long time.

The following morning, she was woken up by Wendy and Loz getting out of bed, and said, “Good Morning,” they said, “You can stay there for a while, we are going to have our shower and cook breakfast.” Mel said, “I’ll go wake those other three,” they said, “Ok groovy.”

Mel went and woke up Michelle, Cassie, and Dani, she jumped on their bed, they both jumped and screamed, then said, “Good Morning,” hugged each other. Mel said, “Breakfast is being cooked,” they asked, “Why are you so happy?” Mel said, “Because its groovy up here, I just feel so relaxed,” they said, “Wow, you have only been here overnight.”

Mel said, “Yes, but last night, I had the best sleep in a long time, don’t get me wrong, I love our time Dani, but sleeping in between both Michelle and Cassie’s parents made me feel safer and more comfortable,” they said, “Ok.” Michelle asked, “Dani, do you and Cassie want your showers first?” They said, “Yes, thanks,” Mel said, “Ok I’ll help out in the kitchen.”

The girls went and had their shower, whilst Mel helped Loz cook breakfast. Michelle and Wendy had a shower together, then when everyone was ready, came and joined the others in the dining room. After breakfast, Dani and Mel helped Loz with the washing up, whilst Wendy and the girls finished getting ready for work or school.

N.B., Most people washed their dishes by hand, as either it was much easier and gave a better job, or they could not afford a dishwasher machine. Personally, I prefer to do my dishes by hand because I achieve the desired cleanliness. I have had to re-wash dishes, “washed” by a dishwasher in the past.

Loz said, “Ok, once everyone is ready, we are going shopping today, after I have dropped Wendy at the station and girls at school, how does that sound?” Dani and Mel said, “Groovy.”

Once everyone had finished getting ready, they went and got into Loz’s vehicle, then left, and dropped Wendy off first, then drove to the school to drop Michelle and Cassie off. Once that was done, they headed to a new shopping mall that had recently opened. This was the first shopping mall in this area and had already forced some mum and dad businesses to close, which is tragic because mum and dad businesses are the backbone to the economy.

N.B., That is my opinion, especially being a former small business owner, shopping malls are the death to small businesses. I have seen many friends lose their businesses because of how “Convenient” shopping malls seem to be, yeah right, not in my opinion. Small Business Rocks Always.

Once they found a parking spot, got out and walked inside to go shopping. Both Dani and Mel were astounded at the size of the mall, and neither one of them could decide where they wanted to start. Loz said, “I need to use the ladies, what about you two?”

Mel said, “Yes, me too.” Dani said, “Well if you two are going, I might as well too.” They walked to the ladies and surprisingly, there was no line up, which suited Mel as that is the main drawback to being a girl. Once they had all sorted themselves out, washed their hands and left the ladies, then walked around the shops for a while.

They found clothes and accessories they liked and tried on, and strangely enough not everything Mel liked, Dani liked and vice versa. Loz paid for everything and she bought some things too. At 2pm, Loz said, “Ok, we need to go and pick up the girls from school, ok.” Dani and Mel said, “Ok groovy.”

They headed to the vehicle then Loz drove to the school, but along the way she said, “Ok, tomorrow is Thursday, Wendy has organised to take the rest of the week off?” Mel asked, “Why?” Loz said, “Because she wants to get to know you Smelly, and she is overdue for some leave, so once she found out you were both coming up, she told her manager that she is taking these days in lieu of unpaid overtime.”

Mel asked, “What does Wendy do for a job?” Loz said, “She works for a big Solicitors in the city.” Mel asked, “What is a sol, sorry I can’t say it.” Loz said, “Solicitors, they defend people who have to go to court, but she only works in the office preparing all the paperwork.” Mel said, “Oh, ok, groovy.”

The drive to the school was not long, then once they arrived, Loz found a parking spot and allowed them both to get out and stretch their legs until she came back with the girls. Of course, both Dani and Mel liked the school, as it looked much better than their current one.

Mel said, “Wow, I wish we went here.” Dani said, “Yes, but we would need to move here first.” Dani and Mel then set a plan in place, more later.

Some mothers started arriving to pick up their brats, and even looked Dani and Mel over, with a couple asking who they were and why they were not in school, and of course, they copped abuse, because neither of them were willing to explain to total strangers any personal, private information.

Dani and Mel had been told long ago, not to talk to strangers. Loz and the girls came out just after 3.15 with Loz saying, “Hi” to many of the mothers. Loz said, “This is my niece and her neighbour, they are staying with us for a while, because have been very sick and need somewhere relaxing to recover.” The mothers all just looked but didn’t say a word. They got into the vehicle and headed back to their place.

Loz said, “Ok, all’s set for tomorrow, but you girls have to do your schoolwork late Sunday afternoon, ok.” Michelle and Cassie said, “Yes, mum.” They soon arrived home not long after, got out and waited for Loz to lock the vehicle and unlock the house. Once that was done, Loz, Dani and Mel went into prepare tea, whilst Michelle and Cassie did their homework. Once they had finished their homework, they set the table, then Michelle and Cassie went to have their bath, then when they were finished, Dani and Mel went to have theirs. Once they were finished, went into the dining room to have tea.

Wendy arrived home just on 6.30pm, just as they were sitting down to eat. Of course, they gave her a hug and kiss, then said Grace, and ate tea. Once finished, Michelle, Dani and Mel cleared the table and did the dishes, whilst Loz and Wendy went to have their bath. Cassie sat at the table watching them. Afterwards, they sat and watched television until around 9.30pm, then said, “Goodnight” to each other and went to bed. Of course, the girls decided to chat for a while, before they finally fell asleep.

The following morning, they were woken up at 7am, had their showers and breakfast, then at 9.30am once the morning rush hour traffic had dissipated, left the house for the drive to the apple place.

The drive was not that long, when they arrived, Dani and Mel said, “Wow, this looks groovy,” they had a big apple in the front, Michelle said, “You can go in that, the views are groovy, maybe we all will later.” Dani and Mel said, “Groovy, can’t wait.”

Loz and Wendy said, “Come on girls, let’s go in.” They said, “Ok.” They went in and walked around. Loz said, “They have a miniature train that takes you around the farm, who wants to go?” The girls said, “Yes sounds groovy,” Michelle said, “It’s groovy, it shows all the apple trees.” Dani and Mel said, “Ok groovy.”

Loz and Wendy walked over to where the train stop is. Waited for it to arrive, it arrived several minutes later, climbed on board, it departed a few minutes later, the trip was fine, until some male decided to make a comment about Loz.

Wendy asked, “What is your problem?” He said, “I dislike those types being around children.” Wendy said, “What types?” He said, “You know perverts.” Wendy said, “Excuse me, but she is not a pervert she is a woman and is a very good friend of mine.” He said, “No way, that is a man in a dress.” Wendy said, “No she is not, she is all woman, and even if she wasn’t, you have no rights questioning her, as long as she isn’t doing anything to you, please leave her alone.”

He said, “No, that freak needs to be taught a lesson.” Loz spoke up and said, “What gives you the right to be so critical of someone you don’t know, so now here’s my judgement of you, you are an arrogant, rude, judgmental, ignorant, uneducated, and last but certainly not least STUPID male.” He just lowered his head, with everyone on the train laughing and pointing at him.

When the ride ended everyone alighted, a few people asked if Loz was ok, Wendy said, “Yes, she’s fine, he won’t ruin our day out, it was for her niece and friend to have a look around, I just need to make sure the girls are all fine.” They said, “Ok groovy.”

N.B. Even though this was 1974, it still wasn’t acceptable in Australia to be “Different”, even today, 2020, anybody who is not “Normal” is still looked upon as a lesser class of person.

The rest of the day went groovy, they had an unbelievably delicious lunch, dessert was, surprise, surprise, Apple Pie with Fresh Whipped Cream and Home-Made Ice Cream. After lunch, they went inside the Big Apple, it was a lot of fun. Around 5pm, Wendy said, “Come on girls it’s time to go home.” The girls said, “Must we, as we are having a groovy time,” she said, “Yes, as it’s getting late, and the chill is coming in.” The girls said, “Ok.” Then they walked to the vehicle, and climbed in, Wendy started the vehicle and travelled home.

When they arrived back, Loz asked, “What do you all want for Tea?” The girls said, “Just something light please, that lunch was very filling.” Loz said, “Ok, what about toast with cheese and tomato on them?” Everyone said, “Yes please.” Wendy said, “Ok I’m going to bathe Cassie, would you three like a bath together or not?’ Michelle, Dani, and Mel looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said, “We will have it together, it will save water,” she said, “Ok groovy.”

Wendy and Cassie went to her room. The older girls stayed in the kitchen, and said, “Loz how are you after that man today?” She said, “I’m fine, it felt good telling him he was stupid.” They said, “Yes us too.” Mel asked, “Will people do that to me?” Dani said, “Did anyone say anything today?” Mel said, “No,” she said, “Well, when that man said those things, if anyone suspected anything about you, it was a perfect time to say something, but no one did, so don’t worry.”

Mel said, “Ok, but after hearing Loz’s story last week, I have been worried that I may experience problems as well.” Loz said, “Yes we all do, don’t worry, you will be fine, as Dani said if anyone suspected, they would have said something, don’t forget it’s easier now than when I first decided to be myself, when Laura gets here Saturday ask her, she will tell you.”

Mel said, “Yes I remember when you said about Richard and what happened.” They asked, “What was that?” Loz said, “Yes I’d forgotten about that.” Loz then told the story about Richard and what happened, Dani and Michelle said, “That’s not fair.”

Loz said, “Yes, but the good thing was I met your mother, if that didn’t happen, you and Cassie wouldn’t be here.” Michelle said, “Yes, I hadn’t thought of that.” Dani and Mel said, “He sounds like an awful person.” We noticed Loz was starting to cry, we went and asked, “What’s wrong?” She said, “Well I’m so happy that he did that, you three girls mean so much to me, I mean Wendy, Michelle and Cassie, but Dani you and Mel right now as well.” Everyone said, “Oh thanks, we love you as well.”

A short time later, Wendy yelled out, The bath is free, I’ve started the water running.” Michelle, Dani, and Mel said, “Ok thanks,” then they went and got undressed, Michelle said, “No we can’t.” Dani said, “Why?”  Michelle said, “Well because Cassie doesn’t know about Mel.” Dani said, “Well why don’t we get undressed in the bathroom.” They said, “Ok.” Michelle said, “I’ll get our towels, I’ll meet you both in the bathroom.” Dani and Mel said, “Ok.”

Dani and Mel went into the bathroom and got undressed, then got into the bath, it felt so groovy, Dani turned the taps off, a few minutes later, Michelle came in, she said, “You two look very relaxed,” they said, “Yes,” she got in and said, “Wow that feels so nice and warm,” they made room for her. They washed themselves and chatted while they relaxed.

Mel did mention about if she got spotted, Dani said, “You have me, Skye and Angie, and when we are together, Michelle, don’t forget, your girlfriend.” Michelle said, “Who’s that?” Dani said, “A girl she met at the shops, Mel’s first day out as a girl.” Michelle said, “Ok, who is she and where does she live?” I said, “Her name is Sam, Skye and I met her and her sister in the girl’s bathroom just after we arrived that day, we like each other, but yes I like Dani as well.”

Michelle said, “It sounds like Dani likes you a lot, judging by that comment she made.” Dani said, “No I just like Mel.” Michelle and I said, “Yeah sure.” Michelle and Dani tried to reassure me that all will be fine, I said, “I hope so, but after today, I’m not so sure.” Dani said, “Hey I will be with you and like Wendy, I will always defend you.”

Mel said, “Thanks, but please don’t get offended if we don’t end up together in a relationship.” Dani said, “Yes, I know, I will always be your friend at least.” Mel said, “Ok thanks.” They both hugged. Michelle said, “Hey this is my bath, so I’m joining in.” Dani and Mel said, “Yes of course.”

Once the bath started getting cold, they got out, dried off, went, and put their nighties, slippers, and dressing gowns on. They went into the dining room where Loz and Wendy were just finishing making the Hot Cocoas. They all chatted about the day and how Loz was, she said, “I’m ok, Mel it may happen to you, but please don’t be like me and respond how I did.”

Mel said, “Well I think you handled yourself very well. We talked about it in the bath and I did ask Michelle and Dani about what happened.” They both said, “Yes if anybody suspected Mel, we would have said something, no one questioned Mel all day, even when she used the girl’s bathroom.” Loz said, “Yes, I think you are ok.” Mel said, “Yes, thanks, I appreciate it very much.

When they finished their Hot Cocoas, the girls said, “Good Night.” Mel, Dani, and Michelle went to their, and sat on the bed and chatted for a while, it was all girl stuff, but Dani asked, “What if we end up like Loz and Wendy.” Mel said, “Well I don’t know, we are all young, as Loz said I may find a boy and we may get married. Skye and I have talked about if that does happen, she will help out with babies if she needs to.” They both said, “Ok groovy, you have a long time before that will happen if it does.” Mel said, “Yes.” After a while they started getting tired and climbed in under the covers went to sleep.

Friday morning, they woke up nice and early, said, “Good Morning” to each other, laid in bed and chatted for a while, Wendy knocked on the door and came in, she said, “I see we are all awake, could you three look after Cassie, as Loz and I are going out for a while, we won’t be long.” The older girls said, “Yes of course. “Cassie came in and jumped on the bed, and said, “Morning you three.”  They said, “Good Morning” and started tickling her, she couldn’t say anything except laugh as they were tickling her so much.

Cassie started tickling Mel, which got her laughing, and tickling her more. Mel could feel her hand down her lower stomach and realised that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Mel tried to move away, but she kept going lower, she reached her secret area, suddenly she jumped up, she said, “What’s that?”

Mel jumped out of the way, but as she did her nightie lifted and Cassie saw her secret. Cassie started screaming. Michelle grabbed her and said, “Hey stop it and we will tell you ok, but it’s our secret.” Cassie stopped, Michelle asked, “Mel do you want to explain?”

Mel said, “How?” Michelle leaned in and said, “Ok can you follow my lead?” Mel said, “Yes,” she lent in and said the same to Dani, who nodded. Michelle said, “Ok Cassie, Mel is not a girl like us, but she is repaying a bet she owes Dani.”

Cassie said, “How?” Michelle said, “Well Dani and Angie and Mel’s sister Skye who you will meet tomorrow, were talking several weeks ago about whether Mel could live as a girl for a few months and no one would notice, if she does, she wins.” Cassie said, “Ok, what does she win?” Michelle said, “Well that’s up to Angie and Skye, even we don’t know what yet.” Cassie said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Cassie its why we are here for a week, it’s to see.”

Cassie asked, “Do you want to live as a girl all the time?” Mel said, “Well so far, I’m enjoying it, but I’ll never be a real girl, will I?” Cassie said, “Well I think you are.” Mel said, “Thanks, I feel it.” Michelle said, “Ok, the only ones who know are us, our mums and Aunty Laura, Angie, Mel’s sister and her parents, no one else, so please don’t tell anyone, otherwise, Mel will never come back here again.” Cassie said, “No, I love secrets.” They all said, “Groovy.” Mel said, “Who knows, I may even stay a girl, being a girl is so much fun.” Cassie said, “That would be groovy.”

A short time later, Loz and Wendy returned, they came into the bedroom and said, “Hi, what have you all been up to.” They said, “Tickling Cassie, but we have a problem.” They asked, “What’s that?” Mel said, “Well Cassie accidentally found out my secret.” Loz said, “Ok, so what’s going to happen.” Michelle asked if she could talk to them both in the kitchen, they said, “Yes,” she grabbed me as well. Michelle explained what we had told her, they said, “Ok, we will play along.”

Mel said, “When Laura, mum, Angie and Skye arrive tomorrow, I’ll take them aside to let them know, may I call my mum, please?” Loz said, “Yes of course.” Mel rang her mum and told her, she said, “Ok, that’s fine, look we have a problem, Kathy and Monique’s parents have said that they will not allow you to be friends anymore, they have used their religious beliefs to base their decision on that.”

Mel said, “What, that’s unfair, they get to decide without letting us defend ourselves, I’m so sorry.” Mel’s mum said, “Hey it’s not your fault, look tomorrow when we get there, we are going to have a talk about something.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks, did you try and talk to them both?”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, I tried to, but they would not hear of it, they insisted that we are going against God’s will.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks, can you bring my essay up tomorrow, please as I want to read it over and may make some changes.”  Mel’s mum said, “Yes, of course, May I speak with Lauren please?”

Mel said, “Yes, here she is.” Mel handed the receiver to Loz then grabbed Michelle and went back into the bedroom. Loz and Wendy came into the bedroom a short time later and asked about Mel’s essay. Mel explained to them both about her psychiatrist needing her to write it, but in the rush to leave on Wednesday forgot it, you can read it tomorrow night.” Loz and Wendy said, “Ok groovy thanks.”

Loz said, “Ok, look we are going to have a relaxing day today, especially as the weather is so bad, so what about this, we watch television, and play games, how does that sound?” Everyone said, “Fine, so where do we start?” Wendy looked at the television guide and said, “Well, there is nothing decent on, so let’s grab all of our board games, but our visitors will choose what our first two games will be, ok?” Everyone said, “Ok.”

The rest of the day was spent playing games and snacking, as Loz and Wendy allowed them to have a break free food wise day. This included lollies, chips, soft drinks, and hot food too, this is what they went to buy earlier. They enjoyed the board games, and won at least one game each, but it was a very relaxing day though. As it was Friday night, they saw that there was a suitable movie on tonight, so Loz and Wendy made popcorn and Hot Cocoas for them all and sat in silence watching the movie. Once that was over, decided to turn in, as the weekend was going to be remarkably busy.

Mel slept with Dani, with Michelle and Cassie sleeping in their own beds. Mel felt nice as it was comforting sleeping with Dani. N.B., In my real life, at this age, I did have a girlfriend, with whom I had an extraordinarily strong emotional connection with, and even at 9, hoped that we would someday Marry and construct a life together. If you would like to know more, please go and read “Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence” as I tell most about my “Claire Baire.”

The following day, each woke up early, well 8am ish, then got up to prepare for their visitors. This meant having showers, giving the house a clean, making the beds and preparing the food for the picnic. They were ready just after 11.30am, then we sat to relax and wait for the visitors.

The others arrived a little before lunch. Everyone said, “Hi,” sat down to have lunch, Loz told Laura about the rude man on Thursday and how Wendy defended her, Laura said, “I’m so sorry, that’s very mean of him.” Everyone said, “Yes.”

Skye asked, “Did anyone do anything like that to you sis?” Mel said, “No, thankfully.” I did get worried in the bath Thursday night, but Dani reassured me that it’s all fine. Mel’s mum and Laura said, “Ok groovy, so Michelle and Cassie how do you both feel about Mel?” They both said, “Fine.” Loz said, “Cassie is too young to really understand.” Wendy said, “Yes, but she is my daughter and she is very intelligent.” Loz said, “Yes like her mother.” Wendy said, “Thanks.” Cassie said, “Can I ask a question please?” Everyone said, “Yes, who to?” she said, “Well Mum Loz.” Loz said, “Yes go ahead, I hope I can answer it.”

