CW: I will be talking about how some people have no choice in being infertile. Please accept my apologies if any of this upsets any of you, it is not my intention to. I just want to educate others.

My Story: In 1981, I had just turned 16, and liked a girl in school. She was way out of my league, but I still liked her. A friend of hers accused me of touching her breast, something I still say, I didn’t do.

This girls friends, including my crush, decided to play a joke on me. I was encouraged to meet her in the girls lavatories after school, one Friday afternoon.

When I got there, my crush had already stripped down to her underwear. I was a typical teen boy, naked in half a second.

Next thing I knew, I woke up, bound, gagged, and tied to the cistern of a toilet. It was dark, cold and I was in excruciating pain. In these days, there were gates, not doors, so the cold joined me all weekend.

I was not found until Monday morning when the cleaner/janitor was opening up. I was rushed to hospital where it was found that my genitals had been squeezed so hard, there was a 98% chance I was infertile.

This also caused me to lose all interest in anything remotely sexual, because who is going to want to date a defective man or Marry them for that matter.

I’ve now come to the conclusion that I’m Asexual.

I never told anyone the above, not the full true story, until I decided to write my story. I found it refreshing to write it, as all my anger and hatred towards the girls was transferred.

To read more in depth about what happened, N.B. Hope you have your anger under control. You can buy a standard copy from Smashwords, $0.99 USD, or a personally Customised Copy from me $2.00 AUD.

The direct copy is a different title, but same story. Due to my contractual obligations with Smashwords, I’m unable to privately sell titles available on Smashwords.

The reason why I have revealed this, is because I was verbally abused on a bus recently, and what was said, really hurt me, so much that I almost did the unthinkable.

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