Too many companies focus on the past, not the present, or future.

We all make mistakes and should learn from them.

Everyone is an individual, and should be treated as such, however, this does not occur.

I was recently contacted by a company regarding a potential job, once we could chat on the phone, my resume was pulled apart, and the reason why I was terminated from my previous position, however, that was used against me, despite what I said.

Companies need to stop being so difficult with applications.

Honestly, what they should be doing, is accept applicants issues, but also employ as many as possible and allow a Probationary Period.

That way, employees can be assessed, and if unsuitable, let go or possibly moved elsewhere.

We should never be judged on our past, or lack of references.

In 1999, I reapplied to be a Bus Driver. I needed to provide references. My employer at the time was contacted: Not only did he provide a bad reference, but he sacked me too, because I was looking for a new job.

When I started, I advised the person (Who had moved on) that I wanted to return to Bus Driving, however, the person who took over, had an instant dislike for me.

I do not believe that references reflect a candidates true potential.

I also don’t believe in providing personal information, like contact numbers and/or Social Media, as these can be used against us.

Especially with so many scammers out there.

I learnt so much about them during my ATO training.

Companies should be mindful that they can train new employees in their Policies and Procedures.

Every company is different; therefore, they should be more tolerant.

We are all human and deserve the chance to prove ourselves.

I can assure everyone, when MCC is established, I will give all applicants a chance.

Because: It is better to have tried and failed, than never try at all.

Age, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Dis Ability etc. our past, are no reasons to dismiss a candidate without giving them a chance.

Companies should also be considering employing humans to work from home, maybe as Webchat operators, Data Entry, Back End Administration.

Many people suffer from Mental illness, like I do, which prevents them from working in close proximity to others.

N.B. My mental illness is not severe, I suffer from Anxiety and depression, and find social interaction nerve wracking, this is because growing up I was told negative things about myself, which even today, I still believe, and even when others try to tell me differently, I don’t believe.

Not everyone wants to socialise with those they work with, however, we are forced to.

I prefer not to, as when I start talking, talk boring stuff, because I’m a boring individual.

Finally, I leave you with this:




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