Cassie asked, “Why haven’t you gotten married and had children?” Wendy said, “Well, haven’t you noticed how close Loz and I are?” Cassie said, “Yes, but neither of you have anybody.” Loz said, “I think someone needs to know the truth.” Wendy nodded. Cassie said, “What is it, a day of truth around here is it?” Loz said, “Yes.” Michelle and Mel went and sat either side of Cassie. Loz said, “Well, what I am about to say, doesn’t go any further, it remains a secret between us girls, Angie and Skye both know this as well, but after this morning, Wendy and I decided to be honest with you, but I hope you don’t judge, we will answer questions you have.” Cassie said, “Ok.” Loz said, “Ok, you know how your Birth Certificate says your Father’s name is Lawrence.” Cassie said, “Yes.” Loz said, “I was born Lawrence.” Cassie said, “What.”

Loz said, “Ok please let me finish, I was born a boy, same as Mel, but when I was her age I discovered girls clothes, Aunty Laura caught me one day, and instead of her getting angry and upset she supported me, I continued dressing for a few more years, until I decided when I was 16, that I was a girl, I told your Grand Parents, but they kicked me out. Aunty Laura and Uncle Dave, Rest In Peace Dear Brother In Law, took me in. Dave didn’t support me at first, but once he thought about it, he was fine. He was one of my biggest supporters, even when a man decided his friendship with his best friend over me, because I was Transsexual, he promised not to tell anyone about me, but told his friend, who said it was him or me, he chose his friendship over me.”

Loz continued, “I was devastated, but several months later, Aunt Laura decided that we should have a night out, a friend of hers at work had a sister who had broken up with her boyfriend, I didn’t want to go, but,” Laura continued, “I made her, as I felt she needed a good night out, but she said ok, we went out and Loz met Wendy and they became friends straight away, fell in love and moved in together, Wendy’s sister was Gretel, who they named you Cassie Gretel.” Cassie said, “Yes, why?” Wendy said, “Well when you were born, we hadn’t decided on a name as yet, and we both decided you weren’t a Gretel, but it would be your middle name, it took another 2 days to decide on your Christian name.”

Loz continued on, “I was in a shop and the assistant was very friendly and helpful, I asked her name, she told me it was Cassie, I said Thanks, I am going to name my second daughter after you, when I went back to the Hospital, I told your mum and she said yes, ok she is now Cassandra Gretel Lucas-Morrison.” Cassie said, “Wow that’s a lot, so you both broke up with your boyfriends and found each other, isn’t it wrong for two women to love each other?” Laura said, “Yes that’s true, but if they hadn’t met, you and Michelle wouldn’t be here.”

Cassie said, “Yes, she asked if Loz was still the same as Mel?” Loz said, “No, we waited until you were born before I went and had my sex-change, that was 4 years ago, and it’s been the best 4 years, don’t get me wrong, I love you both as well and always will.” Cassie said, “Ok, so that man yesterday was right.” Wendy said, “No, he wasn’t, he was uneducated and needs to be educated.” Laura said, “He is lucky I wasn’t there, as he would have left immediately, no one calls my sister a freak and gets away with it.” Everyone said, “Agreed.”

Wendy said, “Ok, now you know the whole truth.” Mel said, “Well about Loz she does, not me.” Cassie said, “What do you mean.” Mel said, “I’m not living as a girl for a bet, it’s a trial run to see if I love being a girl and if really does suit me.” Cassie said, “Ok, well I see you as a girl, and I hope you stay that way.” Mel said yes, “Me too, but my confusion is that I think I like girls, Dani is one and another girl called Sam is another.” Cassie said, “Ok now I’m really confused.” Loz said, “Yes, I was too, but after my boyfriend chose, I started doubting whether I wanted a man in my life, when I met Wendy, my decision was made for me, I’ve never been so happy, the only regret I have.” Wendy said, “We have, is that we can’t get married.” Cassie said, “Yes, I can see you both love each other.” Loz and Wendy said, “We do.” Mel said, “I don’t know what will happen with me, all I want for now is to just live my life my way and decide soon.”

Mel asked her mum where her father was. Mel’s mum said, “Have you forgotten that he is working until Thursday?” Mel said, “Yes, I forgot, ok, yesterday you mentioned an idea on the phone.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, we have been thinking, why don’t we move up here, hopefully in time for school to start next year, what do you think?” Dani said, “Wow, we were thinking the same thing, can we all live together please?” Laura said, “That’s the plan, but we need to find a house big enough to fit us all, so we will have a look while we are here. Loz and Wendy excused themselves and went to their bedroom.

Dani grabbed Skye to show her around the house, whilst Mel asked her mum if there was any more news about Kathy and Monique’s narrow-minded parents. Mel’s mum said, “I’ve tried, but they won’t budge, they are adamant that you can’t have anything to do with them, this is why Laura, your father and I decided to see what’s up here.”

Mel said, “Ok, well, I think it will be groovy, and as both Dani and I are having problems at school right now, it would be the best solution, what do you all think?” Mel was referring to Skye, Angie, and Dani. They all said, “Yes, agreed, it will be fun, and at least we will be away from all the nasty un-groovy losers.”

Loz and Wendy arrived back in the lounge room, and said, “Ok, we have been talking, and we think you all should move in here temporarily, how does that sound?” They all said, “Sounds groovy, but can we all live here together?” Loz said, “Yes, what we will do is move you girls into the garage, with Mel’s parents in Michelle and Cassie’s room, and we will partition this room for Laura, how does that sound?” Laura said, “Fine by me, it will be a tight squeeze, but as long as we all communicate with each other, it will be fine.” The rest said, “Ok, so when do we move?”

Mel’s mum said, “Well, I need to discuss this with John, my husband and their father, but I think he will be fine with it, Laura can we go for a drive please?” Laura said, “Yes, of course, see you all shortly.” Mel’s mum and Laura then left. The rest went to the garage to see what was needed to do to make it more homey. As the garage was built for two cars, they decided to buy two bunk beds for Skye, Angie, Dani and Mel, and that Michelle and Cassie’s beds would fit easily. Loz said, “I can build a wardrobe for you all, it will be cramped, but if I know my sister, she has something planned, which is why she has asked Doris to go with her, now, who is hungry?” Everyone said, “Us, but what about our mums?”

Wendy said, “It’s fine, I think they will get something whilst they are out, so let’s go and set the table and have lunch.” They said, “Ok.” They went to the dining to set the table, of course Loz and Wendy went to prepare the food. Once everything was done, the food was portioned out and sat to eat. The food was scrumptious, afterwards, the leftovers were removed as were the plates. Loz and Wendy wrapped the leftover food, whilst the rest did the dishes, then sat to relax, until Mel’s mum and Laura arrived back.

Mel’s mum and Laura arrived back and sat down. Laura said, “Ok we have found some land not far from here that we like.” Laura said, “I will be coming back Monday to see the real estate agent to make an offer and if it’s accepted, will put our place on the market.” Mel’s mum said, “I will talk to John tonight about this, I know he won’t be happy about moving, as it will be a longer drive for him, but in the long run it will be much better for everyone.” Skye and Mel said, “Groovy, thanks mum.” Laura then said, “Ok, sorry, it’s getting late, we should be heading home.”

Skye, Angie, and their mums were walked to the vehicle, gave them kisses and cuddles, said, “Goodbye,” then they were off. Everyone went back inside to have their baths and get ready for tea.

The next few weeks went groovy. Mel’s dad agreed to moving. Laura had bought the land and the house started taking shape. Dani and Mel spent a lot of time at Loz’s and Wendy’s, but also back home helping clean up and sort out what was not going to the new place, boy was there so much stuff , that they decided to clean up and have a garage sale to hopefully sell it.

Once both houses had been sold and clutter reduced, they moved up to Loz and Wendy’s for convenience. As the weather had become much warmer, Loz and Wendy had turned their garage into a temporary room for the girls, and room for Toni and Sam for when they stayed over, which was most weekends. Michelle and Cassie’s room was now Angie and Mel’s parents’ temporary room. Laura was sleeping with Loz and Wendy, after all they were family.

Mel heard things many years later, which I will reveal in a later part, once most of the girls have turned 18, atm part 10.

As there were now three vehicles, Laura decided to sell hers, but leave the funds in her bank account until the house was ready, then she would look at buying a new one. Skye, Angie, Dani, and Mel had been given exemptions from attending school until the new year, mainly because it was the final term and they were better off still doing their schoolwork from their old schools.

N.B., Yes, I know this does not occur and would not be approved anywhere in the world, but please remember that this story and every part after is 90% fiction.

Mel’s mum was told that Kathy and Monique’s parents had complained to the Education Department about Mel pretending to be a girl and trying to sway their daughters to go against God’s wishes, and they even complained about Dani too, saying that she was jealous because both their parents were still alive and raising them. Neither complaint had any merit but was still being investigated.

Wendy found out that one of the fathers knew someone high up and was trying to use that friendship to influence the negative outcome. Wendy was smarter though, she spoke to a Solicitor where she worked, and that person dealt with the situation. Let’s just say that they were never bothered again. I will mention more in chapter 1.6 and a later part.

Wendy did advise them that Mel can get her name officially changed. Mel was very happy, and they decided to go the following Monday, which just happened to be the start of the Spring School Holidays, they planned to go into the city to, yes, go shopping, the movies, maybe to a fun park, but decided that Mel officially being Melissa was more important.

Monday morning, everyone arose exceedingly early, had their showers and breakfast, then caught the train with Wendy. Everyone all went except for Mel’s father as he was working an afternoon shift. The journey was jovial, and crowded with other holiday makers, but what got Mel was that she could feel someone touching her. Mel looked to see that it wasn’t any of her close friends, it was a teen boy who had a wry smile on his face. Mel clamped her legs together to lock him in and whispered in Skye’s ear about him.

Skye in turn, moved to him and whispered in his ear, which made his eyes and mouth open wide, then Skye smacked Mel’s legs and she released this twerp’s hand. He took off as fast as he could away from them. Everyone just laughed, which had the entire carriage looking and wondering what happened. Skye whispered in Mel’s ear what she told him; I will reveal in a later part what she said. Mel burst into laughter when she was told.

The train continued its journey towards the city, until it arrived at the stop needed. They alighted and went to show Their tickets to the gate attendant. Wendy guided them to the certificate place. Once they arrived, went in, and found the form needed. Mel’s mum and Loz filled it, then stood in line. As it was for Mel, she had to stand in line too, which was good. Once they got to the front of the line, the man spoke to them and looked the form over. He said, “Ok, everything is in order, do you all mind if we moved to a private interview room?” They said, “No, that’s fine.”

Jade, yes, that was his name, said, “Ok, I will call you all over in a few minutes, please take a seat.” They said, “Ok, and took a seat, but hardly sat down, and he called Mel. They went into the room and sat then he spoke to them about the application. Mel asked, “Why do you have a girls name for?” Jade said, “It’s not a girls name, there are many males called Jade.” Mel said, “Ok, I didn’t know that.”

Mel’s mum then said, “Ok, so with Mel’s application, what happens next?” Jade said, “Well, I need to send this up to my higher manager, but as you have all the necessary paperwork and forms, I don’t see there being any problems. Mel, if I can call you that? Why have decided to live as a girl for?”

Mel said, “Thanks, well, I didn’t have a choice, my sister wanted a sister, but she realised very early that I wasn’t a boy, and she decided to sway me towards gurlhood, and the past few months have been so groovy, I have met some groovy new friends, but caused some trouble too.”

Mel’s mum said, “Look Mel, you have not caused any trouble, its others who are narrow-minded, just because you have found your true self, never think that way again, ok.” Mel said, “Ok.” Loz even gently punched her. Jade said, “The reason why I asked, is because well, as you pointed out, I have a girls name, and have for many years wished that I had been born a girl, if it’s ok with you all, I would love to chat away from here. I live not far from where you do now.” Mel’s mum said, “Its ok with me, what about you Mel? Mel said, “Its fine with me, but Jade, as I’m underage, all meetings will be in public and I will have support people around me too.” Jade said, “I would not expect it any other way, here is my home phone number.”

Mel said, “Thanks, a quick question, how long before I’m officially known as my new name?” Jade said, “I’m not sure, hopefully around two weeks’ time, I have your number, so if we need any more information, I’ll call personally, now go and enjoy the holidays, and thanks for coming in.”

They said, “Thanks.” Then they left the room and went to join the others. They could see how it went by the big smile on Mel’s face. Skye basically ran over with her arms open wide, then grabbed Mel and squeezed tight, followed by the others too.

Wendy was escorted to her work, then everyone went about their day, with Mel floating on air all day, and nothing could bring her down. They finally left the city around 4pm and headed home. Loz stayed behind to travel back with her darling, sweetheart, she said, “We will grab some food on the way home, so go and start without us.”

When they arrived home, they all took turns having their baths, then had tea, and an early night for the girls. Tori and Sam were not with them, their parents had decided to go away for the holidays, a relative was getting married and they had been invited.

The next two weeks went groovy, Jade did call to let Mel know that her application had been approved. Mel’s mum decided that they would go in on the first day of term three, which is what they did, of course, it was only, and strangely enough, mum, Skye, and Mel, which was nice. Once Mel’s mum paid the fee, Jade handed over Mel’s certificate, and then arranged to have lunch together.

Lunch was great, and they did learn more about Jade and his past. I will mention more about that in part 2. Jade will be featuring a lot from part 2, and he is based on someone I met when I was 15.

                                                Chapter 1.6:                                                                                                                    Back to Being a Boy for Mel’s father

N.B., Mel did have appointments with Julia and her Doctor previously, but each of Julia’s had been cancelled last minute by her receptionist, in this chapter I will be writing about Mel’s second appointment with her, this was only around a month or six weeks after the first.

In this chapter, I will be referring to Mel as “He” because Mel became a boy for the time away with her/his father.

Mel’s mum said, “Ok you better go put your boy clothes on, your father wants to leave shortly.” Mel said, “Yes ok.” Mel went into the bedroom and found some clothes that her mum had laid out for her, boy underpants, vest, long pants, shirt, socks, and shoes. Mel hesitantly took off my girl clothes, slowly put on her boy clothes, a little while later, he went into the dining room.

Mel’s father was sitting there drinking his coffee, he said, “Good Afternoon, Son, how are you today?” Mel said, “Ok.” He said, “I know you don’t want to be a boy, but you did say you would for me.” Mel said, “Yes.”

A little while later, Mel’s mum said, “Ok, your lunch is packed, you can leave when you are ready John and Melvin.” Mel’s father said, “Ok groovy, I’ll go pack the vehicle, we will leave shortly.” Mum and Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Mum sat Mel down and said, “I know you don’t want to be a boy this weekend but in time, you will be a girl all the time, and hopefully when the time is right you will have your sex-change surgery.” Mel said, “Yes.”

Mel’s father came in and said, “Ok are we ready to leave?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes,” Mel gave her a big hug, so did his father, they went out to the vehicle. Mel’s mum asked, “Do you have the address and time for Monday?” He said, “Yes.” They left a few minutes later.

When they left, Mel’s father said, “Ok now we are alone, we can chat,” Mel said, “Ok.” He said, “Ok, I know you are very happy being a girl and I see that you are much closer with Skye now, but are you really sure you want to be a girl yet?”

Mel said, “Daddy, I’m not sure, it’s why I’m on this weekend I know it’s hard for you, but until I know exactly what I am, I will continue alternating as needed, but right now I am happy as a girl, but this weekend is going to be good.” He said, “Yes.” Mel asked, “Where were we going?” He said, “My fathers’ cabin up north.” Mel said, “Ok, so it will just be you and I, no one else,” he said, “Yes.”

The rest of the drive was in silence. They stopped to get supplies at a store, which was around a 30-minute drive from the cabin. Mel’s father asked him to come in with him. Mel said, “Ok.” They went in, he said, “Mel do you want any snacks for the weekend?” Mel said, “Fruit, nuts and juice please?” Mel’s father said, “What, that’s not like you.”

Mel said, “Yes, it’s the new me.” Mel’s father said, “Ok get what you want and meet me at the counter.” Mel said, “Ok.” Mel chose some bananas, apples, pears, grapes, and peaches, went to the counter. Mel’s father paid for everything, the storekeeper asked, “Are you ok?” Mel said, “Yes, I just feel I need to eat better,” he said, “Ok, you two have a groovy weekend.” They said, “Thanks.” They walked to the vehicle, Mel’s father put the supplies in the back seat, got in and continued driving. They arrived around 30-minutes later, got out, unloaded the vehicle.

Once everything had been unloaded, they put everything away, Mel’s father asked, “What do you want to do?” Mel said, “Well I need to get my schoolwork done.” He said, “Can’t you wait to do that?” Mel said, “Ok, I’ll do it later.” He said, “Good, now let’s go get the fishing gear and see if Grandpa’s boat is in working order.”

Mel said, “Ok.” They went out to the boat shed to have a look, Mel’s father said, “Yes it looks fine,” he opened the door and loaded it with the fishing gear, got in and he rowed out, once they were far enough out, he started the motor and we went to his favourite fishing spot.

Once they got there, got the fishing lines out, Mel’s father showed him how to bait the lines. Mel hated touching the worms, they were so slimy and disgusting, but he got his first hooked without hurting himself, cast the lines. Mel’s father secured the rods to the boat, both just rested and waited. It took a long while, but Mel’s line suddenly started to move, Mel’s father said, “Ok I’ll help you reel you it in.” Mel said, “Ok thanks,” it took a while, but did eventually reel the fish in, Mel forgets what type it was, both caught fish.

When it started getting late, packed everything away, went back to the boatshed, unloaded the boat, and went into the cabin. Once inside, Mel’s father wrapped some of the fish in newspaper, and put it in the freezer, he said, “Ok I’m going to show you how to scale, gut and fillet fish.” Mel said, “Ok.

Mel’s father took the first fish Mel caught, and we went outside with a chopping board, knives, bucket of water and the frying pan. Mel watched him scale, gut, and fillet, but it made him feel extremely sick. Once he was finished, they went inside, he placed a couple of knobs of butter on each fillet, some parsley and lemon wedge, wrapped it all in aluminium foil, he put it in the oven to bake.

 He made the salad and sliced some bread. Mel set the table while he was doing all this. When the fish was ready, he took it out of the oven, it smelt really nice, he took each fillet out of the foil, placed one each of their plates and brought them over to the table, used the salad servers to place some salad on the plates, ate in silence. Once finished, sat, and rested for a few minutes.

Mel removed the plates from the table and placed them in the sink. Mel said, “I need to use the bathroom.” Mel’s father said, “Toilet.” Mel said, “sorry, I’m used to the girl way of saying it.”

N.B. Australians do use slang terms for almost everything, bathrooms are no exceptions, honestly for me I find all this slang rather disgusting.

