Vegan Mini Mall

250,000 Awesome Humans who pay $100 AUD each to join will help establish the mall.

Exciting Offer: 50% now, to get construction started, balance end of June 2022, or when construction 90% completed.

Investment Opportunity.

Members will receive discounts 10-50%.

14 nights Free Accommodation will be awarded to 1,000 lucky members annually.

50% off lowest room rate all year around.

MCC will be included onsite.

Other businesses may be:

Cafe/Restaurant, Hairdressing/Beauty Salon, Vet, Pet Groomers, Animal Sanctuary, Seymour Publishing Group, Holistic Medicine, Fruit/Herb/Vegetable Garden, Mixed Holiday Accommodation, Nightclub, Meeting/Banquet Room.

I offer a payment plan. $10 per month over 10 months.

Added bonus: Once 50% paid, My eNovel Bundle, which these may increase in value.

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