Ageism & Transphobia Sux.

G’day, I’m over 50, & Transgender. However it appals me when many people discriminate against me because I’m “Over The Hill.”

I’m not OTH, TBH, I may have been on this earth for 6 chapters, but I don’t feel my age.

Just because I’m Transgender, does not mean I’m any less of a Human Being than anyone else.

I’ve been lied about, by people who felt it was their right to assume &/or judge me.

For Safety and Security, I now undergo Annual Police Checks, & also apply for a Working With Children Check, my current card expires November 2021.

I also provide a Statutory Declaration too.

Due to my ugleness, I have decided to remain celibate until after, or if, it is inverted. I have NO SEXUAL INTEREST in anyone.

Regarding Ageism– I don’t look my age, nor do I act it. I get on much better with those much younger than myself, as it helps me to feel young.

2020– COVID forced many to re-evaluate our way of thinking. I learned about Online Meetings.

FYI: Was offered the chance to lead a weekly online meeting, despite my apprehensions, said, “YES.” I loved it, & looked forward to every Tuesday.

I made so many awesome friends from around the world, who in time, I plan to personally meet.

I’m going through my 4th Puberty.

My Family rejected me due to my Gender Identity, which hurt as I was unable to explain how I felt.

I was just kicked to the curb. Their Loss, Not Mine.

I’m far from entering a Nursing Home, & feel that I have at least 15 more years of working life in me.

I keep myself busy, by going for regular walks, trying to be Vegan (My Goal by end of 2021 is to be 100% Vegan).

Young People need to understand that people older than them & me, have paved the way for our lives today.

For those who don’t know, I have worked many, varied jobs over the years:

Call Centre Operator, Mystery Shopper/Auditor, Contract House Cleaner, Train Cleaner/Team Leader, Carer, Blood Delivery Driver, Bus Driver/Operator, Owner/Driver– Courier/Parcel Deliveries, Factory Worker, Short Order Cook/Stores Ordering Manager, Events Site Co-Ordinator for a Charity.

Admittedly, I have some health issues, mainly because of a Car Accident in 1987, but also because I push my body too hard when working.

I was brought up to do everything perfectly, & always try to do that.

No one is perfect, but doing a job 95% is fine.

Recently, I noticed that I have a good Attention To Detail.

I was talking to someone & noticed some hand prints on a wooden door, they never noticed. Then I noticed the shower, which had not been used in 2 days, (I had been away), had some grime on the tiles.

Anyway, I hope this blog has opened your eyes & mind.

Please Follow, & by all means, you are welcome to check out my website.

Thank You all.

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