Mel went to the toilet, and as he was unable to pee standing up, and had to sit down, when was finished, washed his hands, and went back into the kitchen/dining room. Mel’s father asked, “Did you wash your hands?” Mel said, “Yes.” He said, “That’s a very female thing to do.” Mel said, “Thanks.” Mel’s father said, “Don’t you know men don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet?” Mel said, “I had forgotten,” he said, “It’s ok, I think you are more of a girl than a boy.” Mel said, “Thanks, yes I feel the same way, just now I had to sit to pee, and I have waited as long as I can, but I just couldn’t pee standing up, so I had to sit down.”

Mel’s father said, “Wow, I thought this was going to be a normal father/son weekend, but if you want to put your girl clothes on you can.” Mel said, “I can’t, mum only packed boy clothes, even for Monday, I insisted she only pack boy clothes.” He said, “Oh ok, well you can be a boy for the weekend, and pee how you want.” Mel said, “Thanks.”

Mel did the dishes, went, and sat down in the lounge room with him. Mel said, “Can we talk please?” He said, “Yes of course.” Mel said, “I didn’t think me being a girl was going to affect me so much, but I have noticed in the last few weeks that I have been happier, more social, I enjoy spending time with the other girls, honestly as a boy I didn’t like playing with vehicles, soldiers, trains etc., but as a girl I’ve enjoyed all the girly stuff, make up, fashion, and all the closeness that girls enjoy.”

Mel’s father said, “Yes, I can see that, and even though I have lost my son, I would rather have a happy girl, than an unhappy son, who I think, if he stays a boy, may not see his 18th birthday.” Mel said, “Yes, agreed, honestly, if I’m forced to live how other expect me too, I doubt I will see Skye’s age.” They both gently hugged.

It had started getting late, so we decided to go to bed. There was only 1 bed. Mel’s father said, “Do you mind sharing, do you?” Mel said, “No, I usually share either with Skye or Dani,” he said, “Ok.” They both got ready for bed. Mel felt strange getting undressed in front of a man, even though it was his father, he still felt uncomfortable, when they were both ready, got into bed, within seconds Mel’s father was snoring his head off. Mel laid awake for a while thinking about what he was missing, he is not sure how long it was before he feel asleep.

They both woke the following morning with sunlight pouring through the window. Mel’s father jumped up went and made himself a coffee and poured his cereal, Mel went and poured his, and poured a glass of cold milk. They both ate in silence, when finished, Mel asked, “What are we doing today?” He said, “Well I thought we could go for a hike.”

Mel said, “Ok, sounds like fun, but can we not be long as I really need to get this schoolwork done, if I don’t before we get home, mum may get upset.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, it will only be a couple of hours.” Mel said, “ok.” When they had finished breakfast, Mel did the dishes, said, “I’m going to have my shower.” He said, “Why?” Mel said, “Well it’s basic hygiene,” he said, “And we will both be sweaty and be dirty in no time, no we will when we get back.” Mel said, “Ok, if you say so.” They put our socks and shoes on, grabbed some cold water and snacks then left.

The hike was enjoyable, Mel wished he had his camera to take photographs as there were some splendid views. They got back to cabin just after 2pm. Mel said, “I’m going to have a shower and do my schoolwork.” He said, “Ok groovy.” Mel went and had his shower, he felt so clean after, even though he didn’t have Skye’s body wash etc. using the standard soap didn’t feel as nice. Once he had dried off and changed clothes, got his schoolwork, and started to do it. Mel’s father said, “I’m going to sit out on the porch to give you some peace and quiet.” Mel said, “Ok.”

Mel sat and concentrated, and had it completed in just over 3 hours, by which time, Mel’s father had come in and said, “It’s almost time for tea, what do you feel like?” Mel asked, “What’s in the fridge?” He said, “Hang on,” he had a look and said, “Well sausages and there is left-over salad from last night.”

Mel said, “Ok,” he got the frying pan and put it on the stove to heat the butter, he separated the sausages, cooked them all. Once they were fully cooked, he removed the pan, and placed two sausages on Mel’s plate, he had four, placed the remainder on another plate and placed them in the fridge.

He used the salad servers to serve some salad on to both plates, both sat and ate, Mel ate his salad very quickly, but couldn’t eat the sausages as fast. Mel’s father asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “I don’t know,” he said, “I thought you loved sausages,” Mel said, “Yes me too, but for some reason, I just don’t feel like them tonight.” He said, “It’s ok, maybe it’s your body changing, remember when Skye went the same way with them, and the only meat she usually eats now is chicken.” Mel said, “Yes, she does eat the occasional fish as well”, he said, “Yes, here give me the sausages.” Mel handed him the plate; he took them off. Mel sat back down and continued drinking his milk.

When Mel’s father was finished, Mel took the plates to the sink and did the dishes. When was finished, sat, and listened to the radio, it was a classic radio show night, which some were funny, others Mel couldn’t get, Mel’s father said, “It’s because you are too young.” Around 10pm both decided to go to bed. Mel fell asleep rather quickly.

The following day was Sunday, he asked, “Do you mind if we went home today?” Mel said, “No, you are the driver and my father,” he said, “Ok.” He said, “Can you have your shower, while I get breakfast ready?” Mel said, “Ok.” Mel went and enjoyed his shower, cleaned best he could with what he had. When finished, dried off, got dressed, went to the dining room for breakfast. Both ate in silence, when finished, Mel’s father said, “I’m going to have my shower, can you do the dishes please?” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” He left, and Mel did the dishes.

When finished, started packing his bag, went and got the dry goods and packed them into the box, when Mel’s father came out, he packed all the cold/frozen items into the esky, went and loaded the vehicle, did a clean-up before leaving.

Mel’s father said, “You certainly are a girl.” Mel said, “Yes, why?” He said, “Because in the past you wouldn’t care the state, we left it.” Mel said, “It’s because girls are cleaner than boys, it’s 1 of the first things Skye told me,” he said, “Ok.” Once the cabin was cleaned up, they locked up and left. The drive back took almost 3 ½ hours.

When they got home, Mel’s mum and everyone else asked, “Why are you both home a day early?” Mel said, “it’s my fault, I just couldn’t get into the male stuff.” Skye said, “Groovy,” she grabbed Mel and took him into their room, Angie and Dani came in as well. They asked, “What happened?”

Mel told them everything, they said, “Ok, so even your father thinks you are more of a girl than a boy.” Mel said, “Yes, honestly, I think he’s expecting me to want to stay a girl, I really do actually, I’ve actually decided that I do prefer being a girl, and I will tell Julia that tomorrow.” They said, “Groovy.”

Mel got changed, it felt so nice to be a girl again, she felt like she was normal, and started crying. Skye said, “Hey what’s wrong?” Mel said, “I know I’m a girl now, putting these clothes back on made me realise it, but I should still go as a boy tomorrow to see Julia? Skye said, “Well yes, I agree, especially if you are not very happy while you are there.” Mel said, “I’m officially a girl, so why should I be going dressed as a boy for?”  

Skye said, “Yes, I know, but Julia needs to see the difference.” Mel said, “Ok, groovy.” A while later, Mel’s mum came in and said, “Tea is almost ready.” The girls said, “Ok thanks.” The girls went into the dining room to set the table. Everyone sat down to eat, after, Skye and Mel went to have their bath together. Mel said, “Groovy, I really missed them the last two nights.” Skye went and started the bath running, whilst Mel grabbed their towels and went into the bathroom.

Angie and Dani said, “Can we sit in there, so we can all chat?” Skye said, “Yes, it’s ok with me if it’s ok with my new Sister.” Mel said, “Yes.” They grabbed a chair each and came into the bathroom to join their friends. They talked about how things were now going to settle down and finally be a relaxing time.

Mel said, “Well sorry to be a party pooper, but I think the battle is only just going to start.” Skye asked, “How?” Mel said, “Well I think our family may not be happy, and I doubt most of the school will be either.”

They all said, “Well yes that’s true.” Mel said, “I have an idea, let’s just see what happens and we deal with each situation as it arises,” they said, “Groovy idea.” Skye and Mel finished their bath, the girls did talk more, after a while, Skye said, “Ok Angie and Dani your turn,” they said, “Ok, then they started getting undressed whilst Skye pulled the plug and started the bath refilling, then her and Mel dried off, and got dressed. They sat and chatted whilst Angie and Dani bathed. When they were both dressed, they went into the dining room.

Mel’s mum and Laura said, “Do you girls want a Hot Cocoa each?” The girls said, “Yes please,” Mel’s father said, “Ok, we still have the problem of dealing with our families.” Everyone said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum said, “Well I’m lucky that mine are a long way away.” They said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum said, “Well I can ring my Sister-In-Law and let her know that there has been changes with us and see if we can stay there this year.”

Mel’s father said, “Yes, but don’t her kids stay each year?” Mel’s mum said, “Usually, but I’ll ask her.” Skye and Mel said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Mum when are going to tell her?” Mel’s mum said, “Well I’m not going to until we get up there.” Skye said, “I’ve got an idea, when you ring her, can I talk to Rachy poo please?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes of course, why?”

N.B., Rachy Poo was Skye’s nickname for her, for reasons that I won’t go into here, but will in a future part.

Skye said, “Well she is 2 years older than me, what I was thinking was telling her about my turning Mel into a girl slowly, and when we go up, if we slept in her room, we come out that way.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, groovy, I’m off to bed, because the last couple of days has taken its toll on me, see you all in the morning, goodnight.” Everyone said, “Goodnight.” Then Mel’s father went to bed.

Skye, Angie, Dani, and Mel said, “Goodnight” to their mums, and hugged them both, then went to bed. Once they got into their shared bedroom, they chatted for a while, mainly about Mel dressing as a boy tomorrow, but also how her familia is going to react at the news that they have a freak in the familia. When Mel called herself a freak, Skye really got stuck into her saying, “Look here, you are not a freak, weirdo, or anything else, you are a human being who just happens to be born with a birth defect, so I want to never call yourself a freak or anything remotely bad again, we can, but you can’t, ok big ears?”

Mel said, “Ok sis, so now I have big ears, thanks.” Skye, Angie and especially Dani all said, “No, you don’t, just teasing you, you are perfect.” Mel said, “Ok, sorry but I’m tired too, see you all in the morning.” They said, “Yes, we are too, goodnight.” Then they all went to sleep.

N.B., Loz, Wendy and the girls had gone away for a funeral, hence why they have not been mentioned for a little while. I was not told whose funeral it was.

The next morning was Monday, the girls woke up around 9am, and asked to have their showers. Mel’s mum said, “Mel, you and your father are going to see Julia, whilst the rest of us are going shopping, so girls can you please let Mel have his shower first as he has his appointment at 2pm across town and it will take your father a good hour or two to get there.” The girls said, “Yes.”

Mel felt incredibly sad as her mum called her a boy, which even though she knew it was to get her into boy mode for the day, Mel felt so alone and lost. Mel jumped in and had her shower, Danielle joined her too, and to cheer her up, she tried to tickle her and hold her close, but it didn’t work.

Finally, Danielle said, “Wow, it looks like what your mum said, hurt you, but hey, it’s only for a day, I’m sure, once you get home this afternoon, you will be able to be a girl again, ok.” Mel said, “Yes, true, thanks.” Once finished in the shower, got out and dried off, then went to get dressed. Once Mel was dressed, they went into the dining room to wait for Mel’s father, and thankfully Mel’s parents came out not long after.

Mel could see that his mum was teary eyed, but his father’s eyes said everything, “I have my little boy back.” Mel’s mum went and hugged her little boy saying, “I’m so sorry, but this is only until you get back today, I know that your father is happy, so please be happy for him, ok?” Mel said, “Yes, mum, I will.”

Mel’s father said, “Ok, let’s go, as it’s a long drive to Julia’s.” Mel said, “Yes.” Everyone hugged and said, “Goodbye” to each other, then went and got in the vehicle. The drive was long, and they chatted along the way.

Once they arrived at Julia’s building, they still had over an hour before my appointment. Mel’s father asked, “Would you like something to eat before we go in?” Mel said, “Yes, please.” Then Mel’s father looked around and found the same cafe that Mel, her mum, and Skye ate at last time, but as Mel was now dressed as a boy, he doubted he would be recognised.

Mel and his father found a table, then sat down and looked over the menu. Mel settled on a salada and orange juice, which surprised his father, he said, “You can have anything your heart desires.” Mel said, “Daddy, that’s what I want, please.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, I know what I want so I will go and order.” Just as his father said that a waitress came over and asked, “What would you gentlemen like to order?” Mel’s father placed the order then she left them alone.

The meals came out not long after, both ate in silence, once finished, sat, and allowed the food to digest. After about fifteen minutes, Mel said, “Daddy, I need to use the toilet.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, do you know where to go?” Mel said, “Yes.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, you go there, and I’ll pay the bill then wait for you outside.” Mel said, “Ok” and went to the men’s toilet.

Mel almost threw up when he walked in as it smelt so bad, and even though he wanted to hold off peeing, needed to go so badly, thankfully as he was busting, was able stand up, which he did and it did flow almost like a male, until the end where it just dribbled out. Mel grabbed his part and went to a cubicle and sat down to finish, and to say that he was happy, was an understatement. Once finished, wiped, and pulled his pants up, but strangely, his part automatically tucked itself under his body. Mel left the cubicle, washed, and dried my hands then went to meet his father.

They headed up to Julia’s office and Mel’s father spoke to the receptionist who said, “Oh, yes, please take a seat, Julia will be out shortly.” Mel and his father sat down to wait. A short time later, Julia came out with her previous patient, asked, “Who’s next?” The receptionist pointed towards Mel. Julia said, “Ok Mel you are next, I assume this is your father.” Mel’s father said, “Yes, I’m John.” Julia said, “Ok I’m Julia, nice to meet you finally.”

Mel’s father said, “Yes same here,” she asked, “Would either of you like anything to drink?” Mel’s father said, “No, but Thanks.” They went into her office. She said, “Mel can you remain standing, but wow you look so different today, so how do you feel?” Mel said, “Honestly, very uncomfortable and still feel very weird.” Julia said, “Yes, I can see that, ok you can sit down now.”

Julia went to her side of the desk and said, “Well today is about your father, Mel, do you have any objections to that?” Mel said, “No, unless my father does,” he said, “No, I’ll help in any way I can.” Julia said, “I should start by apologising for all of the cancellations, but I have had some personal problems to deal with, so now we have almost two months to catch up on, how was the week at Lauren’s.” Mel said, “It was groovy, I really enjoyed it and felt accepted as a girl,” she said, “Ok that’s groovy.” Mel pipped back in and said, “We have now moved into their place until our new place is finished being built.” Julia said, “Wow, is there enough room?”

Mel’s father said, “Yes, Mel, and Skye, along with our next-door neighbours Angie and Dani, and the two girls are sleeping in the garage that has been converted for them, which I think is comfortable for them.” Mel said, “Yes, it’s fine so far, but the warm weather hasn’t hit yet, once that does, we will find out.” Julia said, “Ok great.”

Julia said, “Ok, John I know you were both away this weekend, I think Doris said a Father/Son weekend.” Mel’s father said, “Yes it was, but we came home early.” Julia asked, “Why was that?” Mel’s father said, “Well Mel was feeling very uncomfortable as a boy.” Mel’s father told Julia about the weekend, and he also mentioned that her name has been officially changed to “Melissa Doris Pinewitch.”

Julia said, “Ok, that’s great, but not every boy likes fishing.” Mel said, “Yes true, honestly Julia I just didn’t feel comfortable all weekend as a boy, even on Saturday night, we had sausages and salad for tea, my father gave me 2, I didn’t want them, which has never happened before, I was so happy when my father suggested we come home yesterday, I even wanted a shower both morning and night, I’ve never wanted that when we go up there, I think normally my father and I would only have one or two the whole weekend, but now that I’ve been living as a girl, I’ve noticed my hygiene has become better.”

Julia said, “Ok groovy, Mel can I talk to your father in private please, can you go into the waiting room please?” Mel said, “Yes.” Mel went out to the waiting room, the receptionist asked, “Would you like a drink?” Mel said, “Yes please, could I have a weak coffee please?” She asked, “How old are you?” Mel said, “9, but I have been drinking them the last couple of weeks.” She said, “Ok, how do you have it?” Mel said, “with milk and 2 sugars please,” she said, “Ok.”

Mel sat down in the waiting room, and waited for his coffee, the receptionist brought it over a couple of minutes later. She asked, “How is everything going?” Mel said, “Ok, but not happy I’m like this today,” she said, “Yes, I could tell as soon you came in, why are you dressed as a boy?” Mel said, “Because Julia asked me too.” She said, “Ok.” Mel sat back down and finished his coffee, when he was finished, he asked, “Where can I wash the cup?”

The receptionist said, “It’s ok I’ll do that, you are a girl, as only girls do that.” Mel said, “Yes, I am. “A short time later, Mel’s father and Julia came out, Julia said, “Ok Mel I would like to see you as Melissa with your mum, father and sister on Friday week please.” Julia then went to look in her appointment book to see what time was best, then she said, “Ok 12pm, and it will be a two-hour appointment.”

Mel’s father said, “Ok, that suits us as I that is my next day off, so that suits perfectly.” Julia said, “Great, ok see you all then, and I promise that I won’t cancel.” Mel’s father then paid the bill, then Mel and his father left the office and walked to the vehicle. The drive home was almost two hours, because, afternoon rush hour traffic had started and to top it off there was a motor vehicle accident, but neither driver moved their vehicles, instead decided to have a punch up which slowed the traffic down as they were all over the place.

They soon arrived home though, and Mel bolted inside to get changed as the boys’ clothes were annoying him so much. Mel was wearing panties, which helped, but when she took the clothes off, she took her panties off too and just put a dress on, which felt heavenly to her, and strangely free. Just as she was placing her dress over her head, Skye came in and said, “So what happened with Julia and why are you not wearing panties?”

Mel said, “First up, because I want to feel more girly and panties make me feel boyish still, secondly, it went well.” Mel explained what happened, and about them going to see her again end of next week. Mel’s mum then knocked on the door to let the girls know that tea is almost ready.

Skye and Mel left the bedroom to go and join the others for tea, which looked scrumptious. Everyone sat to eat in silence, of course. Mel had Dani one side and Michelle on the other side, with both rubbing a leg against hers. Once tea was over, Skye, Angie and Mel’s mum all removed the dirty dishes and took them to the sink to wash up. Mel’s father explained about what happened today, which had everybody happy about, except Mel as she still wanted to go to school as “Melissa.”

Mel felt so alive and free, she didn’t need to wait to decide, because she is a “G.U.R.L.” Mel spelt the word out but did have everybody in stitches as they thought she had spelt girl wrong. Mel said, “No, I spelt it right because I’m a uniquely, original, weird, individual.” Again, this resulted in laughter, but everyone agreed though.

