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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, it’s what makes us all Human Winners.

This blog post is from my observations when I was a male, however, I’m not being nasty to all.

This has been written to hopefully educate MEN.

I apologise if this post offends anyone, I don’t mean too.

Over the years, I’ve found most males to be








One Track Minded creatures.



Most are controlled by their miniscule downstairs brain.

Most only want a partner to be their slave, something I’ve seen first-hand.

Many will give their opinion, whether it’s wanted or not, and will try to ensure, their opinion is the best one.

My biggest issue is their


Instead of accepting everyone as equal, no, they need to constantly be the best, and in front.

I walk almost an hour to and from our local Public Transport/Shops.

I constantly see males driving vehicles dangerously and will break the law to be in front of other motorists.

I’ve had males stop to offer me a lift, however, when I decline, have been abused.

Sorry, but Safety First.

I’ve also found many to be narrow minded, who refuse to open their eyes minds and hearts.

Many are selfish, arrogant, rude, unhygienic and cannot carry on a conversation either.

Too many males on Social Youdia, message me, either one word or emoji. Sorry, but if you refuse to string together a sentence, I’m not going to respond.

Most will make assumptions about others, because of what they think.

Many will even stoop to dirty tricks to get their way too, something I’ve personally been the victim of in the past.

My advice, please watch:

McLeod’s Daughters Season 2 Episode 10.

To any males reading this, I offer this advice to all:

Accept others as equals,

Be Open Minded,

Always Ask Questions, Instead Of Making Assumptions,

Never Cat Call Someone on the street, as you never know what they are going through emotionally.

Please never use affectionate words as opening lines, again, the person may feel uncomfortable.

Always respect Boundaries.

My biggest pet peeves are:

Someone seeing me sitting alone and assuming I need company and/or placing their arms around my lower body.

If someone says


Accept it and move on.


works both ways, so to all Males reading this, Please Remember That.

Also, always ask for Consent.

In my personal Opinion:

Males who constantly disrespect females, are:


And need to be put in their place.

Women are just as capable as males in doing every job possible.

I see males only as Sperm Donors.

Finally, A True Man will respect and accept others as EQUALS and listen too.

I Thank You All For Reading This.

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