Members/Shareholders Update

Free Joining Bonus: My 10 Published eBooks.

Regular Price $3.99 USD each

MCC will be a Members/Shareholders only business.

We will reward every human who supports the establishment of the business.

We want to see all Members thrive Financially.

What’s On Offer?

Always pay $25 AUD per standard candle.

$50 for Coffee Mug Candles.

Each candle is guaranteed to burn for at least 20 hours.

Receive 20% cashback per candle ordered and paid, from your referral, including your own.

Invited to Special Events annually in Melbourne, Australia, Our Head Office.

Members will also be first to read Melissa’s completed Novels,


There are exclusive titles coming soon.

Top 1000 earners annually, will receive a Fun Filled day, which will be “Laughable.” That’s a hint.

Guaranteed 6 months Sponsored Employment working in our factory.

Included in decision making process for business.

Once off Joining Fee: $20 AUD

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