Business Offer

500 Businesses only.

I have a very special offer.

Once off joining fee $1000 AUD.

But, you receive the following benefits:

Acknowledged as Business Partners.

50 Custom Created Candles.

Acknowledgment on the website.

Advertising your business on the website.

1st choice to Head Hunt Trained Team Members.

Able to use factory for events.

All Team Members will pay $20 per candle, when they order through your business.

Each Business CEO will be invited to a recorded interview with me.

As the 2022 financial year about to start, this might be a great way to support each other.

The joining cost will be to assist us establish MCC.

The above benefits don’t apply until we are established.

Each business can pay off the fees too.

I believe that we can all succeed together when COVID under control.

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