Finally, an exciting time arrived:

                                                 Chapter 1.7:                                                                                                                                                  Skye’s Birthday/School Visit

Skye’s 13th Birthday finally rolled around, Mel woke her up early, and said, “Happy Birthday sis,” everyone else heard her, they all said, “Yes, it is.” Loz came out a few minutes later she asked, “What’s going on?” The girls told her, she said, “Oh I didn’t know, Happy Birthday Teen Girl.” Skye said, “Thanks.” Mel’s mum came out a short time later and came over and said, “Happy Birthday sweetheart how does it feel to be a teenager?” Skye said, “I don’t know yet.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok, can you girls all go have your showers and get ready, we are going out for breakfast?” The girls said, “Ok.” Laura and Wendy came out and asked, “What’s going on?” Mel’s mum told them, they said, “Ok groovy, Happy Birthday Skye? They all took turns having showers, Skye and Mel went first, Dani and Angie, Tori and Sam, Michelle, Cassie, Mel’s mum, followed by Loz and Wendy. When they were all ready, went and got into the vehicles and left.

N.B., Skye, and Mel’s father was on an early shift, hence why he has not been mentioned, yet.

They arrived at the bistro a short time later, Mel’s mum, Loz and Wendy all said, “You can have anything you like, especially the Birthday girl.” They all looked over the menu and decided on what they wanted, ordered, and waited for the food to arrive. Mel’s mum asked, “What does our Birthday girl want to do today?  The other girls said, “We haven’t bought Skye a present, can we still go to the Flea Markets please?’ Skye said, “That sounds fine by me.” Mel’s mum, Loz and Wendy said, Ok.” Their food arrived a short time later, with everyone eating in silence.

N.B., Laura was away for a few days as her and Karen had decided to have some “Alone Time.” I didn’t know what that meant until some years later.

Once breakfast was finished, everyone got up and walked out, Mel’s mum and Loz paid the bill, met them at the vehicles. Once everyone was safely in, went to the Flea Markets. They arrived there a short time later, walked around for a couple hours, met for lunch, Loz said, “Ok can we all meet back at the vehicle by 3pm please?” Everyone said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum said, “I have to go pick up your father from the station at 2.30pm, but will drop him home and come pick up the excess girls and shopping, ok?” The girls said, “Ok.”

Mrs. Avery, Tori and Sam had joined them just as they were finishing lunch, they walked around some more, Mel was with Tori, Sam, and Dani, as well as her mum and Mrs. Avery. Skye walked around with Michelle, Angie, Loz, but Wendy and Cassie walked together, they all crossed paths during the afternoon as well. When it got to almost 3pm, they walked back to where Loz’s vehicle was and decided on who was travelling back with them. It was decided on Loz, Wendy, Angie, Skye, and Dani with the rest waiting with Mrs. Avery until Mel’s mum returned.

Mrs. Avery had been dropped off by her husband, as he needed their vehicle. Once Mel’s mum arrived, the dribble got in and travelled back to Loz and Wendy’s, when they arrived back, everyone went and gave Skye her presents, she loved them all. Mrs. Avery said, “I’m sorry all, but I need to go home and spend time with Tori and Sam’s father, I will be back first thing in the morning with their school uniforms.” Everyone hugged and said, “Goodbye,” then Mel’s mum drove her back.

Skye’s dad said, “Hi, Happy Birthday Skye, sorry, but I have to be up early tomorrow again, please keep the noise down tonight, ok?” Skye said, “Thanks dad, yes, we will, goodnight.”  Skye’s mum arrived back not long after.

The girls decided to have their baths, Mel’s mum said, “Ok for once, Loz and Wendy can go first, we will start tea.” They said, “Ok thanks.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok what are we going to have?” She looked in the fridge, said, “Ok bubble and squeak, Angie and Tori can you both help me, please?” They said, “Yes of course.” Michelle, Cassie, Dani, Sam, and Mel went into the lounge room to straighten it up.

Dani and Sam decided to tickle Mel, which got the others into it as well, there was so much laughter, it brought Mel’s mum, Skye, Angie, and Tori in, Mel’s mum said, “Oh come on girls quit it.” They said, “We are enjoying it,” Mel’s mum said, “Yes but can’t you see Mel is crying.” They all stopped and asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “Nothing, I’m just so happy, I feel like I fit in.” They all said, “Groovy.” The girls all had a very tight group hug.

Wendy and Loz came out of the bathroom, they said, “Ok who’s next?” Sam said, “Me and Mel.” Mel and Sam went and got their towels, went into the bathroom, undressed got into the bath. Washed themselves, Sam asked, “Can I lean back into you, please?” Mel said, “Yes of course.”

Mel said, “This is so nice and relaxing.” Sam said, “Yes it does.” Mel instinctively wrapped her arms around Sam’s body. Sam said, “Hmm that feels even nicer.” They relaxed for a while, suddenly there was a knock at the door, it was Mel’s mum, she said, “Ok girls, time to get out.” They said, “Ok, coming.”

They got out pulled the plug, started the water running for the next bath, dried off, went into Mel’s room to get dressed. When they came out, the others asked, “Why did you both take so long for?” Sam said, “Well I just felt comfortable wrapped in Mel’s arms.” They all said, “Ok.” Slowly everybody had their baths. Once everyone was finished, they sat to have tea. When finished, Loz said, “Wendy and I will do the dishes, and make the Hot Cocoas as well.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok groovy, we are going into the lounge room.”

N.B., One thing I do remember about Sunday nights was a fantasy program every Sunday night, which each show was made by a United States incredibly famous production company, it’s still in existence today, they mainly make children’s programs, but many adults enjoy them as well.

Loz and Wendy brought in the Hot Cocoas, everyone said, “Thanks,” sipped them silently whilst watching the program. When it was finished, Angie and Skye took the cups to the kitchen and washed them up, went back to the lounge room. Everyone sat around chatting for a while.

Wendy said, “Ok its almost 9.30, I think we all should be getting some sleep.” Everyone said, “Yes groovy.” They all hugged, kissed, and said, “Good Night.” Loz and Wendy went to their room, Mel’s mum went to her room, whilst the girls went to their makeshift bedroom in the converted garage.

N.B., You might think it would be ridiculously hot in there, even at night, but the builders had put in some temporary insulation to keep it at an extremely comfortable temperature, but we still had a fan in there in case it got too hot. It was still mid-September, so the heat had not set in yet.

The next morning, Monday, Loz woke the girls up at 6.45, she said, “Please go have your showers, I’ll get breakfast ready.” Tori and Sam said, “We can’t yet as mum hasn’t brought our school clothes yet, we will go last.” The rest of the girls had their showers, went, and got dressed, by the time Tori and Sam had theirs, their mother had arrived with their school clothes.

When they came out, they saw their mum, she said, “Your clothes are in the girl’s room.” Tori and Sam said, “Thanks,” went and got dressed. The rest sat down to have breakfast, Mrs. Avery had a cup of tea, Tori and Sam returned a short time later, sat down and ate their breakfast. When everyone had finished, Wendy said, “Ok we had better finish getting ready.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, Angie and Skye can you both help do the dishes?” While they were doing them Tori and Sam went and finished getting ready too.

When everyone was ready, Mrs. Avery said, “When you girls are ready, we will leave, please say goodbye to the others.” Everyone said “Goodbye” to each other, then Tori and Sam grabbed their bags and left.

N.B., Skye, Angie, Dani, and Mel were still exempt from attending school, but did their schoolwork. Laura or Mel’s mum would drive down every Friday to drop off the work they had done and pick up the new work. It had been decided that since there was only 1 term to go, that it would not make any sense to enrol in a new school until next year. Their Doctor had provided them with certificates to exempt them from attending, each said that they had personal issues to deal with and needed time to sort them out.

The week flew by, they did their daily schoolwork, and household chores too, but there was an elephant in the room, or should I say several. Mel had noticed that Dani and Michelle had started avoiding her, like not wanting baths with her, or getting involved in their little “gossip” sessions at night. On Friday, Mel’s mum was driving to the schools to drop off and pick up their schoolwork.

One Friday, Mel asked if she could go with her, and go into her old class. Mel’s mum said, “Are you sure about that?” Mel said, “Yes, it’s about time everyone knows the truth about me, but it doesn’t mean that I want to move back and go back to that school.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, groovy idea.”

The drive down was enjoyable, it gave them both the chance to chat. Mel’s mum asked, “What’s going on between you, Michelle and Dani?” Mel said, “I don’t know, they have just been avoiding me, which hurts so much, it’s a reason why I suggested coming today, maybe they will decide to start being nice again.”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, agreed, but are you sure that you want to face your classmates, because you know that most of them may not be understanding?” Mel said, “Yes, I understand, but I also want them all to understand that I’m happy now, and hopefully if they see that I’m not the same miserable person I was, they might be different.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, no worries.”

Finally, they arrived at the school, got out and walked to the office. Once they got there, Mel saw Mrs. Jackson, who immediately said, “Well hello Melissa, nice to see you, how are you going, but why are you here today?” Mel said, “Thank you, same here, I want to come clean with my class.” Mel’s mum said, “I’m not that in favour of it, but it’s what Mel wants, and I want to be in the classroom too, whilst Mel is there, if that’s ok?”

Mrs. Jackson said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way, let’s go into my office to talk.” Mrs. Jackson said, “Beth (Her Secretary) could you go and ask Miss Campbell if she could come to my office please, but can you stay and watch the students please?” Beth said, “Yes, of course and I won’t say a word, Melissa you look groovy.” Mel said, “Thanks.”

Mel, her mum, and Mrs. Jackson sat and chatted about how things are going at the new area and how Mel was feeling. Mrs. Jackson said, “Well, you certainly do look much better than when you were a boy, I still don’t understand why you feel that way, but seeing you here now, I can sort of understand, anyway, I just want to make sure that you are 100% certain about going into your class and presenting as Melissa.”

Mel said, “Yes, I do, I want them all to see what their reactions will be, especially one person, Justin Graeman.” Mel’s mum said, “So this is what this is all about, you want to take revenge on him, well I won’t be a part of this, come on we are going home.”

Mrs. Jackson said, “Whilst I don’t agree with what Melissa has in store, I have heard that Justin has been nasty about Melissa and I think it would be a good idea for her to show courage towards the class.” Mel’s mum said, “Well ok, but I still don’t approve of it.”

Miss Campbell soon arrived. When Miss Campbell saw Mel, her eyes lit up and said, “Is this who I think it is?” Mel said, “Yes, Miss Campbell, Melissa, formally Melvin, may I hug you?” Miss Campbell said, “Wow, you look so different, yes, you may.”

Mel went and hugged her then she asked Mel all sorts of questions, not surprising “Why are you here today?” Mel told her, including about wanting Justin Graeman to see me.

Miss Campbell said, “Ok, but are you sure that’s wise, you know how much of a bully he can be and don’t forget who his parents are.” Mel’s mum said, “What about his parents?” Mrs Jackson said, “His parents are both solicitors who specialise in litigation.”

Mel asked, “What does that mean?” Mrs. Jackson said, “It means someone who goes to court and tries to get money for others who have been hurt, when you grow up you will understand better.” Mel said, “Ok, so does that mean if Justin sees me, he might get his parents to take me to court to get money from me?”

Mel’s mum said, “No, because you have not hurt him or anybody, but let’s just go and see what happens, but before we do, can we decide on a safe word to use when we want to leave?” Mrs. Jackson said, “What food do you hate the most in the world?”

Mel thought about that for a minute or so, then said, “Broccoli, I hate it so much.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, that’s true, well, let’s use that for us all, if everyone agrees.” Everyone agreed then they walked to Mel’s old classroom, thankfully classes were in, so they didn’t see anybody. Honestly, Mel started feeling very scared of what my old classmates might say or do to her, but knew that she had come this far, and she should “Man Up” and face them all.

Once they arrived at the door, Miss Campbell walked in first, followed by Mrs. Jackson, then Mel’s mum with Mel behind her. The entire class was being noisy, despite Beth trying to control them, but she was not a teacher or qualified to do anything. Mrs Jackson said, “Ok, you can return to the office, Beth.” Beth nodded and left the classroom, then Mrs. Jackson said, “Ok class now we have a visitor here today, please be nice otherwise I will add an extra detention class for the rest of term.”

Mrs. Jackson continued, “Now, I think most of you know this person as Melvin, but has today summoned the courage to come here as her new true self and talk to you all, so what I want you all to do is give a rousing applause to Miss Melissa Kate Pinewich.” Almost everyone applauded, the exceptions were Justin and his two “Gang Members,” but Mel didn’t react, just stood there, and appreciated those who supported her.

Mel waved and blew air kisses especially to Kathy and Monique who she could see were applauding the loudest and strongest. Mel couldn’t resist herself, walked, well ran, to where they both were and hugged them both very tightly, yes, she kissed them too and whispered, “Thank you” to them both.

Mel was patted on the back by several classmates, a couple did punch her and try to trip her up but were seen and quickly scolded for it. Once everything had settled down, Miss Campbell said, “Ok, before we go on, the following are to leave the classroom and walk with Mrs. Jackson to her “room.” Justin Graeman, Lucas Roberts, Stuart Nowman, Woodrow Michaels-Smyth, Kelly Michaels-Smyth.” Each of these boys got up and walked to where Mrs. Jackson was, then they left.

Mis Campbell said, “Ok, now, that the disturbed have left, we can have a decent talk, now Melissa, can you please tell us why you are here today?” Mel said, “Thanks Miss Campbell, and thank you everybody for your claps, ok the reason I’m here today is to show you all just how happy I am now, compared to how I was a few short months ago, who remembers how shy and aloof I was?”

Almost everybody put their hand up. Mel said, “But now, I fit in, have made some groovy friends, yes, we have moved away from here, but my familia and the others all feel it is in the best interests for now, Dani and I both miss you all, but we know that if we stayed here, it would not be the best idea.”

Kathy raised her hand, Miss Campbell looked at Mel and nodded. Mel said, “Yes, Kathy.” Kathy said, “Melissa, it’s groovy to see you, we miss you too, well, me and this one (meaning Monique), wish you could come back here, because it would be so groovy, but you look groovy though, and we are both happy for you.” Mel said, “Thanks, yes, we do too, but it’s best that we stay where we are for now, but if it’s ok with mum and Miss Campbell, I would love to spend play lunch with you both?” Mel’s mum and Miss Campbell said, “Yes, that’s fine.”

Just as they said that the bell went for little lunch. Miss Campbell said, “Ok, please go and enjoy and give Melissa, Kathy and Monique room to talk, ok.” Mel’s mum said, “and after you come back, we will have to go back home, but either me or Dani’s mum will be here every week to drop and pick up schoolwork, who knows both girls might come back before the end of term.”

Kathy and Monique grabbed Mel, and basically dragged her out to the playground and of course asked many questions, which Mel answered back as honest as she could. Mel cried because she felt so happy being there, but this happiness did not last long as they suddenly heard an incredibly angry voice yell at Kathy and Monique. They looked up to see that it was Kathy’s mum, who had her arms sternly crossed, tapping her foot and a look in her face that I can only describe as “Looks Could Kill.”

Kathy ran to her mum and said, “Hello mother, what are you doing here?” Kathy’s mum said, “I received a phone call telling me that this freak was here, and you were disobeying my orders.” Mrs. Jackson heard the commotion and came outside to find out what was going on, with Mel’s mum and Miss Campbell following too. Once they got to the playground, Mrs. Jackson asked, “What’s going on, here?”

Kathy’s mum said, “I’m not happy that my daughter has disobeyed my orders to stay away from this freak, and I bet Monique’s mother won’t be pleased when I tell her, now what is going on?” Mel’s mum said, “Excuse me, but my daughter is not a freak, she is a human being who has come here today to see her old classmates, Kathy and Monique just wanted to catch up with her, because it has been a while since they have seen each other.” Kathy’s mother said, “He has a penis, so he is a boy, not a girl, don’t you know that is child neglect and abuse, haven’t you already been told to stay away from these girls?”

Mel’s mum said, “Excuse me, but Melissa and I have come here to see everybody and put the rumours to bed, we are not here to cause trouble.” Mrs. Jackson said, “Excuse me, but Melissa is not a freak, she is a very nice human being who has realised that she is a girl, her parents are very kind, considerate and accepting of Melissa’s decision to trial this and her coming here today takes so much courage, but if you want to call the authorities, then let’s go into my office and you can call from there.”

Kathy’s mother said, “I don’t agree, it’s a gross miscarriage of raising a son, and I don’t care how this thing presents or feels it should present, should be living how he was born, no, I will go and meet with Monique’s mother and we will contact the other parents who don’t agree with this, and there are many.” Mrs. Jackson said, “Ok, that’s your opinion and choice, I am going to make further enquiries about all this.”

Mel started crying which had Kathy, Monique and all of Mel’s old classmates crowding around to make sure she was ok, but Kathy’s mother said, “Excuse me, but my daughter and her friend are coming home with me now, now go get your bags girls.” Mrs. Jackson said, “Sorry, but they are required by law to be in school and unless you have a medical certificate for both girls to go home sick, then they are staying until the bell goes at 3pm.”

Kathy’s mother didn’t say a word, she just stomped away in a huff and slammed the front gate, so hard that it almost came off the hinges.

The bell sounded to end play lunch. Mel’s supportive classmates gave her hugs and kisses then they walked back inside, with Kathy and Monique looking back with tears in their eyes. Mel’s mum said, “Come on we better go to Angie and Skye’s school, thank you Mrs. Jackson and Miss Campbell, can you please keep me informed about what Kathy’s mother plans?” Mrs, Jackson said, “Yes, I plan too.” Mel gave both Miss Campbell and Mrs Jackson a big hug and said, “Thank You” to them both, Mel’s mum grabbed her hand and they walked back to the vehicle.

Once they were back in the vehicle, Mel burst into tears so much, because she realised how much she missed Kathy, Monique, her classmates and the entire school, but Mel’s mum said, “I know you miss them, but do you really want to return there when so many people who want to hurt you, because they don’t understand, heck I don’t understand why you want to be a girl, but you are much happier now, and that’s all that matters to your father and I.”

Mel said, “I know, but I have spent a couple of years there and through Dani met Kathy and Monique, and I feel that we have let them down by moving.” Mel’s mum said, “Agreed, but if we had stayed and you returned to school as Melissa, it may have caused a lot of outrage and backlash, so us moving helped us all, ok.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks mum.” Mel’s mum started the vehicle and drove to Skye and Angie’s school, but Mel sat in the vehicle and waited until she returned.

Once she got back in, she drove to the supermarket, which was still a newfangled concept to them, as they were used to being served by the kindly person behind the counter, not going into some very impersonal concept, that scared Mel so much.

Mel’s mum had her stay close to her whilst she shopped, she got some contraption to put all the food into, she said, “It’s called a shopping trolley.” Mel was still scared and wouldn’t leave her side, but soon enough she had finished the shopping then she went to put it on another contraption that scared her, but the person looked at the shopping, and pressed some buttons and placed it all in a paper bag.

Once it had all been bagged up, Mel’s mum paid what she was told, then she placed the bags in the trolley and wheeled it where the vehicle was parked. Mel’s mum loaded the bags in, Mel got into the vehicle and waited for her mum to return. Once she was back in the vehicle, she started the engine and drove home, then once they arrived home, got out and unloaded the shopping. It had only just gone 1pm, which was great, but the rest of the day was spent relaxing, until it got to teatime, then their mums started preparing tea.

