Regrets Hurt.

Claire Baire (Not Her Real Name) 28/06/1965-08/11/1994.

27 years ago today, this stunnelicious beauty was called home to become an Angel.

I miss and Love You so much Claire Baire.

From the moment we met, Monday February 2nd, 1970, you stole my heart.

And have had the Quay to it ever since.

My First School Photo, circa 1970.

We had so much fun together, I felt complete with you.

You showed me the FEMALE Light. I will 4Ever Bee Gr8ful

However, as strong as our relationship was, I was ashamed to admit what was happening to me.

I will always regret not trusting you enough.

I’m sorry for not chasing after you, after we broke up.

I was unable too, as someone else told me to leave you alone.

Should have followed my heart.

Again, in 1992, when you were on my mind so much, lied to again, by the same person.

Because I was not there for you, I’ve punished myself, because, why should I be happy, when you were not.

I know you died so angry and disappointed in me, rightly so.

This may sound weird, but have felt your presence and your guidance.

Thank You, Groovy, Stunnelicious Babe

To everyone reading this, please never Regret Anything.

I’ve regretted not being a strong person, which is why I’m in the hole I’m currently in.

Comfort Zones are Poor Zones.

I know, I sound harsh, but it’s true.

My advice to everyone:

Always Accept Legal Opportunities When They Are Offered.

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