Road Rules.

I’m so unhappy today.

I went for a walk and was astounded by how many motorists disobeyed the Road Rules.

The traffic lights changed, however, drivers sped up to get through them.

1 car went through the red and narrowly missed colliding with a car turning right on the green.

Then as I’m walking down the road along the shoulder, FYI: There is no pedestrian path, we are forced to walk mere metres from speeding trucks, cars and buses/coaches, a car drove within a centimetre of me, but blasted their horn at the same time, whether it was a joke or accidental, I don’t know.

The speed limit changes from 80kmh to 60kmh due to roadworks, however, only 1 in 25 drivers slow down.

I have seen and felt vehicles driving at much higher speeds, which have scared me.

As many are considered workplaces, I did not see anybody wearing Face Masks.

Along further, there is construction going on for a new Multi Purpose Shopping area.

The speed limit is reduced to 40kmh, this is for the safety of the workers on site. Again too many motorists, most who should know better, disobey the signage and I’m certain some were driving much higher then 80kmh.

FYI: Due to the roadworks in the area, the speed limit has been reduced to 60kmh normally, but too many refuse to drive safely.

I’ve also seen motorists sit mere mm’s from another vehicle doing the right thing, flashing their lights and sounding their horn. Last I checked, it’s illegal to do that.

The above link has distressing images, however, is an example of what I’m saying.

FYI: I found out about this accident after I completed this blog originally.

Speed limits are there for a reason:



Another thing, the first thick white line is where vehicles must stop behind, however, too many motorists are stopping further along, sometimes over the pedestrian crossing.

I’ve also seen many motorists disobey the rules in car parks:

I saw a luxury vehicle driver, drive straight through a Stop Sign today. This is not unusual as it happens almost every time I go there.

When walking back outside, I saw a luxury SUV parked half on the roadway, in a loading zone, and half in a garden bed.

Please when driving:



I haven’t written this blog to be nasty, I’ve written it to hopefully educate others about the hazards of driving and to be aware of your surroundings when driving.

When I drive, even if I know the area, I drive to the speed limits and conditions, but also any changes to speeds.

That’s possibly because I’m a former professional driver.

Anybody who watches me walking, will usually see me check over my shoulder before I change “Lanes,” mainly because I’ve almost been hit by selfish, inconsiderate cyclists who don’t ding their bell to warn pedestrians.

I Thank All Of You Amazing, Influential, Inspiring Winners for reading this.

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