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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I’m angered by certain people currently, which is the reason why this blog has been written today.

Many people will make assumptions about others, or listen to what others have to say, instead of:


From the person concerned.

February 2021: Melbourne, Australia was in lockdown, which meant people were unable to visit others homes.

I was home alone, when someone decided to turn up unexpectedly and quietly, which caused my


To get worse.

This person then told their partner some stuff, who then abused and laughed at me.

I was already reeling from an incident the day before hand, but of course, no one cared nor bothered to ask how I was.

N.B. As it was summer and late afternoon, to save on the power bill, I had closed the blinds and turned off all lights, to keep the house cool, however, the “Trespasser” not only abused me, but also left lights on and left quietly.

Honestly, because of this trespasser, I thought about moving out.

Sometime later a special event occurred, however, how do I find out?

Not being told in person, no, via an online post.

This upset me, as I thought we had a close friendship.

What got me so upset to write this blog:

This couple then decided to Celebrate, was I invited?


I was only advised 4 days beforehand to ensure the bathroom I used, was cleaned to a very high standard so the guests could use it.

N.B. I was injured a couple of weeks beforehand, ended up in hospital twice and was in so much pain. I was unable to work (Unpaid) for a week.

Because this Celebration was on, I decided to vacate for the day.

This “Close Friend” let me down several times in the past.

Honestly, I don’t feel as though I’m trusted or worthy to be included, maybe I’m too much of an embarrassment to them.

I feel they are Transphobic.

At the time, I was depressed because the 2nd anniversary of a friends death was fast approaching, and I could have used the party to cheer up.

My purpose of writing this is because I feel it would have been polite of the couple to invite the other housemates to the Celebration. Our other housemate is friends with the male, and I assume, they were invited.

To be Honest, I have a very bad negative feeling about the male, however, will keep my trap shut.

2011: I was sharing a house with a work colleague, and she was about to celebrate a birthday.

I was not invited, instead it was assumed, I would be the designated driver for the evening.

At the time, I was working night shift, and the night beforehand, well, morning of the party, I ended up with a massive migraine, which I knew would not go away before the party, and I advised my housemate of this.

She got very upset and angry with me, and within a few weeks, served me an eviction notice. I still don’t know why she evicted me.

She breached my privacy many times, which got me into trouble at work too.

I had nothing to do with what she did, yet, as per usual, I was blamed.

In 2015, I became online friend with a teen trans gurl.

There was an age gap of 34 years, however, neither of us wanted a romantic relationship.

She told me certain things in confidence, to this day, I have not breached her??????? privacy.

Around 9 weeks later, I was suddenly blocked. I honestly felt it was my fault, because I had become moody.

I found out later, through someone who went behind my back, this person was spreading vicious lies about me online.

I strongly believe it was someone else close to this gurl who persuaded her to believe what they were saying was the truth about me.

I felt we could have learnt from each other, as


N.B. I have proof that, what she spread is lies, I even go a step further.

I have written a couple of novels, I have called this Gurl “Chris” in them.

Honestly, I never meet anyone for the first couple of times, in private, alone or in seedy locations.

I always meet in public, with CCTV prevalent and both parties having support persons present.

I always like to present a written legal agreement to the other party, setting out my boundaries and what I expect from the other person. I also include a copy of My Latest, Less than 1 year, Police Check Record, a photocopy of my Drivers Licence, both sides, and Working With Children Check Card too.

Genuine, Honest people would do this.

I have watched enough crime dramas to see what can happen, granted most are fictional scenarios, but you never know.

I should point out, I do understand why I’m ignored by others, the old

Generational Gap.

At the time of writing this, I feel so depressed and well, have thought about taking drastic action.

I am currently in the process of relocating Interstate as I no longer feel happy in Victoria.

I’m so down, I’m looking at relocating to the same area “Chris” resided during our association.

To everyone reading this, I make this suggestion:

Always treat others how YOU want to be treated, and never judge someone based on their:




Financial Position.

Always Give Someone A Fair Go, because you never know what might happen.


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