Saturday Safety

G’day, hope our week has been enjoyable & productive.

I care about all of you, hence the purpose of this post.

My advice to all is:

Anytime you are going to meet someone new, ALWAYS meet in public, with support people close by, & CCTV in use.

I would also encourage written, signed agreements setting out the boundaries.

I would not be alone in private with them either, until everyone is fully comfortable & trusts each other too.

Genuine, honest humans will accept these terms.

I never trust or believe anyone/anything told verbally, been hurt too many times.

I only believe things in writing, but when multiple research conducted.

I’m not trusted by most people, therefore, I don’t trust easily either.

TBH: Having written agreements should protect each party involved, but also allows each to know what is acceptable & what is not.

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