🌈🎉💐🤩☕Exciting Member Offer

G’day My Amazing Supporters.

1st 5,000 Humans who join by May 31st, 2021:

Only need to pay 50%, $50 AUD.

Balance end of June 2022.

This is a genuine offer.

By joining now, you can start creating candles for Christmas 2021.

Added Free Bonus: Each will be eligible to receive my 1st 10 eBooks.


And will be first to read completed chapters of future novels.

Members will always be the first informed about new lines, events and benefits.

We do plan to diversify once we are established.

Extra Special Added Bonus:

Member who encourages most signups, will become my

Co-CEO for the 1st 12 months of operations, this can be done from anywhere around the world.

Weekly Wages: $1,000 AUD + 20% Super, if applicable.

Please click: “Menu,” then “Home,” then scroll down to “Contact Us.”

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