Warning: Some of the content may be too distressing for some people, I myself cried whilst writing it. I recommend grabbing some tissues, just in case.

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What is Emotional Grief?

To me, it’s the grief I suffer and have been for many years, as many people have passed away.

The following are people who have passed away, way too young, in my opinion.

Of course, I will not use real names, out of respect.

In order of death, For Me:

Early 1970’s, My Uncle, who was found in the gutter outside his home. He died from Alcohol Poisoning. His Wife was my father’s younger sister.

A couple of years later, my cousin, the son of the above, aged 9. Killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident. His mother was intoxicated, drove the car, and crashed head on into a telegraph pole, otherwise known as a Lamp Post.

1981, My Grandfather, my father’s father, passed away from Leukemia.

September 1981, the Great Grandmother of my favourite cousin died on my cousin’s Wedding Day. I didn’t know her that well.

1982 or 83, My cousin who was a year and a day older than me, was killed via a shotgun or rifle. My father found out, when he bought the afternoon newspaper, and there was the story as front page headlines.

Late 1980’s the father of the above, died. I don’t know the circumstances around his death. He was married to my Father’s other Sister

July 1991, My Mother. Less than 8 weeks from Official Diagnosis to death. To this day, I blame myself a lot for her death. However, I blame my stupid blister even more.

November 1994, My Beloved Claire Baire. I found out 6 hours after her funeral, she had died. That day, is when I made my first suicide attempt.

Late 1990’s my father’s mother. I don’t know what she died from.

2003, a 7 year old patient who I had the privilege of delivery life saving medical supplies to, passed away. I found as I was leaving work on a Friday. I was in disbelief all weekend.

2009, a couple of people I worked with passed away. Both were amazing.

2010, My Father. He had for years complained about a knotted stomach but refused to get treated. He ended up in surgery, but had a massive Heart Attack, fell into a coma, and I had to make the most terrible decision. I would never wish that decision on my 2nd worst enemy, ”Chris,”  because it’s not easy and much harder when you have no one to talk too.

December 2019, My amazing UK friend was found deceased at home. I still don’t know what official C.O.D. was. I miss her every day, but like CB, know they are both guiding me.

Funny story about her: I was writing Body Swap Murder Mystery and had planned who was the murderer, however, got stuck towards the end. Something told me to go in a completely different direction, and guess what? It worked. I wrote 4 chapters in the space of 5 days. I feel my UK friend was guiding me.

Grief affects everyone differently:

Maybe a song will play which causes us to release our emotions,

Or, a movie might, or a smell.

Sometimes, we just cry for no logical reason.

Here’s a recent example for me, I was walking home and saw a car, registered in NSW, Australia. The plate letters and numbers hit home and reminded me about the good times with CB. I stopped and broke down in tears, because that 9 years we were together, were the best ever in my existence.

To anybody reading this, who feels emotional at times, but others tell you to get over it, don’t listen to them.

It’s healthy to cry and release our emotions.

It’s really a sign of strength.

Grief should not always be about the death of someone, it could be the end of a Friendship or Relationship.

We normally get very close to someone and when the friendship/relationship ends, can cause us to emotionally grieve.

Same could be said of a long time job.

There are many different types of emotional grief, and as I’ve already mentioned, we all grieve differently.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, we are able to grieve how we want to, and when we want to.

I will say this though, if the grief becomes way too hard for you, please seek professional help.

It doesn’t mean you are weak; it means you are strong, but need external guidance.

I hope this has helped many of you because that what this post is all about.

Thank You for reading this and I invite all of you to follow my blog, and you are all welcome to check out my previous blogs and my website too.


You Amazing Stunnelicious Winners.

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