Laura had returned home by the time Mel and her mum arrived back, but Laura seemed distant, so she was given space. I will mention why in part 2.                                          

The girls had their baths and relaxed, yes did wash themselves and bathing partner, Mel’s tonight was Skye, but she did not look well, and kept clutching her tummy. Mel asked, “Are you ok sis?” Skye said, “No, I’ve got a very bad pain and it really hurts me.” Mel said, “Do you want me to call mum?” She said, “No, I think I know what it is, for now please don’t say anything, ok?”

Mel said, “Ok, I won’t.” Once they had finished their bath, got out and pulled the plug, then dried off and wrapped their towels around themselves, then went to get put their nightclothes on. Skye and Mel went to join everyone else in the lounge room.

Mel’s father said, “I’m going to bed, I have a 6am start.” Everyone said, “Ok.” They gave him a kiss and cuddle. Said, “I Love You.” He said, “Yes, I love you too, Melissa.” Laura asked, “Does anyone want a Hot Cocoa?” Everyone said, “Yes please,” she went and made them.

The girls were in the lounge room relaxing, well more like tickling each other, which was fun. Laura brought their drinks in a few minutes later. The girls said, “Thanks,” sat and sipped them while watching television. Once the program had finished and they had finished their drinks, we said, “Goodnight” to Mel’s mum, Laura, Loz and Wendy, kissed and hugged them both, then took their mugs to the sink to soak and went to bed.

Every girl was very tired and decided to have an early night, until they were suddenly woken up with an almighty high-pitched scary scream. Dani and Mel jumped up to see Skye holding her tummy and crying. Angie immediately knew what to do went to the bathroom and arrived back a few minutes later with a hot water bottle and placed it on Skye’s tummy, and this brought a sigh of relief to Skye. Her screams did bring their mums and Mel’s father running to the bedroom to find out what was wrong, but as soon as Skye’s mum and Laura saw the hot water bottle on Skye’s tummy, they knew what the problem was, Mel’s mum whispered something in Mel’s father’s ear, he just turned and went back to bed.

Mel’s mum sat down to comfort Skye just to make sure she was ok. I won’t go any further, suffice to say that Skye was about to become a woman. Angie said, “What if us girls went and slept in the lounge room and leave you both in peace?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, thanks, groovy idea.” The girls grabbed their pillows, blankets and a top sheet then left Skye and her mum in peace, of course, given how she was earlier, Mel was very worried as Skye is not only her sister, but one of her best friends, and if she lost her, would be so lost. Mel was nine years young, and technically a boy, so didn’t know anything about “women’s” troubles.

Once they found themselves a spot to sleep, placed their blankets and pillows down, then top sheet and laid down on top. As it was now Spring, they didn’t really need anything on top as it was comfortable, not too hot, and not too cold. Each girl fell asleep very quickly and didn’t know a thing until they were woken up in the morning, by Loz.

Loz said, “Come on you lot, time to get up and face this glorious day, my two get in the shower and get ready for school.” The girls said, “Good morning” to Loz, then let Michelle and Cassie have their shower, whilst the rest went to check on Skye.

Mel opened the door carefully to find her and her mum both asleep. Mel crept in and went to kiss them both, just as Mel kissed her mum, Skye woke up and said, “Morning sis.” Mel said, “Morning sis, how do you feel now?” Skye said, “Better, you are so lucky that you will never have to go through this.” Mel said, “Yes, I’m so sorry.” Just then their mum woke up and said, “Good morning girls, what are you both whispering about?” Skye said, “My pain last night and how Mel will never experience it.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, but look at me, I’m providing a safe house for a new life, so even though it is a pain, when you have something like this (mum patted her tummy, gently) then it’s worth it, now come on, let’s all get ourselves ready to face the day.”

They went and started breakfast with Loz who was almost finished. Loz asked, “What was the problem last night?” Mel’s mum told her. Loz said, “I’m so sorry sweetheart, are you ok now?” Skye said, “Thanks, yes, mum helped me last night, and I understand more about what is going to start happening, you and Mel are both so lucky.” Loz said, “Well honestly, I get the pain you experience quite often, this is a reason why I had to give up my job, because I would be in bed in pain for 2-3 days every month, but it was found that my hormone medication was too high, once it got reduced, the pain lowered too, Mel I hope you never experience that pain.” Mel said, “Thanks, I have a few years yet to find out, but thanks.” Skye said, “Agreed.”

Everyone else slowly came to the table and then they all sat to eat. Mel’s mum said, “I forgot John is still asleep, he should have started work over an hour ago.” Loz said, “It’s fine, he got up and got himself organised, he told me before he left as he didn’t want to disturb you.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok thanks.”

Once breakfast was finished, Mel’s mum did the dishes, whilst Loz drove Wendy to the station, then she went back to pick up the girls and drive them to school. Once Mel’s mum had finished the dishes, she went to have a shower, which is what Skye and Mel did too, then when they were finished, Angie and Dani had theirs.

Once everyone was ready, they walked to the vehicle and got in, then went to the beach, this was only to relax for the day, not go swimming as it wasn’t hot enough, but the girls did wear their bikinis as they wanted to try and start tanning their bodies, but of course both Skye and Angie wanted all over tans, which was not right in public, but they set up a secluded area at home so that we they could get an all over tan. Mel was scared today because it was the first time that her body would be exposed so much in public and felt that someone would spot her extra part.

Once they arrived, went, and found somewhere to set up their stuff, but thankfully Loz had driven to a river with a nice beach that not many people knew about. Suddenly Loz got bold and took all her clothes off, which shocked everyone all, because she was normally very conservative, but this allowed Mel’s mum and Laura to be bold too, followed by Angie, and Dani, but not Mel or Skye. Skye said, “Look sis, everyone is naked, well, except me, because of what happened las night, but there is no one around, so strip off voluntarily or we will strip you ourselves, what’s it to be?” Mel said, “Oh alright, but if anybody sees us, I’m at least putting my dress back on, ok?”

Everyone said, “Ok.” Mel took her clothes off and folded them, then everyone held hands and ran into the water, which felt fine. They splashed each other for quite a while until they looked and saw someone in hiding in the bushes.

Mel’s mum said, “Girls stay here, Loz, Laura let’s go hunting.” The girls watched as they tore out of the water up to where they saw someone, but by the time they got there, the person had absconded, then they waved the girls out of the water. Mel flew back to where their clothes were and threw her dress on without drying off.

Mel started shaking and crying as she was unsure as to how much this person had seen, or worse still, did they take any photographs to either use for their own perverted use, or to show around to others. Skye said, “What’s up?” Mel told her, she said, “Oh, no, I didn’t think of that, mum did you hear that?” Mel’s mum said, “No, what?” Skye then relayed to their mum about Mel’s concerns.

Mel’s mum said, “Look, if any photographs do start showing up, we will take action.” Loz said, “I think I know who he was, and I didn’t see a camera, so you should be fine, my sweet.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks, what did you call me?” Loz said, “My sweet, sorry, don’t you like that?” Mel said, “It’s fine, you’ve never called me that before, but thanks.” Skye said, “Yes, had me worried for a second.”

Laura said, “Ok, let’s have some lunch and relax, and those who want to get dressed can.” Skye, Angie, and Dani dressed, then Skye took her mum aside to talk quietly. Her mum said, “We will be back shortly,” then grabbed her bag, and put her shorts and top on, again, technically Mel was a boy, so didn’t understand, but knew it had to do with Skye’s pain from last night. The rest of the group got to and ate, but Mel was worried about Skye.

Mel’s mum and Skye then appeared and walked back to them, then sat down to eat with them, but neither said a word. Once lunch was over, decided to pack up and head back home, as everyone was still stunned by what happened earlier, despite what everyone might show on their faces, they all knew each other well enough to know, and didn’t need words. Once they had packed up, placed their minimal rubbish in the bin, got into the vehicle and drove home, but along the way, Loz said, “Look who I see?” Everyone looked and it was the pervert from earlier.

Mel’s mum and Laura bolted out of the moving, albeit around 5 miles per hour, and chased this twerp down an alleyway. By the time Loz had stopped, the rest of the group followed to find that he had been cornered by Mel’s mum and Laura and they were “Questioning” him. He found it extremely hard to talk with his familia jewels being held tightly, shall I say. Mel’s mum said, “So what pleasure do you get from seeing us all naked earlier?” He said, “Nothing, I just saw you all in the water and was watching your belongings for you.” Mel said, “No, you were watching us, what, do you like little girls?” He said, “You are no girl, I saw you, you freak.”

This set Skye and Angie off who both joined in the holding, but not his jewels, his nipples. They grabbed a nipple each and pinched it so hard, but also attempted to lift it up, that he tried to scream like a little girl, but Mel placed her panties in his mouth and over his nose too.

Mel was so ropable that if it were legal, she could have killed him there and then, but decided against it. Loz said, “Now, we will let you go, but if word gets out about our special friend or us “Teaching you a lesson” we will come hunt you down like the animal you are and it won’t end well, ok.” He was unable to say anything, he just nodded.

They allowed him to go and walked back to the vehicle, of course Mel’s mum and Laura had to wash their hands as they had touched his junk and as someone who owned one, let me tell you, I hate touching mine. They found a tap so Mel’s mum and Laura could wash their hands. Mel walked to the vehicle to find a towel, and brought hers back for them to dry their hands on, but she got the strange feeling that she was being watched, but dismissed the feelings after what they had just gone through, because she was being paranoid, and decided not to say anything to anyone, not yet anyway.

Suddenly a young male, around 13 or 14 approached Mel and said, “Hello.” Mel said, Hello” back to him but continued walking back to where her mum and Laura were washing their hands. Skye said, “Who’s that walking up here?” Mel looked back and said, “Some boy who just said hello to me, but I ignored him as mum and Laura drying their hands is more important.” Skye said, “I think he is interested in you, hey see if he has a brother, we can double date.” Mel said, “He’s not going to ask me out, but if he does, you come too, for safety, ok?” Skye said, “Yes, of course.”

The boy approached Mel and said, “You are cute, would you like to go to the pictures with me soon?” Mel said, “Thanks, yes, but only if my sister comes along with us, or do you have a brother who is single?” He said, “My name is Aaron, that’s fine, I do have a brother, he’s 17 and just broke up with his girlfriend, maybe he will cheer up because he has hardly left his room since she broke up with him.”

Mel said, “Nice to meet you Aaron, I’m Melissa, this is my sister Skye, and this is Angie, Dani, their mum Laura, Aunt Loz and our mum, I’m so sorry to hear, but good news for Skye.” Everyone said, “Hi, Aaron, nice to meet you.” Mel’s mum said, “I will allow a date, but after my husband and I have met your parents and your brother, ok?” Aaron said, “Yes, of course, if anyone has a pen and some paper, I can give you our number and my parents names too.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, I don’t have anything on me right now.” Loz said, “I do, in the glove box, Angie you know where it is, can go grab them please?” Angie said, “Yes, will do.”

Aaron asked, “Can I talk with Melissa in private please?” Skye said, “No, we have just met you, and even though it is daytime, the safety of my sister comes first, ok?” Aaron said, “Ok.” Skye, Mel, and Aaron walked away to chat, but Skye ensured they remained within visual range of the others.

Once they found a quiet spot Aaron asked, “So Melissa, how old are you, and why are you not in school today?” Mel said, “I’m nine, and we have an exemption until the end of the year, which we are not allowed to talk about.” Skye pipped in and said, “Why are you not in school?” Aaron said, “I woke up really late, like just after 12pm, so it was pointless me going in, but I did call the school and asked if my brother could bring my schoolwork home today, which they agreed too.” Mel said, “Oh ok, so if the date went ahead where would you take us?”

Aaron said, “First a movie, (he mentioned a popular movie playing at the time, which did not appeal to Mel as it was male oriented), then dinner at my favourite burger joint, followed by a romantic walk.” Mel said, “Well, the movie doesn’t appeal to me or Skye, but dinner and a walk do.” Skye said, “I have an idea why don’t we make the first date at a restaurant with our parents, so we can all see?” Aaron said, “Groovy idea, when do you want to do it?” Skye said, “Well it will be up to our parents.” Aaron said, “Ok, I’m looking forward to it, just hope you and I, meaning Melissa, can get some alone time.” Skye said, “No, not until we can fully trust you all, so please just let the friendship takes it’s course and see where it leads, ok?” Aaron reluctantly said, “Ok.”

Skye saw Angie waving them back, so they walked back for Aaron to give Mel’s mum his parents’ names and their number too, which he did, then said, “Goodbye” to them and he walked away. The group walked back to the vehicle, but one of them had a smile as wide and tall as a certain Australian fun park entrance, but then so did her sister, although she didn’t show it, Mel could tell. Once they were back in the vehicle, Loz headed home. On the way Loz said, “It’s getting close to school pick up time, so I’ll just drop you all off then I’ll pick up my girls.” Everyone agreed, and that’s what happened.

Once they got inside, and saw that daddy was home. Mel went up to him, saying, “Daddy, guess who met a boy today?” Mel’s father said, “Well judging by the smile on your face, you?” Mel said, “Yes.” Mel’s mum pipped in and said, “His name is Aaron, and he gave us his number and his parents names, we were thinking of meeting for dinner to get to know each other, but they pay their half.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, groovy idea, so when will it be a date for them?”

Mel’s mum said, “Well a preliminary date, and if all goes well, they might go on another.” Skye said, “Aaron has a brother who recently got dumped by his girlfriend, he is hoping that he will be my date, and if any further dates happen, it will be the four of us.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, protecting your little sister, who I feel is still way to young to be dating, especially as she is still settling into her new role.” Mel said, “Agreed daddy, but I should be dating at least a couple dates to see if I am a girl, and if I like boys.”

Skye said, “Wow, listen to my little sister talking like a grown-up girl, she is certainly a girl, not a boy.” Mel said, “Aww thanks sis, I learnt from you, that’s why.” Skye then gave her the tightest hug ever, which even though it felt like she was trying to strangle her, it felt good, and she felt very much loved by Skye.

Mel’s mum asked, “John, when do you want us to call them, because you are working until next Thursday, so why don’t we try and make the dinner for the Friday night?” Mel’s father said, “That’s fine by me, or even the Saturday night.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, I will see when I when ring them tonight, but I would like you with me when I speak with them, actually I would like everyone close by so we can all agree on a date, night and time.” Everyone said, “Yes, agreed.”

Skye asked, “Can us girls go and start preparing, as my sister needs to look perfect for her first date, with a boooooooyyyyyyyyy.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes of course.” They went to their room to start thinking about the best clothes for not only for Mel, but also Skye as she was also having her first date with a boy. A secret for you, dear reader, I doubt Skye was really interested in going on this date or even dating a boy/s, honestly, neither was Mel but they both had to keep up the appearance of being “Normal.”

A Summary of the next few days. Mel’s mum called Aaron’s family and the date was set for the following Saturday night, at a nice restaurant, with the bill being paid for fully by Aaron’s parents. Skye, Angie, Dani, and Mel did find the perfect outfits to wear. Mel talked with Aaron several times during the week on the telephone, and despite her apprehensions, felt there was something there, but only time will tell.

                                                 Chapter 1.8:                                                                                                         The Big Date and Assault

It was decided that Sam and Tori would spend the weekend with them, and they would attend the dinner too, they arrived around 4pm Friday afternoon.

Finally, the big day arrived, everyone woke slowly. Mel was one of the first to wake up, she chatted with Sam for a while, she said, “Hey today is the big day.” Mel said, “Yes,” she asked, “How do you feel?” Mel said, “I’m ok, a little nervous, but I know it will be fine,” she said, “Yes, and you will have us all there for support as well.”

Mel said, “Thanks.” Sam and Mel went to help out with breakfast, Laura was already in the kitchen cooking, Mel’s  mum, Loz and Wendy were helping out as well, they saw them and asked if they could set the table, they said, “Ok” and did.

When they were finished, Mel’s mum asked them to go wake the others. They said, “Ok,” but as they were heading to the lounge room, they were all getting up. Sam and Mel said, “Breakfast is almost ready.” Everyone said, “Good morning” and went into the dining room to have breakfast. When they came out, everyone sat down to eat.

Everyone ate in silence, then once finished, decided on what they were going to do for the day, Skye said, “Well I think we all should relax until after lunch and then start getting ready.” They decided to go watch cartoons on television until lunch was ready.

Saturday mornings in those days were cartoon mornings, nearly every channel showed them. Mel doesn’t remember who her favourite was at the time. Laura, Mel’s mum, Loz and Wendy said, “We are only having a light lunch, ok.” The girls said, “Yes, what are we having, please?” They said, “Toasted sandwiches.” The response was, “Ok.” They were ready a short time later. They sat to eat. When finished, decided the order of showers, Skye and Mel decided to go first, they all said, “Ok.”

When it got to 3pm, Skye and Mel went to have their shower together, washing themselves much better than usual, exfoliated and shaved their legs as well. When finished, Skye turned off the taps, got out and dried off, rubbed body lotion all over their bodies, any areas they couldn’t reach they helped each other, once finished, went to their room to get dressed.

Both found matching pink panties and bras, Skye grabbed a pad for Mel, and placed it in Mel’s panties, she showed Mel how to place it. Mel said, “Ok.” Skye said, “If you do feel wetness during the date give me a clue.” Mel said, “What if I say I need to use to the bathroom.” Skye said, “Ok.”

They rolled their nylons up their legs, put their dresses on, then their heels. When dressed, went, and sat down and applied their Make-Up, when finished, Skye said, “I have a surprise for you.” Skye went into the wardrobe and handed Mel a bag. Mel opened it; it was a shoulder bag. Skye said, “That’s yours sis, because tonight is really important.”

Mel said, “Thanks sis.” Both girls hugged and went to the lounge room to wait for everybody else to finish getting ready, and of course, being more females than males, that took a while. Skye asked, “How are you feeling?” Mel said, “I’m ok but a bit nervous, what if he wants to kiss me, I’ve never kissed a boy before.” Skye said, “Let him take the lead, some can be gentle, some rough.” Mel said, “Ok, maybe I could delay it tonight, what if you see him about to make a move that way, you move in and make an excuse.”

Skye said, “Ok, groovy idea, because I don’t plan on kissing his brother, either, but as the holidays are coming up, if all goes well tonight, the four of us will go to the movies together, to see a movie we all want to see, not just a stupid boys one.”

Mel said, “Ok, groovy idea, thanks sis.” Both hugged. Slowly everybody else started appearing in the lounge room. Skye and Mel both got complimented on how gorgeous both looked. Dani said, “Those boys are two lucky boys tonight.” Skye said, “Only as dates, nothing further, especially as it’s our first date them and none of us are sure of them, yet.”

