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I, Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen, Co-CCM/Founder of MCC, do hereby declare the following will be honoured, ONLY ONCE 1,000 Business Partners (BP) have Paid their joining fee, that’s $25 X 4.

I should say, 5,000.

These 5,000 Winners will be acknowledged as Founding Business Partners (FBP), with an id of MCC5FBP???????? ?— is the unique number

This agreement is only for those winners who buy 4 BP’s together and receive a 5th free and to the 1st

1,000 ONLY.

By Buying  Partnership/s, you will be helping us to finance the establishment of MCC as a Business.

Each BP will in fact be Shareholders and as such entitled to be involved in the establishment of MCC.

Possible Taxation Benefits.

We will value every winners input, no matter who you are or where you reside, because ultimately, working together, we want YOU to Succeed, therefore, we will succeed too.


Each BP will be invited to a Pre-Launch tour of the Production Studio, includes refreshments.

Once we reach $1 Million After Tax profit:  To celebrate, each BP will be invited to 1 of 4 fun afternoons at a certain fun park, located on Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, will include free Return Tram Transfers from Southern Cross Station (Spencer Street) to location.

2 Free Candles each month per BP, valued at $50, with a $10 credit too, once we are established in the Production Studio.

By helping establish MCC, we will be able to bulk purchase all of our supplies,  therefore passing on those savings to YOU, Our BP’s, and YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Added Extra Bonus: You will all be eligible to work in the Production Studio too.

Our 1st Studio will be located in Melbourne, Australia, with plans to establish a 2nd north of Sydney, or in Brisbane/Gladstone, but our 1st international will be in Canada, and 2nd in UK.

We will use local suppliers because I believe in supporting Small Business.

BP’s will all share 80% After Tax Profit, which will be paid early November each year.

However, you lucky 5,000 will share an extra 5%.

I believe in rewarding those who help me, and by becoming BP’s, you will be able to earn extra $$$$$$, especially if you wish to use your BP as a Side Business.

There will be regular BP only events, especially for my Founding BP’s.

Ok, now the important parts.

Each BP will be allocated a region to them, this will be agreed upon, between the BP and MCC.

Anytime someone shows interest in the business, we will refer them to their local BP.

Each BP will receive 20% commission per candle bought, including their own, and will be paid by the 15th of each month. We may pay weekly, possibly Fridays.

BP’s will receive 2 additional Candles during their Birth Month, and if they have generated a minimum of $2,500 worth of Annual (FY) sales, a Merchandise Pack too.

Each BP will be able to Custom Create their own Signature Candle, which will be named after them.

The 1st 5,000 with the above offer, will also have their names or at least Partnership id (MCC5BP00??????) on the home page of the website.

We will seek YOUR WRITTEN PERMISSION to use identifying information.

Highest Earning BP each month will be our Spotlight BP and will feature on the new and improved website.

Talking of identifying, all information provided to us, will be securely stored.

Our Business Partners and Your Customers Safety and Security will be


All Payments must be made direct to our Australian Business account, the details and reference number will be provided to each interested winner.

Initial reference will be IMCC5FBPMJ001:

As an example: Interim Mel’s Customised Candles 5 Founding Business Partner Melissa Jensen 001

Once payment received, you will receive your permanent id.

As this agreement is in writing and public, I must honour the agreement, but as I’ve already said, it’s only once I have reached the minimum of 1,000 x4 BP’s.

Each BP will receive a Legally Binding copy for their records.

Yes, this is a form of Affiliate Marketing, however, like many other businesses, I prefer to spread the wealth with EVERYDAY WINNERS

NOT a Multi-National Conglomerate.

Please contact me if you wish to know more.

I offer a free 30 minute Zoom Call, which I recommend taking advantage of.

10,000 Business Partnerships at $25 each ONLY available.

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