Age Gap Friend/Relationships

I’m experienced in both AGF’s & AGR’s.

To all young peeps:
This is some advice for you all.

As so many of you will listen to everyone else & date those closer in age.

That’s great, but most of you will struggle financially, emotionally &mentally.

What if you said, “Hang on, I’m going to break away & date someone older because it may mean an easier life.”

I’m not trying to be mean, just proving a point. Please Always Listen To Your HEART, as it knows what it desires.

We can’t help whom we fall in love with, Love Is Love.

As long as both are of legal age, & consensual.
Everyone can learn from each other.

I, myself, get on better with younger peeps, & they have educated me.

My advice, always video chat prior to meeting.
1st meetings should always be in Public, with support peeps & numerous security cameras too.

Complacency KILLS, I know from personal experience.

I also strongly advise to have a Written, Signed Agreement, this will aleviate any misunderstandings if anything goes awry.
These should include, but not limited too:
Boundaries: What is expected of Each Other, & allowing space, when needed.

Age is Justed A Number.


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