Puberty Part 3

2004, I decided to transition back to male. My Endo gave me a script for Testosterone injections every 14 days.

I was getting blood tests every 3 months, mainly to check my hormone levels.

My Oestrogen levels were higher than my T levels, which concerned my Endo.
He put me on a strict diet, however, that didn’t work. My E levels increased.

Even though my T levels were low, I started acting like a selfish, arrogant, rude male again, which I abhored.

I treated every female like dirt too.

My emotions were nasty.
One evening when working, I received a text message, saying, “Its Mark, Or Its Nothing.”

I had feelings for this woman. 5 minutes after I transitioned back to male, she discarded me like last nights ruined meal. I was devastated.

2005, I lost my charity job, due to many reasons.
2006-2010, I cared for my father, until he passed away.

2008, I obtained work as a train cleaner, but my female feelings were trying to explode. Many of my work colleagues thought I was more female than male, but because of dad’s views, I decided to be a man.

I couldn’t shake how I truly felt.

End of Part 3
Part 4 is the last part, & may be long.

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