Around 4.25pm, Mel’s Parents came into the lounge room and said, “Ok we are ready to go.” The others said, “Ok, yes, we are all ready as well.” Everyone went to the vehicles, got in headed to the restaurant, the drive felt long, but not as long as going to see Julia. Upon arrival, everyone got out and the doors got locked. Mel noticed Aaron waiting at the entrance to the restaurant. Mel nudged Skye, and said, “Hey look up there.” Skye said, “Wow.” Their mum asked, “What are you two up to?”

The girls said, “We are looking at our dates.”  Their mum said, “Ok, wow they both look really nice, ok you can walk up to them, but stay within sight of us, please?” The girls said, “Yes,” and walked to where they were standing. Skye and Mel said, “Hi.” The boys said, “Hi.” Aaron said, “Skye, Melissa this is my brother James.” James said, “Hi, nice to meet you Skye, these are for you.” James handed Skye a bunch of roses. James said, “You can call me Jamie.” Skye said, “Thanks, nice to meet you Jamie.”

Aaron gave Mel a bunch of roses and kissed her hand. A few seconds later both sets of parents arrived at the front entrance. Aaron introduced their parents to Skye and Mel’s, then Skye introduced her parents to them. Their parents’ names were Leonie and Peter Wridgeway, Mel’s father said, “Everyone else here are friends who want to see how things go, but they will sit away from us.” They said, “Ok.”

Everyone went inside, the Head Waiter asked, “How many?” Mel’s father said, “8 for one table and 9 for another please.” He said, “Ok, please follow me.” He showed them to their tables, both Aaron and Jamie were gentlemen and pulled their chairs out for their dates.

The girls both said, “Thank you.” Everyone chatted about their lives, where they go to school, likes and dislikes. Mel’s mum admitted that for the time being Skye and Mel are not going to school as there are problems with some of the other kids, but their schoolwork is being sent home each week. They said, “We hope it’s not a big problem.” Mel’s mum said, “No it’s some bullying, we have taken them both out for the rest of the year, with permission from both schools, and as there is only a term to go, both schools suggested that we take time out, we are thinking of moving up here permanently, and enrolling both girls in new schools here.” Mrs. Wridgeway said, “Ok, but what about the other girls that were with you last week?”

Mel’s mum said, “Well, their father passed some time ago, and they have been subjected to bullying and harassment too, and as they are close neighbours, we got permission for them to be taken out too, and again their schoolwork is being taken home weekly.”

Mr. Wridgeway said, “Well, I don’t agree they should be in school, no matter what.” Mel’s father said, “Yes, agreed, but these are unconventional circumstances and the decision was not taken lightly, I wanted them to stay in too, but both girls were copping way too much bullying.”

Mel pipped in and said, “Dani was being bullied because of her father’s death, then because I supported her, I started being bullied and harassed too, which caused me to try and hurt myself, this made everyone realise how much I was hurting, and the decision was made to take Dani and I out of school.”

Skye said, “I supported Angie too, but one of the girls that we went to school with, her brother goes to the same school as Mel and Dani and he told her things, which got back to the school, and it affected our grades too, so it was decided for us to be taken out for a while.” Mr. Wridgeway said, “I still don’t support it, and honestly, I don’t want my sons dating anybody who doesn’t care about their education.”

This set Mel’s father off as he went right off, saying, “Look, we have come here tonight in good faith for us all to have a nice meal and get to know each other, but it looks like my feelings were right, come on ladies we are leaving.” Skye and Mel were not happy, but as Mel’s father was their boss, and chief transport home, they had to abide by what he says. Everyone got up and walked out of the restaurant, with the other table getting up and following too.

Once outside, all the questions started. Mel’s mum said, “Look, we are all upset right now, we will meet back at home, but we will get burgers and chips on the way back, ok.” They said, “Ok,” then everyone headed to the vehicles and got in, but just as Mel’s father was about to pull away, both Aaron and James came running outside to talk to Skye and Mel, but Skye refused to look at them, and as her little sister, followed suit, but Mel’s father just took off, leaving them to smell his exhaust.

Both Skye and Mel started crying because they wanted to give these friendships a chance. Mel’s mum said, “Look, they have our number, but for the next few days, if either call wanting to talk to either of you, we won’t allow it, especially after the way their spoke. Skye said, “Agreed, I couldn’t believe how ignorant he was, imagine if he knew the real reason.”

Mel said, “I would not have left there alive, as of now, I’m going off thinking about boys, until after my sex change operations.” Mel’s mum said, “Great idea, but does that mean that you will consider girls until then?” Mel said, “Only the ones who know about me and that I fully trust.”

They stopped at their favourite burger joint. Mel’s parents went to place the orders, whilst Skye and Mel stayed in the vehicle. Skye tried to keep Mel amused by joking around with her, but she wasn’t in the mood for it, which made Skye realise that maybe, just maybe, Mel had feelings for Aaron, but Mel knew Skye and she knew that she had something devious in mind. Finally, their parents arrived back and got in, then continued home.

Mel’s mum said, “Ok when we get home, can you both get changed into your nightclothes, whilst I make your hot cocoas?” Skye and Mel said, “Yes, mum.” Thankfully as they said that Mel’s father arrived home, followed very closely behind were the others. Wendy got out and went to unlock the house, then Skye and Mel got dragged inside, and into the shared room. Dani started by saying, “What happened, everything looked fine, then your father got angry and made you all leave, but are both ok?” Skye explained what happened, which had everyone getting upset and angry about what Mr. Wridgeway said and his reaction.

Both Dani and Angie suddenly became enraged, something neither Skye nor Mel had ever seen, even when their father was killed, they didn’t have this much rage. Mel said, “Listen , settle down you two, we are both angry and upset too, but for now, mum is going to screen all calls and if either boy calls, she will not allow them to talk to us, not for a few days at least.” Skye said, “And we are all going to be extra vigilant too, just in case they happen to follow us home tonight.” This made them all go to the front door and outside to have a look and funny as they did, a vehicle took off very quickly.

They went inside but Mel started crying straight away, because her paranoia hit her and hit awfully bad, that she ran to her room to get changed, but then hid under her covers, and started crying uncontrollably. Mel’s mum came in straight after to find out what was wrong.

Mel sobbed, “I’m sorry for hurting everyone, maybe I should just be normal and go back to school.” Mel’s mum said, “Excuse me, no, we have never seen you so happy, so I never want to hear you talk like that again, we went to a lot of trouble to help you out, but we will delay getting your name change done until early next year, ok.”

Mel said, “Ok, mum.” Then both hugged, and she wiped away her tears, held hands and walked back into the dining room to sit and have tea, but even though Mel loved burgers and chips normally, didn’t feel like them tonight. Mel decided to push herself because she had to move on from tonight’s events and forget boys, at least until after her operation in nine- or ten-years’ time.

Once tea was over, the girls went to their bedroom to relax and talk about what happened, of course took their hot cocoas with them. Once in there, Skye said, “Ok, now, it wasn’t the boys fault tonight for what their father said, but they do grow up to be their fathers, imagine how they would have been when they found out about you Mel?”

Mel said, “Agreed, I have decided to give up on boys until after my operation, and only concentrate on girls, so for now, Dani and Sam I only want you both in my life.” Dani and Sam went and hugged Mel and said, “Groovy, we will share you, and we can also check out any clothes that fit that we can all swap with.” Skye said, “I agree sis, and girls, groovy idea.” The rest of night went well, gossiped, and had a massive, laughing pillow fight, which ended in Mel being attacked, she was tickled to the point that she almost threw up. Around 9.30pm, the girls felt tired and decided to go to sleep.

The following day, they started waking up around 11am, and went to have breakfast, but the house was quiet, no parents or anybody, all there was, was a note saying, “Girls, we tried to wake you all, but none of you stirred, so we decided to let you sleep, there is fruit salada and juice in the fridge, we will be home later today, please stay safe, your parents.”

Skye said, “Ok, let’s set the table and have something to eat and drink, then we might go for a walk, ok?” The others said, “Ok.” Everyone worked well as a team, then once all the food was served, sat to eat in silence. Mel of course still had last night on her mind, but thankfully it was fading, thankfully. Once they finished eating, they had showers and did the dishes, then once everyone was ready, Skye wrote a note for their parents, telling them where they were going, then left the house.

Just as they were walking to the corner, Laura and Loz were driving towards them. Loz stopped and asked, “Where are you girls off too?” Angie said, “We are going for a walk to the park.” Laura said, “Do you mind if we join you all, or are we too old to join you all?” The girls said, “You are welcome, and no, either of you are.” Loz said, “Ok, I’ll park the vehicle then we will come join you.” The girls said, “Ok.”

They continued walking, albeit slowly to allow the oldies to catch up, and they did after a few minutes. The walk started off very nicely, but when they arrived at the park, some wanted to go and play on the equipment, a couple of boys saw them and started harassing the girls, especially Mel.

The boys started calling Mel all sorts of nasty names, and had her crying in no time, they didn’t care that there were adults present, or that she was being protected by the other girls, suddenly one of the boys decided to punch Mel, and wouldn’t stop, the others started as well.

Mel started bleeding and crying so much, Laura and Loz got in and tried to stop them, it took a few minutes, but they succeeded. Mel heard later that Loz kicked a couple of the boys in the worst spot for a male.

An Ambulance arrived not long after, Skye and Dani were comforting Mel, the Ambulance men went to check Mel. The Ambulance men placed Mel into the Ambulance, Laura and Skye travelled with them. Mel had no idea at the time as she was unconscious.

Mel has no idea what went on over the next few days as she was placed in an induced coma, Mel heard later that her Doctor felt it was better, so she could heal quicker. Mel didn’t know anything until Thursday when she finally woke up.

When Mel woke up, her immediate familia were there, they all hugged her and said, “Finally you are awake.” Mel said, “Yes, but what happened?” Mel’s mum said, “You don’t remember.” Mel said, “No.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, we can’t say anything until the Police have spoken to you.” Mel asked. “Why?” Her mum said, “They need your statement.” Mel’s father said, “I will let the Nurse know that you are awake,” he left.

A few minutes later he came back with the Nurse and Doctor, the Doctor said, “The Police will be here shortly, now let’s check you over,” she gave Mel a thorough check over, when she was finished, she said, “Ok everything is fine, I will come by and check you again later.” Mel said, “Thanks.” The Nurse asked, “Are you hungry?” Mel said, “Yes, I am,” she said, “Ok, I will arrange for something to brought down for you.” Mel said, “Thanks,” then left.

Mel laid there with her parents and Skye, they all chatted for a while. The Nurse came and gave Mel some food, she said, “The Police are here as well, but they want to talk in private.” Mel said, “Ok,” she went and got them. They came in a few seconds later, and introduced themselves, they asked, “Could you all wait outside please?”

Mel asked, “Could one stay?” They asked Mel’s father if he knew about what happened, he said, “Yes, but only what Mel’s mum and sister said.” They said, “Ok, but we need Mel’s statement as she remembers the incident.” Mel’s father said, “What incident, it was a vicious assault,” they said, “Ok.”

Mel’s mum and Skye left, the Policemen asked Mel what she remembered. Mel said, “Well we had all gone for a walk after lunch, we found a park with some play equipment which we were enjoying, I think I remember some boys yelling out to us, next thing I know I woke up here earlier.”

The Policemen said, “So you don’t remember anything at all about the assault?” Mel said, “No, sorry.” They said, “It’s ok, maybe in time your memory will come back.” Mel said, “Ok, I’m really sorry I can’t remember anything else.”  The Policemen said, “It’s fine, we have taken statements from everybody else, the problem is all these boys are under 10 years old, we can’t charge them.”

Mel’s father said, “That’s really unfair, my daughter gets assaulted and will be away from school for a while, yet these boys get away with it.” The Policemen said, “That is the law.” Mel’s father said, “It stinks.” The Policemen said, “Yes, we can understand how you feel, we both have daughters as well, and hope this never happens.” Mel’s father said, “Well Mel is very special.” The Policemen said, “Yes, all fathers say that.”

Mel’s father said, “You don’t understand.” The Policemen said, “Yes, she is special.” Mel said, “Daddy it’s alright, you can tell them.” Mel’s father said, “Ok, this goes no further, please. Mel is special as she was until recently my son, but she realised she is happier being a girl.” The Policemen said, “Well ours were born girls, so these boys assaulted Mel because she was not born a girl.”

Mel’s father said, “We have no idea why they attacked Mel, it could have just been random, as we only moved to the area recently.” The Policemen said, “Ok, we understand better now, we will not release these details unless we have too, but we don’t understand why a man would want to have his penis cut off.”

Mel said, “It’s a lot more than that, believe me, it wasn’t easy to finally be the girl I truly am, my sister Skye has been very supportive, if you want to know more, I’m sure she could help you out.”

The Policemen said, “Ok we need to go now, but if you remember anything else please asked the Nurse to call us, we will leave a card with them,” Mel’s father said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Ok thanks,” then they left. Mel’s mum and Skye came back into the room.

Mel asked, “What day is it?” They said, “Thursday.” Mel said, “What have I been asleep for 5 days?” They said, “No, it’s the following Thursday, you were placed in a coma so you could heal better.”

Mel said, “Ok, if it’s Thursday what about the appointment tomorrow?” Mel’s mum said, “Don’t worry I have rung Julia, she is coming here to talk to you, but not until the weekend.” Mel said, “Ok, groovy, where is everyone else?” Mel’s mum said, “At home, they have all been here talking to you, we set up a roster, so you weren’t alone.”

Mel said, “Ok, I don’t remember anything at all.” Skye said, “Yes, the Doctor said that you may not.” Mel asked, “Can Skye and I talk alone please?” Mel’s parents said, “Yes.”

They left the room. Skye asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “Well I really want to know what happened, you were there, and I just don’t remember.” Skye said, “I can’t until after you have given them your full statement.” Mel said, “Ok, I hope my memory comes back as I don’t remember a thing.”

Skye said, “Ok, don’t worry none of us are in trouble though.” Mel said, “Ok, Thank You, sis for being there for me, I really appreciate it.” Skye said, “Hey no problem, I know you would have done the same thing if it was the other way around.” Mel said, “Yes, sisters are there for each other.” A few minutes later, their parents asked, “Can we come back in?” Mel said, “Yes.”

N.B. Even though Mel was 9 years old at this time, the Police had requested that she be placed in a Private Room due to the nature of the assault.

Mel’s parents asked, “How are you feeling?” Mel said, “Fine, but when do I go home?” They said, “Not for a few days, you need time to recover.” Mel said, “Mum when can I see everyone else?” She said, “Well only two at a time.”

Mel said, “Ok.” Their parents said, “Ok we are going to let you rest for a while, Loz, Michelle and Cassie will come up later.” Mel said, “What about Wendy?” Mel’s mum said, “Well she’s at work, so maybe Saturday.”

Mel said, “Ok thanks.” They all hugged and kissed, said, “Goodbye” and they left. Mel lay awake for a while, the Doctor checked on her too. The Doctor asked, “How are you?” Mel said, “Ok, but I wish I could remember what happened.”

The Doctor said, “Yes, I know, don’t worry if it doesn’t comes back, it will come back in time, don’t push it, you are suffering from shock and your brain has hidden what happened, but when you start to recover, you will may start to remember, I have told the Police that and they understand totally.”

Mel said, “Ok thanks.” The Doctor asked, “Are you hungry?” Mel said, “Yes.” She said, “Ok, I will see what I can get for you, but as you have not had anything solid for a couple of days, it will only be something light, we will increase your solid food gradually.” Mel said, “Thanks.” She said, “I will be back shortly.” She left.

Mel turned on her side to try and get some more sleep, but couldn’t, as she turned on to her back she stared at the ceiling, suddenly she started to remember what happened and screamed her lungs out. This alerted a Nurse who came running, when she came in, Mel was in tears, she grabbed Mel and held her tightly. She asked, “What’s wrong?” Mel said, “I remember what happened.” The nurse said, “Ok.” The Doctor heard her screaming and came in as well, the Nurse told her. The Doctor asked, “Should I call the Police?”

The Doctor asked me, Mel said, “Yes please,” the Nurse left me to go call them. The Doctor held on to Mel, she asked, “Do you want your parents back?” Mel said, “Yes please,” she said, “Ok, I’ll ask the Nurse to call them.” Mel said, “Ok thanks.” The Nurse came back a short time later and said, “I spoke to the Police, they will be back later,”

They said, “Ok,” the Doctor asked, “Could you call Mel’s parents, Please?” She said, “Yes, I already have.” They said, “Thanks.” The Doctor asked, “How much did you remember?” Mel said, “A bit, I hope it’s enough for the Police.” The Doctor said, “I’m sure it will be.”

The Nurse brought a bowl of soup and bread roll and an Orange Juice in for Mel, who said, “Thanks,” the Doctor said, “I will feed you, if you want.” Mel said, “Thanks.” She was slow and gentle with her; Mel teared up a couple of times. A short time later, Mel’s familia arrived back, they said, “Hi,” they asked, “What happened?” Mel said, “I remembered part of what happened.” Mel’s parents said, “Ok.”

Skye asked the Doctor if she could take over feeding Mel. The Doctor said, “Yes of course, I will be back soon, you can all stay as long as you need to, but please if any other visitors come, the restriction is 3 maximum.” Mel’s familia said, “Yes, Mel needs her rest.” The Doctor said, “Ok.” Mel said, “Thank you.” Skye asked, “What did you remember?” Mel said, “Justin punching me and calling me nasty names, and not letting up.”

Mel started crying again, her mum grabbed the food, so Skye could hug her. They said, “Ok, are you sure it was Justin?” Mel said, “Yes it was, he has always hated me.” A few minutes later, the Policemen arrived back, they knocked on the door and asked if they could come in. The answer was, “Yes,” Mel’s father and Skye left.

The Policemen came in and asked, “How are you?” Mel said, “Well I’m ok, but I have remembered some of what happened.” They said, “Yes, we know and that’s why we are here, can you tell us what you have remembered?” Mel said, “Yes, what I remember is us girls playing on play equipment, we heard some boys yelling some nasty names, but didn’t take any notice, suddenly I was grabbed and being punched, then kicked to the ground, and I was being called nasty names.”

They asked, “Ok what sort of names?” Mel said, “Faggot, homo, freak, weirdo and others I’ve never heard before.” They said, “Ok, do you know who the boys were?” Mel said, “Well the one who grabbed me is Justin Graeman, I used to go to school with him and I know he has hated me for a long time.” They asked, “Are you sure?” Mel said, “Yes, I know his voice.” They said, “Ok. Do you remember anything else?”

Mel said, “Well I remember some pain in my tummy, but I don’t know who or what caused that.” They asked, “Do you know why he would attack you with friends around?” Mel said, “I don’t know why, maybe because they were all in a group and they felt stronger or more manly, I honestly don’t know though.”

They said, “Ok, that’s fine, with all the other statements, and now yours, we are not going to charge any of you girls even though the boys want Loz charged.” Mel asked, “Why?” They said, “Well while she was helping to pull them off, the scuffle resulted in a couple of them being accidentally kneed in the groin area, as it was the only way she could get them off you all. “

Mel said, “Thanks, what about the other girls, did they get hurt?” They said, “No, only you, which leads us to believe it was a targeted attack on you, and now that we know you are a Transsexual, we feel it was because of that, is why you were attacked.”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, we feel the same way.” Mel asked, “What will happen now?” They said, “Well we will contact Justin and have a chat to him.” Mel and her mother said, “Thanks.”

