Puberty Part 4

After my father passed away, I decided to think about me for once.

Others would treat me like a female, which helped.

I decided in October 2013 to seek medical help.

November 2013, I discarded all my male underwear & started wearing women’s only.

I finally received an implant March 2014.

It felt weird as I felt like I was a teen girl experiencing puberty.

I even experienced major pms, discomfort & my clothes choices changed.

I would buy clothes more suited to a young woman, not an old foggie.

My emotions became very unstable, which made me do stupid things.

Thankfully things have settled down.

The worst thing is that I feel more connected with younger people, but others misunderstand my intentions.

I want this on record:

I only want to guide & assist others, nothing further.

I love this quote:

“Never Assume Anything, Always Ask Questions To Clarify.”

“Education Is Quay To Knowledge.”

“Us Gurls Stick Together.”

The reason why I wrote these Puberty blogs was to hopefully let you all know how honest & vulnarable I am.

I also have an Annual Police Check conducted on myself, & have a Working With Children Check (V) Card, which expires November 2021. I even go a step further & write a legal document too.

Thank You.

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