Perfect Christmas Gift/s.

A customer’s customised mug.

This is a more detailed explanation regarding this offer.

Yes, it costs $50 AUD per mug, however, these are customised with your name on it.

N.B.: You can pay in installments if you wish.

You also have the option of receiving my 10 completed eBooks.

You need to join Smashwords to download your copies, but it’s free.

Or you can opt for a 2nd mug if you prefer.

However, by opting for my eBooks, you will be helping Transgenders receive their surgeries, as every 10,000 sales of all 10, will fund them.

Mine will be first. My Only condition, Must be operated on in Melbourne, Australia.

Even though I will gift them to you, I will receive the royalties back end of the next month. $0.56 USD each or $5.60 per 10.

By buying these mugs, you will be helping the above, but also establish Mel’s Customised Candles.

Every Buyer will become a Club Member too.

If you plan to become a:

Representative, and live in Australia, you might be able to claim the above cost as a Tax Deduction, if you have, or obtain, an ABN.

Added Bonus: Every person who buys, will receive a $100 Voucher, which will be valid for 2 years from when MCC starts commercial production.

Please be advised, if you do not live in Victoria, Australia, Shipping costs will be extra, but if you are smart and have many people around you take advantage, then I bulk send, the cost will be reduced.

FYI: Every member will receive 20% cashback for every mug and/or candle bought from your referral.

For safety and security, payments are electronic direct to either my CBA–Australia, or PayPal– Rest of the world accounts.

By having electronic payments, means you have proof and can take


If I do not deliver

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