Frinky Friday

Who Loves Candles, & would love to earn extra $$$$$$ £££££££ €€€€€€£ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥.

Did you know that wealthy humans take advantage of Business Opportunities. They never put their eggs in 1 basket, just in case.

Everyday humans can start their journey to financial freedom.

I offer an affordable way to start your journey.

There may be Taxation benefits too, please check your countries tax websites to find out about home based businesses.

I have written 10 novels, each is Transgender, & Lesbian themed.

Every human who owns a bundle, $15 AUD, will, once MCC is established, be eligible to receive $15 off their first candle order.

Single titles are $2 AUD each or 3 for $5 AUD.

Each copy is personally customised by me. You choose Font Style, Colour/s, & Size.

I watermark & lock each, they are numbered, then save in .doc format & email to you.

$5 AUD deposit with balance once completed.

Added bonus: You receive a Free Club Membership to MCC.

Every bundle owner, 25,000, will be invited to my 60th, 1965 themed, Birthday parties in Melbourne during May 2025.

2gether, we can rock the Universe.

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