They said, “Ok please take care Mel, we still need a formal statement when you get out of here.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, we will come see you next week.” They said, “Thanks” and left.

Mel asked, “Mum what do you feel they will do?” She said, “Well they are the Police and they should investigate, but now they know, I’m doubtful they will put in much effort.”

Mel started laughing, which brought Skye and Mel’s father back in, who asked, “What’s so funny?” Mel said, “Loz kneeing the boys in the groin, but this may sound stupid where’s the groin? Mel’s father said, “It’s a males most sensitive place.” Mel said, “I don’t understand.” He said, “It’s where your penis is.” Mel said, “Ok, so Loz kneeing them, what does that do?”

Skye said, “Hopefully turn them into girls.” Mel laughed, said, “That would be groovy, but it’s groovy Loz got in there to support me.” Skye said, “Yes, I got in and comforted you once I saw the boys run away.” Mel said, “So you saw him?” Skye said, “Yes, don’t worry I’ve already told the Police who I saw.”

Mel asked, “Who was it?” She said, “I can’t say.” Mel’s mum said, “It’s ok, you have both identified him.” Both girls said, “Ok, so let’s hope they do something about him.” Mel’s father said, “Well I have some bad news though, if he is under 10 years old, they can’t charge him.” The girls said, “Why not?” Their father said, “Because that is the law.” Skye and Mel said, “That’s no fair.”

Mel said, “So he can attack me and leave me like this, which could take a long time to heal from, yet the law won’t do anything about it, that sucks.” Skye said, “Agreed, if I had my way, he would be a girl by now.”

Mel saw the angry look in Skye’s eyes and knew that she was planning something and soon. Mel asked, “Could Wendy come in tonight please?” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, Loz was planning to bring her once she picks her up from the station.” Mel said, “Thanks, and I do want to see everybody else, but mum can you come in too, please?

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, ok, I’ll pick Wendy up, then we will both come in, is there anything you want me to bring in for you?” Mel said, “Thanks, yes, if it’s ok with my sis, her stuffed animal that she loves the most, as it will comfort me whilst in here.” Skye said, “That’s fine, I know the one you mean.”

Mel’s mum said, “Ok, your father and I are going to have a coffee, we will leave you and Skye here to chat for a while, but Skye, when we come back, you must come with us, ok?” Skye said, “Yes, of course.” Their parents hugged and kissed both girls then left her room.

Skye and Mel chatted quietly Mel said, “Between you and I, I really want to hurt him for what he has done to me.” She said, “Don’t worry about it, he will get what is coming to him.” Mel said, “ok, could you hold me please?” Skye said, “Yes.” Mel burst into tears and just couldn’t stop. Skye cried as well.

The Doctor came back in and asked, “What’s wrong?” Both girls said, “It’s ok, we are releasing our emotions.” She said, “Ok, so how much did you remember?” Mel said, “A lot, I know who punched and stabbed me, but daddy said he can’t be charged as he is under 10 years old.”

She said, “Yes normally, but this was a vicious attack, she said ok between us 3, this doesn’t go any further, but Mel we almost lost you, it will be in my report to the Police, I just wanted to let you both know, I haven’t even told your parents yet.”

The girls said, “Ok thanks.” Mel asked, “So what does it mean?” She said, “Well it doesn’t matter the age, he really went crazy attacking you, and I think there is a loophole that can see him charged.” Both girls said, “Ok thanks groovy.” The Doctor asked, “Do either of you want anything to eat or drink?” Mel said, “I could go a Hot Cocoa please and some biscuits as well?” Skye said, “Yes, I wouldn’t mind that either, if it’s ok?” The Doctor said, “It’s fine, ok, I’ll be back shortly, but Mel, I know she is your sister, but you need to rest, because I’m hoping to release you on the weekend.” Mel said, “Yes, sorry.” Then the Doctor left.

Skye and Mel had calmed down, Mel said, “I’m confused about how Justin knew where we were, I thought it was a secret?” Skye said, “I don’t know, maybe he knows someone up here?” Mel said, “True, but I still want to take revenge on Justin and Justine.” She asked, “Why Justine?” Mel said, “Well don’t you think she has told Justin about me and that she would help out.” She said, “Yes maybe, but we have to prove it.” Mel said, “Yes, but please promise me you won’t do anything until I am able to join in, any revenge plans you have?

Skye said, “Ok promise.” A few minutes later, the Doctor came back with their drinks and some biscuits for them. They said, “Thanks.” The Doctor said, “My pleasure, I will leave you both to drink them, but I will be back in an hour.” The girls said, “Thanks.” She left the room, then we both drank and ate in peace.

Just as they were finishing, Laura, Dani and Sam arrived, who went in and hugged Mel gently. Skye said, “I will go wait outside.” They said, “You can stay.” Skye said, “No, the Doctor said no more than 3 at a time, and we finished our sisterly talk.” They said, “Ok.”

They sat and talked, they said, “We were really worried about you, we thought we were going to lose you.” Mel said, “Thanks, I’m not going anywhere quickly, you will have me around for a very long time, but from now on I am going to be careful though.”

They said, “Ok groovy, yes, we don’t blame you.” They chatted for a while about what happened. Mel said, “I have told the Police what I have remembered.” They asked, “Do you remember who attacked you?” Mel said, “Well, I think I know, but I’m still not 100% sure.” They said, “Ok, you may never remember.” Mel said, “Well they better hope not because I am very angry and upset.”

They all said, “Hey, please don’t think that way, yes, it’s happened, and we are all upset that we couldn’t stop it, we outnumbered them, but they were all boys and they were too strong for us.” Mel said, “Yes, and I don’t blame any of you, so please don’t think I’m upset with any of you at all, because I’m not ok.”

They said, “Ok.” Mel said, “When I get out of here, I plan on talking to all you girls about it.” They said, “ok.” Mel told them that she is already bored and want to go home.

Laura said, “Yes, I know, but the longer you stay here, the more you can recover.” Mel said, “Agreed, and all going well, I will be released on Sunday, but I want to go home with you all now.”

Laura said, “Yes, I know, but you almost died and have just woken up, so you need to do what the Doctors and Nurses tell you to do, you will come home soon enough, ok?”

Mel said, “Ok, thanks everyone.” There was a knock at the door. Mel said, “Come in.” It was Mel’s mum saying, “We are leaving, but I will see you again later.” Mel said, “Thanks, love you all.” Mel’s mum blew Mel a kiss then closed the door. Laura said, “Yes, we should go too, but please rest, ok.”

Mel said, “Yes, boss.” Laura, Dani, and Sam gave Mel hugs and kisses then left. Mel settled into rest and watch television. The Nurse came into see how she was. Mel said, “I’m fine.” She said, “Groovy, I need to check you again.” Mel said, “Ok thanks.” The nurse placed the thermometer in her mouth and checked her pulse, blood pressure, when she was finished, she checked her bandages, and said, “I’ll change them.”

When she was finished, she asked, “Do you need anything?” Mel said, “No thanks.” She said, “Ok, if you need anything, please press the buzzer.” Mel said, “Ok yes.”

She left, and Mel watched television again, but soon fell asleep, next thing she knew she was being woken by a boy’s voice, Mel looked up and saw that it was Justin. Mel tried to scream, but he placed his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t, and his friends had pinned her down so she couldn’t move. Justin started punching her again, this time even more fierce than before, she started crying and trying to move, but they were way too strong for her.

Justin pulled her nightie up and said, “Ok just as I thought, you are a faggot.” Justin grabbed hold of Mel’s penis and squeezed ridiculously hard, also squeezed her testicles, it hurt so much, the tears streamed out of her and she was powerless to do anything. Mel doesn’t know how long they kept it up for, but lucky for her, the door suddenly opened, and it was one of the Policemen, they asked, “What’s going on?” Justin tried to tell stories, but the Policeman said, “We saw you,” the second one went to get a Nurse and call for back up.

Justin said, “This thing rang me to come and see it.” The Policeman asked, “Why?” Justin said, “I don’t know, it didn’t tell us.” The Policeman said, “Excuse me, if you are friends with Mel you wouldn’t disrespect her.” Justin said, “That freak is a boy and should remain a boy.”

The Policeman said, “Sorry but please show some respect to Melissa.” Justin said, “Why should I?” The Policeman said, “Because Melissa is a human being and deserves to be treated as such, now, I want you all to stand in front of the wall, face it and shut up.”

The Doctor, Nurse and second Policeman came back in to check on Mel, and both looked at each other very strangely, which had her very worried. They decided to take her to elsewhere but didn’t say where.

Justin kept trying to put the blame back on Mel, but neither Policeman was interested, all they were concerned about was Mel’s well-being. Mel was wheeled out, on her bed, somewhere else by an orderly. The nurse had disappeared, Mel assumed to call her parents, but she came back a few minutes later.

The Doctor said, “Ok, I’m going to order some X-rays, just to make sure everything is still ok, don’t worry Mel, it’s just a precaution.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks.” The Doctor left the room.

The Nurse concentrated on fixing Mel up, re stitched her arm and checked her groin area. The nurse said, “It’s only bruising so we can’t do anything there.” The Doctor reappeared with a wheelchair and said, “Ok, if you can get into this, we can wheel you to X-ray.”

Mel said, “Yes, with help.” They both helped her get off the bed and into the mobile chair, then the nurse wheeled her to X-ray, with the Doctor holding her hand.

N.B., A lot of you may be wondering why Mel was being given such special attention, well, I have seen this in real life, Medical Professionals usually have a duty of care with their patients and when they have a minor under their care, where there is no immediate familia in attendance, they will stay with them to ensure the patient feels safe and secure.

Once they arrived, Mel was taken in and the X-rays were taken, then once that was done, was wheeled back to the examination room, whereby the Nurse and Doctor continued their examination of Mel, but until the X-rays had come back, they were limited on what they could do. Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long, as suddenly the X-Ray person arrived and said, “Doctor I have those X-Rays for you.” The Doctor said, “Thanks.” She opened the envelope, then had a look.

She said, “Ok all’s good, so we can re-bandage the open wounds and bandage the new one, but tonight, I am going to ensure that someone stays with you to keep you monitored all night, so our apologies now, but we doubt you will get any sleep.”

Mel said, “Ok that’s fine, as long as I’m not alone.” The Nurse said, “Don’t worry, I will stay with you, because I have the next few days off, and I feel that you are better off having someone who you know, but also has medical training, in case anything happens, but your Doctor has the last say on that.”

My Doctor said, “No, I was going to suggest you anyway Maggie, so before we take you back to your room, Melissa, I will ensure that there is a comfortable chair put in there for Maggie to sleep on tonight.” Mel said, “Thank you, but why couldn’t there be another bed brought in, Maggie needs to have a good night’s sleep too?” Maggie said, “It’s fine, I know which chair will suit me, so I will go and organise that now.”

Maggie left them alone, which allowed the Doctor to complete her examination and bandaging of Mel, then once that was done, she washed and dried her hands and asked, “Melissa, would you like something to drink and eat?” Mel said, “Yes, please could I get a coffee and some biscuits too, please?”

She said, “Yes, of course, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” The Doctor left the room, Mel lay back and pondered about her selfish decisions over the past few months, yes, I know, she was having doubts, but was more concerned about her Familia’s happiness than her own. More will be mentioned later. TW, it may not end well.

The Doctor returned with a tray, which had two cups on it and a plate full of biscuits. She handed Mel, her coffee, Mel said, “Thanks.” She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but thought I might join you?” Mel said, “That’s fine you are more than welcome, besides, you have helped me so much today, how can I say no?”

The Doctor handed Mel a couple of biscuits, they both chatted whilst sipping their drinks. Maggie, Mel’s now personal Nurse, arrived back and said, “Ok, Mel, your room is ready for you to back too, when you are ready, and I also found this outside too.” Suddenly, Mel’s familia appeared.

Skye had red eyes, which only meant that she had been crying, but she went and gave Mel as tight a hug as Mel could stand, and she decided to be a dog too, what I mean there is that she slobbered many very wet kisses all over her face.

The Doctor took Mel’s parents outside to talk to them, whilst Skye and Maggie remained, although Maggie said, “I’ll go wash these up, then come back and wheel you back to your room.” Mel said, “You don’t have to leave on this one’s account.” Maggie said, “No, if I don’t wash them up now, I’ll possibly get in trouble and once we are in your room, I want to remain there for you.”

Skye said, “What’s going, why is she staying with you for?” Mel said, “Because I need looking after, and by a medical person.” Skye said, “Oh, ok, but why can’t I stay too, after all I miss you and it is so lonely at home?” Mel said, “Lonely, with Dani, Angie, Michelle and Cassie sharing the same room, no way.”

Skye said, “Well, it has been ok as we have been closer than normal, but we do miss you too.” Mel said, “Yes, I miss you too, but I’ll be home soon, enjoy the peace and quiet.” Skye said, “True.” Mel’s parents, The Doctor and Maggie returned to the room and then Mel was placed in the mobile chair and wheeled back to her room.

Once they arrived back and she was settled back into bed, the doctor said, “Ok, I’ll let your Familia spend time with you, ok.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks, see you later.” Mel’s mum said, “Ok, how are you?” Mel said, “Ok, Justin did scare me, but he is not here now, thankfully Maggie will be staying tonight.” Mel’s mum said, “Yes, do you know why he came to attack you?” Mel said, “No, I was asleep, well almost asleep, when hands went over my mouth and nose, then they started talking, calling me all sorts of nasty names, and they lifted my nightie too and squeezed my penis very hard through the nightie though, thankfully the Policemen arrived and they stopped anything further, but as you can see I was hurt again, but I’ll be fine.”

Mel’s father said, “I hope they get everything they deserve, but from tomorrow night on, if we can arrange it, someone will stay here with you.” Maggie said, “Yes, I was going to suggest that I will be tonight, but I have days off and can’t stay, but if any of you can volunteer, that would be great.”

Mel’s mum said, “Well, I will volunteer tomorrow night, and we will find somebody each other night you are here, ok.” Mel said, “Groovy, thanks everyone, but can Skye stay tomorrow night, please?” Mel’s mum said, “Well if it’s ok with everybody else.” Skye said, “Mel is my sister, so I should get the first night, besides, it will give mum and dad a free night alone, something neither of you will have much of in coming years, especially when our new baby brother is born.”

Mel’s father said, “You already think it’s a boy?” Skye, their mum, and Mel all nodded and smiled. Maggie came back in and Mel introduced her to everybody. They all said, “Hi” to each other. Mel’s father said, “We should go home, Mel needs her rest, but we will all come back tomorrow, ok?” Mel said, “Ok, yes, but I would like to still see Wendy though, mum could you bring her tomorrow night please, when you bring this one?”

Mel’s mum said, “Yes, of course, now you do what Maggie tells you, ok, we will see you tomorrow.” Mel said, “Yes, I will, yes, thanks.” Mel’s familia all hugged and kissed her then left Maggie and Mel to rest, but their interpretation of rest was to be girls and chat.

Maggie told Mel that she was 25, and dating an Ambulance Officer, she was hoping that he would “Pop the Question” soon as her clock was ticking, she did explain what that meant.

Mel told her about how she became Melissa. Maggie said, “Wow, that’s groovy, you are so grown and wise already, especially with deciding not to date any boys until you are an adult.” Mel said, “Agreed, besides my education should come first, I don’t want to be stuck at home being a man’s cheap housekeeper, I want to be free and explore the world, because I know there is so much more out there.”

Maggie said, “Wow, are you sure that you are only nine?” Mel said, “Yes, I am, maybe my girl brain has turned me into a grown up already.” Maggie and Mel both laughed at that.

The night went great, Mel woke with some pain, but having Maggie in the room, she dealt with it very quickly. Mel was released early Monday morning, but with conditions though. Mel agreed as she just wanted to sleep in her own bed and be in familiar surroundings.

                                                  Chapter 1.9:                                                                                                          Recovery and Tragedy

When they arrived home, Mel’s mum assisted her inside and onto the lounge, and she placed a light blanket over her. Loz came and asked, “Would you like anything to eat or drink, dear?” Mel said, “Yes, please, but only something light.” Mel got a shock when Loz said dear, as she never said that to her before. Mel lay down and waited for Laura to bring the food/drink back, which she did several minutes later. Skye and Angie came over and chatted, well more like they chatted at a hundred trillion million miles, which had Mel just nodding.

After a while, they decided to leave Mel alone to rest and watch the television, but she must have fallen asleep as next thing she knew had someone on top of her, when she opened her eyes, it was Cassie. They both said, “Hi.” Mel asked, “Why are you on top of me?” She said, “I wanted to wake you up.” Mel said, “Well you did.” They chatted for a while, Michelle until came in and said, “Hi, how are you feeling now?” Mel said, “Ok, but happy that I’m home.” Michelle said, “Yes.”

Mel asked, “Where is Dani?” Michelle said, “Her and Aunt Laura went to the schools today with what work they have.” Mel said, “Oh ok, wish I was back at school as me.” Michelle said, “Yes, and you will next year.” Loz asked the girls to do their homework. Mel asked, “What can I do please?”

She said, “Just sit there and recover.” Mel said, “Ok, but can someone help to the bathroom please, as I haven’t been for a while.” Michelle said, “I will take you.” Mel said, “Thanks.” They went to the bathroom. Mel lifted her dress, and sat down, Michelle said, “What about your panties?”

Mel said, “I can’t wear any as I’m still sore.” She said, “Ok,” Mel asked her to help make sure the bandages don’t get wet. Michelle said, “Ok.” She placed her hand on the bandages and directed Mel’s penis into the bowl. Mel released her urine, it felt so good, that she sighed, when she was finished, she wiped, fixed her dress, and washed their hands, and left.

They went back into the lounge room so Michelle and Cassie could finish their homework. Once they had finished, they sat to chat, especially about Mel’s recent assault. Michelle said, “So Mel, what do you remember of the attack?” Mel said, “Us girls playing on the equipment, and some boys yelling at us, then I remembered waking up in hospital.”

Michelle said, “Ok, from what I saw, we were at the park when the boys started yelling out nasty things towards you, suddenly a couple of the boys went and started attacking you, when we saw it, we all yelled out and ran over to protect you, that’s when they ran away, our mum went to call an Ambulance and the Police, came back to you, we all kept you comfortable until the Ambulance arrived, they fixed you best they could, and took you to hospital. The Police arrived not long after, we all gave our statements, we all came home, but none of us could concentrate on anything until we heard back.”

Mel said, “Oh, ok, I think I knew one of the boys, but I’m not certain.” Michelle said, “Well Dani said that she thought she knew one, actually the main ringleader.” Mel said, “Oh, ok.”

Michelle said, “When your parents and Skye arrived back, bombarded them with questions, but they sat and answered best they could, and they did ask us who they thought the offenders were.” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” Just then Loz came into the lounge room and Mel asked, “What did you see?” Loz basically said the same thing, except that she saw red when Mel was being assaulted and not given the chance to defend herself, she stepped in and started giving back what they were giving me.

