Is not always the best policy.

I was brought up to be honest with people.

However, in the past, that honesty has been used against me.

I now refrain from being so open and honest with people.

The main reason:

I can’t trust people.

The only way I trust, is when there is a legally binding document, even then, I’m still cautious.

What annoys me the most about people, is they make assumptions about me.

I am Human, with feelings, but some people feel they are more important.

Because I was molested and viciously assaulted when I was a child, I’m wary of most people.

I abhor being touched or touching others.

When I’m honest about why, I’m called a liar.

I no longer enquire about other people, because when I do, I feel obligated to be honest.

Honestly, being Honest can be the wrong thing thing to do.

I’m not saying, not be honest, just be selective on what you and who you tell, because

Not everyone can be trusted.

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