Thoughts & Prayers

Go out to everyone affected by the latest lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.

Not only those who can’t work in Melbourne, but also anyone who might work Interstate, but now stuck here until lockdown has ended,


12am Friday June 11th, 2021, we can return to some sort of COVID normality.

Not only do we have Melbourne and Victorian residents who live and work here, we need to consider those who are FIFO workers, or even just interstate, who live in one state, but work in another.

e.g. Live in Sydney, but fly to and from Melbourne daily, or work in tough conditions 7 X 12 Hour days

Already I have heard many people trying to make this Political, but you know what.

I’m quoting this from a friend.
“WE are all Human and should help each other out.”

You know what, I fully agree.

I remember when Australians would give a fellow Aussie a

“Fair Go.”

WE band together during Floods, Storms, Fires, Other Disasters, so why not band together now.

C’mon Aussies Come On

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