Team Member Benefits.

Gross pay $1,000 per week, Full Time. Plus $1 for each candle made.

Team Members on Benefits, will be able to Work Part Time, 16 hours per week, if approved by their JSC. Part Time will be $500 Gross.

Honestly, as I want to give everyone a chance, I feel Part Time is best to start everyone off at.

T/M’s will make & pack candles from start to finish.

Hours, 07:00- 16:00. 1 hour, unpaid lunch break, or 2 30 minute breaks during their shift.

Will share 10% of after tax profit annually, paid early November.

Superannuation will be 20%, of total gross wage, weekly.

Even I will only be on $1,000 gross per week, as I don’t believe in earning more than my team.

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