Losers In Love.

I just heard this on a Television show.

Many people fall in love with the wrong people.

However, Our hearts don’t know the difference.

We can’t help who we fall in love with.

I’ve fallen in love with the wrong people in the past, sometimes, its reciprocated, others, rejected or misunderstood.

My worst, was in 2015, I thought I fell in love with someone completely wrong.

I admitted my feelings for this person, but others interfered and told them lies.

I have since realised that this person had reached the pinnacle of my

Friendship Tiers.

I have been thwarted from letting this person know.

Honestly, this person has a body part that I abhor.

Because of this person, I have now locked my heart away 4ever.

I’ve decided to dedicate myself to raising my surgery funds.

Work Comes First.

I would like to say:

Love Is Love.

All relationships,


Mutual, Legal, Respectful, Open & Honest,


With Trust & Communication.

My honest opinion

Love Don’t Exist

Lust Does Though.

I have no interest in either, despite what others say.

I abhor pashing and/or touching, being touched by, others.

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