Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence

This novel is my true story and was 1 of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Cover photo is my parents and me taken at my 21st. This was the last photo ever taken with all 3 of us, sadly.

I cried,

I Laughed,

I Got Angry,

But Most of all, enjoyed writing it.

The main reason I wrote it:

To reveal many hidden secrets about me, but also explain why I am the person I am today.

Some of what is written:

Hatched at 11.30am, Friday, May 28th, 1965. Incorrectly Assigned Male at Hatching.

Meeting the Amazing Claire Baire (CB), 1st day of Primary School, Monday February 2nd, 1970, she still holds the Quay to my Heart.

CB is the 1 who awakened my Female Side.

Molested from 6-14, by an older relative.

Blamed for my cousin’s death. I asleep in bed at the time.

Told to “Drop Dead,” by another cousin.

At 15, Met an amazing man, who was 36 years my senior, who wanted to pay for my Sex Change Operation as my 21st present, however, others lied and manipulated him.

Viciously Assaulted, almost died, but also left Infertile at 16, this along with the earlier molestation, caused me to have major trust issues, I have shied away from relationships, because I felt defective.

Wanted to be a Journalist growing up, but because my school associates bullied me, unable to achieve high marks.

Abided by my fathers demands, he was the boss. I ended up in male dominated jobs.

Helped with clean up after an Earthquake in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, December 1989.

New Years Eve has not been the same for me.

Watched my Mother slowly pass away. July 30th, 1991.

Accused by others of many things, and never trusted enough to use my Ingenuity.

Controlled too.

Had guilt trips placed on me, as others felt their Happiness was more important.

Told Negative things, which have had a profound affect on me.

Lied too about CB.

Used and Abused.

Misjudged, especially by other Transgurls. “Chris” is 1 of them 2 (U) G

Accused of being a Spy, Partly True.

Existed as female from January 2001- September 2005, however:

Told I was ugle, and would never pass as a female.

Transitioned back to male, but never felt comfortable.

Cared Full Time for my father until I killed him (Legally).

Was given the chance to be a Team Leader, but undermined by others.

Re-transitioned to Female, June 2014.

Finally moved to Melbourne, February 2015.

The above link is direct to this title, all net royalties will be used to fund my Gender Surgery.

Exciting News, Until end of 2021, each Title is $0.99 USD each.

Dad, Me (Mark) and Mum taken at my 21st, May 1986.

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