Mel suddenly broke down in tears, which brought the others running from the other room, and it took an exceptionally long time to calm her down, and her started shaking very violently too, which had Skye and mum both very worried. Thankfully though, Mel finally fully calmed down. Mel’s mum said, “Ok, Skye go and run a bath for you and your sister.” Skye said, “Yes.”

Mel’s mum asked if her and Mel could have some privacy please. Everyone obliged and went back to the dining room and kitchen. Mel’s mum just held her close whilst she released her emotions. Once the bath was ready, Skye came in to let her mum and sister know, then Mel’s mum helped her to the bathroom. Then she helped her undress and get into the bath, which was not easy given that her had a broken leg, fyi, Mel still doesn’t know how that happened.

Once Mel was safely in the bath, Skye undressed and got in, then their mum left them alone, but said, “When it’s time to get out, please let me know, so I can help Mel out, ok?” They said, “Yes, mum.” Skye and Mel just washed themselves and each other, then relaxed, but she could see she was not right, and said, “Come on spill sis, I know something is wrong.” Mel said, “Well, I was just wondering how Justin knew where we were, I thought we were safe up here.”

Skye said, “Well, I heard that he has familia up here, and I think he may have just seen us by accident.” Mel said, “Ok, let’s hope we never see them again, because between you and I, whilst I was in hospital, I began to have doubts about being a gurl.”

Skye didn’t say a word, she just moved forward and slapped her around the head, then said, “Listen here you ungrateful little turd, I didn’t go to all the effort to help you be yourself, for you to again doubt if it’s the right decision, don’t you EVER let me hear or even remotely feel you wanting to be a yucky boy again, because next time you do, I will personally kick your fat arse out of the house and I will disown you, ok, got it.”

Skye was banging on Mel’s head so hard that she started crying because she was giving her an unbelievably bad headache, but Mel said, “Ok, got it, bitch.” This made her laugh and she sat back down, but as she went to sit down, she slipped and banged her head, which made Mel scream, and Skye wasn’t moving either.

Mel’s scream brought everyone to the bathroom. Loz was first in and said, “What happened?” Mel said, “Skye slipped and hit her head, now she’s asleep.”

Mel’s mum arrived and took charge because she was an ex-nurse, she checked Skye over and found some bleeding, which scared Mel, but her mum said, “Can someone help me lift Skye out, then someone help Mel?”

Loz said, “I’ll help Mel, Laura can you help with Skye please?” Laura said, “Yes, of course, do you think she needs medical attention?” Mel’s mum said, “I don’t know yet, let’s get her into the lounge room and I’ll check her over then decide.” Mel’s mum and Laura gently lifted Skye out and into the lounge room, then Loz helped Mel out.  

Mel sat on the edge of the bath and dried off, then wrapped the towel around her and went to find her night clothes. Once dressed, Loz helped her walk to the lounge room as she was really worried about her sister, and because she caused her to slip. When they got there, Skye was still asleep, which had her even more worried, but at least she was covered up and lying on the lounge.

Mel’s mum saw her and said, “Hey, she’s ok, yes she did cut herself, but nothing major, she will have a very bad headache for a few days, so you will both be confined to your room, ok.” Mel said, “Ok, thanks.” Mel hobbled over and tried to sit gently on the lounge but that didn’t happen, she came down as hard as a thousand elephants, which startled Skye and she sat up then said, “Watch it, you bitch.” Mel started laughing straight away, which had everyone else wondering what was going on.

Skye said, “Oww, it’s fine, but watch my head it hurts.” Mel said, “Well suffer sis, you deserve it.” This resulted in an altercation between them both, which had their mum concerned but Mel said, “It’s fine mum, just a couple of very strong headed bitchy sisters playing.” This again had everybody in stitches.

Loz said, “Ok, I’m going to make tea, who wants to help, Angie, Dani and Michelle.” All three of them looked with weird looks on their faces but followed their Aunt/mum to the kitchen. Skye, Mel, their mum, Laura, and Cassie all relaxed and watched television, until it was time for Mel’s mum to go and pick up Wendy from the station.

N.B., Wendy was a creature of habit, she caught the same train to work Monday to Friday and the same train home too, sometimes it may be late, but usually not extremely late, unlike today where most public transport basically has no timetable, especially during the rush hour.

Mel’s father was away for work which is why he has not mentioned much in this chapter, to this day Mel has no idea where he was or what he was doing.

Once Mel’s mum and Wendy arrived home, they all decided for the bitch’s sake to eat tea in front of the television, which was nice. Mel had trouble trying to stay comfortable because of her leg, but used the cast sort of like a table, just for her plate. Thankfully Loz had only made a cold meat salada as it had started to warm up.

The next few months flew by, Mel was happy when the cast came off, but was still being careful with what she did. They found out that the boys had been charged not only with some adult assault crimes but also because they had been wanted for some minor children stuff, but in my opinion, they should have been adult as they were all animal cruelty charges.

Each boy got juvenile detention, with Justin getting the worst, he copped 15 years, which meant when he turned 18, he would be transferred to an adult gaol.

Finally, the Summer Holidays rolled around, which got everyone extremely excited.

Skye had recovered from her slip over, and like Mel had been taking things easy.

Mel had been still undecided about which sex she was, despite getting remarkably close with the other girls, she still had male tendencies. I will mention more in Part 2.

Christmas 1974 was a surreal day for many people, as we woke to the devastating news about Cyclone Tracy in Darwin. Out of respect for those affected, I will not go any further. I wasn’t directly affected, but knew people who were

Anyway, let’s get happy. The girls got out of bed early and went to the lounge room to see what Santa had brought them. Cassie on the other hand decided to wake all the adults up, of course everyone soon congregated in the lounge room together. The presents got handed out, which were opened very quickly, of course each girl got girls stuff, which was super neat.

They decided to stay in their pyjamas until around 9am, when Mel’s mum said, “Ok we are leaving in less than 2 hours, so who’s first for their shower?”

Michelle said, “Me and Mel.” They went and had their shower, got out and got dressed, while Loz and Wendy had theirs, followed by Skye and Dani, Mel’s parents, Angie, and Cassie, last was Laura. Everyone was ready to leave by 11.30am, all the presents had been loaded into both vehicles, a few minutes later they were on our way.

Once they arrived at the Avery’s not long after, both Tori and Sam came flying out and opened the doors, Sam planted a kiss on Mel’s lips and said, “Merry Christmas.” Mel was then able to get out, everyone carried presents inside, once inside, Mrs. Avery asked, “Does anyone want a cool drink?” Everyone said, “Yes please.” Mel’s mum went to help whilst the rest sat and chatted until they came back.

The terrible events in Darwin were mentioned, but not much. Mel’s mum and Mrs. Avery brought the drinks over and then the presents were handed, everyone loved what they received. Sam and Mel had bought each other the same thing, it was a pale pink dress, everyone said, “Wow that’s like a twin thing.”

Sam and Mel said, “Yes” and went to try them on. They fit perfectly, and went to show everyone else, they said, “You do look like twins.” Skye said, “You need heels with them and a shoulder bag each.” Being girls, we didn’t need an excuse to go shopping, but we decided to go in the new year to get the matching accessories.

Mrs. Avery asked, “Is everybody ready for lunch?” Everyone said, “Yes please.” Mel’s mum, Laura and Loz went to help her with the food, while the rest helped finishing setting the table, then everyone sat to eat. The food was superb, when finished, the girls cleared the table and soaked the dishes in the sink.

Mrs. Avery got dessert from the fridge, then once it was all ready, it was placed on the table and served up. When we finished, Tori asked, “Can I show everyone around?” Her parents said, “Yes of course.” The girls got up and went for the tour of the house, it was rather nice, only 3 bedrooms, but only 2 got used by Mr. and Mrs. Avery and the girls, the third was used for guests. Everyone said, “Wow what a neat house.” Tori said, “Thanks, we love living here.” Sam said, “It really is groovy.”

Tori said, “Ok who wants to see our secret spot?” The girls said, “Yes.” Tori said, “Ok, no one knows about this, only Sam and I.” The girls said, “Neato.” They followed Tori and then suddenly she fell with a big thump.

To Be Continued in Part 2.

                                                Chapter 1.10:                                                                                                                              Australia in the 1950’s – 1970’s

Being “Different” or perceived to be was not tolerated. Most people who were different, hid their true feelings from everyone, anybody perceived as being different, usually copped a hiding, I did witness this on many occasions growing up, even though it was not proven. Most boys learnt from their fathers that being Homosexual was not allowed and was a sin by God, those who were, were told would go to Hell.

As Australia was a religious, traditional country, it was expected of people to marry a person of the opposite sex, buy a house, start a family, and live harmoniously together until retirement age, which was 65, the couple would enjoy their twilight years together. Superannuation was not commonplace either, most retirees lived off the Old Age Pension.

Couples would usually meet in Secondary School, or even Primary School, they would go steady for several years, got married.

Life was vastly different as well. Everyone respected authority, including children. Truancy was not tolerated, those children not in school during school hours, usually were dealt with very severely.

Shops opened Monday to Wednesday, and Friday 8.30am until 5.30pm, Thursdays were 8.30am-9pm, Saturdays 8.30am-12 Midday.

Hotels had restricted hours as well, usually closing at 6pm every night, most were unable to trade on Sundays either.

Sundays, we all either went to Sunday School for under 18’s, Church for the adults, then home for Sunday Roast Lunch, or you would go visit family.

Milk Bars were family owned and operated, you knew each person by name, and you could carry on a conversation whilst seeking out the items required.

Milk was Full Cream from Dairy Cows, Sugar was White, Bread was White Block Loaf—most of the time it was baked, by our mothers, who were totally groovy cooks.

Shopping meant going to the main street and going to the Butcher, Green-Grocer, Fish Monger, Milk Bar for dry goods, sometimes the Milkman would travel up and down the streets, same as a Green-Grocer, this was not every street or Suburb.

Coffee was instant, usually with a dash of milk and 2 sugars, these new-fangled type coffees, had not reached Australia, although until the mid-1980’s Leaf Tea was the preferred Hot Beverage of choice.

Fruits and Vegetables were very fresh and exceedingly high quality, only in season were available and usually pesticide free as well, most families grew their own. Some even kept chickens for the Freshest Eggs possible, and they tasted fresh and unbelievably delicious.

People helped each other out, and trusted each other as well, we had a “Fair-Go” Policy, and treated each other with Politeness and Respect, usually not judged before getting to know someone.

There was discrimination a lot, however that was towards non-White Caucasian persons, a lot of the time they were treated very arrogantly due to ignorance from most people.

Anybody who wasn’t “Normal” was treated very badly, and usually it was a judgement by someone who felt it was their place to interfere, sometimes these assumptions were unfounded, however it did not stop harassment and persecution until the “Victim” either admitted it, moved away, or even in some comes Suicide as the pressure became too much.

Narrow and Single-Minded Persons caused a lot of problems with many people, even today it still goes on, however, not as much as in the past.

Alcohol-Fuelled violence was rare, most violence was usually very minor, sometimes it would escalate out of control, however not to the extent that occurs today.

Criminal activity did occur, however illicit drugs, Graffiti or use of weapons was either non-existent or exceedingly rare.

Men would settle differences usually with their fists, women were ladies and rarely got into any physical violence, unlike today where it is commonplace.

Most men were also very rude, arrogant, selfish, unhygienic, they only cared about other people when they knew they would get something in return, this is something that does still exist today, with most people.

Children would obey their parents, and anybody in authority, we would play outside until around 6pm when our mothers would call us in for tea, afterwards it was bath time, homework. Arguments were rare during our times playing, usually sorted very quickly and between the persons involved. We would ride our bikes, or play hopscotch, handball, football, whatever interested us at the time, and depending on the sporting season.

Most food was home-made and tasted much better than the mass-produced foods of today, it was safer and healthier, and usually did not contain any preservatives.

Television arrived in Australia in 1956, it started as Black and White, and as a commercial station (This had paid commercials, usually live to air and by the host or hostess of the current program) or a Government channel that was completely advertisement (Commercial) Free. You had to go to the set to change channels, adjust volume control and switch on/off, remote controlled televisions didn’t arrive until the mid-1980’s, also all televisions were very heavy and bulky, they were analogue with “Rabbits Ears” type aerials.

Internet was not around, research was done by going to the local Library and reading books, or by purchasing Books/Magazines at the Newsagent, Newspapers were Black and White, including photographs.

Telephones were all Landline connections, there was no such thing as a Mobile/Cell Phone, video games did not exist either. Public Telephone boxes were very widely available. Telephones had round dials on them from 0-9, you would dial a phone that way, not the push button that came in some years later. Telephone Books were where we would go for telephone numbers, and those we frequently called were listed in our own personal either Diary, or a telephone book, which was a small blank book when purchased at a Newsagent.

Newspapers were read by nearly every man every day, in some areas there were morning and afternoon editions printed.

Radios or Wirelesses only had 1 band AM and were usually either Talk-Back style programs or easy-listening stations, some did have the latest music as well. If a person wished to listen to music it was on a Vinyl Round Record which contained grooves in them where a needle would pick up the sound and transmit it through the amplifier, these players were originally called Gramophones, later known as Record Players.

Video Cassette Recorders (VCR’s) were not around, nor were Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) Players. Entertainment was either watching television, going to the pictures or Drive-In. Roller Skating and Ice-Skating rinks were immensely popular. Dances occurred at local Community Halls usually once per week. Patrons were very well-behaved.

Pay Television did not come into existence in Australia until the 1990’s.

Photographs were taken with a Film Camera, which once the roll had finished, you wound it back to the beginning and took it out, either replaced with a fresh film, or took the finished film to either a Chemist/Pharmacy or Film Processing branch of that company, the sales assistant would code it and hand you a receipt, the prints and negatives were usually back 1 week later. In the beginning, they were only Black and White photographs only. Instant photographs did not come into existence for many years.

Momentous events were observed for the occasion they were, not the out of control drunken madness that occurs today.

Religious occasions were respected as well.

Jobs were easier to obtain you could walk out of a job or school today and into a job tomorrow.

Most items were manufactured in Australia, men would work extremely hard for their wages, and took pride in their work, unlike today where most people only look forward to payday.

End of the day meant men having a beer or 8 at the local public house (pub), smoking was permitted in the hotels, the bars were segregated, men had the public bar, women were restricted to the Ladies Parlour and were never allowed in the Public Bar, under any circumstances. The only females allowed in the Public Bar were the Barmaids as they were called.

Most people were paid weekly and in cash, usually on a Thursday, this method did result in many Armoured Vehicle robberies.

Paying bills was by going into the company during your lunch break to pay the account by cash or writing a cheque and posting it in along with a remittance advice.

Credit Cards were either Non-Existent or rare.

Even though Mortgage Interest Rates could be as high as 20%, it was much easier to repay, as most people were not concerned with having the latest gadgets. Dishwashers were not common, nor washing machines, or clothes dryers either. Washing clothes for most was by hand and were much cleaner as well.

Swearing was rare, even by adults, unlike today where I’ve heard children as young as 4 years of age swearing.

Birth Control was not readily available, however even so, there were very few out of Wedlock Pregnancies, as most people controlled their urges until after Marriage. Most couples would Marry if the Woman got pregnant.

Unwed mothers’ Pension did not exist. Men took responsibility for their actions as well, unlike today where everyone blames others for their short comings.

Public Transport was all non-air conditioned; you could smoke in certain Train Carriages, everyone also took their rubbish with them and placed their rubbish in a rubbish receptacle, placing feet on seats or hogging seats did not exist. Trains were single deck services, some buses were Double-Deckers, Ferries were normal, smoking was permitted on most. Children would stand up for paying passengers no matter who the other passenger was, Respect was drilled into each child.

Printing was done by a printing company, a person would sit down and talk to the printer about their requirements, a cost is quoted, in most cases the order is placed. The customer was told when the order would be ready.

Computers were not around in the capacity they are today, everything was either hand-written and neatly, or typed using a typewriter, if there were any mistakes it would be corrected using a correction fluid or if handwriting, scrunching up the piece of paper and starting over.

Most people were very social and would go out to meet others, either through Friendship Clubs, Church outings, Community Clubs, Police Youth Clubs were mainly for boys, but it allowed them the interaction of learning male skills.

Most Motor Vehicles did not have electric windows or mirrors, they had to be adjusted manually.

Water was filled from the tap, none of the filtered bottled stuff of today, it also tasted nice, yes even I admit I do prefer Filtered water as respect is no longer given by most persons.

Australians did call Elevators Lifts, although most of our terminologies have now gone to more American ones.

A groovy movie that shows 1960’s Australia is called “They’re a Weird Mob”, it is very enlightening, and shows what Sydney, New South Wales, Australia was like. I cry every time I watch it.

The Australian Weather seasons are:

Autumn/Fall–March to May.

Winter–June to August.

Spring–September to November.

Summer–December to February.

Safety was not really a top consideration either, many people died needlessly as safety was not considered, unlike today where safety is usually the Top priority in everybody’s lives. Safety should be everybody’s responsibility.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now incentive time, I have made some mistakes, on purpose, the first person to find every mistake, will be rewarded. Now, as mentioned at the beginning, this novel is in Australian speak and spelling, so they are not counted.

Please highlight and screenshot what you feel is a mistake, then once you have found them all, please email me

This Concludes Part 1 completely, I hope you enjoyed reading it and do continue purchasing as each part becomes available.


Published by Mel's Customised Candles

🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🚋🦘🐨🔞💯💯💯💲5️⃣📖📖📖📖📖📖🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🚋🚋🦘🦘🐨🐨🚌🚌🚌🚌🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🚋🚋🚋🦘🦘🦘🐨🐨🐨🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈 I'm a Transfemale, whose life has not been great, lied to about various things. I've also been lied about, which is very unfair. Hatched in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Knew at 4, in 1970, that I was a gurl, but unable to do anything about it. Used & abused by others, including being molested from 6-14 by a relative, viciously assaulted, and left to die at 16, I was left infertile, & little interest in anything remotely physical. Wanted to be a Journalist, but because of assault, unable to continue my schooling. Because of molestation and assault, I have major trust issues. To keep the peace & make my father happy, did what he wanted, except join Defence Forces, Guns Scare ME. I have written & Self-Published 11 eBooks, Link below. I moved to Melbourne Australia February 2015, which has been good. Have since left there. My 2022 goal is to raise enough funds to finally Establish MCC. I plan to employ Humans & Train them in Transferrable Skills. I also plan to employ humans suffering from illness & disease, so they have flexibility for appointments. MCC will observe COVID safe practices long after they have been discontinued by others. All Team Members will be required to wear PPE when in the Production area. Shares are $5 AUD each. The reason why they are low, is to allow all everyday winners the chance to share the wealth and help create MCC. Shareholders will share 80% of Annual After Tax profit, paid early November each year, hopefully starting late 2023. Multiple Incomes are the way of the future.

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