This is my sample Business Card.

Would you like to help others, but also help yourself too? If YES, Please read On.

Founding Candle Club Members will, after 12 months, or obtain $15,000 in candle sales, will then be entitled to $2 per candle sold from your referral, paid into your Super/Pension fund, up to the maximum allowed per year.

To my knowledge, I have never heard of this being done before, but I believe in helping others achieve Financial Security.

This would be perfect for someone late teens, needing that extra boost in life.

$25 AUD Once Off Joining Fee, per membership.

$5 Deposit will secure your membership.

Please check out the previos blog post about FCCM’s

By becoming an FCCM, you will be helping us establish to hire untrained Job Seekers, so we can train them.

If we do not raise the start up capital by May 31st, 2023, all FCCM’s will be entitled to a full refund.

Further information, please email us:

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