Club Member Benefits.

All benefits apply once full payment received. Once Off Joining Fee.

1st 1,000 will become Founding Club Members, FCM’s.

Club Members, CM’s, will always pay $25 per candle.

CM’s can use this as a side hustle to supplement your current household income.

Each CM will receive 20%, $5, cashback for every candle owned from your referral.

How many of your Family, Friends, Work Colleagues, Neighbours etc, would love custom made affordable candles?

Will have their own log in, where I will reveal all news.

CM’s will receive 2 free candles during their birth month.

Invited to our annual Chritmas in June.

Perfect gift for someone who loves candles & wanting to earn extra $$$$$$.

Once off Joining Fee, $100 AUD, which can be paid off in 10 monthly payments.

CM’s will share 80% of after tax profit each year.

This will be paid early November each year.

Added Bonus when we reach $20 Mill + ATP.

With YOUR help, we can establish this business & make it a Global Empire.

Please do a google check on me, my ABN is 61902818410.

Extra Added Bonus for FCM’s, I will host Zoom meetings several times per day, each FCM will be invited to meet me & other like minded Awesome Humans, limited to 50 attendees per meeting, + me.

100 Limited Edition T-Shirts & Face Masks, (1st pic) for first 100 who pay in full.

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