Limited Numbers

Founding Club Members.

5,000 Club Memberships available at $100 AUD each, which can be paid off at $10 per month.

The funds will be used to establish MCC, & my surgery.

Once we reach $10mill profit, each FCM will receive a bonus of $1000

Plus your initial Joining Fee refunded too.

Hurry, as Numbers are strictly Limited.

Each FCM will receive added Benefits TBA.

Membership number example MCCFCMMJ0001.

Each FCM + 1 guest will be invited to my Annual Valentines Day party, closest Sunday to VD, which will be held:

Melbourne, Australia.

Added Joining Bonus, Free T-Shirt. 1st pic is front, 2nd back.

Plus a Face Mask, 1st pic.

These bonuses apply once 50% of payment received.

$5 per full membership fees, going towards my Gender Surgery.

10 lucky FCM’s will be invited to help me:

Before, During & After my Surgery.

Extra Special Added Bonus:

Every FCM will be invited to either my Pre Surgery or Post Surgery Parties, each will choose.

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