Christmas 2021 Offer

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Disclaimer: This offer is subject to change or being rescinded. Customers will ne advised in writing.

Available in S, M, L, XL and 2XL, Men’s, Women’s, Kids.

There are only a limited number of these available, 10,000.

Free Delivery Australia Wide.

$50 for T-Shirt or $75 including the coffee mug, which is personalised.

Sample. There is a choice of 8 Colours.

Please be advised these are the single cost, once bulk orders start being placed, the costs may go down, each customer will be advised.

Australia Only: When both bought together, I will donate $5 in each buyers name, to Girls Night In. If the final cost is lower, you will have the option of the difference being donated too, or you receiving the difference as a refund.

Added Free Bonuses:

My 10 Published eBooks.

These are my Smashwords Titles.

You also receive my 11th Completed, Unpublished eNovel.

Plus a Free Life-Time Business Partnership to MCC.

To Buy:
Please click “Menu,” then “Home,”
Scroll down to “Contact Us,”
Fill in the form.
We will respond within 48 hours.
For your safety and security, and to keep costs low, we only offer electronic payments, via CBA-Australia, Wise and PayPal-Rest of The World.
All prices quoted are Australian Dollar (AUD)

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